Level Up Your Companions FAST! ✔✔ Top 5 Tips For Leveling Companions In ESO Blackwood!

Tip #1 Makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE! Advancing your Companions through the ranks can be a long grind, so I'm sharing these tips and tricks to help you get through it faster and more efficiently: These FIVE Tricks will help you Max Out your Companion's Level and Skills FAST.

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  1. Hack The Minotaur

    Hack The MinotaurPred mesecem

    How has your experience leveling up Companions been so far? Full Companions Guide Is HERE: www.hacktheminotaur.com/eso-guides/eso-companions-guide

  2. L Underwood

    L UnderwoodPred 5 dnevi

    @PLEB I tried it but did not take but one day & omg! so many out of dates,etc...I said screw this not worth the headache

  3. PLEB

    PLEBPred 5 dnevi

    uninstalled because needs a bath esda suspended my account for having , free derek chauvin as my name ,, c'mon

  4. Erich Bennett

    Erich BennettPred mesecem

    hello hack ..waves for me with my companions i went straight to the falling chains stuff and that seemed to work even though i wasnt lvl 50 yet i have characters that are lvl close to lvl 30s and looked around some boss like things to kill ....i poly wont do that dailies yet yet i know dialy help u get gems to earn your self mounts or other things

  5. Jason Brown

    Jason BrownPred mesecem

    Hey Hack, love the content! Question I have is say I am interested in being on the PTS, how would I go about that on a console if possible?

  6. L Underwood

    L UnderwoodPred mesecem

    They both can lvl its gear drop is the issue! I am either doing something wrong or just bad luck! Best places to get gear drop???

  7. New Dork

    New DorkPred 3 dnevi

    Skyreach levels companion quick if your capable of doing it

  8. PLEB

    PLEBPred 5 dnevi

    its easy to level up in this game ,, knock out the main quest ,, i was level 40 in a few days until i was banned for my name , the game is just so repetitive tho ,, the quests all feel the same ,, glad i uninstalled , pretty sure only games ill be playing in the future are f13 and bf2047 ,, love how battlefield already has an anti cheat in the works ,, sounds like they really give a shit about the fairness of the game and their players , unlike havktavision and treyfart

  9. PLEB

    PLEBPred 5 dnevi

    key to leveling up fast ,,, not naming your hero , free derek chauvin or georgefentanylfloyd 😂😂 they will suspend u !

  10. Kappa Barkin

    Kappa BarkinPred 11 dnevi

    Thank god comps are accountwide 😊😊

  11. Sabre Tooth

    Sabre ToothPred 21 dnevom

    Hey Hack, I think they took out the XP for the Dolmen for the companion.

  12. Belidos3D

    Belidos3DPred 25 dnevi

    With dolmens, i'm pretty sure the companions don't actually get bonus XP for completing the dolmen, but they get XP whenever you successfully open a treasure chest and the loot chest at the end is classed as a treasure chest.

  13. SinisterCadillac

    SinisterCadillacPred 25 dnevi

    What build is that bow using Templar? Seems interesting.

  14. Joan Heartless

    Joan HeartlessPred 27 dnevi

    Look here Mang...No argonian female companion me no want

  15. tamadrummer19

    tamadrummer19Pred 28 dnevi

    i'm so glad i watched this. I was using the same mindset as you by trying to level my new toon with my companion! Thanks for the tips man, you're a real peach :D

  16. Michael Hitchcock

    Michael HitchcockPred mesecem

    Most of my characters are still low level (actually, all of them are) but companion level speed doesn't bother me. What is very aggravating is their affinity system. Neither companion is good with a gathering character since your affinity takes a hit when you catch any flying insect with Mirri and Bastian gets all bent even if you harvest small furry animals that HE killed with an AoE spell. Neither companion is particularly good with stealth since they seem to activate detection at the default range and engage npcs that a stealth build can sneak right past. Totally forget about using them with an assassin build or thief build. I'm afraid to even try a "criminal" ability around them with a vampire or necromancer. I hope they add more companion choices with some like those in Skyrim and Fallout 4 who actually don't like it when you are nice.

  17. Moontotem

    MoontotemPred mesecem

    You, i love you man for all your awesome infos !

  18. clawz1000

    clawz1000Pred mesecem

    Your leaving something out that i can only assume is that you have to have all of 1 armor on and not mix light,med and heavy.

  19. Omar Slater

    Omar SlaterPred mesecem

    Grinding as a tank is such a struggle 😪

  20. DR SensuBean

    DR SensuBeanPred mesecem

    What also sucks is they max out 30exp per action or fights

  21. K. Z.

    K. Z.Pred mesecem

    Why fast...

  22. mike cavalle

    mike cavallePred mesecem

    is Mirri's comment "I'm famished" a clue to do something?

  23. blktauna

    blktaunaPred mesecem

    My lvl 33 is running Mirri. They work well together and Mirri is levelling nicely. I don't really have any wish to race through these levels so its nice they match the progressions of the companions. She's great on support and I don't feel the need right now to make her something she isnt.

  24. Tony Murray

    Tony MurrayPred mesecem

    With the companions I've been using all my characters to get more daily guild quests to lvl up them

  25. QuiGeorgeJim

    QuiGeorgeJimPred mesecem

    A Great Informative Presentation Hack, Thank You!

  26. darkiceman

    darkicemanPred mesecem

    For me dragon star arena was faster level for my companion

  27. rt gJR

    rt gJRPred mesecem

    so the rapport system is either bugged or we were wrong to think you could level rapport across multiple toons I have her as friendly on 1 toon and unlocked her as a houseguest yet on my other toons the rapport is stuck in cordial I was doing dailies and other things Mirri likes on 4 toons yet only 1 has the friendly status

  28. robyn Rotolo

    robyn RotoloPred mesecem

    I leveled a character to 50 and only got to 14

  29. Toby Dion

    Toby DionPred mesecem

    My issue with trying to grind with companions is they mess up the enemy grouping. I guess I have to change my grind character to one that has the hooked chain ability to pull them back to the group.

  30. Ibn Yahud

    Ibn YahudPred mesecem

    It would be super cool if they added a simple AI favored choice path morph for each companion skill. For example, Starfall morphs into high health threshold targeting only ( it seems to actually land damage very low % of time, especially since they love trying to spam cast it through walls lol) or instead into a more utility skill say perhaps a magelight aoe hybrid. I think we need to be able to give very simple commands as well, like "stand back" or "shields!". Perhaps they could make high rapport means more likely they will listen to you or something like that. I imagine they are releasing more of them, and I think it would be awesome to lead 3 other companions into a dungeon after coming up with a group comp that works with the cooldowns,cast times, and AI.

  31. poopikins

    poopikinsPred mesecem

    Guild Dailies may only affect the companion currently equipped. I know for sure they unlock their skill lines separately, so you'll have to do the guild dailies once for every companion that exists, 2 for now.

  32. Timothy Drescher

    Timothy DrescherPred mesecem

    You can also get guild dailies shared. You can only do each unique one once per character per day of course, but different players may have different dailies available and can share them with you.

  33. Jason Smith

    Jason SmithPred mesecem

    thanks , wasnt sure why my companion wasnt gaining armour skills.👍

  34. Epstien Didnt Kill Himself

    Epstien Didnt Kill HimselfPred mesecem

    Haven't even gotten my companion yet

  35. Psycho Fury

    Psycho FuryPred mesecem

    I see at the start of the vid you are grinding in the werewolf zone in glenumbra (I think), I know in a vid it was suggested to grind here, but i think that if you complete the first part of the quest and go into camlorn (the city infested with werewolves), it is a far better xp grind spot, there are a few areas there you can pull 5 to 10+ werewolves at a time, and they respawn very fast

  36. Abakhan231 Abakhan231

    Abakhan231 Abakhan231Pred mesecem

    PBR !!!

  37. Dread-Cthulu

    Dread-CthuluPred mesecem

    I'm a week late but, Hack, you make some great vids. Keep it goin', brother.

  38. William Whitman

    William WhitmanPred mesecem

    plus friends sharing

  39. Six

    SixPred mesecem

    What the hell are you killing that gives 4k xp per kill? I usually only see 200-350 for most trash mobs

  40. SatansWerewolf

    SatansWerewolfPred mesecem

    I can confirm the slower leveling on lower-level characters. I did all 3 guild quests on a max level character and was already at lvl 4 and a half on both of them after the 3 quests each.

  41. Peter Calcutt

    Peter CalcuttPred mesecem

    Companions are awesome. but i do have a QUESTRION How do i level up my relationship/ rapport with a companion?

  42. Stephen Wilson

    Stephen WilsonPred mesecem

    One thing I have noticed that does not seem to level evenly across all my toons is rapport. I have made headway on rapport with my companion and main toon, but it is not reflected on the other toons I run. It is such slow going that it will be the longest "grind" aspect of the companions. (I do understand and it makes sense that rapport would be different for each toon you run. Just like in real life, I have a different rapport with different members of family. I just don't like that grind, lol.)

  43. Howell Q'agan

    Howell Q'aganPred mesecem

    You can just share guild quests, no need to set up different characters, just gotta have other players willing to share. Also, only level matters in XP gain. Same XP at cp10 and at cp1000, which is why it takes longer to get from 999 to 1000 than 10 to 11. Same xp gain but higher requirement for next point.

  44. Xavier J.

    Xavier J.Pred mesecem

    Would heartlaan conqueror set with training gear help with farming?

  45. Hack The Minotaur

    Hack The MinotaurPred mesecem

    Yes that would be a nice bonus actually!

  46. Sean Burbank

    Sean BurbankPred mesecem

    Teammates can share guild quest

  47. Shadow Killer1711

    Shadow Killer1711Pred mesecem

    Great video! Been grinding since it’s release on consoles and got bastion to level 11. Two things I WISH I knew when I started, I didn’t know xp scrolls increased companions xp too. And I didn’t know the shop people sold companions items. Been grinding for sword and shield. Really wish I watched this video earlier

  48. Artemis

    ArtemisPred mesecem

    I had how low the drop rate is on armor

  49. ShadowProject01

    ShadowProject01Pred mesecem

    Another tidbit: if you are in a pub dungeon and someone leaves one of the remaining players can pop out their companion at any point to fill in that missing role. Tank left? Have a companion tank, pop em out and continue on. 👍🏿

  50. TheLoneGamer74

    TheLoneGamer74Pred mesecem

    have you tried skyreach or nBRP with companion for levelling?

  51. The Rogue Collective

    The Rogue CollectivePred mesecem

    "I don't intend to stop learning" Except at Lv 20 you dork

  52. Chorei Frx

    Chorei FrxPred mesecem

    Podrías hacer las guías también en castellano?

  53. Elk Titanborn

    Elk TitanbornPred mesecem

    Hey, can you fix the Ice Mage Warden Champion points? Since they slightly changed them 😅

  54. Mike

    MikePred mesecem

    Why they stuck another pointless frind

  55. Pablo Rivera Garcia

    Pablo Rivera GarciaPred mesecem

    Can you use them in dungeons

  56. Prince rose

    Prince rosePred mesecem


  57. Filip Procházka

    Filip ProcházkaPred mesecem

    I found that some group delves in Craglorn are probably even more effective XP-wise than dolmens; in about an hour, my Mirri got from level 11.8 to 13.2 (I was using an XP scroll though; I was turning in writs just prior to the delve run). This was all done in Ruins of Kardala; the delve is fairly small and has decent mob density. The respawns are timed about right for me to finish a round just prior to the new groups starting spawning. That said, there are certain caveats (spelling?). Obviously, group delves are way tougher than dolmens. You also need to be in the group delve alone/just with your group, otherwise whoever else is in there is likely going to kill mobs in parts of the delve you have not yet been to. The loot is also worse, as you will be avoiding the delve's boss (the XP from it is not worth the time investment). And finally, after you are done in the delve, you will absolutely and totally HATE the place and will not want to see it at any point in the near geologic future.

  58. Alumriel

    AlumrielPred mesecem

    So far, it seems promising, but could use a little tweaking. My biggest complaint is low drop rates for equipment

  59. Revan 1

    Revan 1Pred mesecem

    Hack, can you make BlackWood StamNecro guide? Ty.

  60. linaelvira

    linaelviraPred mesecem

    This is a brilliant guide - added to much depth to how I understand the Companions! I am not sure I like that the companion is the same on every character though :O What if I wanted to have it a different way for a different character...

  61. Alexander Maltsev

    Alexander MaltsevPred mesecem

    There will be more companions later, so we have to wait :)

  62. Eleglas

    EleglasPred mesecem

    How are you getting 4k+ experience per kill in a level 50+ character? My companion only gets ~200.

  63. 42

    42Pred mesecem

    This guy takes way too long to get the appointment of the article repeating himself several times about what hes going to talk about when he does start getting there there's way too much blah blah blah blah useless nonsense and way too little actual a thought title of the post was supposed to be

  64. Gryffon Rider

    Gryffon RiderPred mesecem

    Kinda sucks how it scales off your exp gain. So basically my main character of level 41 will have a slow grind till I get into the CP range. It’s already hard enough to get levels 😡

  65. Damien Luedtke

    Damien LuedtkePred mesecem

    Cp 2500 here and stop crying. We all had to do the grind, even Hack. So buck up and get to it buttercup.

  66. DarknessInferno15

    DarknessInferno15Pred mesecem

    Wait, you're saying that companions persist across all characters? That's huge.

  67. Sorrior

    SorriorPred mesecem

    There stats yes. The unlock no

  68. Sofia Kovalevskaia

    Sofia KovalevskaiaPred mesecem

    I have a question about the armour "training" trait for the shared experience - if I want the companion to level up their light armour skills, do I have to wear light armour with the training trait in order for them to benefit?

  69. Sofia Kovalevskaia

    Sofia KovalevskaiaPred mesecem

    @Hack The Minotaur Thank you! Very excited about this feature - your videos have been very helpful!

  70. Hack The Minotaur

    Hack The MinotaurPred mesecem

    It’s based on what armor the companion is wearing. You’d want them to have at least 5 light pieces in that case

  71. ElPixelangelo

    ElPixelangeloPred mesecem

    You can use a second account to host different daily quests for you main account... Boss,Guild,Dungeon dailies...

  72. OMD OldManDuece

    OMD OldManDuecePred mesecem

    Companions are better than PUGs on Normal Dungeons... Vet Dungeons...not so much but mine is only level 12 right now

  73. Revan 1

    Revan 1Pred mesecem


  74. Supadrumma441

    Supadrumma441Pred mesecem

    I've found companions to be absolutely lacklustre so far and downright annoying to play with them out. Mirri insists on standing on things im trying to interact with every 10 seconds so i end up speaking with her instead of looting corpses or harvesting nodes. Don't get me started on her whining every time i loot a butterfly for alchemy. Yeah, I don't think im gonna invest much effort into these companions personally. I can see a low cp player or new players getting something out of it, but a cp 1200 player like myself, I just dont see any benefit.

  75. Supadrumma441

    Supadrumma441Pred mesecem

    @robyn Rotolo I don't give 2 shits what she likes, I got bored farming xp and gave up on the whole system. Waste of time and effort.

  76. robyn Rotolo

    robyn RotoloPred mesecem

    Mirri loves way shrines

  77. Hendrik

    HendrikPred mesecem

    Hey, I just started playing ESO and I'm wondering how do I get those buff indicators you have above your healthbar?

  78. Prince rose

    Prince rosePred mesecem

    In the option menu

  79. mions0

    mions0Pred mesecem

    If ur on PC Instelling addons Just look it op and u wil find it and use minon program to instal the addons u can find los of vids to see how to do it

  80. skeletor196

    skeletor196Pred mesecem

    Is it only combat xp or will master writ xp work too?

  81. Adam Allen

    Adam AllenPred mesecem

    Rally cry quest been my lvling area for years. Also so you don't have to abandon quest. Leave last mob run up stairs and around and start again it's much quicker

  82. M.A.W.

    M.A.W.Pred mesecem


  83. Niz

    NizPred mesecem

    Great video! Any tips/tricks on how to boost rapport?

  84. Jean Kevin

    Jean KevinPred mesecem

    Dont see the point to grind them , their dps or heals are so bad - only grind worth it is their rep

  85. Asriel {V.Wolf}

    Asriel {V.Wolf}Pred mesecem

    Do undaunted daily pledges count as experience towards companion undaunted skill line?

  86. Asriel {V.Wolf}

    Asriel {V.Wolf}Pred mesecem

    @Supadrumma441 dang, thanks for letting me know.

  87. Supadrumma441

    Supadrumma441Pred mesecem

    No. Only the daily quest from the orc dude.

  88. JD201034

    JD201034Pred mesecem

    Hey Hack I know this is illrevelant to the topic. I know the harborager story quest line is solo but what about all the stories after that? That's what kinda push me away was having a single player story while being a open world game.

  89. JD201034

    JD201034Pred mesecem

    @Hack The Minotaur ty for the reply

  90. Hack The Minotaur

    Hack The MinotaurPred mesecem

    All ESO story quests are essentially Solo content. You can group up for them if you want but it's not required.

  91. Ron Harris

    Ron HarrisPred mesecem

    I have a hint... DON'T RUSH.. there is no need or reason.

  92. Barrow Stalker

    Barrow StalkerPred mesecem

    do i get companion gear if my companion is not active ? + we need Rapport guide now : i know Mirri hates blade of woe and she hate going to the dark brotherhood sanctuary . i guess she's a Morag tong from her personality

  93. Captain85

    Captain85Pred mesecem

    Haha and people were wanting skyreach carries before.....wait till now lol

  94. Alexandra Mia

    Alexandra MiaPred mesecem

    The weapon lvl faster theb the comoanion My comp was 15 and sword and shield was 20

  95. Mark Longdon

    Mark LongdonPred mesecem

    For the guild dailies if you are in a group you can share them with each other :)

  96. Portonova

    PortonovaPred mesecem

    Can you take your companion into ndsa for power leveling there?

  97. Bigbaby63

    Bigbaby63Pred mesecem

    New player to this game. I am really enjoying it but it does seem like it takes forever to level. I dont have any high level toons so I guess it will take me forever to level myself and my companions. :(

  98. Revan 1

    Revan 1Pred mesecem

    nah its very fast now

  99. Simply Ruben

    Simply RubenPred mesecem

    What was the spot shown in the video at 2:55 ? it's in Bangkorai right? sleeper grind spot but I forgot the precise name of the place

  100. Michelle Partridge

    Michelle PartridgePred mesecem

    Thanks for the tips! Loving the new chapter! Really noticed companies levelling great with your grind builds, thanks so much!

  101. Ishaan Gupta

    Ishaan GuptaPred mesecem

    1:40 HTM : You can grind dolmens and group events to level up your companions. Molag Bal: I am patient. But not THAT patient, fool.


    THEGRAVEDIGGER02Pred mesecem

    Great vid as always

  103. Rain Songs

    Rain SongsPred mesecem

    I like that companions take more time to level with low level characters. Feels more like they are leveling WITH you as you grow as a player character and adventurer. But when you are already CP or max level, your companion catches up super fast without the need for a really long grind or player journey because you are already a total boss by that point. Cool system imo.

  104. Simply Ruben

    Simply RubenPred mesecem

    I both like and dislike it... mostly dislike cause even at max level they really dont deal any more damage if at all and their scaling with gear is terrible as well so why should it be such a grind for a minute increase? to me the whole system feels just like a gimmick with the low terrible drop rates for companion gear, not being able to upgrade said gear and ultimately a best in slot companion will deal a whopping 2k more damage, not worth grinding literal eeons to level them up and then more eons to get best in slot gear.

  105. Danae Gore

    Danae GorePred mesecem

    The upside to having to wait an extra week for console release! Very informative! Thanks!

  106. Silent Gary

    Silent GaryPred mesecem

    Good Info. Thanks much

  107. Josie Woodrose

    Josie WoodrosePred mesecem

    This was very helpful. Thanks

  108. jim gem

    jim gemPred mesecem

    A bit pissed off with the companion bug' yesterday had 2 purple bits the rest blue including jewellery which took alot of grinding and lost the lot with the bug which i didn't know about' now they suppose to fix it with patch but no compensation' that took alot of hrs to grind and just wasted alot of time..

  109. Negan Davidson

    Negan DavidsonPred mesecem

    Wait... Companions are account bound?!

  110. Stephen Lap Hin Wong

    Stephen Lap Hin WongPred mesecem

    yeah but you still have to go through the intro quest for each companion for each character...

  111. TheArabianLord

    TheArabianLordPred mesecem

    thanks for early guide i cant wait console release

  112. DannyExistence18

    DannyExistence18Pred mesecem

    Guys I took Mirri to Dragonstar arena once and she leveled up FIVE TIMES She went from 3 to 8!! So I highly suggest running the whole thing with her

  113. DannyExistence18

    DannyExistence18Pred mesecem

    @Skylar F I’m assuming it didn’t work lol

  114. Mészáros László

    Mészáros LászlóPred mesecem

    @Skylar F you can't bring companions to solo arenas

  115. Skylar F

    Skylar FPred mesecem

    Going to take her to maelstrom arena if I can and see what happens

  116. Hack The Minotaur

    Hack The MinotaurPred mesecem

    Good tip!

  117. Misanthropic Gamer

    Misanthropic GamerPred mesecem

    my companion lost all her gear yesterday and I dont know why

  118. Dampiix

    DampiixPred mesecem

    it was a bug. should be fixed with the maintenance that was earlier today

  119. Scorpio 69 poison

    Scorpio 69 poisonPred mesecem

    Could someone please tell me where I can find or where I can get bat oil cuz I want to make the greymoor armor and I can't cuz I need that and there is no SLthrowr out there that has made a video about where to find or get it

  120. Scorpio 69 poison

    Scorpio 69 poisonPred mesecem

    @melapelantodoss thank you

  121. melapelantodoss

    melapelantodossPred mesecem

    You can get as reward from dailies in Western Skyrim, also if you decon armor/weapon pieces in that style.

  122. Bridenbrad

    BridenbradPred mesecem

    That last tip kinda bummed me out but I’m glad to know it. I have a few cp characters over 1300 or so, so I could technically level up a companion on them but I was looking forward to unlocking bastian on a new dps toon I was going to make when Blackwood comes to ps4. Still probably going to do that so he can level with me, just a shame to know I will be punishing myself and him for doing it that way lol.

  123. Christine Hede

    Christine HedePred mesecem

    @Bridenbrad also true but you will level much faster if you use those cp as they make your character stronger enabling you to kill more quickly. You lose nothing at all if you are having fun either. This is a game and if you need to be min/maxing every step of the way you are losing sight of the fun factor. You make a new toon because you want to experience something different so why worry about how fast you level. I get that you want to level your companion quickly but why?

  124. Bridenbrad

    BridenbradPred mesecem

    @Christine Hede no what I meant is that when I make a new toon, even though he will have a bunch of cp points to spend right at level 1, he will still be earning the amount of exp that a regular level 1 character earns, he won’t be earning the amount of exp that a champion level character earns because it goes by the character level not their cp level (at least under level 50 I believe)

  125. Christine Hede

    Christine HedePred mesecem

    @Bridenbrad yes you are correct there will be no cp gain until that character reaches level fifty.

  126. Bridenbrad

    BridenbradPred mesecem

    @Christine Hede yeah but a cp toon that’s level 1 will still be getting level 1 exp not cp level exp as far as I’m aware from my own testing.

  127. Christine Hede

    Christine HedePred mesecem

    You can use your cp on all characters as soon as you create them once you have one character reach level 50.

  128. Kuultyc

    KuultycPred mesecem

    Blackwood is easily the worst expac to date, companions honestly suck...they aren't good and kinda annoying to listen to all the time, and lack full customization and on top of all that they can't carry their own gear ...I played and grinded them up for awhile, but the update has been so trash I'm just logging into Valheim today. Might come back if they fix some of what I listed.

  129. sacred power

    sacred powerPred mesecem

    @J.H. W. Really do hope we get more different types of Companions in the near future.

  130. J.H. W.

    J.H. W.Pred mesecem

    @Kuultyc u can go gameplay settings and turn down the dialog frequency so they dont talk as much...i really like the companion system just having some additional skills and passives carried by them that u can "use"... we got the dk and nb i wonder what a necro compainion etc would be

  131. Kuultyc

    KuultycPred mesecem

    On a positive note, the Blackwood map is really nice compared to other zones they released. It's on par with Vvardenfell and Summerset

  132. Matthew Blachut

    Matthew BlachutPred mesecem

    Get a buddy. Queue random normal. Kick the other two members. Bring out companions. Beat dungeon. 100k exp for companion. Easy!

  133. Adam Allen

    Adam AllenPred mesecem

    Wow man you don't deserve to game . Me n my mate having a great time screw the rest of you.

  134. Goonies Bobby

    Goonies BobbyPred mesecem

    Or you can queue with companion already out 🤦🤦🤦🤦

  135. melapelantodoss

    melapelantodossPred mesecem

    Great, kick other players waiting 20-30 min in a queue to join a dungeon...smh

  136. Pilvey Karliah

    Pilvey KarliahPred mesecem

    You can share guild dailies, too. So if you have friends playing, share em with each other for more xp.

  137. yickythemando

    yickythemandoPred mesecem

    keep in mind, you HAVE to have your companion summoned when you turn in the quests to get the XP. so if you have 4 players, make sure you all leave group before you turn in and summon your companions

  138. ElPixelangelo

    ElPixelangeloPred mesecem

    Or use a second account to collect and share them for your main account

  139. Ashley Davies

    Ashley DaviesPred mesecem

    Great tips hack, still waiting brother, on console 🤪

  140. Sev

    SevPred mesecem

    Now if they could get them on the level of Star Wars the Old Republic that would shoot this game far

  141. Sev

    SevPred mesecem

    @tobarstep I meant the stories, their input on your decisions, romance, and customization. The stuff they are bringing to the game that just looks less than what we got in SWTOR. Good news is we can wait to see if I'm wrong tomorrow!

  142. tobarstep

    tobarstepPred mesecem

    But then your own character becomes secondary. Max rank SWTOR comps can solo most "solo" content themselves with you just standing there.

  143. mike cavalle

    mike cavallePred mesecem

    btw - Companions have breathed new life into my ESO experiences - (played from the original public beta) -- The last time I talked to an Armorer was years ago. :-)

  144. mike cavalle

    mike cavallePred 27 dnevi

    @Wind and Cloud Shadow hack would be kept busy with 'team formations' like he's doing with Companions now.

  145. Wind and Cloud Shadow

    Wind and Cloud ShadowPred 27 dnevi

    @mike cavalle Talk about over powered XD but yea it would be cool.

  146. mike cavalle

    mike cavallePred 27 dnevi

    btw- Blackwood is so beautiful. i recall sitting in Skyrim on a mountain top waiting for the sunrise -- Blackwood's like that.

  147. mike cavalle

    mike cavallePred 27 dnevi

    @Wind and Cloud Shadow : it would be nice to have our own toons as companions -- teams of 4 for dungeons and such.

  148. Wind and Cloud Shadow

    Wind and Cloud ShadowPred 27 dnevi

    I think the Companions where good a decision for Eso they do help out more then I expected lol.

  149. Paul

    PaulPred mesecem

    I have both of them, but only using Mirri and I like her. Your guides are a big help.

  150. Marcio Severo

    Marcio SeveroPred mesecem

    Hey Hack, thank you for the tips. After 2 nights playing with then, my companions are only level 7 :(. Now we need, as soon as possible, some tips about where and how to farm companions gear. The drop rate is terrible.

  151. daniel

    danielPred mesecem

    @Marcio Severo I've killed 40 world/dungeon bosses, and have gotten maybe 6 drops total, and zero purples. Even tried a vet dungeon, 1 drop out of 5 bosses.

  152. Marcio Severo

    Marcio SeveroPred mesecem

    @Martin Gage I've found 1 from final boss at Oblivion portal and 1 at spindleclutch. And one more from one delve boss. Only this 3 in +- 8 hours. :(

  153. Martin Gage

    Martin GagePred mesecem

    They say from dungeons I think and trials, like from the bosses

  154. rabb1tdotcom

    rabb1tdotcomPred mesecem

    No thoughts on companions yet. About 10 hours in the new zone, and I haven't run into them yet. (I won't look for spoilers on where to find them or specifically seek them out. Just waiting until I naturally run into them.) I've been a little side tracked, but at the 4th or 5th main quest? Kinda figured at least one would unlock through the main line almost immediately.

  155. Martin Gage

    Martin GagePred mesecem

    Well they don’t through the main quest line