Horizon Forbidden West - State of Play Gameplay Reveal | PS5


Join Aloy as she braves the Forbidden West, a deadly frontier that conceals mysterious new threats.


  1. PlayStation

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  2. grim reaper

    grim reaperPred 7 urami

    @Light Yagami forza was going to set forza horizon to japan but japan is packed bruh the streets are really small and cars can barely pass through and cannot drift and there is only some scenery in japan while Mexico has more scenery thats why forza switched to Mexico and why japan there are more countries who wants to make a video game with their country map like china,india and many more soo yeah probably racing games will not put japan map but it can be used for rpg like games

  3. grim reaper

    grim reaperPred 7 urami

    @Light Yagami lol

  4. Karmageddon B.

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  5. The Slayer0

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    @Chong Pooka ps5 is better with 4k and 60 fps and trigger and feelings And never buy ps5 games on ps4 See cyberpunk ok its not the same but safe is safe my opinion

  6. parsa_ Back slash

    parsa_ Back slashPred 21 dnevom

    Just an small state of play or game play trailer will make us greatly happy 😊

  7. Ростик Гончар

    Ростик ГончарPred 3 urami

    Киллзона 1-2 по прежнему лучше


    SMART GAMER AIPred 4 urami

    forza horizon 5 is better

  9. Ростик Гончар

    Ростик ГончарPred 3 urami

    Killzone 2 better

  10. Thahir Shibu

    Thahir ShibuPred 4 urami

    Just imagine if this is Kevin Smith tier bait-and-switch?

  11. MNM 360 Gaming

    MNM 360 Gaming Pred 7 urami

    When we play pc??

  12. Ferdin9nd Tv

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  13. TheGlintJaw

    TheGlintJawPred 10 urami

    Day 6: of watching this everyday till the game releases. Rumours are coming that the game has been delayed internally (to 2022) and will be announced sometime in September.....looks like I'll have to do this for a while lol.

  14. TheGamingScope Live

    TheGamingScope LivePred 11 urami

    Will Horizon Forbidden West be released on PC?

  15. Ferdin9nd Tv

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    YEE CHENG QIAN MoePred 12 urami


  17. ScottC

    ScottCPred 17 urami

    Looks pretty but that motion blur looks nauseating to me. I'll wait for the PC version in a few years.

  18. maxine favian

    maxine favianPred 21 uro

    Come onnn, need this in PC brooo

  19. ItsShiroTime

    ItsShiroTimePred 21 uro

    Horizon is back ❤️


    FULLMETAL BUSHIPred 23 urami

    We all know this game is not going to be like this.

  21. Rogel Durendes

    Rogel DurendesPred 13 urami

    Don't worry it will look like what is shown in the video.


    THE DODO REXPred 23 urami

    Beautiful but things I noticed 1. Aylloy and the environmental shadows/lighting didn’t always match giving a reverse shadow where the dark side was where the light was coming from, a minor complaint and honestly one that isn’t to bad 2. The way run animations interface with the terrain in certain spots didn’t quite work very well, mostly up hill, but still isn’t a major complaint.

  23. TheGlintJaw

    TheGlintJawPred dnevom

    Day 5: of watching this everyday till the game releases. Almost forgot to watch this today lol

  24. Terrill Goodwine Jr

    Terrill Goodwine JrPred dnevom

    Coming in 2022

  25. Ardh Bryan Moningkey

    Ardh Bryan MoningkeyPred dnevom

    Can't believe, did Aloy will be entering to Genshin Impact's character?🤔

  26. Cheema 786

    Cheema 786Pred dnevom

    This game will hopefully be a 10

  27. blur72434

    blur72434Pred dnevom

    Can't wait to see what mods can do to the character visuals

  28. Calebthecatfish

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    This game looks beautiful.

  29. Frostclaw Gaming

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  30. NiXXSiTY

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    I don't even know how to describe this Game and Gameplay....Ingenious for sure...They outdone all the Game Companies out there

  31. BessiGamer21

    BessiGamer21Pred dnevom

    I will know how the game would look on PS4 ?

  32. asher

    asherPred dnevom

    Why does Aloy look like Nick Avocado?

  33. Fjewt

    FjewtPred dnevom

    hopes this comes to pc at same time

  34. Ferdin9nd Tv

    Ferdin9nd TvPred 47 minutami

    After 3yrs or 4 depends on playstation studios tho

  35. grim reaper

    grim reaperPred dnevom

    It will relase after 2 years after the games release

  36. Ambrielツ

    AmbrielツPred 2 dnevi

    Man Idk why but Aloy's face looks fat I think it's bc she's old idk but looks strange (Sorry my Bad English I'm from Brazil😈)

  37. Rogel Durendes

    Rogel DurendesPred 13 urami

    It's just the camera angle to her face. No need to be worry about it.

  38. Zobak The Son

    Zobak The SonPred 2 dnevi

    PS make the best exclusive games Xbox has nothing on ps sorry not sorry 🤣

  39. TheGlintJaw

    TheGlintJawPred 2 dnevi

    Day 4: of watching this everyday till the game releases. Just ended up saving around $70 for this I'm Sooo readyy!

  40. obed correa

    obed correaPred 2 dnevi

    so is there no more looting and collecting resources?

  41. John McClane

    John McClanePred 2 dnevi

    There definitely is since aloy's ammo still needs resources

  42. german_ 75

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  43. Kaedehara Kazuha Simp

    Kaedehara Kazuha SimpPred 2 dnevi

    Genshin player where are you at?!

  44. Azfa Redza

    Azfa RedzaPred 2 dnevi

    Now what i just need to do is finding a PS5

  45. mllok- عبدالملك

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  46. FebriyanWP

    FebriyanWPPred 3 dnevi

    Destroyed san fransisco looks amazing

  47. TheGlintJaw

    TheGlintJawPred 3 dnevi

    Day 3: of watching this everyday till the game releases I'm late to this but... Aloy is in Genshin now?!

  48. B*ch Please

    B*ch PleasePred 3 dnevi

    Aloy is gonna be a free 5 star character in genshin impact too. Ps4 players will get her a month earlier .

  49. John mark Desoyo

    John mark DesoyoPred 3 dnevi

    Its nice but why we dont have in ps4

  50. eryme 09

    eryme 09Pred 3 dnevi

    played and is a huuuge fan of horizon zero dawn .. is beyond excited for this new game to come out and play it !

  51. Jabaak

    JabaakPred 3 dnevi

    Ppl are only here for Genshin impact which is ridiculous I mean look at this game it makes Genshin Impact look like a joke

  52. grim reaper

    grim reaperPred dnevom

    @Tetra Biblos when comparing the visual graphics of horizon zero dawn to genshin it's nothing horizon wins against genshin

  53. Daniel Smid

    Daniel SmidPred 2 dnevi

    @Tetra Biblos Except Genshin is nowhere close to compete with big AAA

  54. Tetra Biblos

    Tetra BiblosPred 3 dnevi

    Why are you comparing Horizon zero to Genshin? They're different and both are unique in its own ways so just please shut up

  55. Jameel Daya

    Jameel DayaPred 3 dnevi

    This game is based in the 31st century. The environment just looks amazing. Just nature rising again and that's wat makes this games scenery look beautiful.

  56. BASIC777

    BASIC777Pred 3 dnevi

    What happened to her face? Did she eat too much?

  57. weightycarlos

    weightycarlosPred 3 dnevi

    I’m such a sucker for hair cloth physics. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  58. mieraa

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  59. Febi Bagus Saputra

    Febi Bagus SaputraPred 4 dnevi

    Thanks for a collab with Genshin Impact, can't wait to test her out.

  60. cartoon trailers

    cartoon trailersPred 4 dnevi

    Next Game: Horizon Dominant North

  61. Kenny Berger

    Kenny BergerPred 4 dnevi

    Please release for PC!!!!!!

  62. TheGlintJaw

    TheGlintJawPred 4 dnevi

    Day 2: of watching this everyday till the game releases.

  63. Epic

    EpicPred 4 dnevi

    Someone please tell me this will be available for the ps4

  64. static 23

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  65. SnowyLicious

    SnowyLiciousPred 4 dnevi

    I know this is too late but remember when they did the kill zone franchise?

  66. Veronica Haney

    Veronica HaneyPred 4 dnevi

    who wunts to fight 1 of the jaint michens in the mountan of zero dawn as a boss in the one

  67. ConnectTheDeshes

    ConnectTheDeshesPred 4 dnevi

    4:13 - One of my favourite part, what she did on the ground is something new 8:43 - Another one, new skills baby

  68. TheGlintJaw

    TheGlintJawPred 4 dnevi

    Day 1: of watching this everyday till the game releases I'm soo hypeeedd!!

  69. the gamer

    the gamerPred 4 dnevi

    @TheGlintJaw legendary english

  70. TheGlintJaw

    TheGlintJawPred 4 dnevi

    @the gamer same

  71. the gamer

    the gamerPred 4 dnevi

    Hope it dont delay

  72. Ozzy adventures

    Ozzy adventuresPred 5 dnevi

    I couldn’t be more excited

  73. Steak Ribs and Burgers

    Steak Ribs and BurgersPred 5 dnevi

    Poor Aloy got stung by a bee and has a severe allergy to the sting.

  74. crazy watcher

    crazy watcherPred 5 dnevi

    She is old 😢

  75. Charlie Shay

    Charlie ShayPred 5 dnevi

    Can we get a follow command? Also for the bigger machines like the thunderjaw a "go here command" and be able to use as a platform for shooting and jumping off of. make it expensive to command a bigger machine.

  76. Nellski

    NellskiPred 5 dnevi

    Wait, she can speak under water!?! I just tried it in the bath-tube. It’s not possible. Trust me!

  77. Brayden Herman

    Brayden HermanPred 5 dnevi

    This looks so hot

  78. King Larry

    King LarryPred 5 dnevi

    This is amazing, I didn’t know Nick Avocado was the lead. What in the world did you guys do to her face? Lol

  79. RealMTL

    RealMTLPred 6 dnevi

    I guess I'll play on PC in 2025...

  80. King James Mayo

    King James MayoPred 6 dnevi

    When does this game come out the game looks amazing

  81. irthiza

    irthizaPred 6 dnevi

    look at this 30 fps glory

  82. ZOCKIR

    ZOCKIRPred 6 dnevi

    Этот ролик заставил меня вернутся к первой части Horizon: Zero Dawn, хорошо что Horizon Forbidden West на PlayStation 4 тоже выйдет.

  83. Chandler Lewis

    Chandler LewisPred 6 dnevi

    Why can no one see that the real victim here is the tremor tusk

  84. Monica Tan

    Monica TanPred 6 dnevi

    im so excited!

  85. Tim Green

    Tim GreenPred 6 dnevi

    I can imagine that the battle with the Tremortusk in the actual release will probably be much harder.

  86. A B

    A BPred 6 dnevi

    Why did they make her face morbidly obese?

  87. Ferdin9nd Tv

    Ferdin9nd TvPred 44 minutami

    This is not the final version

  88. Zapcross World

    Zapcross WorldPred 6 dnevi

    7:20 uh oh

  89. thejjzz

    thejjzzPred 6 dnevi

    5:33 the most impressive part is when she talks underwater like nothing

  90. Rogel Durendes

    Rogel DurendesPred 13 urami

    She got a breather thats why.

  91. R92CP

    R92CPPred 6 dnevi

    These are her thoughts in her mind

  92. static 23

    static 23Pred 6 dnevi

    She got a breather/mask

  93. Timo Rohde

    Timo RohdePred 7 dnevi

    this game looks like perfection.. unpopular opinion but i have no clue why people are more hyped about shooter games than this

  94. CMDR 501 General Venator

    CMDR 501 General VenatorPred 7 dnevi

    PC when?

  95. James_

    James_Pred 5 dnevi


  96. Jordan Jordan

    Jordan JordanPred 7 dnevi

    I love that the humans have armor you can rip off now

  97. LayzeeTV

    LayzeeTVPred 7 dnevi

    Just finished playing Horizon Zero Dawn on PS5 I cannot wait for this looks simply amazing

  98. Bravo WF

    Bravo WFPred 2 dnevi

    yeah the i think the dlc is free right now

  99. R92CP

    R92CPPred 6 dnevi

    Don't forget to play the dlc's frozen wilds it's so mush fun

  100. SweetSpicy 甘くて辛い

    SweetSpicy 甘くて辛いPred 7 dnevi

    9:55 New upcoming glider skin in genshin impact. I hope it is included with free Aloy and her bow

  101. Titan -

    Titan -Pred 7 dnevi

    This ark in 3071

  102. Hi Im Gib

    Hi Im GibPred 7 dnevi

    Is it just me or does Aloy's voice sound a bit deeper?

  103. Ali

    AliPred 7 dnevi

    face aloy fixit

  104. Dad of Boy

    Dad of BoyPred 7 dnevi

    There is literally no reason to buy an Xbox anymore aside from gamepass

  105. Dad of Boy

    Dad of BoyPred 14 urami

    @Unknown Soldier it is not Sony’s fault your console has no games quit whining it’s your fault for not buying a PlayStation when you had the chance 😂

  106. Unknown Soldier

    Unknown SoldierPred 2 dnevi

    Bruh Shut up no one cares. the thing is still selling out, more people are starting to like Xbox again and there’s endless games coming it’s way. You’re just a mad pony 🤣🤣 like what reason was there to mention Xbox at all ?

  107. Lax_ Lord

    Lax_ LordPred 7 dnevi

    Anybody coming from genshin to check Aloy out.... Check :)

  108. Anwar Zakwan

    Anwar ZakwanPred 10 urami

    @Rogel Durendes yes... she will

  109. Rogel Durendes

    Rogel DurendesPred 13 urami

    Wait..............Aloy is in genshin impact now?

  110. Anwar Zakwan

    Anwar ZakwanPred 7 dnevi


  111. Crylhound

    CrylhoundPred 7 dnevi

    I bought a PS5 for this! Now all I have to do is wait...

  112. Nixon Garner

    Nixon GarnerPred 7 dnevi

    The tropical scenery is just so much more pleasing to experience .

  113. Meissa Rochdi

    Meissa RochdiPred 7 dnevi

    "Welcome to the Harem, Aloy." - Aether, probably

  114. grim reaper

    grim reaperPred dnevom

    @A B search it up

  115. A B

    A BPred 6 dnevi

    @Mckaeya what's Genshin Impact?

  116. Mckaeya

    MckaeyaPred 6 dnevi

    @A B there is a Confirmed Collab between Genshin Impact and Horizon Zero Dawn, problably a sponsored Collab, so basically Aloy is coming as a free 5star character and imma be honest, Genshin Aloy fits in better than Fortnite Aloy

  117. A B

    A BPred 6 dnevi


  118. Anthony Revolorio

    Anthony RevolorioPred 7 dnevi

    Nooo Le agarraron sus añitos a Aloy :’(

  119. BiChaiFoot

    BiChaiFootPred 8 dnevi

    Erend Jaeger

  120. Izumi Mieko Ch.

    Izumi Mieko Ch.Pred 7 dnevi


  121. Zenwolf

    ZenwolfPred 8 dnevi

    Genshin players, you may leave a like if you came to witness this wholesome collab.

  122. Tiphaine Mumba

    Tiphaine MumbaPred dnevom

    FR How did they have the audacity to complain abt Aloy being in the game? She's an amazing character

  123. Frosty

    FrostyPred 2 dnevi


  124. Frosty

    FrostyPred 2 dnevi

    what shin players

  125. Emmanuel Prud'homme

    Emmanuel Prud'hommePred 8 dnevi

    Clawstrider and tremortusk… Hephaestus didn’t make thing in half.

  126. deewas khanal

    deewas khanalPred 8 dnevi

    Came here just to see how she is since genshin impact is giving her for free...

  127. Sandeep Biswas

    Sandeep BiswasPred 8 dnevi

    genshin impact players ...lets go

  128. Yuan Marcus Latina

    Yuan Marcus LatinaPred 8 dnevi

    Give me alloy free 5 star character that's nice

  129. ChrisHonJoDi.

    ChrisHonJoDi.Pred 8 dnevi

    It's like playing Samurai of Tsusima and Transformers

  130. Jun Keith Ifurung

    Jun Keith IfurungPred 8 dnevi

    I wonder if you can ride a Storm Bird this time around. I always want to ride a Storm Bird and a Thunder Jaw to battle 😂

  131. AnimeThighs

    AnimeThighsPred 8 dnevi

    when are the genshin f2ps gonna flood this comment section

  132. Gildre

    GildrePred 8 dnevi

    Already happened, unfortunately.

  133. Prowler

    ProwlerPred 8 dnevi

    Hope they release for pc too

  134. Yoshi TK

    Yoshi TKPred 8 dnevi

    Checked this out after Genshin introduce Aloy.

  135. Ayushman Bhandari

    Ayushman BhandariPred 8 dnevi

    Admit it u came here after genshin announced the collab.

  136. Inoshima Junko

    Inoshima JunkoPred 8 dnevi

    Chubby cheeks

  137. Inoshima Junko

    Inoshima JunkoPred 8 dnevi

    Genshin Impact collab

  138. Jacob

    JacobPred 8 dnevi

    Will Paimon appear in this?

  139. animeboy123458

    animeboy123458Pred 8 dnevi

    Dang, the new Genshin impact update looks great.

  140. VoidFlxyz

    VoidFlxyzPred 8 dnevi

    here because genshin

  141. William PPL

    William PPLPred 8 dnevi

    Never heard of this until Genshin collab, guess ill give it a try :D