What the hell is happening to Jesse Lingard? | Oh My Goal

Jesse Lingard was the focus of an episode of “What the hell happened?” little more than a year ago. But since then his return to form has been praised by everyone! He’s even returned to the England team! Jesse Lingard has become a good football player again! So of course he deserves a special episode… What the hell happened to Jesse Lingard (reverse edition)?!


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  1. UrquiagaBro

    UrquiagaBroPred dnevom

    I always used him in fifa 14 when his stats were nothing.

  2. UrquiagaBro

    UrquiagaBroPred dnevom

    In career mode

  3. Kayla Sia

    Kayla SiaPred 5 dnevi

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  4. Rodrigo Gonzalez Socas

    Rodrigo Gonzalez SocasPred 6 dnevi

    January 29th is my brithday and that’s the day Jesse Lingard became Ronald. 2:42

  5. Anant Bhargava

    Anant BhargavaPred 9 dnevi

    The guy might not have scored much in the past..but look at his goals..he has scored some worldies

  6. Fr. Ted Crilly

    Fr. Ted CrillyPred 10 dnevi

    I got my mojo back baby

  7. Kyle Adams

    Kyle AdamsPred 13 dnevi

    I’m disliking because you shat on him

  8. Darkslderp

    DarkslderpPred 15 dnevi


  9. mygunzy

    mygunzyPred 21 dnevom


  10. loopy

    loopyPred 22 dnevi

    its his goatee

  11. Ben Davies

    Ben DaviesPred 24 dnevi

    I love lingard

  12. FLeDGaming

    FLeDGamingPred 24 dnevi

    Why the freak is this an advertisement?

  13. muyy1

    muyy1Pred 25 dnevi


  14. SR Gaming

    SR GamingPred 26 dnevi

    Why did THIS POP UP AS A AD 😭

  15. Akash Ghosh

    Akash GhoshPred 27 dnevi

    You should change the title what the the hell happened to what the heaven happening



    Jessie Lingald me like gajb bezzati hai

  17. PerfectCell

    PerfectCellPred 29 dnevi

    When player fuck up : WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO PLAYER when player dont fuck up :umm..well.he didnt fuck up buT STILL WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO PLAYER

  18. َ

    َPred mesecem

    its year 2030 Messi has retired Ronaldo has Retired Mpabbe maybe Is still playing Lingard has 8 balloon d'or 1 UCL trophy 1 world cup and 1 fifa club world cup trophy

  19. Joshua Samson

    Joshua SamsonPred mesecem

    Lingardinho will only go higher my friend

  20. sandile sphesihle

    sandile sphesihlePred mesecem

    I am telling you Jesse was always special even Fergie saw it. Bruno is not in Jesse Level. You can Troll me all you like But Jesse is a hard worker. Bruno is only good in penalties.

  21. SnoopDiss

    SnoopDissPred 12 dnevi

    C'mon man

  22. aiman amierul

    aiman amierulPred mesecem

    He suffered mental depression during his Man Utd days. U didn’t mention that


    ASHUTOSH MUDULYPred mesecem

    Do a similar wth for John Stones

  24. Andres Diaz

    Andres DiazPred mesecem

    I love Eminem

  25. Jonathan Kettle

    Jonathan KettlePred mesecem

    Can you do Mason mount

  26. Somila Velani

    Somila VelaniPred mesecem

    Manchester United fan and I believe he should stay at West Ham

  27. pes mobi-lle

    pes mobi-llePred mesecem

    A player performs bad: oh my goal be like we have a probs with u, we gonna make vid on it A player performs good: oh my goal be like ah still we got content

  28. Akindutire Kolawole

    Akindutire KolawolePred mesecem

    Same thing that's gonna happen with Timo Werner

  29. Red Devil

    Red DevilPred mesecem

    Not gonna mention the fact that his dip was because of personal problems he was facing and mental health issues?

  30. NéguiLamala

    NéguiLamalaPred mesecem

    A player really unbelievable 🙌🏽

  31. weed nose

    weed nosePred mesecem

    Lingardhino hhaahaha

  32. Asfand yar khan

    Asfand yar khanPred mesecem

    Imagine he wins champions league for his team!!!

  33. NéguiLamala

    NéguiLamalaPred mesecem

    With West Ham this is impossible because they are not in the champions league

  34. Asfand yar khan

    Asfand yar khanPred mesecem

    J lingz😈😈😈

  35. Joecav123

    Joecav123Pred mesecem

    Imagine mc sauce and rice tho😍

  36. agc

    agcPred mesecem

    Why do Americans pronounce premier as "premiere"?

  37. Torpedo_R8

    Torpedo_R8Pred mesecem

    Did you forget that he played against Leicester in the last game of the season and scored?

  38. Neki tamo nevazan lik

    Neki tamo nevazan likPred mesecem


  39. Sabit Selmani

    Sabit SelmaniPred mesecem

    Zlatan said come to me ill learn u how to score 😊

  40. EnderGasim Z

    EnderGasim ZPred mesecem

    It’s been too long since we last saw the goat lingard in the ucl

  41. ngawang phuntsok

    ngawang phuntsokPred mesecem

    he should change clubs every year..d

  42. nickjbeatz

    nickjbeatzPred mesecem

    the disrespect on lingard was crazy that man had to apologize

  43. TaRi Booi

    TaRi BooiPred mesecem

    Lingard like that girl in high school that was fugly nerd now she a baddie.

  44. irishboy

    irishboyPred mesecem

    He’s gone from 0 to hero

  45. Ghost David

    Ghost DavidPred mesecem

    Failed to score against Chelsea 😎

  46. Nidhin

    NidhinPred mesecem

    Lingardhino 🐐

  47. libre verité

    libre veritéPred mesecem

    Give the man a break

  48. N26P7

    N26P7Pred mesecem

    Is this CBR?

  49. camilo fonseca

    camilo fonsecaPred mesecem

    He played against Leicester City in the final match of the 2019-20 season with Manchester United, scoring the second goal to secure the champions league spot.

  50. Milad GHAZNAWI

    Milad GHAZNAWIPred mesecem

    You should you what the hell happened to Liverpool!

  51. aadilkk66 1k

    aadilkk66 1kPred mesecem

    You could say why he got bad ( family )

  52. Kevin_SK

    Kevin_SKPred mesecem


  53. uma kedia

    uma kediaPred mesecem

    What the hell is happening to cavani

  54. Everything you wanna search

    Everything you wanna searchPred mesecem

    Please make a video about what the hell is happening to Anthony Martial

  55. M The g

    M The gPred mesecem

    When chaos rules the masters rise😂

  56. ImHereToLacerate

    ImHereToLaceratePred mesecem

    left a small club to finally play for a big club that is worthy of his talents

  57. Negative

    NegativePred mesecem

    It ain’t about how hard u get hit but how much u can get hit and move forward

  58. JEM

    JEMPred mesecem

    What the hell happened to gerrad deulafeou?

  59. Emir-Ceyhan Gueruez

    Emir-Ceyhan GueruezPred mesecem

    Jesse the Goat 🐐

  60. Emir-Ceyhan Gueruez

    Emir-Ceyhan GueruezPred mesecem

    The Man United effect: get great player, use them wrong so they can't reach their full potencial. Give them away and see the players having a second prime time. I don't wanna hate against ManU but, lot's of players have proved my point (Lukalu, DiMaria, Depay...). Problematic management desions!!!

  61. Vignesh Arumugam

    Vignesh ArumugamPred mesecem

    3:00 What 399 days? Your stats are wrong. Didn't he score against Leicester in 2020 and seal the third place in the Premier League for Manchester United?

  62. Anupam Swargiary

    Anupam SwargiaryPred mesecem

    U *ucked up guy don't even deserve to ask for an apology first ur channel criticize a good respected player and for the first time u apologize

  63. Abhishek Kunchikor

    Abhishek KunchikorPred mesecem

    What the hell happened to Lavezzi?

  64. Kaveer Hassan

    Kaveer HassanPred mesecem

    So is no one gonna talk about Lingard coming off the bench to score on the last day of the 19/20 season against Leicester....

  65. The Game

    The GamePred mesecem


  66. Aditya Raut

    Aditya RautPred mesecem

    After scoring most goals against top 6 English clubs Messi said "all my credit goes to my inspiration my idol Sir Jesse Lingard "

  67. Math Pdf

    Math PdfPred mesecem

    "football is my drug....lingard is my dealer" -Ronaldinho

  68. Mo Hiis vlog

    Mo Hiis vlogPred mesecem

    finally, Lingard found himself although I am a united fan. I am really happy for me long live jlingz

  69. Md Fářhäñ Åņjųm

    Md Fářhäñ ÅņjųmPred mesecem

    I like what the hell happened series

  70. Nmm

    NmmPred mesecem

    I'm not a fan but I'm Happy for him 👏🏻

  71. Chick Pee

    Chick PeePred mesecem

    what the hell is happening to Schalke next

  72. The Lottery Paradise

    The Lottery ParadisePred mesecem

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  73. Aidan Solomon

    Aidan SolomonPred mesecem

    he scored last year in the prem

  74. Hassan Sardar

    Hassan SardarPred mesecem

    Actually he played in premier league in July with united I don’t think that make 300 days till January

  75. Abdullahi Umar

    Abdullahi UmarPred mesecem

    Who's here after Ed woodward resigned

  76. imnotinthemoud

    imnotinthemoudPred mesecem

    So this a what the hell episode in a good way?

  77. Ramin Sirwan

    Ramin SirwanPred mesecem

    He’s going on a run

  78. Hotdog Question

    Hotdog QuestionPred mesecem

    Please include LORD

  79. blaise russo

    blaise russoPred mesecem

    Yes the super league is dead 🤣 now to wait for the lord Lingardinho 😇 💯 💥🔥 in champs league

  80. Shivesh

    ShiveshPred mesecem

    2:14 the worst way of making an Eminem reference. Period.

  81. gud boi

    gud boiPred mesecem

    Jesse Lingard is like West Hams Diogo Jota

  82. Nero

    NeroPred mesecem

    Can always rely on a yank to make something cringe

  83. Aj Eagles

    Aj EaglesPred mesecem

    americans dont know nothing ...i not even a utd fan but he went trew some family problems fell out of love with the game dropped in from but before his move he started to enjoy football again maybe read on the internet from a good source

  84. Dewar Alsan

    Dewar AlsanPred mesecem

    Imagine the Legend Lingardinho is being the first lad that make this channel make a positive video. What a crazy moment.

  85. 442oons Lingardinho

    442oons LingardinhoPred mesecem


  86. Capital Brasss

    Capital BrasssPred mesecem

    To be honest i am Happy for him

  87. Nikola Trkulja

    Nikola TrkuljaPred mesecem


  88. Jacob Eyre

    Jacob EyrePred mesecem

    6:05 does that’s guy in the back have a knife in his mouth

  89. Wilbur26Soot

    Wilbur26SootPred mesecem

    The goat, the legend, Jesse "Lord" Lingardinho

  90. -

    -Pred mesecem

    Video idea What the hell is happening to football?

  91. TrapHaus Creo

    TrapHaus CreoPred mesecem

    I think Lingard is brilliant definitely one of my favorites this season, but I also think he plays better as an underdog, even his best days under Man U was an underdog, when his ego and pride get in the way, he seems to start slipping, I hope he learnt that lesson and won’t let it happen at West Ham, I wanna see them in the top 4 now hey

  92. Humza Aslam

    Humza AslamPred mesecem

    Waiting for the bounceback Nabil Fekir vid

  93. Equipment nazo

    Equipment nazoPred mesecem

    Correction: What The Heaven is happening to lingard.

  94. theo letlhabi

    theo letlhabiPred mesecem

    Giggs owes this man an apology

  95. Meme For Everybody

    Meme For EverybodyPred mesecem


  96. Asyraf Hanafi

    Asyraf HanafiPred mesecem

    Lingard should play for Chelsea

  97. Mohamed Bazi

    Mohamed BaziPred mesecem

    I bet Lingerd heard his new name which is linegerdinho

  98. Mreza GAMING

    Mreza GAMINGPred mesecem


  99. Cancel Europeansuperleague

    Cancel EuropeansuperleaguePred mesecem


  100. Mohamed Yaal Yoonus Ali

    Mohamed Yaal Yoonus AliPred mesecem

    Rip Football 1863-2021 Thanks European Super League😡😡😢

  101. Lionel Messi

    Lionel MessiPred mesecem


  102. Riicho Bamin

    Riicho BaminPred mesecem


  103. Sayan Basak

    Sayan BasakPred mesecem

    He is finally getting the deserved game time, less threat about his position in team, much regular place in starting line up and last but not the least, less trolls because of his social media activities from some people who never even touched that ball :) that's happening