Untangling God Of War

Written, produced, edited & animated by Javed Sterritt

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Sound Design by Andrew Miller: imdb.to/3c5f0rA

Norse Myth art by Clint Reid: tillmanproject.com/

Additional animation by Thomas Price: imdb.to/3ebpI2k

Music provided in partnership with MusicBed

Soundtrack here: spoti.fi/38qxku4

The Poetic Edda - Jackson Crawford
The Prose Edda - Snorri Sturleson
Norse Mythology - Neil Gaiman
The Viking Spirit - Daniel McCoy
Norse Myths - Kevin Crossley-Holland
Norse Mythology - John Lindow
Norse Myths - Jake Jackson

Reinventing God Of War:

Jackson Crawford's Norse SLthrow channel:

Jotnar Shrine Translation by Waystar:

Brilliant GOW rune translation also by Waystar:


  1. Good Blood

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    A beautiful acknowledgment from Mr. Barlog: bit.ly/38Q5KGP Three quick amendments: 1. While indeed Snorri spent time as a leader in Norway, he was Icelandic by birth. 2. The longer the stories were being told throughout the generations, the 2 fertility gods, Frigg and Freya, began to bleed into the one goddess. In the Edda's, Baldur's mother is Frigg, but I've purposefully kept it as Freya in this video for ease of understanding. 3. I've made a typing error and wrote Alistair Sung as Alistair 'Yung' in the credits. Getting someone's name wrong is for me, the greatest crime so I am so sorry for this.

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    As its a trilogy, Im thinking Loki will be the main antagonist in the third game, and will have constructed the entire events.

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    @Ke Morningstar Yeah it's true I made that amendment after the comment. I appreciated it

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    @ayanga15 yeah afterwards, that comment I said was before

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    @Ke Morningstar he amends to to it in his statement above.

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    "The lie that Kratos believes is that controlling the truth is the strength" This is heavy, truth is like a volcano. But again Kratos Learned and continues to learn. He becomes the moral guide to Atreus. Through his past experience, he understands and becomes the father that Atreus needs. This story will be view as to how important parental guidance is. Never played this game, but this game thought me how to be a good father in some aspects. Being patience with my daughter, we need to be harsh but in control. For they will learn that every action they made will create a consequence. And that's why I grow my beard and change my ways!

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