Hexagons are the Bestagons

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    Show that you too believe Hexagons are the Bestagons! store.dftba.com/collections/all/products/hexagons-t-shirt

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    @MythologyFreak Mythology Freak I know a spell... it involves atonal jazz and a serpinski's pyramid made of Toblerones... and writing George Hart a politely worded letter, again. Honestly though, I'd rather squash the beef with Grey before it gets started. Shape politics always gets so personal... Anyway, you don't bring your queen out early in the game. "Mongo is but pawn in game of life." - Mongo

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    @Random Ambles Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart! Summon Vi Hart!

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    @Herr Rossi &/

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    Grey is one tragic event away from becoming a super villain that claims that humans must go extinct because of their imperfections.

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    3:40 Banana for scale ;)

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    what about triangles

  10. yearlygymnast 95

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    When he willed the bee hive into existence at the start gave me a mini-heart attack as i am *TERRIFIED* of bees

  11. Long Nonsense

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    "I'm sorry, i don't think i can change the shape of the burgers. They come here square"

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    I get this recommend 6 months later. I’m done

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    7:58 😂

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    1:50 if you look carefully, it's a square viewed by another angle.

  15. Sovi3t S3bastian Animat3s

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    So if chess has things that go diagonal and it evolves into hexagons, then how do we go diagonally? You have to me more than a chess grandmaster in order to have great accuracy.

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    Sir, this is a Wendy's

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    Stranger: Whats your religion? Me: Yea......

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    Finally!! Now I know where Wanda got idea for her hex magic!

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    Arent lines just rectangles but very thin? Making hexagon be made BY rectangles?

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    5:41 if you look closely some of the hexagons aren’t exactly centered.

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    8:50 Listen closely, and you will hear it

  23. Zealan Tanner

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    How do I get coordinates with hexagons? For squares I could just do (1,3) or something but not with hexagons. I do agree that hexagons are the best though

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    I still prefer square

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    banana for scale plz

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    Oh yeah? Then why is Snake's boyfriend Otacon rather than Hexacon?

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    Hexagons are the bestagons

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 HIDDEN TRIANGLE

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    Alternative title: Stick man lures another stick man into a cult about a geometric shape.

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    wow i can beelive that the universe is gay

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    I just can't stop coming back to watch this video for the hundredth time

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    Grey: hexagons is the best! Sid Meier's Civilization: im 4 parralel universes ahead of you

  33. Wun_Zee

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    if you want an easy "hex" grid for a game just draw in triangles and use the intersections

  34. pyronix

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    but since hexagons are just made out of triangles, aren't triangles the bestagons? :/

  35. Shimon Cohen

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    at the end there just being like "wait, did I just join a cult?"

  36. Gummy Shades

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    Hex best, squares are wrong and should be gone

  37. TheJasMan B

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    Hexagon Fire Emblem would be very interesting

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    This video is so salty against squares.... who hurt you?

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    no no , but octagons have 8 awesome sides

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    Ice 9 joke was underrated

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    8:26, don't you dare insult mincraft again hexagons are the worstagons

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    This SLthrow video should have been in an hexagonal shape

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    If hexagons are the bestagons, then why am I watching this on a rectangular telephone?

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    Did I just watch a 9 minute video explaining why you should join this guy's cult

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    Yo, what if aliens were like, "A human realized the universal truth and is spreading it to the rest of its species. time to say hello!"

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    Every comment on this video is hilarious

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    This wad 6 months ago

  55. Evie L

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    This is so funny and informative! Awesome video! Dr. Seuss would be proud of the rhyming. The whole pacing of the video is incredible.

  56. Kenneth Nelson

    Kenneth NelsonPred 3 dnevi

    Counterpoint: You can't move perpendicular to an event on a hexagonal board. Moving "between" two hexagonal squares has a more akward rule than moving diagonally on a square grid.

  57. Semaj daLeao

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    You've sinned. Draw one hundred hexagons to be forgiven.

  58. Olivia Stelter

    Olivia StelterPred 3 dnevi

    people have used squares because those are simple and understandable.The squares or hexagons do not exist to give you perfection based joy,they only serve the simplicity of the game.Also, hexagons exist for 3-way chess if you're interested.

  59. Beridot

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    5:16 : Ice-nine is an alternative structure of water that is solid at room temperature and acts as a seed crystal upon contact with ordinary liquid water, causing that liquid water to instantly transform into more ice-nine. In the 1960s, scientists discovered a new form of water. ... Because ice-nine crystals could spontaneously convert normal water into more ice-nine, the material was dangerous-just licking it would cause all the water in a person's body to freeze solid. Thank you google. fictional? To be continued.

  60. UninstallingWindows

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    Well...technically its the triangle that tiles and forms the hexagon. Hexagon = triangle mirrored and repeated along its edges over and over again.

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    Hexagons are the bestagons!!!

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    Me likes Hexagons... Because of my multishines...

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    "If your a game based on squares, I'm sorry" Minecraft will remember this

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    Tessellation is the best Formation.

  69. William Rose

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    However interestingly bees don't use quite the most efficient layout for the ends of their hexagon wax tubes

  70. MasterCraft Leo

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    I bet UFOs are actually just Hexagons so they can pack together to move a fleet (if they are actually in space)

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    TLC My Strange Addiction: Hexagons

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  77. LogunTheBot

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    Definitely not a cult...

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    Plant cells also form a honeycomb looking pattern with their cell walls.

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    Hexagons are the bestagons

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    “...And there’s a bit of Ice-9. NO, don’t touch that.” In wasn’t expecting a Kurt Vonnegut reference in this video, but I will take it, and crystallize the world with it.

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    If hexagons are so great, why is this video made of squares? Chackmatw

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    Bees actually use circles but they just collapse into a hexagon

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    @LogunTheBot wdym? I just typed this here as a fact, did someone else beat me to the punch?

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    Stolen comment

  91. 23 - Abhinav Mishra

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    Why do you have a flask with a ROUND base as your channel symbol, Grey? Do I suspect a heresy?

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    Hexagons are the bestagons

  93. Alessio Ughetta

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    Basically, the hexagon is the best because is the tileable version of a circle.

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    @LogunTheBot yes

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    These are 2d what about 3d

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    Hexagons are the bestagons

  98. Nathan Field

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    I'm surprised you didn't say that just because it rhymes doesn't mean it right answer. However, it makes you wonder are we made of hexagons?

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    Hexagons are the bestagons

  100. Paradox Science

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    5:45 “Graphene happens to be the strongest atomic material in the universe” Flex Tape: Our battle will be legendary!

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    Man just straight up started a cult

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    You knew what you were doin, you knew

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  106. Dave Marco Villamor

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    8:27 If you're a game based on squares,Im so sorry. Minecraft: (Sad Blocks noises) (By the way, i wonder if mimecraft is hexagon. XD)

  107. LogunTheBot

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    Hexagons are the bestagons

  108. John Solobro

    John SolobroPred 5 dnevi

    My only retort. You never showed the edge of that "room" you were trying to tile, or the whole game board. Both would have a bunch of weird little jagged angles. Putting up walls in said room with JUST hexagons would leave you with weird krimpy walls. Try painting that. The game board would have a bunch of knobby hexagons around the peripherals which completely changes all strategy for everything. "Alright... we'll call it a draw" -the black knight

  109. LogunTheBot

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    Hexagons are the bestagons

  110. Barb Dreves

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    So you missed a bestagon...the pencil is a bestagon. The sides make it easier to hold. Thanks Grey for the videos. They are funny and educational.

  111. LogunTheBot

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    Hexagons are the bestagons

  112. TBustah

    TBustahPred 5 dnevi

    I’ve been replaying the Orre Pokemon games lately. There aren’t any hexagons involved (or anything involving the number six), but the Purify Chamber in XD kind of reminds me of the wax/honey problem. Regular Pokemon are the wax, and Shadow Pokemon are the honey (which is both stored inside of and can be converted to “wax”). The way that the four regs are arranged around the Shadow even kind of LOOKS like it.

  113. LogunTheBot

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    Hexagons are the bestagons

  114. Michael E

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    I know I'm late to the party but, you know IKEAs "Lack" table? Those super cheap coffee tables that are just too cheap and light to make sense? Yup. Remove the top and the secret is revealed.

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    dont pretend this is your first time watching this video

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    Hexagons are the bestagons

  121. A guy which is ???

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    hexagons are not the bestagons because make bee wax out of circles and *slowly* melt it Boom hexagon next somtimes 6 < 4 = true like seriously yes there is 8 but thats considering dios and they are just one space but the move is times two and finnaly trangles are the best shape rce (real civil engineer) approved so i am not joing your freaking cult gray

  122. A guy which is ???

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    @LogunTheBot no

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    Hexagons are the bestagons

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    This made me triggered even more than the video you said will trigger me

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