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one angy slav boi
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short animation of Smol Boris, made by Boris. Soon more videos of animated Boris.. and also Vadim and Artyom. Good.
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Stay cheeki breeki!
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uamee - DELET THIS
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No Ruski Pop by uamee and Boris


  1. Atlas Hellwalker

    Atlas HellwalkerPred dnevom

    Have you considered Russian Welding rods to secure your head comrade?

  2. Ertysammy

    ErtysammyPred 3 dnevi

    It looks kinda SUS

  3. Døgé wōw¿

    Døgé wōw¿Pred 3 dnevi

    Wow boris! Smol size

  4. Calton Denetchee

    Calton DenetcheePred 5 dnevi

    Привет, маленький Борис, где котик товарищ? Would love to see Artyom 😁

  5. Lucas Rand

    Lucas RandPred 6 dnevi

    Ok but this needs to be a series

  6. RickVI

    RickVIPred 7 dnevi


  7. Alice Shiro

    Alice ShiroPred 7 dnevi


  8. Tweeleaf

    TweeleafPred 8 dnevi


  9. LegionGamer - Games

    LegionGamer - GamesPred 10 dnevi


  10. Sofia Silberstein

    Sofia SilbersteinPred 11 dnevi

    Cutest Thing i ever saw

  11. Bonnie Mairead

    Bonnie MaireadPred 11 dnevi

    I think I laughed harder than I probably should've.

  12. ngampilan channel

    ngampilan channelPred 12 dnevi

    Maybe you wanna make an second SLthrow channel for smol Boris😂

  13. Lun Lun

    Lun LunPred 12 dnevi

    looks like madness combat

  14. Achilles Pineda

    Achilles PinedaPred 13 dnevi


  15. Experimental Video Research Kitchen

    Experimental Video Research KitchenPred 14 dnevi

    Smol Boris. Siberian Charlie Brown?

  16. The Banana with Drip

    The Banana with DripPred 16 dnevi

    madness combat confirmed!!11!11

  17. m m

    m mPred 16 dnevi

    Life of boris but it’s madness combat

  18. Northstar

    NorthstarPred 17 dnevi

    This Boris kinda looks like a Madness Combat type Character. Stay Cheeki Breeki, everyone.

  19. An Offbeat Aussie

    An Offbeat AussiePred 17 dnevi

    This is what Slavic children watch when they come home from school

  20. Mantas Krutkevičius

    Mantas KrutkevičiusPred 17 dnevi

    Its is madness combat

  21. Cube Games Official

    Cube Games OfficialPred 17 dnevi

    Now he's Pico

  22. Snot Dragger

    Snot DraggerPred 17 dnevi

    B R E D F E E T

  23. Wesley Mays

    Wesley MaysPred 17 dnevi

    Top quality animation Boris

  24. Flixt

    FlixtPred 18 dnevi

    Madness duuuudde

  25. K.G.V

    K.G.VPred 18 dnevi

    That looks like a madness combat body... Boris comrade what you do to ze your body

  26. S_WolfyYT

    S_WolfyYTPred 18 dnevi

    So if boris is smol does it mean?... Smol Cheeki breeki!?

  27. Bulwark Entertainment

    Bulwark EntertainmentPred 18 dnevi

    One word: ˢᵐᵒˡ

  28. Addi Chantengco

    Addi ChantengcoPred 19 dnevi

    The glasses look like a dumbell

  29. Elliot Choate

    Elliot ChoatePred 19 dnevi

    smol boris

  30. María Beatriz C:

    María Beatriz C:Pred 20 dnevi

    0:15 I really loved this xd

  31. Martencell

    MartencellPred 21 dnevom

    oh yeah it's all coming to madness >:D

  32. DarcPyka

    DarcPykaPred 21 dnevom

    madness combat

  33. Alan Magnussen

    Alan MagnussenPred 21 dnevom

    new southpark character leaked

  34. Павел Вагин

    Павел ВагинPred 22 dnevi

    Действительно High Quality

  35. The meme master

    The meme masterPred 23 dnevi

    slavness combat

  36. Amby sharma

    Amby sharmaPred 23 dnevi

    Trust me I'm an animator

  37. NoobDeo

    NoobDeoPred 23 dnevi

    new character un madness combat

  38. Seals

    SealsPred 23 dnevi

    madness combat: Slav edition

  39. Strange Figure

    Strange FigurePred 23 dnevi

    Boris combat: Characters Boris J. Weembleslav Deinotoli Artyford Vadim the Clown The Mayonezditor

  40. Worst Friend

    Worst FriendPred 23 dnevi

    Madness boris Madness boris

  41. Beans

    BeansPred 24 dnevi

    Оставайся цыпленком!

  42. hanz von Jerry

    hanz von JerryPred 24 dnevi

    Boris:what is in this vodka? Vadim:idk Boris:*shrinks* Also boris:VADIM BLYAT Cyka blyat *boom* *boom*

  43. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyPred 24 dnevi

    Oh, did you actually make this? I am an animator myself and I have to say this is actually quite impressive Boris! Keep up the good work!

  44. haha panther go [EXPLOSION]

    haha panther go [EXPLOSION]Pred 24 dnevi

    Catching the L Train

  45. Sithea Kewin Phlong

    Sithea Kewin PhlongPred 24 dnevi

    Introducing Smol Comrade Boris Background noises: *Vadim blyat*

  46. Mysikrolik

    MysikrolikPred 24 dnevi


  47. happy squirtle

    happy squirtlePred 24 dnevi

    You *CANNOT* tell me that those shoes don't look like under-baked breads.

  48. yeet yeet

    yeet yeetPred 24 dnevi

    boris: who did this why am i smol ....... VADIM BLYAT

  49. Zero Kelvin

    Zero KelvinPred 24 dnevi

    Ladies and gentlemen, behold the 2021 Breakout Cartoon Series of the Year!

  50. The Corner Of The Internet

    The Corner Of The InternetPred 24 dnevi

    You don’t know how much fucking cash I would’ve payed to see a madness animation with Boris as the main character.

  51. Leuzkus The Creator

    Leuzkus The CreatorPred 24 dnevi

    Now you're also a South Park Character

  52. ScO0t

    ScO0tPred 25 dnevi

    all fun and games till he comes nevada

  53. Comrade MaR Dijksman

    Comrade MaR DijksmanPred 25 dnevi

    Looks like a South Park charachter

  54. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlPred 25 dnevi

    Oh, did you actually make this? I am an animator myself and I have to say this is actually quite impressive Boris! Keep up the good work!

  55. Marcus Marvello

    Marcus MarvelloPred 25 dnevi

    If boris is in madness combat:

  56. XtraSwift

    XtraSwiftPred 25 dnevi

    I was going to comment about how Smol Boris Is made like a Madness Combat Character but everyone already did it

  57. Docs from the disturbed

    Docs from the disturbedPred 25 dnevi

    South park boris

  58. Finnish Gopnik Russian Hardbass

    Finnish Gopnik Russian HardbassPred 25 dnevi


  59. Hertta Kalajoki

    Hertta KalajokiPred 25 dnevi

    Cool, but I have to ask, did you do the sound effects yourself? If you did you deserve a shot of caramel vodka 🍻🥃

  60. 98abrahamsonic

    98abrahamsonicPred 26 dnevi


  61. Ghost lion

    Ghost lionPred 26 dnevi

    0:01 Meanwhile in Russia

  62. Yuka [GD]

    Yuka [GD]Pred 26 dnevi

    Madness Boris

  63. Da_derpyboi 3650

    Da_derpyboi 3650Pred 26 dnevi

    Hmm, yes, smol boris

  64. HouseOutSideLight

    HouseOutSideLightPred 26 dnevi

    boris is now a madness combat grunt try defeating tricky

  65. Farel Altaf Fakhri

    Farel Altaf FakhriPred 26 dnevi

    Madness combat boris

  66. Aethel The Sniper

    Aethel The SniperPred 26 dnevi


  67. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiPred 26 dnevi

    Гэта лепшае страшнае, што я калі-небудзь бачыў

  68. Waddles

    WaddlesPred 26 dnevi


  69. Slav

    SlavPred 26 dnevi

    "Somewhere in Russia"

  70. Rtzxxs Plays

    Rtzxxs PlaysPred 26 dnevi

    Next: smol neighbor vadim

  71. Daniel Villegas

    Daniel VillegasPred 26 dnevi

    Who doesn't remember Madness Combat

  72. Fuck You

    Fuck YouPred 27 dnevi

    Boris can you make the most slave hard bass playlist for us? i need some music for the car

  73. monke

    monkePred 27 dnevi

    Somewhere in eastern europe

  74. Lovebeen

    LovebeenPred 27 dnevi

    Accompanying music is great. Whose idea was it?

  75. Anvilshock

    AnvilshockPred 27 dnevi

    Smol Boris - かわいい давай!

  76. bryan tolentino

    bryan tolentinoPred 27 dnevi

    STAND MASTER: Boris STAND NAME: smol sosig

  77. NATO ‘Ś

    NATO ‘ŚPred 27 dnevi


  78. Baguette

    BaguettePred 27 dnevi

    Why do you have bread for shoes

  79. Joseph Seed

    Joseph SeedPred 27 dnevi

    Better than my animations

  80. Seth Wilcock

    Seth WilcockPred 27 dnevi

    why isn't it a slavimation

  81. Carlos tnt 70000

    Carlos tnt 70000Pred 27 dnevi

    Imagine boris becoming one of the Madness Combat legends

  82. Cursed Mask

    Cursed MaskPred 27 dnevi

    Now draw him killing the entire population of nevada

  83. kolim jone

    kolim jonePred 27 dnevi

    Every Finnish person recognizes this soundtrack from one video only. where my finns at

  84. Bluberry the dutchie AKA Ary Beery

    Bluberry the dutchie AKA Ary BeeryPred 27 dnevi

    almost all the comments: BORIS IN MADNESS COMBAT some people: cute very little people: make this a series tricky: vroom vroom

  85. Absolute Wreck

    Absolute WreckPred 27 dnevi

    Oh, did you actually make this? I am an animator myself and I have to say this is actually quite impressive Boris! Keep up the good work!

  86. some guy who loves Motörhead

    some guy who loves MotörheadPred 27 dnevi

    Madness combat Boris

  87. Alvin Meeks

    Alvin MeeksPred 27 dnevi

    Sorry to hear about hospital, hopefully you are well and good. This imperialist running dog enjoys your video. Yes had met well lets call Demetri a white Russian bolshevik, in as daughter called prehistoric times

  88. Dive deep! Animations

    Dive deep! AnimationsPred 27 dnevi

    This is so cute!😩❤

  89. OwO

    OwOPred 27 dnevi


  90. Alpline

    AlplinePred 27 dnevi

    smol boris slav right here


    CAMSLAYER13Pred 28 dnevi

    Hear me out: a madness style cartoon but its boris

  92. mavenrulz 171

    mavenrulz 171Pred 28 dnevi

    he looks like a madness combat character ngl

  93. Zer0TheHer0

    Zer0TheHer0Pred 28 dnevi

    Slavic South Park: Oy blin you killed Vadim. You debils!

  94. JenyT

    JenyTPred 28 dnevi

    Wow new mdness combat character looks lit!

  95. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guytPred 28 dnevi

    my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

  96. Thedarker04

    Thedarker04Pred 28 dnevi

    Madness combat


    UROD BLYATPred 28 dnevi


  98. Mariana Guerra

    Mariana GuerraPred 28 dnevi


  99. Areli's Wacky World

    Areli's Wacky WorldPred 28 dnevi

    this absolutely made my day better

  100. Filip Gheorghe

    Filip GheorghePred 28 dnevi