Why Pro Players Refuse To Use An OP BUILD | League of Legends

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Today, let's talk about a league of legends champion that is using a new op build in season 11, yet LCS LEC LCK and LPL League of Legends pro players aren't using the build... Why? This ADC and Support guide is written, produced, edited, and voiced by Kellen (Exil)

Special thank you to my long time friend Kyle who helped out with editing some parts of the video and the thumbnail! _kylekiss_

0:00 - Intro
2:00 - Season 11 ADC Spike
5:10 - Hesitation on The New Build
8:50 - Revival of Fasting Senna
10:00 - The Rise of Tank Senna

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Songs in this video come from Epidemic Sound
Runescape 3 Soundtrack 'Book of Spells' www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYD44...

Sources (please check out these creators!)

i0ki Senna Support Challenger - www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvzDs...

Eternal Hero New Tank Senna Support Guide and Tank Senna Build - www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhFzT...


  1. Exil

    ExilPred 2 meseci

    Ok fine you didn't like the beep sound effect cause it sounds like a smoke detector LOL my bad

  2. Daniel Ford-Powell

    Daniel Ford-PowellPred mesecem

    Fuck I just spent 10 minutes looking around my house for the damn alarm......

  3. TWIDGET89

    TWIDGET89Pred mesecem

    I used to play tank senna top when she first came out... This has me tempted to give it another try

  4. Krumpits

    KrumpitsPred mesecem

    Good rule of thumb is to just avoid high pitched sounds, saves our ears!

  5. zahikd turk

    zahikd turkPred 2 meseci

    Long story short: tank build is troll right now and kraken is much better *end*

  6. San derp

    San derpPred 2 meseci

    @Smash wheree I can't hear it lol

  7. Trending Memes

    Trending MemesPred 8 dnevi

    Ah, yes my full AP tryndamere build slaps so hard that enemies ussualy ff 15. : )

  8. Theodrys duflot

    Theodrys duflotPred 18 dnevi

    Senna 3 gold and change is for Wild Rift ......NEXT !

  9. YhelloWish

    YhelloWishPred 20 dnevi

    I remember when people flame me for picking Taliyah for jungle then she is popular in the jungle for a time being.

  10. Crazyfox

    CrazyfoxPred 22 dnevi

    14:08 Hum... Okay they have good kda but look at the Lee sin build xD

  11. Udalix

    UdalixPred 25 dnevi

    League of legends really isn't for casual players. Tft came out and iv'e literally never stepped foot on summoner's rift since. In league, you get death threats if you don't have 200 iq and inhuman reflexes.

  12. Tripper

    TripperPred 29 dnevi

    Like hell that build was op, it was mostly boring compared to the carry senna. Spammer her even when glacial augment was nerfed to the ground in gm elo

  13. DjoDjo

    DjoDjoPred mesecem

    just discovered your channel yesterday and i’m just spamming all of your videos, my god such a good editing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 The way you are telling stuff makes me watch so many of your videos without even feeling time passing good job you are doibg great keep it up 🔥

  14. Ventira

    VentiraPred mesecem

    loool 'nothing here, win' killed me

  15. Darkshock 42 MLG 0

    Darkshock 42 MLG 0Pred mesecem

    Senna and kassidin being built tank. Is this the regurn of the tank meta. At least we don't have tank akali ekko, fizz, or rengar. A1 remember when they reworked assassins and tank rengar became a thing and tank fizz rose from the dead.

  16. Dot Quack

    Dot QuackPred mesecem

    I thought you were trying to incorporate the sound of your smoke detector in the background with the editing of the video lmao

  17. Brain-washed

    Brain-washedPred mesecem

    delete senna when

  18. Axilleas Zohios

    Axilleas ZohiosPred mesecem

    Yo one time we where senna in one for all and I bulded tank and gone really well and I enjoyed no scoping normies as a tank and from then I play tank senna . I love too when the assasins just going to oneshot me and the I dies and they get very mad

  19. Weedman skirr

    Weedman skirrPred mesecem

    the sound at minute 9 like cmon bro i thought my firealarm batterie runs low....

  20. Dakilla's Side account

    Dakilla's Side accountPred mesecem

    I've noticed a lot lately that the tankier team tends to win a lot more. Granted I don't play competative I won't lie when I see 3 tanks destroying a normal team of assassin, bruiser, tank a mage and an adc. Tanks are just way stronger and are out putting a lot of damage, where as tank busters are just not as easy to pull off as well.

  21. DatVocals!

    DatVocals!Pred mesecem

    what confuses me about this is that pros usually will always prefer the easier to play strat if its as effective or even more effective, since even pros make mistakes and anything that you can pull of consistantly and with low risk is just superior, the overall value just is higher.


    DRAKENSINGYTPred mesecem

    omg I just cant imagine when she comes to wild rift. Ppl will picked her rock hard and starts the feed fiesta.

  23. Rob L

    Rob LPred mesecem

    Better than Netflix documentaries

  24. rageelite

    rageelitePred mesecem

    Remember echo tank? Not allowing dps scaling to simultaneously tank because OP? ... senna remembers, rito forgot...

  25. maikukun

    maikukunPred mesecem

    Not understanding Senna and dying because you think you can take her is not int'ing. Maybe doing it a second time because you thought it was a fluke is probably not int'ing. Attacking Senna knowing full well you can't beat her? That's int'ing. Please use words correctly, because 90% of the playerbase think just dying is int'ing. And the way you just used it, implies the same thing and they learn it from people like you. Which then, feeds into the toxicity issue that people like you (influencers) are complaining about. You do it to yourself.

  26. Brainlags

    BrainlagsPred mesecem

    I think the Title of the video is pretty misleading. It should be more like "why I love playing senna support" The literally only sentence in the whole video that mentions why pro players don't play op builds is something like: "Meh.. Pro players be too stubborn to try new shit, but I bet they will play it sometime soon because tank senna super op." You’re welcome, I just saved you 16 minutes of your lifetime.

  27. Nob0d

    Nob0dPred mesecem

    Pro players dont build it because its troll and sucks. he sees low elo players do well but then again i can play tank top viegar with the same build and win in low elo diamond games. In case anyone wanted a real answer.

  28. Peyman Cham

    Peyman ChamPred mesecem

    How do I make my league look like 9:46 haha assuming its not edits :p

  29. Azazreal

    AzazrealPred mesecem

    Ha the fools. They will never know the power of Trinity Force Braum top lane.

  30. GlassFiend

    GlassFiendPred mesecem

    Love your videos man. Your delivery is excellent, and they are filled with interesting information!

  31. Viket

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  32. GameDogReiku

    GameDogReikuPred mesecem

    this video didnt age very well since it got nerfed pretty hard pretty quickly. So arguably would have been a waste of time to commit to it.

  33. Luka Si

    Luka SiPred mesecem

    A quality Senna vid? Yes please

  34. トウフSkinny

    トウフSkinnyPred mesecem

    Cant wait for RIOT to freak out and nerf everything.

  35. Best of Lore

    Best of LorePred mesecem

    bro took the entire video to say that 1 point

  36. sensen9900

    sensen9900Pred mesecem

    Easy Solution: Tank Senna is bullshit ;) Only ppl who cant Play, like well yeah, NA Player, cant compete with that :)

  37. DefCat

    DefCatPred mesecem

    lmao the runescape music in the background

  38. John Kim

    John KimPred mesecem

    TLDR: pros are smart and dedicate their immense time to actually research and backtest items and they will optimize their item picks far more precisely depending on their context more than avg players. That may mean they go with tried and true OP build, but they are confident enough to make their own build as they see fit. Not rocket science.

  39. david cortes

    david cortesPred mesecem

    I never played senna before , im a Top/Mid main, she never caught my attention. Then I got a highnoon Senna Skin shard. FInally picked her up and tried the tank build. Shes now one of my favorite champions , in the past month I've played over 150+ games of her , both dmg and tank. Shes so fun , plus the skin is A1 , if you've never played her I recommend you do.

  40. Long Luu

    Long LuuPred mesecem

    I know Senna is broken since release. Each soul gives you gold, which already translates to advantages.

  41. Backup Focus Play

    Backup Focus PlayPred mesecem

    Bro have you seen tank marksman

  42. Gerardo Ventura

    Gerardo VenturaPred mesecem

    A player dying to another player isn't inting and I wish people would stop saying that. Players often makes mistakes and die but it doensnt mean their intentionally feeding. This type wording just makes the community more toxic as a whole .

  43. Silkanaa

    SilkanaaPred mesecem

    any recent char with infinite scaling was never and never will be balanced.

  44. egbdf 333

    egbdf 333Pred mesecem

    Lethality support Lee sin gaming

  45. xDarcanine321

    xDarcanine321Pred mesecem

    Outro song?

  46. Cardin Tran

    Cardin TranPred mesecem

    I mean this Senna build sacrifices damage for survivability and it's used in solo Q because you can't trust your teammates and self sustainable builds usually work better when you're playing for yourself. In pro play the adc's dps is really important and pro players generally try to ensure that their adc survives because they have a level of trust that the adc will dish out their dps in the most efficient way like they're designed to do while the other players peel/frontline/dive for the adc. That's my take on it anyway lol I'm like a minute into the video

  47. Douglas

    DouglasPred mesecem

    It’s more like bruiser senna I think. Mythic is a tank item, but then she goes clever which is bruiser and then primarily marksmen items. Overall I think she operates more like a bruiser with the build than a tank, but an interesting 180 on her traditional picks non the less.

  48. WeedFur

    WeedFurPred mesecem


  49. Christian Dietert

    Christian DietertPred mesecem

    Made this video a little late got immediately nerfed and no longer broken

  50. Alaoui Jaafar

    Alaoui JaafarPred mesecem

    I saw T1 Keria use the tank senna build but he was the support

  51. Verlisify

    VerlisifyPred mesecem

    Creativity is really suppressed in LoL for some reason. It gets weird when it gets "discovered," popularized, then nerfed into the ground despite being strong for a very long time. I was running Raka Top the second the poaching change was made in Season 8 because I actually read patch notes. It took a year for people to catch on

  52. I do stuff

    I do stuffPred mesecem

    @tdpro360 adx thresh with leona support was fun for a long time

  53. tdpro360

    tdpro360Pred mesecem

    @Robert MacIntosh i tried many new stuff but when i did it long enough, everyone copies it and its no longer mine nor fun to play

  54. IceBox

    IceBoxPred mesecem

    @Robert MacIntosh exactly you do something that works then have one bad game or something and people think your trolling just because it works doesnt mean its 100% shit dont go peoples way and they immediately thinking your inting

  55. Robert MacIntosh

    Robert MacIntoshPred mesecem

    @tdpro360 its more the issue of SoloQ being stuck in their ways and discouraging it. I was playing Lulu mid and top in S4 well before it was played in pro. I played Lillia as a Midlaner before a few pros picked it up last year. I was playing Nocturne mid season 6 well before his current peak of play in lanes. The problem is, people in champ select assume youre trolling and if you die once you get accused of blowing their games even though even if the strat was sleeper OP youll never win 100% of the time. Naturally many people get discouraged from trying stuff out in more competitive game modes.

  56. Verlisify

    VerlisifyPred mesecem

    @vladi mir I hated the new runes and mastery system and I really hate how its had no major adjustments since being introduced

  57. Shanger Danger

    Shanger DangerPred mesecem

    3:00 why she walk like a fkn slinky

  58. W aye W

    W aye WPred mesecem

    As a solo player support main, I'm still confident with my CSing capabilities. Whenever I encountered an extremely toxic ADC, He will receive no CS until he stfu 🤭

  59. Walter Alfaro

    Walter AlfaroPred mesecem

    What about my bruiser Vayne

  60. skritch S

    skritch SPred mesecem

    From my experience the tank build needs time in the game with a lot of passive stacks to get back the lacking damage that the aggresive items provides Pro player matches are very important that you get fast farm so dps is very important All players in the match knows how important their 300g is to the enemy so you will often see each carry with 400-500+ farm on both sides with minimal kills/deaths you could argue that senna does not farm as a support in pro play but it's also based on senna's ability to zone, without early damage your ability as senna to control an area is limited so pro players probably choose the damage build while using good positioning as a defence instead.

  61. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname LastnamePred mesecem

    With Divine Sunderer , she has more early damage than with ice born gauntlet, maybe that'd work

  62. MrBelayaa

    MrBelayaaPred mesecem

    interesting build may have to try out fasting Senna

  63. Dov

    DovPred mesecem

    Support is in a healthy spot?!?!? The role is so impactful and easy to play I queue mid support. I seriously get mid nearly 95% of the time and when I get support I can just leave my adc and follow my jungler. Depends on what neutral objective is up though or if my adc gets fed.

  64. Dualblades47

    Dualblades47Pred mesecem

    Algorithm gang

  65. michael nielsen

    michael nielsenPred mesecem

    you made me wanner try it now :)

  66. Six Th

    Six ThPred mesecem

    wasn't tank Senna already a thing? like Season 9?

  67. Danius

    DaniusPred mesecem

    4:40 ehm... feeding like every other game and saying, Senna was the win condition? xD

  68. SkyFallenNerolin

    SkyFallenNerolinPred mesecem

    1:20 how can league looks so good? i want it too

  69. George Kourou

    George KourouPred mesecem

    the normal senna build is more op in my opinion and im saying that after some tests

  70. Mario Luis

    Mario LuisPred mesecem

    The actual reason pros don't play tank senna is because there is absolutely no point. Would you rather 3 hit kill and enemy squishy or survive 0.3s longer. The champ was never good as tank it is close to useless having a senna tank.

  71. DICΞTΘ

    DICΞTΘPred mesecem

    9:34 ... yeah because support players definitely can't last hit or play other roles.. right ... well if you say so. No vision control or roams then too because you're asking an adc to support right? ;) i think you know what i'm trying to say.

  72. Elijah Kuykendall

    Elijah KuykendallPred mesecem

    senna has always had this kind of vibe tho right? season 10 senna had her build frozen mallet and black cleaver, tankier items by default.

  73. kang shonagon

    kang shonagonPred mesecem

    it's not even a new build!this build already exists before item changes.at that time everyone used frozen mallet.

  74. Howard Shum

    Howard ShumPred mesecem

    Tank Senna has been around since her release. The reason why no one goes tank Senna in pro is because she's way too weak early. It's harder to harass with Grasp early on. You don't get your first power spike with Gauntlet as you would with Kraken. Guinsoo's also has more reliable mid game scaling than Cleaver for Senna. If Senna goes tank, then she becomes similar to tank Karma, it's annoying as hell, but can be ignored in a teamfight.

  75. RoTD

    RoTDPred mesecem

    Playing Support Senna as a Co-ADC is the only thing that gives me life in this miserable hell-game

  76. thekiller989

    thekiller989Pred mesecem

    problem with senna is that she's being piloted by adc players adopting the fasting build. Not all support players want to farm or are even good at farming. We need more actual support players picking up senna but then your stuck with drafting a double ad bot lane or make your actual ad player play a mage or tank, which they might not be used to either. sucks to suck. Senna is stuck in some weird limbo and riot needs to pull her in one direction. Either make her a full adc and rework her stacking or, make enchantress ap senna viable.

  77. Eva Aguilar Rodríguez

    Eva Aguilar RodríguezPred mesecem

    Got nerfed

  78. Thiago Moura

    Thiago MouraPred mesecem

    Answer: Riot pay them to don't go out of meta. Profit.

  79. Kr0pka

    Kr0pkaPred mesecem

    Finally, a video about the champ I've had as my ban for... A year now? :D

  80. Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    Chris Pirillo Is EboolaPred mesecem

    Pros should utilize inting sion tbh

  81. thesxex

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  82. Panda Escarlate

    Panda EscarlatePred mesecem

    waiting for people to discover my healer senna with moonstone

  83. Javier Talavera

    Javier TalaveraPred mesecem

    Exil can we talk about thresh and why thresh is by far the best support champion ever created in LoL

  84. Khaos

    KhaosPred mesecem

    Runeglaive Ez was played in pro play it was pretty op build, tank senna just not as good as people think

  85. Silva1sMe

    Silva1sMePred mesecem

    send this to rav.

  86. Daniel Kö

    Daniel KöPred mesecem

    Everytime Senna and Seraphine is open in clash a friend of mine and I pick even though he isn't our regular support. The power of those picks is crazy. You oir pretty safe early and scale ridiculously into the late game.

  87. Zétény Blümmel

    Zétény BlümmelPred 2 meseci

    Darkharvest tank senna change my mind

  88. NWLP

    NWLPPred 2 meseci

    Rav tank adc are trending

  89. James Ferguson

    James FergusonPred 2 meseci

    "Just tell the support to take the farm, not to take the support item, and take the support item." Bro, skip all that and play tank senna support lol

  90. Yo N.

    Yo N.Pred 2 meseci

    Awesome video, congrats !! :)

  91. lX Xl

    lX XlPred 2 meseci

    Nice vídeo

  92. Plup

    PlupPred 2 meseci

    rs3 soundtrack

  93. demolitionGoat

    demolitionGoatPred 2 meseci

    I really never liked the tank build Just from a flavor perspective. Tried it a few times though. Felt really strong and made the clearly stronger grasp keystone work.

  94. b00stedrust

    b00stedrustPred 2 meseci

    Why does his league so much better than mine when i have absolutely everything maxed on my i7 8700k 1080 pc? I dont get it.

  95. b00stedrust

    b00stedrustPred mesecem

    @David Hernandez it's not the refresh.. it's it's deeper color.. the shadows look darker and way different....it's odd

  96. David Hernandez

    David HernandezPred 2 meseci

    What's the refresh rate of ur monitor

  97. Clinton Vella

    Clinton VellaPred 2 meseci

    lol I think I was the person who built her tank first

  98. Peter Christensen

    Peter ChristensenPred 2 meseci

    remove that trash

  99. Michael Tyndale

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  100. Justa Nuff

    Justa NuffPred 2 meseci

    Remember a scientist can skew their own results by simply being present for the experiment, your name is a variable.

  101. Yuri Lopes

    Yuri LopesPred 2 meseci

    11:07 bro your screen is HUGE holy fuck you can almost see midlane from bot lane lmao. is that 4k ultrawide?

  102. Knossi Giraffe

    Knossi GiraffePred 2 meseci

    Always nice when support mains try senna and just feed cuz they never played a adc b4

  103. carlos

    carlosPred 2 meseci

    When she came out I usted her has a tank 😑

  104. Max

    MaxPred 2 meseci

    The only way for Riot to actually do fun changes is if the Pro's advocate it. Because every single change they do it's for the Pro's and not the regular player in general. Good that the Pro's are spitting on Riot's face for a chance, they're the only ones who could turn this god forsaken game fun again.

  105. Heaven64

    Heaven64Pred 2 meseci

    Senna AP ?

  106. Book of Mary

    Book of MaryPred 2 meseci

    Why tf so you have the smoke detector sound in your videos?

  107. Book of Mary

    Book of MaryPred 2 meseci

    I mean pros communicate, generally care about winning and play together so often they know how they plays and can predicate plays and movement without even discussing them sometimes . Sooooooo comfort is important but consistency is more so.

  108. Book of Mary

    Book of MaryPred 2 meseci

    People play for LP?

  109. huseyinE

    huseyinEPred 2 meseci

    you convinced me to buy senna

  110. Alejandro Chang

    Alejandro ChangPred 2 meseci

    Refuses to use builds but keeps using stupid ass champions. Like if you try to convince me Sett or Sylas have high skill/ high reward. Senna in this case is just another champ I see 80% of my ranked games (D3 LAN here btw) with her annoying range everyone want to abuse. The point here is if champs were balanced before items, building would be more of a tactical game, but because it isn't I see the same exact champs over and over from the 100+ champs riot has released.

  111. onthedre

    onthedrePred 2 meseci


  112. Squidylich

    SquidylichPred 2 meseci

    one thing you missed that also probably contributes is that glacial augment is SUPER good for pro play, and senna is one of the few champions that can abuse it this season. Glacial augment allows pro players to pick more skill shot dependent champs, which often have much higher damage outputs than low skill shot champs when landing their full combo. To put it simply, pros are much better at using utility. The grasp build relies heavily on just having high numbers, which isn't as potent in pro play as solo queue. pro players will use things like movement speed and vision to much greater affect than solo queue players.

  113. ikanaide0

    ikanaide0Pred 2 meseci

    >Rekkles >one of the all time best ad carries I swear to God this man is the most overhyped dead weight in esports history...