Loki: Owen Wilson on How Tom Hiddleston TAUGHT HIM About the MCU (Exclusive)

Owen Wilson chats with ET’s Matt Cohen about his lack of Marvel knowledge before filming ‘Loki,’ premiering June 7 on Disney+. Wilson’s character, Mobius M. Mobius, is an agent for the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and is supposed to know every detail within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He says co-star Tom Hiddleston was his ‘professor’ and taught him what’s happened with Loki so far in the MCU. Wilson also teases his upcoming movie, ‘Marry Me,’ where he stars alongside Jennifer Lopez and Maluma.


  1. Konrad Klisowski

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    CARTOONIVERSE1Pred mesecem

    This actor is creepy & boring in real life. He picked the right career.


    ANNY RODPred mesecem

    Great character, love for him 🌹

  4. Str8upkills YT

    Str8upkills YTPred mesecem

    1:13 no that’s cap. He says in episode 2 to expect the expected😂

  5. Duncan McGee

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    So when Mobius said he studied Lokis life he really meant it

  6. Joe BONES

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    The facial hair really makes his nose not stick out as much. Actually it compliments it.

  7. plumeria66

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    Last time Owen didn’t believe Loki was F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  8. The Naborhood

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    Owen definitely has been briefed on Marvels spoiler policies lol

  9. Fons Dumont

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    Wait, weren't Tom and Owen together in "Midnight in Paris"

  10. lucie burkmar

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  11. Vernon Hardapple

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    Just watched Hiddleston's inpression of Wilson playing Loki from SEVEN years ago. WTF🤯🤯🤯!!!

  12. Jdean Winchester

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    The interviewer kinda looks like sam and dean's dad in supernatural. The younger version

  13. stevenARTify

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    I only wanna hear Owen Wilson say "Wow" to anything Loki says.

  14. Lisa Sigmon

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    Owen Wilson. I think you are the love of my life

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    You seem like a pretty cool guy :D

  17. Lisa Sigmon

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    I love your nose

  18. Lisa Sigmon

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    I love your voice

  19. Judy B

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    Hadn't seen him in anything before. Spent whole episode wondering whether his nose was real.

  20. My Account __

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    Watch zoolander. Or meet the parents. Absolutely hilarious movies with Owen

  21. Dale Petersen

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    It seems like he is Chaneling Shanghai Noon and talking to Jackie Chan

  22. NASCARFAN93100

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    Lightning McQueen Welcomes Marvel Cinematic Universe as new primary sponsor

  23. Free Range Girlrilla

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    I want to know what GENIUS got Owen to do this. Best decision ever.

  24. Kimberly Jeanne

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    Mobius knows Pepper Pots?

  25. Suman Das

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  26. chesca

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    Aw I've missed that Owen drawl. Tom and he are gonna nail the bromance

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    blown away. this is going to be fun .

  29. Rayne Ozier

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    I remember seeing an interview years ago where Owen Wilson was talking about his kid not believing that he was Lighting McQueen. Let’s hope he has an easier time convincing them this time.

  30. Mr J

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    He still needs to convince them lol. His appearance still looks a lot different than how he usually looks lol

  31. Matełko

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    the trialer shows the chemistry between Owen and Tom

  32. W W

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  33. 03 AI

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    He doesn't age well at all.

  34. Cindi QQ

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    What? Owen looks the same to me.

  35. Owen McCafferty

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  36. robert mamea

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    I'm surprised Owen Wilson wasn't in any of the MCU timeline he would've been great as StarLord he has that kind of attitude as well.

  37. Ian Thomas

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    @Darth Vader Jonah hill would be a great Mole Man

  38. Quake The Doom Bringer

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    Dude has that cowboy/gunslinger vibe. I feel like Owen can play the less childish and more womanizing type of Star Lord

  39. Darth Vader

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    Jonah Hill would be better

  40. Paul Green

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    I miss owen wilson

  41. MeterWhale

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    I feel so bad to this guys for interviewers asking him repetitive questions.

  42. Kenay Duque

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    @CARTOONIVERSE1 Hahaha, you right man, I have to keep together next time


    CARTOONIVERSE1Pred 16 dnevi

    @Kenay Duque - Whoa whoa Kenay, *calm down* man. No need to flip-out like that & lose your shit. Especially when you're agreeing with me.

  44. Kenay Duque

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    @CARTOONIVERSE1 Take it easy matte, but yeah, he gets paid for the interview so the easier the question better for him


    CARTOONIVERSE1Pred mesecem

    MeterWhale- He gets paid & pampered to do all these interviews. Feel bad for the guys in *your* city that have to clean-out the tons of nasty blockage that builds-up annually in your sewer systems. *That's a tough job.*

  46. Mr poopy BUTTHOLE

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    Lighting McQueen meets loki

  47. vodkagal28

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    How was he not familiar? I thought he has kids?

  48. gayfuk

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    He dint mean he dint know what marvel was he dint know what happened in the mcu from. Ironman to endgame

  49. Rambo

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  50. Simon Jack

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    It's crazy Owen Wilson is part of the MCU and his brother Luke is part of the DC CW Universe in Stargirl🤯 Just imagine if the CW decided to add Stargirl into the Infinite Crisis crossover we would have likely saw Luke Wilson in the crossover that is just so mind-blowing

  51. Simon Jack

    Simon JackPred mesecem

    It's ironic I was talking about supernatural in terms of Loki and we got Matt Cohen here who played young John Winchester;)

  52. Jordan Jones

    Jordan JonesPred mesecem

    Coincidental ... not ironic... everyone always seems to get the wrong lol

  53. Simon Jack

    Simon JackPred mesecem

    The Royal Tenenbaums is my favorite movie ever❤❤ Darjeeling Limited and The Life Aquatic was pretty awesome too. Owen Wilson's performance was so brilliant in those movies I'm a serious Wes Anderson fan:) The first Wes Anderson film I saw was Rushmore❤❤

  54. Simon Jack

    Simon JackPred mesecem

    I can't wait to find out about what's going on in the scene we saw a couple of weeks ago where Loki was sitting next to Black Widow on Vomoir or however you spell it

  55. O S K

    O S KPred mesecem

    That's not black widow. It was lady Loki probably. Black widow is dead and didn't have that hairstyle.

  56. Simon Jack

    Simon JackPred mesecem

    Yeah you can't trick a trickster look at Sam and Dean they never could lol Ironic because you know Gabriel on Supernatural was in witness protection pretending to be Loki lol

  57. Simon Jack

    Simon JackPred mesecem

    Tom is such a great guy to help out Owen Wilson

  58. Simon Jack

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    I swear the next Wes Anderson movie in production Owen Wilson needs to get Tom in that movie❤❤❤❤❤ I just feel like Tom would be so perfect in a Wes Anderson movie

  59. nɘonconformist

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  60. Oliver Garrick

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    Did he gives us some tea with his character knowing things loki even know about himself?? If so I'm into it😌.

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    Hey Bud, she is a princess… Christopher G. Poeschl Stay Amazing… COVID-19 Inspiration…❤️

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    I love Owen Wilson to a nauseating degree

  63. Eric Cartman

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    He made my childhood with cars and Wedding Crashers was funny.

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    Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amen

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    Thanks so much same to you 😁

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    Thanks you too.

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    Thank you, and God bless you too!!!🙏🏽❤️

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    Thanks man

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    Very welcome words on such a grand day.