A TikToker Showed Up To My Training Session..

Be sure to grab tickets while you can or grab the PPV to watch Jarvis KO Michael Le on Saturday, June 12th: socialgloves.livexlive.com

ON JUNE 12TH SOCIAL GLOVES JARVIS IS KNOCKING OUT MICHAEL LE as part of the SLthrow vs. TikTok event with Austin McBroom from The Ace Family, Bryce Hall, Deji aka KSI brother, DDG, Tanner Fox, Tayler Holder, Vinnie Hacker, AnesonGibson and more!! Shoutout Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather

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📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss


  1. Jesus Capos

    Jesus CaposPred uro


  2. Rock girl

    Rock girlPred 2 urami

    6 day's later : Michael had been knocked out by Jarvis

  3. Aiman Nazly

    Aiman NazlyPred 9 urami

    whos here after michael le got shot by jarvis aimbot?

  4. kingkamauri

    kingkamauriPred 16 urami

    Jarvis can't play fortnite so he switched to boxing

  5. kingkamauri

    kingkamauriPred 16 urami


  6. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonPred 17 urami

    6 day's later : Michael had been knocked out by Jarvis

  7. Sophie Rush

    Sophie RushPred 21 uro

    He’s going to smash him

  8. Rock girl

    Rock girlPred 2 urami

    The shampion😂

  9. Maricella Pichardo

    Maricella PichardoPred dnevom

    Ur a champ love u man keep it up BTW u aimboted him💪

  10. ITrulySuckAtTheGame

    ITrulySuckAtTheGamePred dnevom

    bryce is a bad influence on taylor

  11. Lavínia Sousa

    Lavínia SousaPred dnevom

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  12. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonPred 17 urami

    This is from the future just telling that Lee didnt even put up a fight lmao

  13. MARTIAL ARTS fan

    MARTIAL ARTS fanPred dnevom

    The wouldn’t put me to sleep


    BEASTBOYARNAVPred dnevom

    I am a international kickboxer

  15. VIP_of the burnt_NuGgEt

    VIP_of the burnt_NuGgEtPred dnevom

    Notice how the guy smacked jarvises hand instead of the fist bump

  16. Natural Bby x

    Natural Bby xPred dnevom

    Tayler is actually nice when he’s not with Bryce😭

  17. Quinn Oehler

    Quinn OehlerPred dnevom

    Taylor seems like a lowkey nice person

  18. Slattdakidd

    SlattdakiddPred dnevom

    And they still loss💀

  19. kolim jone

    kolim jonePred dnevom

    6 day's later : Michael had been knocked out by Jarvis

  20. Baletzzie

    BaletzziePred dnevom

    1:25 to 1:32 sounds like a freestyle ngl

  21. Conroy s

    Conroy sPred dnevom

    2:43 I like clips like this where we can liik back and laugh an also see how far you have came

  22. Instxnts

    InstxntsPred dnevom

    3:17 "ooo thats a good one"

  23. John Paul Parra

    John Paul ParraPred dnevom

    The shampion😂

  24. kolim jone

    kolim jonePred dnevom

    Go pro

  25. U Handi

    U HandiPred dnevom

    1:26 that shi had me trippin

  26. Top Shot

    Top ShotPred 2 dnevi

    The abandoned spinach intraorally introduce because lobster intrahepatically alert than a motionless hen. tremendous, aromatic governor

  27. Sam the duck

    Sam the duckPred 2 dnevi

    This is from the future just telling that Lee didnt even put up a fight lmao

  28. Flamzy!

    Flamzy!Pred 2 dnevi

    Daily reminder: Jarvis Stomps maiko

  29. arnav Salve

    arnav SalvePred 2 dnevi

    June 12th Knockout And that happened

  30. Yung_Amr

    Yung_AmrPred 2 dnevi


  31. A random Fortnite player

    A random Fortnite playerPred 2 dnevi

    I do MMA. Javis Deffo winning

  32. GD_AZ

    GD_AZPred 3 dnevi

    Bro actaully ko'd michael

  33. It’s churchYT

    It’s churchYTPred 3 dnevi

    Anyone here after Jarvis knocked the crap out of Michael??

  34. Thegoatkid Yw

    Thegoatkid YwPred 3 dnevi

    Even the coach said Jarvis was gonna knock him out 🔥

  35. Ana-A Mouse

    Ana-A MousePred 3 dnevi

    Ladies and gentelman WE GOT EM😅


    EVOID HARLEYPred 3 dnevi

    Here when Jarvis won

  37. 17 people

    17 peoplePred 3 dnevi

    U and Michael put up a good fight

  38. batman115

    batman115Pred 3 dnevi



    GIBBLESPred 3 dnevi

    Go pro

  40. Charlie Burke

    Charlie BurkePred 3 dnevi

    whos hear after OTIS CALLED THE K.O🐐🐐🐐🐐

  41. Utsuro

    UtsuroPred 3 dnevi

    Cringe entertaining

  42. romeo flores

    romeo floresPred 3 dnevi

    he won

  43. Esdras Perez

    Esdras PerezPred 3 dnevi


  44. Jordonsky

    JordonskyPred 3 dnevi

    How is next

  45. Owen __

    Owen __Pred 3 dnevi

    Just think what would jarvis be doing if he hadnt have got banned in fortnite🤔

  46. ShadowP4ND4YT

    ShadowP4ND4YTPred 3 dnevi

    whos here after the knockout?

  47. 7X Soul

    7X SoulPred 3 dnevi

    Bruh I just saw my cousin in that crowd he was there for his elementary school graduation

  48. Lililetus C

    Lililetus CPred 3 dnevi

    Your progress and the fight were amazing!

  49. Eden Husain

    Eden HusainPred 3 dnevi

    Now that I look at this le lost in battle 2 I can’t stop laghing

  50. Juancarlos Cervantes

    Juancarlos CervantesPred 3 dnevi

    Here after the knockout.

  51. Sonic exe

    Sonic exePred 3 dnevi

    6 day's later : Michael had been knocked out by Jarvis

  52. Mr.Dave Blank

    Mr.Dave BlankPred 3 dnevi

    Even after watching the fight, “ my punches would knock anyone out “ yeah right 😂😂 calm down mate you’ve boxed for a while, chill.......

  53. BEST OF X

    BEST OF XPred 3 dnevi

    Watching this after jarvis knockedd him outttt

  54. Shi Shi

    Shi ShiPred 3 dnevi

    Gg man. You did it

  55. Ken Bui (imobilemd)

    Ken Bui (imobilemd)Pred 3 dnevi


  56. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuPred 4 dnevi

    I like how Taylor and Jarvis tho being on opposite teams have quite a lot of respect for each other and show sportsman spirit. That’s the way chief

  57. gennevy lls

    gennevy llsPred 3 dnevi

    their friends even him and Bryce as well

  58. Ryan Pemberton

    Ryan PembertonPred 4 dnevi

    I love how jarvis isn't trying to hurt anyone

  59. Aaron Raj

    Aaron RajPred 4 dnevi

    Who’s here after Jarvis won?

  60. Aisha .B

    Aisha .BPred 4 dnevi


  61. Isla Odian

    Isla OdianPred 4 dnevi

    Congratulatiooons on winning jarvisss! Your vids makes meee happy!

  62. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuPred 4 dnevi

    yo good luck for your fight

  63. Espeon Pizza

    Espeon PizzaPred 4 dnevi

    The lumpy instrument conclusively fire because parent substantially bruise without a damaged racing. scientific, fresh recorder

  64. Synx Fc

    Synx FcPred 4 dnevi

    Jesus Christ loves you

  65. lun1x btw

    lun1x btwPred 4 dnevi

    And you did I was there

  66. yoFoulson

    yoFoulson Pred 4 dnevi

    3:03 "chu papi" how was jarvis feeling doe

  67. Joshua Bonaparte

    Joshua BonapartePred 4 dnevi


  68. omzz 4o5

    omzz 4o5Pred 4 dnevi

    POV:U came here after the knockout

  69. Valdete Berisha

    Valdete BerishaPred 4 dnevi

    He got fackt

  70. MaxAlex Bergbrant

    MaxAlex BergbrantPred 4 dnevi

    He won yesssssirrrrrrrrrr jarvy

  71. muhammad Student

    muhammad StudentPred 4 dnevi

    Who is here after jarvis winning

  72. noroi gucii

    noroi guciiPred 4 dnevi

    The nostalgic rub nationally warm because poet contrarily hum behind a tearful piano. upset, healthy bag

  73. Elijah Aaron

    Elijah AaronPred 4 dnevi

    who’s here after jarvis slept him

  74. Petter Tran

    Petter TranPred 4 dnevi

    The homeless norwegian finallly bruise because cycle bareilly shade barring a nervous cap. ugly, big outrigger

  75. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas DoyiPred 4 dnevi

    3:42 "My punches will put anyone to sleep" "Michael gets knocked out and sleeps"


    XF-CONNEXPred 4 dnevi

    yo good luck for your fight

  77. Zuhdi Gaming

    Zuhdi GamingPred 4 dnevi

    Jarvis was born to be a winner 🏆👏 congrats #TiktokersAreWeak #SLthrowrsAreStrong

  78. Janet Lee

    Janet LeePred 4 dnevi

    props to jarvis for training hella hard, that shit showed yesterday

  79. Jerrol Lee

    Jerrol LeePred 4 dnevi

    trainer called ko

  80. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas DoyiPred 4 dnevi

    Who else is here after Jarvis knocked Michael le out 😤😤🔥🔥

  81. Marbella Burgueno

    Marbella BurguenoPred 4 dnevi

    Booooo booo

  82. Ig lord. Lunix

    Ig lord. LunixPred 4 dnevi

    rip maichle le died

  83. David Marvy

    David MarvyPred 4 dnevi

    Lol funny how all these youtube and tiktok adults think they're soo cool and call themselves influencers but their peers have no idea who they are. It's only 6-12 year olds who know these people.

  84. Lalo Medina

    Lalo MedinaPred 4 dnevi

    Good job jarvis

  85. TJ Games

    TJ GamesPred 4 dnevi

    Jarvis: **Actully trains** Maiko: **Proceeds to make a music viceo**

  86. Bolia Fops

    Bolia FopsPred 3 dnevi

    Who’s here after Jarvis knocked out Micheal

  87. Kade Lackey

    Kade LackeyPred 4 dnevi

    Bro let’s go

  88. zah

    zahPred 4 dnevi

    thing is i dont think tayker is freinds woth michael

  89. Keola's Content

    Keola's ContentPred 4 dnevi

    Jarvis is a machine

  90. タコストイレ

    タコストイレPred 4 dnevi

    “DO THE FORTNITE” 3:49

  91. BrandonLV

    BrandonLVPred 4 dnevi

    Jarvis with the KO!!

  92. Canaan Reynolds

    Canaan ReynoldsPred 4 dnevi

    And you knocked him out

  93. chesster changg

    chesster changgPred 4 dnevi

    whos here after jarvis took the W

  94. Carpet Ferrer

    Carpet FerrerPred 4 dnevi


  95. AviixzF

    AviixzFPred 4 dnevi

    Who else is here after Jarvis knocked Michael le out 😤😤🔥🔥

  96. Isaiah Hernandez

    Isaiah HernandezPred 4 dnevi

    Good fight Jarvis

  97. epikex21

    epikex21Pred 4 dnevi

    3:42 "My punches will put anyone to sleep" "Michael gets knocked out and sleeps"

  98. Demetrio Pignataro

    Demetrio PignataroPred 4 dnevi

    3:42 this aged really well

  99. Jaxin Lewicki

    Jaxin LewickiPred 4 dnevi

    He did

  100. S.N.F Carlitoez

    S.N.F CarlitoezPred 4 dnevi

    Pov your here after jarvis destroyed Micheal

  101. Uig lil goat Clan

    Uig lil goat ClanPred 4 dnevi

    Jarvis a few me a few million

  102. john cusack

    john cusackPred 4 dnevi

    This aged like a fine wine

  103. damz2112 YT

    damz2112 YTPred 4 dnevi

    Michael was chatting and he got one pump

  104. NRG LeoTheGoat

    NRG LeoTheGoatPred 4 dnevi

    BOXING: whe have banned faze jarvis for aimbot...

  105. Spexz

    SpexzPred 4 dnevi

    He did

  106. jaytee hanson

    jaytee hansonPred 4 dnevi

    *few days later* LLLL

  107. 96PM

    96PMPred 4 dnevi

    His trainer said that it’s all fun until you get punched in the face god damn he was right

  108. Dokiyboddy

    DokiyboddyPred 4 dnevi

    Fortnite needs to in band Jarvis

  109. Braylon Rogers

    Braylon RogersPred 4 dnevi

    Who’s here after the fight