THE BATMAN Trailer (2022)

First trailer for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson


  1. The Dockporter

    The DockporterPred minuto

    Fincher pinch.

  2. Karu_ Kun

    Karu_ KunPred 15 minutami

    Dark story of batman + Nirvana as trailer bgm = very hype movie

  3. Aunt Sassy

    Aunt SassyPred uro


  4. Officer Hops

    Officer HopsPred uro

    Punching sound awesome combat😎😎

  5. Mutasim معتصم

    Mutasim معتصمPred 2 urami

    places without light: DEATH,DISCORD and DC WORLD

  6. Martin Petrov

    Martin PetrovPred 2 urami

    1:37 is that guy holding an iphone???

  7. gal

    galPred 2 urami


  8. catoblepag

    catoblepagPred 5 urami

    Poor Doug Walker, he really beat the shit out of him.

  9. Marlon Cortez

    Marlon CortezPred 6 urami

    This will be the greatest Batman movie we’ve seen more than a year later and this trailer still got me hype

  10. eDougietv

    eDougietvPred 6 urami

    Hopefully jaopiun makes apart of this one. I think this is outta the twilight realm. Guys...... this is the new marvel

  11. trebuchet

    trebuchetPred 7 urami

    Its hush aka riddler

  12. G K

    G KPred 7 urami

    Which Batman are we going with? This one or the Affleck one scheduled to appear in the Flash movie?

  13. Josué Tapáz

    Josué TapázPred 7 urami


  14. You Don't Know Me!

    You Don't Know Me!Pred 8 urami

    If you like the trailer, you'll know you'd like the movie.

  15. Ronald Ronny

    Ronald RonnyPred 8 urami


  16. Dead man45

    Dead man45Pred 9 urami

    I recently started bing playing and watching batman stuff lately and i love it ties in to the arrow show with a lot of similarities for me,for example...season 1 of arrow eyeliner(green) and now this batman has some to(black)which looks so ominous digging batman.

  17. sister brother gamer

    sister brother gamerPred 9 urami

    A vampire can be a bat

  18. John Ilarde

    John IlardePred 9 urami

    What's with super hero movies these days being edgy and stuff

  19. Caleb Fitzgerald

    Caleb FitzgeraldPred 12 urami

    Who knows maybe this might be the movie that’ll redeem twilights sparkle man

  20. Sawyer

    SawyerPred 12 urami

    This is gonna be nasty yo

  21. Christian Solis

    Christian SolisPred 13 urami

    Nirvana song 🌞

  22. Mr.SmileyFace

    Mr.SmileyFacePred 13 urami

    Robert Pattinson is such an amazing actor

  23. Coby Mitchell

    Coby MitchellPred 15 urami

    THUG: Who are you? BATS: B/X/X/X...

  24. Cj Knight

    Cj KnightPred 15 urami

    We got this trailer 5 years ago and we still can’t get the new spider man trailer

  25. Weston Rose

    Weston RosePred 15 urami

    Finally a batman who doesn't give a shit about your feelings

  26. Xenophon

    XenophonPred 16 urami

    for those not in the know: you can loop videos now. been watching this in the background at work for an hour lol

  27. AtomicStBernard

    AtomicStBernardPred 16 urami

    I want this to be good

  28. Ricardo Masvidal

    Ricardo MasvidalPred 17 urami

    Something in the Way by Nirvana will always be one of my favorite songs. Kurt Cobain will live forever. Thank You Batman for using it

  29. Gold Mantis

    Gold MantisPred 13 urami

    Same, I recognized it from the first chord lol

  30. Grogu

    GroguPred 17 urami

    1:45 NOW TALK

  31. D W

    D WPred 17 urami

    I’ve been dragged to chick flicks at the theaters for years by my wife…… when this comes out I’m dragging her to see it because I am vengeance

  32. Benjamin Salazar

    Benjamin SalazarPred 18 urami

    This riddler is giving me jigsaw vibes

  33. Vinnispinni 1.0

    Vinnispinni 1.0Pred 19 urami

    I love Batman and i love nirvana thats one of the best Trailers 😂

  34. Trae Lewis

    Trae LewisPred 19 urami

    Why isn’t this Batman beyond

  35. James Lilick

    James LilickPred 21 uro

    No commnets

  36. TheUnholyGamer

    TheUnholyGamerPred 21 uro

    Im vengance I am the night I am batmannnn, my childhooddd

  37. Zach Holt

    Zach HoltPred 21 uro

    Robert Pattinson is a tremendous actor, and he deserves more roles that will help him get out from under the shadow that was twilight.

  38. Gordo Top

    Gordo TopPred 14 urami

    Have you watched the lighthouse? Great film with robert pattinson and he gives one of the best performances i've ever seen

  39. WF

    WFPred 22 urami

    Glad to see the Riddler as the main villain. About time he was done justice on the big screen.

  40. Brian Addis

    Brian AddisPred 23 urami

    The Batman...please stop production. Thank you.

  41. Patryk Ejsmont

    Patryk EjsmontPred 23 urami

    Reach people are junckie

  42. Chemical Brother

    Chemical BrotherPred dnevom

    Something in the way, mmmmmm mmmmm

  43. Giorgi - Sharikadze

    Giorgi - SharikadzePred dnevom

    This is going to be successor. Batman is into more dark lighting effect's story.

  44. Le Marquis de la Bougade

    Le Marquis de la BougadePred dnevom

    Batman be like: I got enough wealth to invest money in places where it would reduce crime but I'd rather beat up people while wearing a bat costume.

  45. Lam Nguyen

    Lam NguyenPred 19 urami

    He sure did but the Gotham’s criminals are always too many that they easy outnumbered the police

  46. Just some bigfoot with internet access

    Just some bigfoot with internet accessPred dnevom

    Batman in comics: Justice, not vengeance. Patt's universe Batman: I'm vengeance.

  47. Pacifista Caipi Arts

    Pacifista Caipi ArtsPred dnevom

    I want Ben Affleck back^^

  48. Just Some Guy with a black coat

    Just Some Guy with a black coatPred dnevom

    Which comic is this movie based on?

  49. KM66

    KM66Pred 22 urami

    I heard that it's going to based on the long halloween but from what I've seen in this trailer, I doubt it.

  50. Jayden

    Jayden Pred dnevom

    I Am Death! I Am The Virus! I Am COVID!


    PRINCE VEGETAPred dnevom

    This movie is going to be really Dark I mean literally bc I cant see sht like the last Season of Game of Thrones when the Night King was defeated but the difference will be The Batman will at least be good.

  52. Something Different

    Something DifferentPred dnevom

    This just makes me want a “Batman who laughs” movie.

  53. Something Different

    Something DifferentPred 13 urami

    @well here we go again more like when he killed the Justice League and took over Gotham

  54. well here we go again

    well here we go againPred 17 urami

    Ouch. Like that time where Harley kidnapped him and hung him upside down, and started getting scared when the Bats was laughing. Yeah I’d want that too.

  55. Blackshrk Music

    Blackshrk MusicPred dnevom

    is this a legit trailer? not a fan made trailer???'

  56. Daniel96 :v

    Daniel96 :vPred dnevom

    It's a fan made trailer

  57. SunstateSnipr1K

    SunstateSnipr1KPred dnevom

    Does this Bruce Wayne not have money or is he on a budget? Lol Like what’s the deal with the Garage project build bat mobile man loll

  58. ben Warwick

    ben WarwickPred dnevom

    So batman is finally dead great! He would play a far better joker.

  59. ChinaVirus

    ChinaVirusPred dnevom

    Seriously? The vampire from twilight is Batman? 😒

  60. Daniel96 :v

    Daniel96 :vPred dnevom

    @ChinaVirus And the fact that you are judging an actor who you haven't even watch a single movie of him it makes you look so bad. And yeah, I can confirm that Robert can be a good batman as Christian bale cause I've watched his beautiful indie movies, like good time, the lighthouse, high life, the lost city z. like I said if you'd just watch more indies movies and not the same fucking blockbuster you'd realize Robert Pattinson is a good actor.

  61. ChinaVirus

    ChinaVirusPred dnevom

    @Daniel96 :v the fact that you think Robert Pattinson can be as good of a Batman as batfleck or Christian Bale is all I need to know about your poor taste. I bet you think the joker in suicide squad was the best joker too.

  62. Daniel96 :v

    Daniel96 :vPred dnevom

    @ChinaVirus and you don't even watch a movie of Robert and you affirm that he isn't good at acting 😂😂😂😂 really bro??

  63. Daniel96 :v

    Daniel96 :vPred dnevom

    @ChinaVirus It’s funny to see how you don’t have any arguments in your favor so you just insult 😂😂😂

  64. Juwe

    JuwePred dnevom

    @ChinaVirus I'm sorry but you do obviously not know a thing about Robert Pattinson xD

  65. Park Jimin

    Park JiminPred dnevom

    Looks like it will come out in 2022 ...

  66. Park Jimin

    Park JiminPred dnevom

    How many batman movie I'm watching

  67. MØN5TER Creative

    MØN5TER CreativePred dnevom

    Not enough, Batman always has trilogys, when a character like him you’d have to find an actor that would play him for 20 years

  68. Rose

    Rose Pred dnevom


  69. Mr Brownstone

    Mr BrownstonePred dnevom

    This looks more like a tv series on netflix

  70. Jamie

    JamiePred dnevom

    When's this coming out

  71. Rajarshi Bose

    Rajarshi BosePred dnevom

    He is not batman..he is Cedric Diggory. Cedric, focus on triwizard cup.

  72. Stazia Kibera

    Stazia KiberaPred dnevom

    Sequoia blues on SLthrow

  73. Trell West

    Trell WestPred dnevom

    I’ve think I’ve seen enough of Batman tbh

  74. Wow No

    Wow NoPred dnevom

    I hope this shows Batman for the crazy billionaire asshole he is.

  75. King shark

    King sharkPred dnevom

    Everyone: oh my he said I’m vengeance Me: oh my god Alfred is played by Andy Serkis

  76. riz memes

    riz memesPred 2 dnevi

    one of the best trailer in the history of hollywood films

  77. Октавиан Август

    Октавиан АвгустPred 2 dnevi

    There is a strong cool 90's feel in this trailer, something similar to Crow movie or so.

  78. HiHiJay

    HiHiJayPred 2 dnevi

    I'm not convinced ..yet

  79. Калоян Христов

    Калоян ХристовPred 2 dnevi

    Imagine if Joaquin Phoenix was in the movie as the Joker!

  80. callmestiles

    callmestilesPred 2 dnevi

    This movie really shows the detective and dark side of batman not like the other ones the other ones are supposed to be family friendly but batman isn't supposed to be family friendly if you read the comics some of them are gore and blood and stuff

  81. Fitse

    FitsePred 2 dnevi

    I think pattison can pull this one off

  82. Akev Omsa Hungyo

    Akev Omsa HungyoPred 2 dnevi

    Dear Girl, it's guys turn

  83. クラフトけくん

    クラフトけくんPred 2 dnevi

    Someone: DC messed up with Justice League. DC: Hold my Bats and Jokes.

  84. Ania Gie

    Ania GiePred 2 dnevi

    I can't stand this plastic costume, where the hell is Jim Gordon I ask and I wanna see Pattison as Batman same way I wanted see Leto as Joker lmaooo this is something I will never see cuz unsee won't be the option lol for the first time all my instincts yells "DON'T WATCH IT' and dang I'm huge Batman fan. Pattison looks ridicule and entire movie looks like they had to save money on costumes.... and no "I'm Batman".... at least here Pattison was honest lol

  85. Conan B

    Conan BPred 2 dnevi

    Borrows a lot from Seven.

  86. Harisankar Kv

    Harisankar KvPred 2 dnevi

    Coming here every month... 🖤

  87. lucky5th

    lucky5thPred 2 dnevi

    Batman looks good. Bruce Wayne looks like a bitch.

  88. K A

    K APred 2 dnevi

    All of us who have read the comic books, knows exactly what this movie is about. We will see how deep they go.

  89. Cody Burgess

    Cody BurgessPred 2 dnevi

    So in Pattinson Afflecks Batman??? That'd be interesting.

  90. Ace Many

    Ace ManyPred 2 dnevi

    He would play a good Edward scissors hand.

  91. spikesimulator

    spikesimulatorPred 2 dnevi

    He got the voice without being cheezy, noice

  92. spikesimulator

    spikesimulatorPred 2 dnevi

    the Nirvana song makes it even better

  93. Maanteiden Kuningas

    Maanteiden KuningasPred 2 dnevi

    I don't think this can be better than Nolan's batman but this is still gonna be amazing🔥

  94. Amurjoe Ray

    Amurjoe RayPred 2 dnevi

    Almost a year later and can finally people understand that this is hush not joker

  95. Daniel Cuffie

    Daniel CuffiePred 2 dnevi

    That “Im Vengeance” is prolly the last scene in the movie🤣. This shit gonna be 🔥tho

  96. BRhodes

    BRhodesPred 2 dnevi

    As long as Robert doesn't sound like Russell Crowe the whole movie, I'm in.

  97. Jayneva Mills

    Jayneva MillsPred 2 dnevi

    Emo Batman 😂

  98. Storms

    StormsPred 2 dnevi

    They really fucked up with the casting of Bruce.

  99. Daniel96 :v

    Daniel96 :vPred 2 dnevi

    @Storms well, that's ok. I consider that Robert is a great actor, but I respect your opinion.

  100. Storms

    StormsPred 2 dnevi

    @Daniel96 :v Twilight films. Tenet. Damsel. The Lighthouse. Goblet of fire. I just don’t consider him a great actor. I grew up in Barnes where he’s from and I get sick of hearing about him. Overrated. My personal opinion of course.

  101. Daniel96 :v

    Daniel96 :vPred 2 dnevi

    @Storms but why? I mean, what movies have you seen of Robert?

  102. Storms

    StormsPred 2 dnevi

    @Daniel96 :v Never really thought of Robert Pattinson as a good actor.

  103. Daniel96 :v

    Daniel96 :vPred 2 dnevi


  104. Ashley Larkin

    Ashley LarkinPred 2 dnevi

    Loved this movie

  105. clown427

    clown427Pred 2 dnevi

    omg where did you watch the

  106. Steven Martin

    Steven MartinPred 2 dnevi

    I had big reservations on this guy being the new bat man far it looks great fingers crossed

  107. Dot X

    Dot XPred 2 dnevi

    Holy shit been hearing about this for like 2 years

  108. Madeleine Shaw

    Madeleine ShawPred 2 dnevi

    There just aren't enough pejoratives to describe how terrible this looks. But if you haven't learned that throwing multiple enemies at the emo billionaire signals a terrible movie, I don't know what to tell ya, lol.

  109. Bubbly Jubbly

    Bubbly JubblyPred 2 dnevi

    This is probably a Year One style Batman, since he almost gave that guy brain damage.

  110. Blastazoid Gaming

    Blastazoid GamingPred 2 dnevi

    exactly my thoughts, this Batman seems like he's young and just starting out his career as the Batman, he's still figuring stuff out. stuff like not maiming criminals for life

  111. swag lord

    swag lordPred 2 dnevi

    When I first saw the casting I was very very upset but after seeing the trailer a while back.....I'm not so sure anymore

  112. Emil Carter

    Emil CarterPred 2 dnevi

    Hopefully this isn’t a boring realistic version of Batman like the Nolan films.

  113. Juwe

    JuwePred dnevom

    @Emil Carter 🤷‍♂️

  114. Emil Carter

    Emil CarterPred dnevom

    @Juwe first impressions are everything and from what I’ve seen so far it looks bland. I’ll still watch it, but I’m going in skeptical

  115. Juwe

    JuwePred dnevom

    @Emil Carter there are hundreds of different versions of Batman and the Riddler. This is just one of them. We haven't even seen the Riddler "in action" so why bother judging?

  116. Emil Carter

    Emil CarterPred dnevom

    @Juwe it’s boring not mature. Look at the riddler’s costume for crying out loud. Where’s the green suit jacket and bowler hat? Why is he covered in tape? Where’s the style that makes Batman so unique?

  117. Juwe

    JuwePred dnevom

    Too mature for you?

  118. Dante Dragonico

    Dante DragonicoPred 2 dnevi

    Batman: I Will Not Kill, But I Will Torture Every Day, Not Once, I Will Torture You A Thousand Times

  119. Snickers Giffey

    Snickers GiffeyPred 3 dnevi

    Emo Robert Pattinson 🤪

  120. Isaiah Cris Locsin

    Isaiah Cris LocsinPred 3 dnevi

    funny how it says ?0?1 at the end when its gonna release in 2022

  121. J R

    J RPred 3 dnevi

    This movie looks sick as fuck. I think Robert Pattinson is going to kill it.

  122. Mateja Lazarević

    Mateja LazarevićPred dnevom

    @David Arias I know,but this will be reflection on how the rest of team will operate with separated or universe movies and will there be any effort this time.

  123. David Arias

    David AriasPred dnevom

    @Mateja Lazarević it’s not connected to the main DCEU. It’s an Elseworlds story like Joker, existing in its own continuity. My biggest hope is if Warner Bros decide to keep Ben Affleck for future movies, they don’t cancel Matt Reeves’ Batman trilogy because I want to see more.

  124. Mateja Lazarević

    Mateja LazarevićPred dnevom

    I hope so,but I'm still worried about how the executives will do their job. I hope this new chapter won't fail when It comes to DCU

  125. Jaylenjayden930

    Jaylenjayden930Pred 2 dnevi

    @Cock of the week Jacobs how do you know you work at Warner bros I don’t think so

  126. Cock of the week Jacobs

    Cock of the week JacobsPred 2 dnevi

    No he won't

  127. Rakesh Kumar

    Rakesh KumarPred 3 dnevi

    Batman's the most realistic superhero. Movies having realistic crime story is best for Batman movies.

  128. Jessica Hardacre

    Jessica HardacrePred 2 dnevi

    Lol yes

  129. Brandon Hernandez

    Brandon HernandezPred 3 dnevi

    The riddler looked more like Hush in this trailer & the riddler became Hush in the movie Batman Hush

  130. Alieah Russell

    Alieah RussellPred 3 dnevi

    Can’t wait to see Robert Pattinson play this role!!! He definitely deserved it!!

  131. Gabriel Parra

    Gabriel ParraPred 3 dnevi

    Sooooo then Emo/ Goth Millennial skinny Jeans looking Batman is the new Batman ? Um yeah We're done here...................NEXT !!!! Somebody get me Ben Affleck back on the damn phone please