Food Theory: Captain Crunch is an IMPOSTOR! (Cap'n Crunch Cereal)

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Disclaimer: At 3:25 , our editors accidentally used a military uniform that is not a U.S. Military Uniform. This was not intentional, and we acknowledge we should have caught this sooner. The LATER images ARE in fact US Navy.

We all know the mouth scraping-ly good cereal known as Cap'n Crunch. What you may NOT know is that the good ole "Cap'n" is no captain at all! In fact he is nothing but a LIAR! You see, this well loved cereal mascot has been masquerading for YEARS as an honorable captain but today, Loyal Theorists, we are pulling back the curtain on this so-called captain!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Tom Robinson, and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Lilian David

    Lilian DavidPred 6 urami

    Can we just acknowledge that the original voice acting at the comercials is TRASH

  2. The Ultimite Lifeform

    The Ultimite LifeformPred 9 urami

    MatPat: hold your nose and close your eyes Me: but we don’t get a say in what they trade away

  3. Sean Smith

    Sean SmithPred 9 urami


  4. CATBOY9

    CATBOY9Pred 11 urami

    its just a cereal why go in depth and accuse a fake person for this

  5. Harry Dex

    Harry DexPred 15 urami

    Captain crunch sus

  6. Roblox and stick war legacy

    Roblox and stick war legacyPred dnevom

    Bruh I used to eat that

  7. DeadBoyCLM

    DeadBoyCLMPred dnevom

    Cereal mascot cereal killer

  8. Andrew Hiob

    Andrew HiobPred dnevom


  9. ktbk

    ktbkPred dnevom

    commando crunch 😳

  10. Nerdys memes

    Nerdys memesPred dnevom

    I find it funny that his old crew is still on the box

  11. Tiger Meez

    Tiger MeezPred 2 dnevi

    Just me or ya think the dog might have just passed away? I mean yeah captain crunch is pretty bad from all your proof but dogs only live for an average of 15 years. Maybe he just passed away bug idk just sayin

  12. Taylor York

    Taylor YorkPred 2 dnevi

    Artist: Ignores Detail MatPat: Prepare for death.

  13. I Make The Sites

    I Make The SitesPred 2 dnevi

    He's a cereal killer

  14. amadea eustacia

    amadea eustaciaPred 2 dnevi


  15. puvaaneswaran pathmanathan

    puvaaneswaran pathmanathanPred 3 dnevi

    me:oh another food theory nice lets see what is it about[sees title saying imposter] really matpat?why i am already having phobia of amogus i see it everywhere

  16. Jennifer Sears

    Jennifer SearsPred 3 dnevi

    Loving the intro

  17. Russian Cookie

    Russian CookiePred 3 dnevi

    But he is not captain crunch he is Cap’n Crunch

  18. The Rick Effect

    The Rick EffectPred 3 dnevi

    I dont know how but ive never EVER seen a captain crunch commercial on TV and i watch tv ALOT

  19. Eve

    EvePred 3 dnevi

    Been long time I have the serial of this video!!!🤣🤣🤣😈

  20. Orirei Rogers

    Orirei RogersPred 3 dnevi

    or they just lost their phones

  21. Onion

    OnionPred 3 dnevi

    Ah the Navy, forever using the the u.s. tax dollars effectively

  22. Siyanawa Gaming

    Siyanawa GamingPred 3 dnevi

    Seadog: lost phone rival: retired after he got his leg bitten Kids: grown up and left him

  23. Meme Phox

    Meme PhoxPred 4 dnevi

    Cap'n Crunch is a WHAT NOW

  24. jojo fan

    jojo fanPred 4 dnevi


  25. Bryan Bolton

    Bryan BoltonPred 4 dnevi


  26. Colter Shannon

    Colter ShannonPred 4 dnevi

    I guess you could could say he’s a “cereal killer”

  27. Alexander Alford

    Alexander AlfordPred 4 dnevi

    I’ve seen Cap’n Crunch commercials all my life and I’ve never heard of LaFoot, Sea Dog or the child crew until this video.

  28. Israel Duran alvarez

    Israel Duran alvarezPred 4 dnevi

    10:18 That Looks like a milk version of Jean or Seadog when you pause it

  29. Sol

    SolPred 4 dnevi

    Do people really care about the accuracy of a cartoon cereal mascot

  30. Rhoninja Redbone

    Rhoninja RedbonePred 4 dnevi

    little did we know, cap'n crunch is a cereal killer!


    GRAHAM CLARKPred 4 dnevi

    At least captain crush doesn't contain trisodium phosphate like pretty much all other cereal

  32. the video gamers

    the video gamersPred 4 dnevi

    Matpat" the most dishonorable food mascot of all time Me after watching his episode on Kool aid man: I beg to differ

  33. MrmcgamesYT

    MrmcgamesYTPred 4 dnevi

    Oh boy we got a "cereal" killer

  34. Noah Myrick

    Noah MyrickPred 4 dnevi


  35. Rong Gu

    Rong GuPred 4 dnevi



    XANDER HARNESSPred 5 dnevi

    Is Cap’n Crunch the King of Pirates from One Peice

  37. Grand Admiral Gaming

    Grand Admiral GamingPred 5 dnevi

    captain crunch is looking pretty sus ngl



    It's a fricking cereal and a cartoon....

  39. StrawBerryJam

    StrawBerryJamPred 5 dnevi

    pls god do more episodes on cereal mascots these are my favourite like expose tony the tiger or cornelius the cockerel or the coco pops monkey or SOMETHING I NEED MORE MATPAT-

  40. Eburu The Awesome

    Eburu The AwesomePred 5 dnevi

    2:50 O B A M A

  41. Sarunya Wangsuk

    Sarunya WangsukPred 5 dnevi

    Cap’n crunc Is his name

  42. BlckArts

    BlckArtsPred 6 dnevi

    meh I like Pirate Crunch better anyways lol

  43. Foxfire Inferno

    Foxfire InfernoPred 6 dnevi

    Matpat: "The most dishonorable food mascot of all time." Frito Bandito: "Am I a joke to you?"

  44. Pink squirrel

    Pink squirrelPred 6 dnevi

    2:30 why do they have to hold there nose if it is already covered I just find this kinda funny

  45. Kristen Dezso

    Kristen DezsoPred 6 dnevi

    plot twist: he is not going by captain crunch. its actually capn crunch.

  46. Blossom Haven

    Blossom HavenPred 6 dnevi

    Cmon he is a cartoon character.

  47. SlyOtter

    SlyOtterPred 6 dnevi

    My favorite cereal 🥣 also …. Umm it doesn’t cut my mouth.,,

  48. Sandra Castaneda

    Sandra CastanedaPred 7 dnevi

    Is it weird I was more shocked about this whole story on Horatio than MatPat's cannibalism week?

  49. Sandra Castaneda

    Sandra CastanedaPred 7 dnevi

    Those ads for Horatio, were they made by the same artists behind Rocky and Bullwinkle's Fractured Fairytales? The style looked familiar...

  50. Liam Tappa

    Liam TappaPred 7 dnevi


  51. Ducc_O

    Ducc_OPred 7 dnevi

    I am still confused. ISN'T HE JUST A FICTIONAL CHARACTER??!!?

  52. C0ZMOS Gaming

    C0ZMOS GamingPred 7 dnevi

    I may need to say something I preface soggy cereals 😉

  53. Donald Maroschek

    Donald MaroschekPred 7 dnevi

    I mean has he ever claimed to be a part of the US Navy?

  54. Attaboy!

    Attaboy!Pred 7 dnevi

    He’s not a captain. We always knew that. He’s a Cap’n. Jeez MatPat I thought you were smart

  55. Umut Toprak Akyol

    Umut Toprak AkyolPred 8 dnevi

    captain crunch is sus!

  56. Nolan's world

    Nolan's worldPred 8 dnevi

    The opening bit looks like a recap a cheesy late 2010s show would have.

  57. Yesenia Castro

    Yesenia CastroPred 8 dnevi

    Captain crunch:Have you already know I'm not a Captain?!?!?!! Me:always have been Fun fact: captain crunch is not a captain

  58. AwesomeDragon56

    AwesomeDragon56Pred 8 dnevi

    I cant wait for him to say that the reason why the hourglass was removed from lucky charms and replaced by the unicorn was because lucky and or the unicorn killed him

  59. Reiji_Soma

    Reiji_SomaPred 8 dnevi

    I feel the wooden western doors should be waffles.

  60. Kenji212

    Kenji212Pred 9 dnevi

    Murder and crime aside what are everyone’s favorite type of Cap’n Crunch? (My favorite is the peanut butter one)

  61. pau muanthang

    pau muanthangPred 9 dnevi


  62. pau muanthang

    pau muanthangPred 9 dnevi


  63. Olly

    OllyPred 9 dnevi

    It's a cereal cartoon character how could he have stolen valor, because you know what he is another cartoon world but also there are plenty of cartoon or character in fiction who could apply to stolen valor, but also the murder part you could say felix not showing up as much in Disney's films or shows you could say Mickey or someone killed him, a lot of your videos lately have been lacking and I know you have a kid and need money but you could at least make believable theories

  64. Niall Lavery

    Niall LaveryPred 9 dnevi

    You release hes not reak

  65. Kruskie

    KruskiePred 9 dnevi

    Maybe dont do sponsored content about alcohol, it is kinda like being joe camel

  66. Alexander Reilly

    Alexander ReillyPred 9 dnevi

    #Where is seadog

  67. Alexander Reilly

    Alexander ReillyPred 9 dnevi

    I I I I I

  68. Alexander Reilly

    Alexander ReillyPred 9 dnevi


  69. Aster B

    Aster BPred 10 dnevi

    Okay but does anyone remember the capn crunch game where you raised crunchlings and they would skateboard and stuff


    MALTA HIGH JACKERPred 10 dnevi

    I'm surprised meat canyon hasn't touched the "captain" yet.

  71. HarocHTC

    HarocHTCPred 10 dnevi

    time for to CCU (Crunch Cinematic Universe)

  72. Don't Ask

    Don't AskPred 10 dnevi

    I bet Mat is going to tell us that Wendy is Satan's adopted daughter because the "Mom" on her collar is a sign that she is mourning the lost of her mother, and tried to summon her, but summoned the Devil himself, and he just took her and made her sell burgers to trick people into helping him take over the world. At this point, he would.

  73. Monica Teran

    Monica TeranPred 10 dnevi


  74. Sue Altenburg

    Sue AltenburgPred 10 dnevi

    They should take captain crunch to jail

  75. Sue Altenburg

    Sue AltenburgPred 10 dnevi


  76. Sue Altenburg

    Sue AltenburgPred 10 dnevi


  77. Sue Altenburg

    Sue AltenburgPred 10 dnevi


  78. Impudent Strumpet

    Impudent StrumpetPred 10 dnevi

    Gru in Despicable Me would be guilty of stolen valor too, for lying to Miss Hattie on his adoption papers that he had won the Medal of Honor.

  79. RFG Fishy

    RFG FishyPred 10 dnevi

    What the dog doing

  80. mr butter yt

    mr butter ytPred 11 dnevi

    Come on, capn crunch made this an ad

  81. mr butter yt

    mr butter ytPred 11 dnevi

    Captain crunch sus

  82. Grand

    GrandPred 11 dnevi


  83. Harry Constable

    Harry ConstablePred 11 dnevi

    Ok so what captain crunch is a liar and not a captain and ? .. bruh who cares it's just a fictional character and it's got nothing to do with the cereal DUDE WHO CARES ?

  84. mellody paints

    mellody paintsPred 10 dnevi

    There is this thing called Entertainment

  85. Dudu Hiroshi

    Dudu HiroshiPred 11 dnevi

    captain crunch more like commander crunch

  86. Tanya bompane

    Tanya bompanePred 12 dnevi


  87. Zachary Zentner

    Zachary ZentnerPred 12 dnevi

    probably other cereal maskscotts

  88. Eugene Short

    Eugene ShortPred 12 dnevi

    Captain Crunch is a commodore

  89. DomandAbby

    DomandAbbyPred 12 dnevi

    I prefer soggy breakfast😂

  90. Joel Ivaska

    Joel IvaskaPred 13 dnevi

    Look at the back of your box

  91. Eevee anime

    Eevee animePred 13 dnevi

    Okay I was scrolling down looking at the videos under here in the recommended and there was a little banner that showed Captain crunch cereal and you could purchase it I'm sorry this just made me laugh

  92. Octo

    OctoPred 13 dnevi

    Commander crunch

  93. Creepernumber7

    Creepernumber7Pred 14 dnevi

    soggy food theory lol

  94. Fanz_

    Fanz_ Pred 14 dnevi

    when they made a whole lore just for matpat to give them free advertisement


    YEET YEET BOIPred 14 dnevi

    I can’t take the title seriously

  96. Disaster Girl

    Disaster GirlPred 13 dnevi


  97. NightmareSans 9929

    NightmareSans 9929Pred 14 dnevi

    What if he was just a grandpa wanting to play with his kids? It never mentioned they had any family sure, but what if? It would explain why he could've pretended to be a captain, and why there are 3 children on his ship, also if seadog was around for 50 years like the cereal, what if they were just an old buddy who passed away? Just a challenging theory >:D

  98. Skid the Scout Main

    Skid the Scout MainPred 14 dnevi


  99. Uzma Rafi

    Uzma RafiPred 14 dnevi


  100. Theia-Boehm-reverie-Rose

    Theia-Boehm-reverie-RosePred 14 dnevi

    Cereal mascot? more like cereal killer!

  101.  Borivoj Štigler

    Borivoj ŠtiglerPred 15 dnevi

    i don´t know who that is but assume its in parrarell universe where it works some other way!!!!!!!!!!