Man Pranks People by Wearing Realistic-Looking Face Mask - 1175805-1

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  1. Wutdafuk? 09

    Wutdafuk? 09Pred 4 urami

    Love it.

  2. Sanal Vincent

    Sanal VincentPred 5 urami

    Prank of the year

  3. gottahurt

    gottahurtPred 6 urami

    What a fucking bellend ..

  4. tenmushi

    tenmushiPred 6 urami


  5. Corey Erica

    Corey EricaPred 6 urami

    That will be good to use for a crime I'm sold

  6. A M

    A MPred 6 urami

    The mask nazis freaketh outeth.

  7. Opeoluwa E. Odetunde

    Opeoluwa E. OdetundePred 7 urami

    I thought it was a SNAPCHAT Filter😅

  8. Prnscnss N

    Prnscnss NPred 7 urami

    وصلوا اكلات النستقرام المشهور الي مليون

  9. Jaw Belly

    Jaw BellyPred 7 urami

    Hahahaha. This is actually so damn funny. Wow. This...Wow. Ingenious. So funny. I'm actually laughing right now. That is just...Wow so funny. Ha ha ha. Funny.

  10. jajacobs2

    jajacobs2Pred 7 urami

    Where can I get that mask? Can the owner of the mask in the video, provide a link for it?

  11. Love Inaction

    Love InactionPred 9 urami

    That’s neat

  12. george mikal

    george mikalPred 9 urami

    That's just not how you speak to a customer, you can say; please put your mask up

  13. S B

    S BPred 9 urami

    This mask should be named as condom mask

  14. YouTube Account

    YouTube AccountPred 9 urami

    please tell me where u get those masks

  15. kev morris

    kev morrisPred 10 urami


  16. Pete Nice

    Pete NicePred 11 urami

    Rando: “Put your mask up” Me: “Bounce on this dong like Donkey Kong”

  17. Slam Free Poetry

    Slam Free PoetryPred 13 urami


  18. Mary Claudia

    Mary ClaudiaPred 13 urami

    Looollll I love this.

  19. Vena D

    Vena DPred 13 urami

    Hilarious! Great mask

  20. P2THAR

    P2THARPred 15 urami

    More evidence people need to mind their own business. Who cares if someone's not wearing a mask? It doesn't matter. If you're wearing one, and they work, you're fine. Otherwise you're admitting yours doesn't work. BTW, viruses don't stop being viruses while you're eating. If it's super duper deadly, why is it ok to take your mask off while elbow to elbow with someone on a plane? It's not about keeping people healthy, when's the last time you really thought the top priority of the gov was to keep the American people healthy?

  21. Menyuam Hmoob Xyooj

    Menyuam Hmoob XyoojPred 15 urami

    Came here thinking this a was a bizarre food episode

  22. Miss Minchin

    Miss MinchinPred 15 urami

    *meanwhile in PH smiling manny pacquiao face masks 😂

  23. Mattricks

    MattricksPred 16 urami



    CURTIS HAWKINSPred 16 urami


  25. Raul Martinez Flores

    Raul Martinez FloresPred 16 urami

    Where can I buy this

  26. Bryan B

    Bryan BPred 16 urami

    That worker is brainwashed. Scared out of his life enough to tell another grown man what he needs to do whiteout even noticing his lips weren’t moving when talking. Stupid prick. Anyways, nice mask guy

  27. thismof0

    thismof0Pred 17 urami


  28. Q H

    Q HPred 17 urami

    Where can i get one

  29. Carl Johnson

    Carl JohnsonPred 18 urami

    Dr. Phil be like:

  30. Bobbie Otero

    Bobbie OteroPred 18 urami

    I love it. It hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Fron Villa

    Fron VillaPred 19 urami

    This needs to be a series...

  32. its 5.56 somewhere

    its 5.56 somewherePred 21 uro


  33. Louise Jeffries

    Louise JeffriesPred 22 urami

    That’s cool I like that, good for you.

  34. Archie Flanagan

    Archie FlanaganPred dnevom

    It doesn’t look real

  35. Vandelay Industries

    Vandelay IndustriesPred dnevom

    That's so funny. How did he keep a straight face the whole time?

  36. Carol Driehorst

    Carol DriehorstPred dnevom

    I like that mask, looks natural.

  37. Big GD

    Big GDPred dnevom

    😂 This shit funny as hell

  38. Keith Schubert

    Keith SchubertPred dnevom

    where can I buy one of these masks?

  39. Smooth Operator

    Smooth OperatorPred dnevom

    Or you could just not wear one and not be a bitch

  40. Jason Draws

    Jason DrawsPred dnevom

    “ this is how we role”

  41. Arian salehin

    Arian salehinPred dnevom

    this man was the inspiration for ex-arm anime hahaha

  42. reihan2007

    reihan2007Pred dnevom

    Is that guy dumb because he already know that is a mask is real and not his mouth his mouth will be moving when he talks bruh🙄

  43. Deb Ferguson

    Deb FergusonPred dnevom

    Haha 😆 that’s good darn mask it looks like real he pulled the mask down without covering.👍👍👍👏👏👏😂

  44. Sam Superman

    Sam SupermanPred dnevom

    LOVE IT!

  45. GRJCLyon

    GRJCLyonPred dnevom

    I want one for work. F em. LOL

  46. KiraLea Simms

    KiraLea SimmsPred dnevom


  47. 19.008 Mufli Rafiandy

    19.008 Mufli RafiandyPred dnevom

    dad jokes

  48. CovidBS

    CovidBSPred dnevom


  49. Eileen Camacho

    Eileen CamachoPred dnevom

    That’s funny

  50. Mod 66

    Mod 66Pred dnevom

    Funny until someone punches you in the face for thinking you are going to infect them or their family !

  51. Neal Beach

    Neal BeachPred dnevom





  53. Katie Burke

    Katie BurkePred dnevom

    That's funny...

  54. Saint Mike

    Saint MikePred dnevom

    Does anyone know where he got his mask?

  55. Mingo295

    Mingo295Pred dnevom


  56. Brent Ufkes

    Brent UfkesPred dnevom

    Pull your mask up. That's where I turn and exit

  57. mario g

    mario gPred dnevom

    funny but not funny. phake vyris

  58. Richard Crawford

    Richard CrawfordPred dnevom

    He ruined it by saying “this is how we roll”

  59. Julie Wellington

    Julie WellingtonPred dnevom

    Good stuff ! Great to have a laugh in these tense, sad times. 👍

  60. Powell John

    Powell JohnPred 22 urami

    Hello Julie

  61. Spinster Jones

    Spinster JonesPred dnevom

    They need to make one with a cig in the mouth.

  62. coolboythepug 64

    coolboythepug 64Pred dnevom

    He kinda looks like Homer Simpson

  63. aola wili

    aola wiliPred dnevom

    "Oh wow that is to cool"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  64. Sun shine

    Sun shinePred dnevom


  65. Peter Pizzurro

    Peter PizzurroPred dnevom

    Bunch of pussies!

  66. Apple Pie Gaming

    Apple Pie GamingPred dnevom

    I love it lol!

  67. alexandre hendges dos reis

    alexandre hendges dos reisPred dnevom


  68. alexandre hendges dos reis

    alexandre hendges dos reisPred dnevom

    @aola wili VERY COOL!

  69. aola wili

    aola wiliPred dnevom

    I got this recommended

  70. Colin Belchamber

    Colin BelchamberPred dnevom

    Clever ,brilliant

  71. Greg Brimstone

    Greg BrimstonePred dnevom

    Can I get a *"GOT EEM!"*

  72. Sangwoo’s Ashes

    Sangwoo’s AshesPred dnevom

    oh... a way to make people mad... i love it

  73. zmasher

    zmasherPred dnevom

    even i felt for it

  74. Suhara Salam

    Suhara SalamPred dnevom


  75. James Dorsijiuhjuh

    James DorsijiuhjuhPred dnevom

    Didn't take long for the mask police to come out!

  76. amerah Hamdi

    amerah HamdiPred dnevom

    Deprive a cell of oxygen for 48 hours and it becomes cancerous.. the dr. Who did this study won noble prize for this particular study... and he had concluded that in high levels of oxygen cancer cells die!! To be healthy you need to breathe right and good amount of oxygen all the time. And yeah if masks dont restrict breathing then why are people with breathing difficulties exempt from wearing one?

  77. Gina lovespenguins

    Gina lovespenguinsPred dnevom

    Feel like this was staged lmao

  78. JTTO

    JTTOPred dnevom

    Now that FN awesome!!!

  79. Blake W

    Blake WPred dnevom

    Nothing better to do with your time. I’m sure.

  80. Matthew Grisham

    Matthew GrishamPred dnevom

    “Pull your mask up” like a little bitch ass dude.

  81. Blue Lotus

    Blue LotusPred dnevom

    F nazi he is

  82. Hisbeautiful Truth

    Hisbeautiful TruthPred dnevom

    Pretty cool!😄

  83. Native Nfree

    Native NfreePred dnevom

    I know he probably doesn't want to wear makeup but he could get foundation that matches that mask exactly & it would make that mask even more realistic.

  84. Blake W

    Blake WPred dnevom

    That’s overkill honestly

  85. Lantempoo

    LantempooPred dnevom

    I got this recommended

  86. Wharton Madkins

    Wharton MadkinsPred dnevom

    😀 If YOU could CUSTOMIZE that to every FACE... YOU probably can make SOME💰

  87. Chrome Firefox

    Chrome FirefoxPred 2 dnevi


  88. Noseefood

    NoseefoodPred 2 dnevi

    I thought about just painting a mask on my face

  89. tiffany nottage

    tiffany nottagePred 2 dnevi

    How do I get one of these!

  90. Body Balance By Ben

    Body Balance By BenPred 2 dnevi

    Can this mask bull shit just be over

  91. Penny Montano

    Penny MontanoPred 2 dnevi

    Where can I get one ?

  92. Martin Granderson

    Martin GrandersonPred 2 dnevi

    Face mask looks better than his face. Sorry. Facts.

  93. Consuella Turner

    Consuella TurnerPred 2 dnevi

    That is funny!

  94. Nola’s Randomness

    Nola’s RandomnessPred 2 dnevi

    The guy that told him to put his mask up was not even a worker?!?!l

  95. Pro Fisherman

    Pro FishermanPred 2 dnevi

    Only lunatic lefty snowflakes get mad that the government doesnt make them follow more orders....smfh...retards

  96. Bonnie Bester

    Bonnie BesterPred 2 dnevi

    I have a Fox, Bear and Lion...Roar!


    REGGI ENNPred 2 dnevi

    Lol. It would have been better if you painted a crack pipe inbetween those lips

  98. Adam Macias

    Adam MaciasPred 2 dnevi

    The mouth not moving part. Oh what a beautiful day!

  99. Kaden Blankenship

    Kaden BlankenshipPred 2 dnevi

    That was generally good. Great job

  100. Minnie Mouse

    Minnie MousePred 2 dnevi

    Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha. I love it.

  101. JeremyTheGamer08

    JeremyTheGamer08Pred 2 dnevi

    Ventriloquist expose

  102. rustusandroid

    rustusandroidPred 2 dnevi

    Took 3 seconds before the mask jackboots confronted you. 2 more seconds, and you would've been assaulted.

  103. rustusandroid

    rustusandroidPred dnevom

    @Anthony Walker Good point.

  104. Anthony Walker

    Anthony WalkerPred dnevom

    Assault means they would have to get more than 6ft. These type of people would call the cops.

  105. DJ TechnoGuru

    DJ TechnoGuruPred 2 dnevi

    Where do you get this mask, I want one!

  106. Standing Elton

    Standing EltonPred 2 dnevi

    I want one of those masks! I could do so much pranking. I'm an investor & that's a real headache, so pranking with mask would help me relax! Thank You!

  107. ItzCaptainFridaee

    ItzCaptainFridaeePred 2 dnevi

    who's here from ddui 👍😃