Minecraft's Time Freeze Mod Is Hilarious!

This is definitely the most insane mod yet lol
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Edited by Tommy + @TalentLacking
Mod made by the legendary @Toiu

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  1. Mikhail See Engay

    Mikhail See EngayPred 29 minutami

    Lods malapit ka na mag 10mill. Sa isang taon hindi ka parin crush ng crush mo😂

  2. Kaylem Cullen

    Kaylem CullenPred uro

    Best mod I've ever seen

  3. Error

    ErrorPred 2 urami

    9M Lets go!!!!

  4. Rainier_Rainstorm

    Rainier_RainstormPred 4 urami

    at 18:23 got me dying

  5. Time

    TimePred 6 urami

    Please don't make me do anything I don't want to do.

  6. game  girl

    game girl Pred 6 urami

    I love watching tommyinnit

  7. Evan Kray

    Evan KrayPred 8 urami

    why does wilbur look like dwight

  8. abyss

    abyssPred 10 urami

    18:20 dude i cant get over the "yeee" ninja does at the end in his gollum voice

  9. 🍥Len🍥

    🍥Len🍥Pred 10 urami

    Wow ninja's name is ninjdivorceGeorge

  10. Dan Toad

    Dan ToadPred 14 urami

    Commit jojo reference

  11. smx_wolff

    smx_wolffPred 14 urami

    When you realize Tommy is now a jojo reference:

  12. Mina Ashido

    Mina AshidoPred 14 urami


  13. roxana sanchez

    roxana sanchezPred 14 urami

    tommy will get the stick

  14. FayGhost

    FayGhostPred 15 urami

    the reason why ninja has a e-girl skin : *he is a discord mod*

  15. jade perez

    jade perezPred 16 urami

    Does some one know the songs that they played

  16. Ember

    EmberPred 18 urami

    The end was literally just the Lord of the Rings lol

  17. bambee

    bambeePred 19 urami

    sans mod

  18. Taryn Blakely

    Taryn BlakelyPred 19 urami

    Impress the woman, Tommy!!!

  19. MaskedRider

    MaskedRiderPred 21 uro

    This is definitely the most insane mod yet lol I really want that girl at college to go out with me btw so please subscribe. I'll show her my Diamond Plaque and she'll probably start crying:the words of tommy

  20. Pivot And Arduino

    Pivot And ArduinoPred 21 uro

    2:17 WAAIIT is that white coat villager wth didnt they go extinct

  21. Evan Canillo

    Evan CanilloPred 23 urami

    the stick posses the evil

  22. Giorgis Pantelidis

    Giorgis PantelidisPred 23 urami

    Too much undertale music

  23. Lizzy Webb

    Lizzy WebbPred dnevom

    Wilbur fr be acting like Albus Dumbledore or and Apostle with the stick

  24. That Guy

    That GuyPred dnevom

    I admit that with ninja here I dislike this video but aside from that it’s a funny video so have a fucking like

  25. Bella Boogs

    Bella BoogsPred dnevom

    9:57 Honestly thought Ninja was really Smeagol for a second, holy shit-

  26. Dev_xx

    Dev_xxPred dnevom

    I now figured out every time Wilbur is in a mod video it all turns into a storyline or lore.

  27. No usar esta cuenta. Borrame.

    No usar esta cuenta. Borrame.Pred dnevom

    jojo reference

  28. Randomnesss E

    Randomnesss EPred dnevom

    I like the song in 3:35 is it my ordinary life by the living tombstone?

  29. do1k1n [GD]

    do1k1n [GD]Pred dnevom

    za warudo

  30. Ellen Jacintho

    Ellen JacinthoPred dnevom

    I have this girl skin

  31. commander_of_dank_HQ

    commander_of_dank_HQPred dnevom

    Tommy:I can stop ti- Me: za wuardo

  32. water sky

    water skyPred dnevom


  33. •Jimmy √

    •Jimmy √Pred dnevom

    6:15 Music name

  34. ARKMophon - Tips And Guides

    ARKMophon - Tips And GuidesPred dnevom


  35. Mackenzie Little

    Mackenzie LittlePred dnevom

    just how did this turn into the lord of the rings

  36. emusiscute

    emusiscutePred dnevom

    everyones been waiting on the dream smp content, t o m m y

  37. Taeminnie 13

    Taeminnie 13Pred dnevom

    No one gunna talk about how ninja is called, NinjadivorcedGeorge

  38. Ray Mad

    Ray MadPred dnevom

    Tommy got rejected bc she saw this video and decided he cursed too much



    Tommy: *puts time fast* Also tommy: *talks fast* Ranboo: he talks faster than now.. CHILD

  40. Slenderslayer

    SlenderslayerPred dnevom

    the world time freezed

  41. Brody Eynon

    Brody EynonPred dnevom

    Wilburs hair wtf

  42. Cranjis McBasketball

    Cranjis McBasketballPred dnevom


  43. Hania W

    Hania WPred dnevom

    Ninja gollum

  44. Shatterd Code

    Shatterd CodePred dnevom

    They accurately put the lavender town theme over willbur

  45. Van51

    Van51Pred dnevom

    Is this a jojo reference

  46. Daddy's Monster

    Daddy's MonsterPred 2 dnevi

    Is this rly Ninja? I don't belive this

  47. FifiFox 123

    FifiFox 123Pred 2 dnevi

    Ninjas golem voice is the funnest thing I've heard all day I can't stop laphing at it 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Emme Patr

    Emme PatrPred 2 dnevi

    not even joking i got so distracted at 6:05 and just started crying

  49. ox channel

    ox channelPred 2 dnevi

    I'm sorry I can't watch you tom cause my dad gets away my headset so if you say, like fuck in the video my mom will take away my phone so sorry tommy :_-(

  50. george gran

    george granPred 2 dnevi

    ninja isn't that funny ngl

  51. DontBlamMe _78

    DontBlamMe _78Pred 2 dnevi


  52. Ashlee McWhorter

    Ashlee McWhorterPred 2 dnevi

    Ninjas name in mincraft is true and very funny

  53. 👑KP_Ultimate👑

    👑KP_Ultimate👑Pred 2 dnevi

    wilbur: ur young and u have alot to learn ninja: GiVee mE tHeShtick RiGhtt nOwwww wilbur:......fucking hell lmao

  54. NANE wut Dany

    NANE wut DanyPred 2 dnevi

    This just reminds me of part 5 jojo when diavolo and giorno just try to get the arrow.

  55. Masked Shuriken

    Masked ShurikenPred 2 dnevi

    Who realized that some of the time when Wilbur spoke the song “ghost fight” played and I believe when this was made the Ghostbur arc was still going

  56. Pixelized Cloudz

    Pixelized CloudzPred 2 dnevi

    Is no one talking about “My Ordinary life” playing in the background at 3:28 ?

  57. Xianya Li

    Xianya LiPred 2 dnevi

    he is Kronos

  58. 🎲•TwinsSMP•🎮

    🎲•TwinsSMP•🎮Pred 2 dnevi

    Wilbur just being half savage-

  59. julchen julchen

    julchen julchenPred 2 dnevi

    Are tommy and wilbur in Reallive brothers?

  60. Yue Rong

    Yue RongPred 2 dnevi

    The tidy comma interstingly serve because smash surprisingly slow excluding a disturbed tsunami. fanatical, private weight

  61. Lord Megatron

    Lord MegatronPred 2 dnevi

    Dang that smegol impression

  62. Sage Barry

    Sage BarryPred 2 dnevi


  63. BunnYBee

    BunnYBeePred 3 dnevi

    Me when fallen down starts to play as a Ranboo fan: 👁👄👁

  64. Keshawn Lezine

    Keshawn LezinePred 3 dnevi

    Can we just appreciate the fact that tommy grew from 100k to 9.58m Subs in less than a year and hes 17

  65. GachaCrazyGirl

    GachaCrazyGirlPred 3 dnevi

    Hey tommy if you want to impress a girl you know how they say be your self ? Well don’t be

  66. Laauge Vigantsen

    Laauge VigantsenPred 3 dnevi

    Love ninja

  67. _Clutz_

    _Clutz_Pred 3 dnevi

    Ninja is having more fun in MC than in fortbit ch

  68. ella plaia

    ella plaiaPred 3 dnevi

    When you start to link all of his medias togather and he says he is trying to impress this girl at college and when he went to college the other day on tiktok she told him to piss off :(

  69. qeuxr

    qeuxrPred 3 dnevi

    My mom was adopted so I don't know my real grandma

  70. BO Olney

    BO OlneyPred 3 dnevi

    Ninja: GIVE ME THE STICK in stitch

  71. Catzby

    CatzbyPred 3 dnevi

    This man is Palkia and dialga at the same time

  72. salys

    salysPred 3 dnevi

    Ranboo: I WILL DIG UP YOUR GRAVE WITH MY SHOVEL Wilbur:oookayy the ever peaceful ranboo Ranboo: ay man i just dont like to be slow!

  73. captaain

    captaainPred 3 dnevi

    tommy has inspired me to start my own youtube channel! big thanks to the big man and i love being apart of this journey, both his and mine!

  74. Obi

    ObiPred 3 dnevi

    Too slow, Too slow! The world i the ultimate stand!

  75. wolfie! support people! 🌈

    wolfie! support people! 🌈Pred 3 dnevi

    Tommy you got this

  76. Victoria_Bee

    Victoria_BeePred 3 dnevi

    Ninja be like: *gremlin noises intensify*

  77. matthew priepke

    matthew priepkePred 3 dnevi

    That was quite mature of tommy to realize his misdirected anger

  78. May Awale3

    May Awale3Pred 3 dnevi

    “There’s this girl at my college that I’m trying to impress” stop he deserves it :,)

  79. Mirko A

    Mirko APred 3 dnevi


  80. YUH IM KERMIT :)

    YUH IM KERMIT :)Pred 3 dnevi


  81. FIschietto 7

    FIschietto 7Pred 3 dnevi


  82. Sofie Thomas

    Sofie ThomasPred 3 dnevi

    at 3:22 i swear the background music is My Ordinary Life by The Living Tombstones

  83. The JackaRoo Channel

    The JackaRoo ChannelPred 3 dnevi

    When. In January said noooo at the end he sounded like a tie fighter

  84. DreamSMPfan

    DreamSMPfanPred 3 dnevi

    *I hear my ordinary life by the living tombstone in the background*

  85. 💙 Rain 💙

    💙 Rain 💙Pred 3 dnevi

    The fact u can hear ranboos voice but never see him- Kinda suspicious don't ya think? 🤔

  86. SliperyCoder

    SliperyCoderPred 3 dnevi


  87. versider ✓

    versider ✓Pred 4 dnevi

    music at 6:04??

  88. Draqon Fruity

    Draqon FruityPred 4 dnevi

    “Delaying the inevitable” Hmm… sounds a little bit like the channel [redacted]

  89. Bro Pe

    Bro PePred 4 dnevi

    it was dio

  90. Benny Sailo

    Benny SailoPred 4 dnevi

    *everybody gangsta until tommy gets a stand*

  91. normal_person

    normal_personPred 4 dnevi

    If Tommy made a command that says the WORlD!!! and time stops

  92. Atrus Rutherford

    Atrus RutherfordPred 4 dnevi

    9:57 LMFAO and then some

  93. Zomby

    ZombyPred 4 dnevi

    one of them was obsessed by villagers

  94. alex.

    alex.Pred 4 dnevi

    Tommy: There's this girl at my college that I am trying to impress my single ass: *SIMP!* *SIMP!* *SIMPPPPPP*

  95. Aiden Dempsey

    Aiden DempseyPred 4 dnevi

    za wurldo

  96. Demonfoxgamer1450

    Demonfoxgamer1450Pred 4 dnevi

    The aggressive undertale music makes this so much better-

  97. Hong Cao

    Hong CaoPred 4 dnevi

    Tommy:*Theres a girl that i like at my college* Tommys college girls:*OOOOOOOOOH*

  98. Maria Angelica Villesis

    Maria Angelica VillesisPred 4 dnevi

    Click this you will laugh so hard 9:58

  99. Lolbuthun

    LolbuthunPred 4 dnevi

    So many undertale songs

  100. Lolbuthun

    LolbuthunPred 4 dnevi

    Za wawldo