12 Essential Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Tips (4K)

If you're picking up Insomniac Games' latest PS5 exclusive, Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart, here are 12 essential tips to help you get the most from the interdimensional adventure.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has finally arrived for the PlayStation 5, and if our review is anything to go by it's an absolute banger, taking full advantage of the console's hardware and DualSense capabilities. But like previous Ratchet games it's got a lot more going on than its light-hearted appearance may let on.

In order to best prepare yourself for the whacky interdimensional adventure ahead, we've gathered together 12 crucial tips for the game, from the best weapons for the job, where to spend your hard-earned Raritanium, and how best to deal with puzzles to how to take advantage of Rifts while you're battling enemies.

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  1. Frankie Beans80

    Frankie Beans80Pred 19 dnevi

    New game + will take care of everything. Your guns can level up to 10. Every collectible you get again gives you tons of bolts for spending. RareAtheneum comes back so u can collect more.

  2. Denis Tobar

    Denis TobarPred 23 dnevi

    It’s fun so far but it’s buggy. I started it yesterday and had to look up a play through to figure out why I was stuck, only to find out it was a bug. Then I quit for the day soon after due to another bug which I can’t remember at the moment.

  3. Dr Blitz

    Dr BlitzPred 27 dnevi

    BIG TIP!! put your top 4 support weapons on D-pad for quick access then choose your 2 favorite weapons from the weapon wheel. whatever your 2 most recent weapons were from the rotational wheel will switch back and forth when you quick-press triangle. that way you never have to bring up the rotational weapon wheel up again or very rarely.

  4. Warden Cobb

    Warden CobbPred mesecem

    This and Astrobot are the only true next Gen games. And this game is just... Mind-blowing. No loads. None. It's incredible.

  5. Antwane Glass

    Antwane GlassPred mesecem


  6. Greg P

    Greg PPred mesecem

    Great video

  7. Joseph Linza

    Joseph LinzaPred mesecem

    You can actually farm raritanium on some of the arena battles as raritanium is a reward for some of the arena battles and the reward amount of raritanium never changes no matter how many times you play.

  8. Genesis Russel

    Genesis RusselPred mesecem

    Raritanium is limited... Um just go to the Arena and the Gold Boss fight Ya get 21 per fight with the armor bonus to raritanium Note:you can farm the bronze or silver but ya wont get as much

  9. Yasir Pathan

    Yasir PathanPred mesecem

    How did you buy the weapons which are not in game

  10. Color of Grey

    Color of GreyPred mesecem

    These "essential" tips seem to start off with END-OF-GAME INFO! I guess I thought essential tips would be things I wouldn't have already learned after a playthrough, but instead this video is LOADED with spoilers & info that doesn't mean anything for people who haven't already played through. I appreciate the effort, but I don't get it, honestly.

  11. Langz Noir

    Langz NoirPred mesecem

    Am I crazy or is the raritanium tip incorrect? Most nodes of it respawn and there are mobs that drop it. I don't htink it's a finite resource.

  12. Justin Burbank

    Justin BurbankPred mesecem

    Yeah it’s false. The boss in level 2 of the bronze cup drops 3-4 each time you replay it

  13. rattrap316

    rattrap316Pred mesecem

    Why do people skip puzzles when they are part of the game...? They are very simple...

  14. Dr Blitz

    Dr BlitzPred 27 dnevi

    i skipped the the cinematic scenes, puzzles and glitch virus fights when i played the 2nd and 3rd time around in challenge mode, well because i already did it once and they weren't that fun

  15. DarkAnomaly

    DarkAnomalyPred mesecem

    I don't skip them personally but I can understand those who are of the impatient type just wanting to get back into the action not wanting to do them. Also on subsequent playthroughs having the option to skip them is handy too.

  16. Andrew Rose

    Andrew RosePred mesecem

    There should be no choice to skip the puzzle. It’s a game. Figure it the fuck out or you don’t get to move on....it’s like they put participation trophies in video game mode. STOP IT

  17. --

    --Pred mesecem

    Raretanium is NOT limited per playthrough. You can get it at the arena

  18. --

    --Pred mesecem

    @Jonathan Harlick they'll bring you back to the arena right when it's unlocked. So when the story brings you back, take a look

  19. Jonathan Harlick

    Jonathan HarlickPred mesecem

    Honestly I haven't had the chance to get to Gold yet and I'm not even sure if I've unlocked silver yet either because I haven't checked. I have loads of raretanium to upgrade my weapons fully as an when I unlock them and level them up.

  20. --

    --Pred mesecem

    @Jonathan Harlick even replaying the final gold challenge gets you 6 every time and only takes a few min

  21. Jonathan Harlick

    Jonathan HarlickPred mesecem

    Exactly as soon as you get the Arena if you do the last Bronze challenge you get 2 for completing it. You also get at least 3 for defeating Sue. The most I've gotten for defeating Sue is 21 raretanium so I ended up with 23 for about a minutes worth of time.

  22. Rozwell Jones

    Rozwell JonesPred mesecem

    I just picked this up, installing now, I'm so damn excited 🤩

  23. Body's World Productions

    Body's World ProductionsPred mesecem

    This game is so beautiful and the gameplay is lit!

  24. Firus G

    Firus GPred mesecem

    I have this game downloaded and ready to go at home but I’m at work so I’m losing my mind

  25. Jonny8859

    Jonny8859Pred mesecem

    meanwhile, I'm still trying to buy a ps5.

  26. JaketheMCUfan

    JaketheMCUfanPred mesecem

    I have the miles morales game but I can’t play it because my ps5 never came so since November I’ve just been staring at it 😭

  27. E V

    E VPred mesecem

    Xbox no games still 😞

  28. TwistedOracle

    TwistedOraclePred 22 dnevi

    Gamepass is solid

  29. Zach

    ZachPred mesecem

    And never will

  30. radio ron santos

    radio ron santosPred mesecem

    Cool still cant get a ps5 so why u putting this put when we cant play!!!

  31. 7T4-scorpio

    7T4-scorpioPred mesecem

    Just get a Twitter account and follow people who do console alerts and you'll get one. I got 9 before Christmas using this method. Sold them all to relatives and friends for normal price and made a lot of people happy for Christmas.

  32. Dip G

    Dip GPred mesecem

    Not everyone is like you man. I have a ps5 my wife got me at the end of February. Don't be salty, you'll gri one eventually I hope

  33. Mezz Skardwize

    Mezz SkardwizePred mesecem

    no more mister zurkon?!

  34. Drew P. Baulsach

    Drew P. BaulsachPred mesecem

    I CANNOT wait til tomorrow!

  35. Jeremy Napier

    Jeremy NapierPred mesecem

    Just, why GS???

  36. Zane Mouchett

    Zane MouchettPred mesecem

    The Zurpstone tip and the one about all armor bonuses applying were both pretty legit. The rest is mostly common sense.

  37. Lars

    LarsPred mesecem

    Tip Zero: Wait for a price drop.

  38. Loyal to A Fault

    Loyal to A FaultPred mesecem

    On PS5? Yeah not for at least 2 full years

  39. Lyceaos Greymoon

    Lyceaos GreymoonPred mesecem

    they shouldnt have given a skip option for any segments that arent optional challenges, thats just lazy pathetic crap and anyone who does that is pathetic. and this comeing from a disabled guy

  40. Lyceaos Greymoon

    Lyceaos GreymoonPred mesecem

    @LAZYMANE see, to me it is cause pathetic and lazy. But I grew up in the 80's/90's. My firs console was the NES and I've been gaming since. So giving skips for segments is nothing but pathetic to me unless we are talking a segment that would actively be hard for the disabled, this doesn't qualify, given if you can't do this due to disabilities, how are you playing the rest of the game?


    LAZYMANEPred mesecem

    I hear you but even rdr2 masterpiece did this it’s not that important

  42. Laurence Evans

    Laurence EvansPred mesecem

    I am even more hyped waiting for my ps5 on 25th of June with this awesome game

  43. Mauricio Cruz

    Mauricio CruzPred mesecem

    @Laurence Evans: I know I am enjoying it as well……so many good games and Ratchet and clank is amazing!

  44. Laurence Evans

    Laurence EvansPred mesecem

    @Mauricio Cruz It came a week early bro couldn't believe it haven't stopped playing it to be honest it's such a beast of a computer lol rachet and clank was so good and fifa 21 runs very smooth 😊

  45. Mauricio Cruz

    Mauricio CruzPred mesecem

    @Laurence: Today is the 26th did you get your PS5 broskie?

  46. Lyceaos Greymoon

    Lyceaos GreymoonPred mesecem

    awww, the turrent glove doesnt return? thats sad

  47. Lyceaos Greymoon

    Lyceaos GreymoonPred mesecem

    @Lewis Alexander turret. lol

  48. Lewis Alexander

    Lewis AlexanderPred mesecem

    .... turrent?

  49. Alejandro Lopez

    Alejandro LopezPred mesecem

    Tip number 1: Use weapons to defeat your enemies. Couldn’t have guessed that by my own phew!

  50. Zach Burns

    Zach BurnsPred mesecem

    Any time you use a weapon other then your omni wrench it gains xp for a kill. When using the omni wrench by itself your taking away xp from your weapons.

  51. TheDamnWinner

    TheDamnWinnerPred mesecem

    Really? Who is this for? A 5 year old?

  52. rocky gourdet

    rocky gourdetPred mesecem

    Tips and tricks on rachet and clank lol

  53. Chameleon

    ChameleonPred mesecem

    Tip #1: Buy a PlayStation 5. Shit.

  54. S J91

    S J91Pred mesecem

    Done day one lol

  55. Mrtwin

    MrtwinPred mesecem

    Yall really thirsting for views, a tip video on ratchet and clank? Really

  56. Aldrin Valdez

    Aldrin ValdezPred mesecem

    @Hypnotic Delta like me, it just helps to get tips that have played the previous games.

  57. Hypnotic Delta

    Hypnotic DeltaPred mesecem

    @Mrtwin Um..Mad at SLthrow comments over a video game tip video? Why would I be mad?

  58. Mrtwin

    MrtwinPred mesecem

    @Hypnotic Delta you mad ??? Lmao because I’m right 🤣🤣 cry more

  59. Rowland Makkie

    Rowland MakkiePred mesecem

    @Hypnotic Delta you sound hurt lmao shut up 🤣🤣 nobody need a tip video for ratchet and clank it’s dumb

  60. Hypnotic Delta

    Hypnotic DeltaPred mesecem

    Why u gotta be a butthead...I'm sure there will be plenty of people who haven't played Ratchet before. The last Rachet on PS4 came out 5 years ago

  61. Joe ARB

    Joe ARBPred mesecem

    How about a tip on how to get a FUCKING PS5 FFS!!!

  62. Ryan Naylor

    Ryan NaylorPred mesecem

    Hey :)

  63. Zayaan Atif

    Zayaan AtifPred mesecem

    There better not be spoilers here

  64. Mitchell P

    Mitchell PPred mesecem

    @Gamer4ever sure come over, I’ll have a surprise you won’t like when you get to my front door

  65. Gamer4ever

    Gamer4everPred mesecem

    @Mitchell P can i burn 1000 calories at your house?

  66. Mitchell P

    Mitchell PPred mesecem

    @Gamer4ever you don’t remember right

  67. Gamer4ever

    Gamer4everPred mesecem

    @Mitchell P i think the others are longer if i remember right

  68. Mitchell P

    Mitchell PPred mesecem

    @Gamer4ever so pretty much like every other Ratchet and Clank game ever made.