Driving from Denmark to China in an Old Car [Pt.1]

This was NOT recorded this year.
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  1. Spaghetti Road

    Spaghetti RoadPred 7 meseci

    Just to be clear: this was recorded before COVID. I would off course not do such a roadtrip during a pandemic. :)

  2. Gregor Teplý

    Gregor TeplýPred 4 dnevi

    I don't care.

  3. Hamzeh Shashaa

    Hamzeh ShashaaPred 7 dnevi

    for sure you'd not do it..... anyway I wish I was with you guys! such an amazing thing you did!

  4. Natalia Vengura

    Natalia VenguraPred mesecem

    Off course not of off

  5. Lukas C

    Lukas CPred mesecem

    Gas bill? $

  6. CDMations

    CDMationsPred mesecem

    @DebsStuff ❶ you mean in public, right, wearing a mask when you know you're the only one in 5 km radius, for example, is really dumb

  7. HGmatrix

    HGmatrixPred 32 minutami

    Its not easy to find Poland

  8. Halocline

    HaloclinePred uro

    Doner Kebab: *Çok güzel bir gün! Türk olduğum için çok mutl-* sphagettiroad: We ate some German food such as Doner Kebab. Doner Kebab: *Sehr schöner Tag! Ich bin sehr glücklich Deutscher zu sein*

  9. Mono

    MonoPred 21 uro

    Ok I'm doing this

  10. Blue

    BluePred dnevom

    I’ve been planning to do my own road trio with my own car from Malaysia to any part of UK. This Covid-19 outbreak put a dent in that plan, ugh!

  11. pixelbite3609

    pixelbite3609Pred 2 dnevi

    how to pronounce u-bahn is ooh-bahn

  12. Gf P

    Gf PPred 3 dnevi

    You practically had the silk road adventure, damn I'm jealous

  13. Tuxedo Turtle

    Tuxedo TurtlePred 3 dnevi

    I feel bad

  14. Viggo Hansson

    Viggo HanssonPred 5 dnevi

    Sygt lav mere

  15. zmirak _

    zmirak _Pred 6 dnevi

    All of us looking for the comment "Nikola Tesla is Croatian" 👇

  16. Ours K85

    Ours K85Pred 6 dnevi

    I see Scotty Kilmer I upvote! :D

  17. El Grando Smokio

    El Grando SmokioPred 6 dnevi

    I could drive from england to Australia ngl 😎

  18. Robi Molnár

    Robi MolnárPred 7 dnevi

    i plan on going to Japan from Budapest in an old F-astra when the restrictions are over

  19. ghoustburcool

    ghoustburcoolPred 7 dnevi

    6:19 it’s also sometimes apart of Germany

  20. Acidical.

    Acidical.Pred 11 dnevi

    Brandenburger Gate, nailed it

  21. Kacper Sowa

    Kacper SowaPred 11 dnevi


  22. Kaushal Sharma

    Kaushal SharmaPred 12 dnevi

    Am in malmö

  23. zekerija shabani

    zekerija shabaniPred 13 dnevi

    Kosovo 🇽🇰 is not serbia 🇷🇸

  24. Random Lik

    Random LikPred 13 dnevi

    8:41 i dont know why *IZLAZ* singh made me laugh

  25. Rythm m

    Rythm mPred 14 dnevi

    Plitvice is great i been there

  26. _Dark_

    _Dark_Pred 14 dnevi

    imagine bashing opinions (for who insulted the serbia video

  27. Team

    TeamPred 15 dnevi

    Notice how they skipped Iraq and Syria

  28. leonstm

    leonstmPred 16 dnevi

    as a croat it is nice seeing people reviewing croatia

  29. the N squad

    the N squadPred 16 dnevi


  30. P101B06

    P101B06Pred 17 dnevi


  31. Beldianu iustin

    Beldianu iustinPred 17 dnevi

    I am romanian

  32. gibanica

    gibanicaPred 19 dnevi

    I just wanted to say you probably know that Kosovo is not the independent state. Thank you

  33. Jonas skadhauge

    Jonas skadhaugePred 19 dnevi

    Lol Im from demark

  34. Catalin Botezat

    Catalin BotezatPred 21 dnevom

    Hey Sebastian, I want to ask you what was your role in all those physics competitions, did you use to be an olympic in physics? And at which olympiads did you partixipate yourself

  35. Ivan Macgar

    Ivan MacgarPred 23 dnevi

    I'd like to do something like this from Spain to Vietnam (after the pandemic is gone or extremely under control worldwide at least), but my car is a Honda Civic from 2006 and suspension is a bit stiff, which helps feel the car sportier, but bumpy roads with lots of potholes feel very uncomfortable, so I fear suspension would break apart.

  36. Rumpkin

    RumpkinPred 24 dnevi

    2:04 but wait you cant just drive through the water from finland to sweden you would have to go to northern finland where both countries are close together connected with a bridge

  37. ThunderBear

    ThunderBearPred 24 dnevi

    8:36 man these people were more toxic in comments than indians

  38. احمد الدواي

    احمد الدوايPred 26 dnevi

    Kuwait my Country

  39. Bengi Mehmetoglu

    Bengi MehmetogluPred 26 dnevi

    Döner is not a German food btw :D

  40. Ofi _Newton

    Ofi _NewtonPred 27 dnevi

    10:11 Aber SeLBSTVeRSTäNDLiCH

  41. Nightcore Hades

    Nightcore HadesPred 27 dnevi

    Fun Fact: Döner Kebab is Turkish not German

  42. thewhat

    thewhatPred 28 dnevi

    Denmark has 2 things: Him, and Lego.

  43. Max Porto

    Max PortoPred mesecem


  44. Alex Kostiv

    Alex KostivPred mesecem

    10:49 map is wrong Crimea is Ukraine

  45. Jeralyn Taratara

    Jeralyn TarataraPred mesecem

    Is it a good idea to drive or rent a car here in Denmark? Just want to know, so I can put it on my travel list. So that I can also use my Idp that I got from this website. I hope this helps, in case you want to apply for the Idp internationaldriversassociation.com/

  46. RiffManiac

    RiffManiacPred mesecem

    It's not as old as I thought 😉

  47. iqlix x

    iqlix xPred mesecem

    Nice dude! Greetings from Poland

  48. Izmailov's Diary

    Izmailov's DiaryPred mesecem


  49. kuba kopec

    kuba kopecPred mesecem

    Im from poland

  50. Ste Stott

    Ste StottPred mesecem

    Those Islamic and communist countries eh.

  51. Slavik K.

    Slavik K.Pred mesecem

    Guys , Crimea is Ukraine.

  52. Killerspieler0815

    Killerspieler0815Pred mesecem

    only Sauerkraut? Schnitzel Hamburger Art & of Course Baratwurst (Thüringen or Nürnberg style = the 2 oldest ones) ! Brot (Germany is THE bread equator of earth) !

  53. Mr. Oz

    Mr. OzPred mesecem

    4:35 Döner Kebab is a Turkish food not German it's because there are around 1.5 million Turks in Germany

  54. Saul Goodman

    Saul GoodmanPred mesecem

    Damn you didn't go to Kazakhstan

  55. Paulo Bonito

    Paulo BonitoPred mesecem

    Thank you for the valuable information but I just lost my will 😅 looking all the visa trouble I think I just go by plane 😅

  56. A. Said

    A. SaidPred mesecem

    4:36 fun fact: "döner kebab" is turkish not german food

  57. Engineering King

    Engineering KingPred mesecem

    Hello, just wanted to ask, when you where passing the Iran, can you please give me more information please

  58. Михаил Михов

    Михаил МиховPred mesecem

    1:57 Bulgaria ? ? ?

  59. Mado

    MadoPred mesecem

    Did he just call the Doner Kebab German-

  60. GREATRussia1990

    GREATRussia1990Pred mesecem

    The Doner Kebab is purely Turkish food! tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%B6ner

  61. Risqi Andriawan

    Risqi AndriawanPred mesecem

    This video proofed that European countries is small, except Russia

  62. NT Company

    NT CompanyPred mesecem

    Let's go iran

  63. AverageatBest

    AverageatBestPred mesecem

    i can't imagine how smelly you guys are 😂

  64. Ata Türkeli

    Ata TürkeliPred mesecem

    did you get the car back ?

  65. Diamondtree86

    Diamondtree86Pred mesecem

    It's Peugeot, of course it will break down!

  66. bagaea

    bagaeaPred mesecem

    Never buy french car 😂😂

  67. Louis Dichalou

    Louis DichalouPred mesecem

    c'est une 306 c'est pas comme si il roulait en ford model T hein

  68. Скопик

    СкопикPred mesecem

  69. Benjamin Christensen

    Benjamin ChristensenPred mesecem

    I skulle tage på den transsibiriske jernbane..

  70. Deniz

    DenizPred mesecem

    bro döner kebab is NOT and i mean NOT a german food

  71. Fahad Ikram

    Fahad IkramPred mesecem

    U missed Pakistan in the way 🥺

  72. It's Me Aabir [POL] [Leader of TCP]

    It's Me Aabir [POL] [Leader of TCP]Pred mesecem


  73. leslie rhodes

    leslie rhodesPred mesecem

    I think you chose a suitable vehicle I think this car had a bullet-proof diesel engine

  74. Max Porto

    Max PortoPred mesecem

    I loved the video, but what language did you speak in Iran because Iranians hate America

  75. Dameer Saddique

    Dameer SaddiquePred mesecem


  76. Kazami Ch.

    Kazami Ch.Pred mesecem

    Good question

  77. Colin L

    Colin LPred mesecem

    V true what's the fun in flying if you can go by road!

  78. runertje550

    runertje550Pred mesecem

    I immediately liked the video when you said you dont take sponsor ads because you dont feel comfortable with it. Finally, a respectful SLthrowr that does not take sponsors. You have my respect + sub

  79. adha

    adhaPred mesecem

    you should going to South East Asia

  80. danial james

    danial jamesPred mesecem

    you could make 10 half hour videos with your trip. just 12 minutes?

  81. danial james

    danial jamesPred mesecem

    10:40 ok . i got my answer /

  82. danial james

    danial jamesPred mesecem

    you speak fast. what is the rush? relax

  83. Gucci Gang

    Gucci GangPred mesecem

    Wow you were in Derventa in Republic Srpska ahahaha

  84. UltrasAllWorld

    UltrasAllWorldPred mesecem

    You visited serbia and not Albania&Kosovo😑

  85. Kazami Ch.

    Kazami Ch.Pred mesecem

    @Ninja Warrior he blind! LOL

  86. Ninja Warrior

    Ninja WarriorPred mesecem

    I guess you haven't seen Part 2 before commenting.

  87. k h

    k hPred mesecem

    when a car give u more trust than this world

  88. szymon sierechan

    szymon sierechanPred mesecem

    How much money u spend on this trip

  89. fa foxi

    fa foxiPred mesecem

    4:10 what do you mean...no sence of humor :/

  90. Random z Internetu

    Random z InternetuPred mesecem

    The joke with Poland's position... good one. Greetings from pierogi-land!

  91. Lowell Fin

    Lowell FinPred mesecem

    You couldnt drive in china

  92. TrzepotKit

    TrzepotKitPred mesecem

    I started watching you and suddenly the adds on all my devices are in german. When i searched for google maps, the first site i saw had .de domain. Im polish and cant say a word in german. Was there an occupation i forgot about or sth? Im really scared ngl

  93. gary

    garyPred mesecem

    that's cool

  94. Davey Daves

    Davey DavesPred mesecem

    Not a big deal. All you need is time and money. Visas and a valid passport. It's not something most people will care to do in their lifetimes.

  95. bagaea

    bagaeaPred mesecem

    Aaaand your point is?

  96. DeAdriano92

    DeAdriano92Pred mesecem

    Good job 😎 greetings from Poland

  97. I’m Jack

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  98. SushiUnz 360

    SushiUnz 360Pred mesecem

    4:50 thats the S-Bahn

  99. Ian

    IanPred mesecem

    Eat some german food, like Döner Kebab😂

  100. Ertug ŞAHİN

    Ertug ŞAHİNPred mesecem

    Doner kebab is Turkish food my friends :D

  101. Esat YILDIRIM

    Esat YILDIRIMPred mesecem

    4:38 Doner Kebab is a Turkish Food not german.

  102. MintW7 ✔

    MintW7 ✔Pred mesecem

    Peugeot 308

  103. Kosta Malidžan

    Kosta MalidžanPred mesecem


  104. ItsOnePixel

    ItsOnePixelPred mesecem

    1:36 Lithuania be like: :(

  105. MakeItEasyWithCheat

    MakeItEasyWithCheatPred mesecem

    it's crazy bro! LOL

  106. Travelers World

    Travelers WorldPred mesecem

    Welcome to the USA and do your road trip here too

  107. Younus

    YounusPred mesecem

    why didnt you go to afghanistan :(

  108. sanny dark

    sanny darkPred mesecem

    @Younus من فقط میخواستم امتحانت بکنم که ببینم چطور از کشورت دفاع میکنی درود بر تو شیر مرد دوست دار شما از ایران🇦🇫🇮🇷

  109. Younus

    YounusPred mesecem

    @sanny dark its not as dangerous as people think...

  110. sanny dark

    sanny darkPred mesecem

    @Younus your country is in war

  111. Younus

    YounusPred mesecem

    @sanny dark no

  112. sanny dark

    sanny darkPred mesecem

    Because it's soooo dangerous

  113. Salám za Pade

    Salám za PadePred mesecem


  114. Smii7y's Golf ball

    Smii7y's Golf ballPred mesecem

    I feel sidemen are going to do the same

  115. Phil S.

    Phil S.Pred mesecem

    As a German, I am not really happy with the stereotypes you aggressively pointed out.. This don’t really helps us germans to be accepted as world open citizens!

  116. Nks_942

    Nks_942Pred mesecem

    Petit coucou de la France.

  117. Rzeczowy Komentarz

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  118. Maximal

    MaximalPred mesecem

    Getting a visa for Turkmenistan is like getting a visa for North Korea.