Ratchet and Clank: The Timeline So Far

Ratchet and Clank have been saving the universe from evil ever since their introduction nearly 20 years ago on the PlayStation 2. Now, poised to jump into their next adventure, and with it, the next generation of consoles, it’s a great time to brush up on their planet-hopping adventures before Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart hits the PS5.

In Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, players will seamlessly travel through different dimensions in mid-gameplay for a dizzying, reality-splintering intergalactic adventure. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, releases June 10th, 2021.


  1. Knight Brody #8

    Knight Brody #8Pred 6 dnevi

    A Crack in Time was the only game in the Future series that I enjoyed. Tachyon was a poorly written villain.

  2. Josh Keys

    Josh KeysPred 11 dnevi

    Up ur Arsenal was the best in the series

  3. Mateusz ciepielski

    Mateusz ciepielskiPred 12 dnevi

    The reboot was so fucking bad

  4. Marcos Mata

    Marcos MataPred 13 dnevi

    Ratchet and clank meets sonic the hedgehog

  5. Ahmad Azzlan Mohd Salleh

    Ahmad Azzlan Mohd SallehPred 14 dnevi

    This is totally not fair New game Ratchet and clank rift apart suck i want Ratchet play games not rivet!! 👎🏼😡.

  6. Kierra Blackwell

    Kierra BlackwellPred 17 dnevi

    I had the 2016 movie as an introduction to this franchise but had the feeling that I thought this was a video game at some point. I did research years later after being dissapointed in the movie and wanted to see the game's original story. IT'S SO MUCH BETTER AND I'M NOW A HUGE FAN OF IT

  7. vingames24

    vingames24Pred 17 dnevi

    How are u gonna cover deadlock but skip over size matters and secret agent clank? Deadlock in Japan is ratchet 4 and size matters is ratchet 5

  8. Sample Text

    Sample TextPred 18 dnevi


  9. Im Random

    Im RandomPred 18 dnevi

    I imagine they can bring Jack and dexter back if they both wake up in a new land somehow a wild land like the first jak and dexter ♡ Colorful full of beasts and such...the environment was so beautiful colorful magical on the first game and the second it turns hardcore futuristic lmao 🤣 thats what killed it but also it tells a good story and was harder and very intense action I loved it

  10. Im Random

    Im RandomPred 18 dnevi

    If they bring that first games environment back into a new game I believe they will have something amazing maybe even better than the new zelda?

  11. A. M.

    A. M.Pred 20 dnevi

    With all these adventures, Ratchet is just a furrier cuddly Master Chief.

  12. FoxsDumbSeriesMaker

    FoxsDumbSeriesMakerPred 21 dnevom

    I just played all of Ratchet and Clank 2016 to prepare for Rift Apart, but you're telling me it doesn't even matter for the story? What a waste of a reboot! Well, at least the original continuity is salvaged. lol

  13. RybillianCooper Privat

    RybillianCooper PrivatPred 23 dnevi

    I have one question. What's about qforce?

  14. Joe N

    Joe NPred 24 dnevi

    This is the Xenoblade Chronicles review all over again. It wouldn’t hurt to look up and learn the pronunciation of uncommon words and names.

  15. FizzRpg

    FizzRpgPred 22 dnevi


  16. The lego Channel

    The lego ChannelPred 25 dnevi


  17. The lego Channel

    The lego ChannelPred 25 dnevi

    Sky copper for ps5 anyone

  18. ThirdEyeWiiizard

    ThirdEyeWiiizardPred 26 dnevi

    All theses games are 10/10

  19. Ryan Robins

    Ryan RobinsPred 26 dnevi

    If you are going for canon don't show so many scenes of 2016 remake.

  20. oo oxygen

    oo oxygenPred 27 dnevi

    You should totally put a high pass filter on your voice; those plosives are gnarly, listening to this with a subwoofer is painful lol

  21. Dylan

    DylanPred 28 dnevi

    A as in apple. "LomBAX". Not "LomBOX". Bax like "backs" with an x. Jesus.

  22. Anas Shahid 224

    Anas Shahid 224Pred 29 dnevi

    Ratchet and clank rift apart is a masterpiece 🙌

  23. Jaayyy

    JaayyyPred mesecem

    Im watching this just as i completed rift apart

  24. TheSif

    TheSifPred mesecem

    Fuck ign

  25. _ Prince_

    _ Prince_Pred mesecem

    8:25 Quest for what???(-_^)

  26. Jack Black

    Jack BlackPred mesecem

    Angela isnt a lombax. Even if she look like one ^^

  27. FizzRpg

    FizzRpgPred 22 dnevi

    Yes she is, it was confirmed by insomniac themselves

  28. siloPIRATE

    siloPIRATEPred mesecem

    By the way, spoiler! Rivet knows she’s not the only Lombax. She mentions Angela at Zordoom

  29. because_murica

    because_muricaPred mesecem

    It would be amazing if Insomniac remastered the entire collection.

  30. Paradox105

    Paradox105Pred mesecem

    Kinda sad that talwyn never showed up in rift apart

  31. Jv Locococo

    Jv LocococoPred mesecem

    New fan ok new fan .

  32. Shmandon

    ShmandonPred mesecem

    I’ve played all of them, but tools of destruction carries so much nostalgia for me

  33. Red T

    Red TPred mesecem

    You forgot another Ratchet & Clank game called secret agent plank

  34. Rosie G

    Rosie GPred mesecem

    Talwyn is still my favourite girlfriend and she is still canonically his girlfriend last I checked, I don’t have a ps5 so in the new game does Ratchet canonically get with Rivet, because from what I can gather they do not.

  35. Rosie G

    Rosie GPred mesecem

    In my personal opinion Going Commando is the best of the original 4, and believe it or not quest for bounty is my favourite of the future series, Going commando being the best of them all. I personally like all the games except for deadlocked, secret agent clank, the offbrand game with the robot girl, and into the nexus. Everything else is gaming and cinematic gold.

  36. 1300rBusabrotha

    1300rBusabrothaPred mesecem

    Grew up on the PSP version, "Size Matters" and that was my childhood, I love this series and Rift Apart was a great game as well!

  37. Stipe Tolić

    Stipe TolićPred mesecem

    What about All4One

  38. The Fury

    The FuryPred mesecem

    Guys did he include Rachet and Clank PS4 game Because I don't want to spoil the game I want to know the back story so I can play it ❗Any Help? ❗

  39. JD Reid

    JD ReidPred mesecem

    So I don't have to play the 2016 game.

  40. Kapral Radik

    Kapral RadikPred mesecem

    First ever R&C game I played was Size Matters. I love that game! I also played the original trilogy and Secret Agent Clank. I would love to play every R&C game there is, but don't have a PlayStation and I find it hard to set up an emulator.

  41. legoman716

    legoman716Pred mesecem

    What about secret agent Clank?

  42. Kapral Radik

    Kapral RadikPred mesecem

    @legoman716 RIP

  43. legoman716

    legoman716Pred mesecem

    @Kapral Radik That's unfortunate because it is the only game I have played

  44. Kapral Radik

    Kapral RadikPred mesecem

    Its a non-canon game. Its story has no impact on the newer games

  45. M hillis

    M hillisPred mesecem

    Ratchet and clank dreadlocks was awesome just remaster that on ps5

  46. Andy Vecchiarelli

    Andy VecchiarelliPred mesecem

    socom 1 remake ps5 from insomniac

  47. ???

    ???Pred mesecem

    3:52 My man looks like jimmy neutron

  48. Jerico104

    Jerico104Pred mesecem

    Why did they had to make her so cute

  49. Victor Chong

    Victor ChongPred mesecem

    The game looks beautiful, ngl.

  50. John David Endicott

    John David EndicottPred mesecem

    What about all four one?

  51. RandomVidz

    RandomVidzPred mesecem

    One question: what’s a Lombox?

  52. Kapral Radik

    Kapral RadikPred mesecem

    Lombax is a specie. Ratchet is a lombax.

  53. Angus Mathers

    Angus MathersPred mesecem

    No. You have to play the games. Period.

  54. The Greg

    The GregPred mesecem

    I see you did not include size matters, secret agent clank, All 4 one and full frontal assault. I don't blame you

  55. Kapral Radik

    Kapral RadikPred mesecem

    He had explained it in the beginning

  56. James Harris

    James HarrisPred mesecem

    This and Jak and Daxter were life

  57. Matthew Gerrard

    Matthew GerrardPred mesecem

    The ratchet and clank original trilogy are the best ever R&C games imo

  58. nick landak

    nick landakPred mesecem

    What of these is one ps3 I have all the ratchet and clank for ps2 and would like to play them in order and if they are one ps4 and 5 I can Barrow my buddy's ps4

  59. ClimbHighGamer

    ClimbHighGamerPred mesecem

    Tool of Destruction was my fav

  60. Sick Boy

    Sick BoyPred mesecem



    SPYZ4DAYZPred mesecem

    Why does this dude keep saying lombox instead of lombax

  62. octo

    octoPred mesecem

    As much as I love the entire series, the first part is just something not replaceable by any other.

  63. Mr. Greed

    Mr. GreedPred mesecem

    I remember having ratchet and clank for psp back in the day don't remember what title it was but damn that game was one of the best games I've played, sadly I don't know where the game went, I wish I could replay it again for old times sake

  64. Kapral Radik

    Kapral RadikPred mesecem

    Size Matters was the very first videogame I had ever played and I would love to play it again

  65. Mal G

    Mal GPred mesecem

    Size matters was on psp

  66. Bootleg shrek

    Bootleg shrekPred mesecem

    Ratchet and clank: Crack in Time was my first ever insomniac game I ever played and I loved it

  67. Im Random

    Im RandomPred 18 dnevi

    It was really short not as much as the first games but it looked great

  68. Red Enryo

    Red EnryoPred mesecem

    Waitttttttt I have secret agent clank PS2

  69. Jake Reynolds

    Jake ReynoldsPred mesecem

    Tools of destruction is my fav gameplay wise but going commando and the space station mission will always be my fav

  70. Palico Jack

    Palico JackPred mesecem

    If you haven't, please, plug in a PS3 and do yourself the service of playing Crack in Time. It's easily the best in the series, by far.

  71. Yuiskyi

    YuiskyiPred mesecem

    I agree so much. I LOVE Crack in Time. It’s just a huge shame that I no longer have a PS3… and I can’t use PS Now because it doesn’t exist in my country lmao

  72. Blazer168

    Blazer168Pred mesecem

    Wow... I think i only played the original, up your arsenal and Deadlocked (my Commando didnt work) and the reboot/reimagining.

  73. F.J Tabb

    F.J TabbPred mesecem

    The new update deleted my save, and I was at the end of the game!!!

  74. legend killer1

    legend killer1Pred mesecem

    it's a brilliant game

  75. Millennium xD

    Millennium xDPred mesecem

    I loved R&C: Up your Arsenal. The multi-player Arenas were so fun.

  76. Chris The Player

    Chris The PlayerPred 13 dnevi

    Glad to finally see someone else who also played Up Your Arsenal online i loved it back in the day

  77. Zzay 334

    Zzay 334Pred mesecem


  78. TheGtafreak77

    TheGtafreak77Pred mesecem

    Why no all for one and size matters?

  79. TheGtafreak77

    TheGtafreak77Pred mesecem

    Wait what about size matters???? Is that cannon

  80. Khalil Burgess

    Khalil BurgessPred mesecem

    Is it bad that a miss how dark and serious ratchet use to be? Now he’s more happy go lucky

  81. Reece Ranger

    Reece RangerPred mesecem

    Now here an idea so hear me out: what if Insomniac released a sort of "story so far" type deal like what Kingdom hearts did. All eight on the main story games altogether on one disc for everyone to either catch up on the story or to experience the earlier legacy games from the ps2. I believe it would be a massive seller since the Ratchet and Clank games have been around for about 2 decades now and the older games don't really get the same attention as the newer games have now. Maybe update the graphics and sound controls but still keeping in tune with the aesthetic of the originals

  82. Stephanie White

    Stephanie WhitePred mesecem


  83. jimmy carpenter

    jimmy carpenterPred mesecem

    I'd buy it

  84. Allen Felix Malabanan

    Allen Felix MalabananPred mesecem

    That sounds like an excellent idea. They already did it to Uncharted, why not Ratchet and Clank.

  85. CEO of Hentai

    CEO of HentaiPred mesecem

    So the story is literally just Phineas and Ferb with rift apart being the one "bad ending" where the villain wins?

  86. TerrorOfTalos

    TerrorOfTalosPred mesecem

    Yes the concept is similar to 2nd dimension but the execution is quite different.

  87. Austin Robinson

    Austin RobinsonPred mesecem

    They need to make a complete edition with all of them and remaster!

  88. Kay2Jay

    Kay2JayPred mesecem

    9 games in the main storyline? Wow Ratchet and Clank are long running OGs.

  89. lorenzo Antenucci

    lorenzo AntenucciPred mesecem

    I like it is canon

  90. lorenzo Antenucci

    lorenzo AntenucciPred mesecem

    So this is the rift apart timeline

  91. Suagy

    SuagyPred mesecem

    A Crack in Time and Tools of Destruction both hold a very special place in my heart

  92. Demofro[SFM]

    Demofro[SFM]Pred mesecem

    What about Size Matters? I know that game is un-canon and sucks but the storyline is kinda interesting.

  93. TheCaffiend

    TheCaffiendPred mesecem

    Love this series, didn’t realize how derpy ratchet looked back in the day

  94. Reuizi

    ReuiziPred mesecem

    Ratchet in Deadlock exceed everything Ratchet today in appearance

  95. TheMoonRover

    TheMoonRoverPred mesecem

    5:47 Hey, I know that name! That was unexpected XD

  96. Ami Dark

    Ami DarkPred mesecem

    "It can turn any living creature into a robot." Robotnik: "WWWWWWHAAAAAAAAT?! HIS GREATEST WEAPON IS PLAGIARISM!"

  97. Ralph Lukas

    Ralph LukasPred mesecem

    The nebulous laborer conformably invite because pharmacist technologically force abaft a narrow chess. obedient, sophisticated ground

  98. Maxwell_ Edison

    Maxwell_ EdisonPred mesecem

    Watches until after the third game Pauses Video Refuses to elaborate further Leaves

  99. No Man's High

    No Man's HighPred mesecem

    Not once in any of the games do any characters pronounce it "LOMBOX". HAVE YOU EVEN PLAYED THE GAMES?

  100. Emanuel Guadarrama

    Emanuel GuadarramaPred mesecem

    20 years, 3 other lombaxes, a functioning dimensionator, possible teasers for more lombaxes that are out there, and they still haven't found the lombax dimension 😭

  101. Jalvert.in

    Jalvert.inPred mesecem

    Actual ratchet is a fucking boy scout. Sorry guys, this saga ended for me in 2013.

  102. Colby Thibodeau

    Colby ThibodeauPred mesecem

    Going Commando was by far my favorite, so much nostalgia oh my.. I must have put 1000+ hours in the game as a kid

  103. Brenden Torres

    Brenden TorresPred mesecem

    Going commando, up your arsenal and deadlocked were my childhood and made it so great

  104. MaximeLoonatic2

    MaximeLoonatic2Pred mesecem

    We need the whole game series for PS4, ps5, stream or Nintendo, so the new generation can catch up the story and game I love this games

  105. Sly 25

    Sly 25Pred mesecem

    Ratchet is a longbox, he certainly is not

  106. Christian Santiago

    Christian SantiagoPred mesecem

    I used to play rachet and clank up your arsenal on my ps3 Brings back memories🙄

  107. Ivan Moreno

    Ivan MorenoPred mesecem

    I use to play it on my PS2

  108. Patrick Tuohy

    Patrick TuohyPred mesecem

    Great video if you love ads

  109. Beast Streams

    Beast StreamsPred mesecem

    Dr nefarious.... best villain

  110. normie twice removed

    normie twice removedPred mesecem


  111. Xavier Borrero

    Xavier BorreroPred mesecem

    The foamy professor bareilly mess up because transport respectively print versus a vivacious surname. violet, daffy package

  112. Riley Sarabia

    Riley SarabiaPred mesecem

    I would pay good money if they just remastered all of them without story changes.

  113. Mathilde H

    Mathilde HPred mesecem

    Did he talked about Size Matters?

  114. Ethan Bradberry

    Ethan BradberryPred mesecem

    This man said "LOMBOX"

  115. NOT Mirage

    NOT MiragePred mesecem

    I love the endgame of RaC 2002. I just find it kinda cool how the final destination is the first destination.

  116. WoodsMedic1017

    WoodsMedic1017Pred mesecem

    I remember the absolute INSANE glitches the PS2 games had. I would spend summers breaking that game with my friend.

  117. Sian

    SianPred mesecem

    Feel like everyone should at least watch this before playing Rift Apart. So many people just don't know what's going on.

  118. Sian

    SianPred mesecem

    Love how they decided to hide his feet in later games 🤣🤣

  119. ashryver

    ashryverPred mesecem

    Seeing footage of the old games again, makes me remember the old armours and spaceships you progressed through. Fucking loved some of those designs.