Luka Doncic Gets Ejected During Mavs-Cavs Game

Luka gets ejected for hitting Collin Sexton during the Mavs-Cavaliers game.

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  1. Deiradinn Draven

    Deiradinn DravenPred 13 dnevi

    Dirty af

  2. minij hooi

    minij hooiPred mesecem

    0:10 When you realize Edp is gonna be your cellmate

  3. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhPred mesecem

    Similar to Duncans reaction for getting a tech when laughing.

  4. bowen voowy

    bowen voowyPred mesecem

    There's no way this doesn't become a meme

  5. Knneth Sanders

    Knneth SandersPred mesecem

    Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Will Prevail Against the Chinese Communist Regime Video greeting from MP Michael Cooper of Alberta MP Michael Cooper said in his video, “We know of the serious human rights abuses that are being perpetrated against peaceful Falun Dafa practitioners every day by the Chinese communist regime, including arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings, torture, and mass forced organ harvesting. “I, as a Member of Parliament, have consistently spoken out against these gross human rights violations and have called on the Government of Canada to take appropriate measures including the imposition of Magnitsky sanctions on those responsible for these egregious human rights violations. There is a lot of work to do, and I can assure you I will continue to speak out in support of Falun Dafa practitioners who are being persecuted,” said MP Cooper.

  6. minij hooi

    minij hooiPred mesecem

    0:10 "Where the 'blow' takes place..." - no camera shot from the waist down... suspicious...

  7. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyPred mesecem

    0:10 When you realize Edp is gonna be your cellmate

  8. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhPred mesecem

    luka euroleague 3 seasons 3 tech luka nba 1 season 14 tech nba weak as f

  9. Dominik Dören

    Dominik DörenPred mesecem

    Ridiculous... Thought this was a men's game... He barley hit his hips, and even more barely touched his balls... It was more like being pushed and then push back... Actio reactio

  10. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyPred mesecem

    They're telling you always,whatever happen to you behave.behave?

  11. David Wallace

    David WallacePred mesecem

    0:11 When you high AF and try to sober up while the police is pulling you over

  12. bowen voowy

    bowen voowyPred mesecem

    Cmon people fuck the meme reaction, this league is becoming more and more softy in a too disguisting way. wtf all of those refs should get a punishment?

  13. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guytPred mesecem

    Luka just earned himself a hof menace to society congrats buddy

  14. Norm DePlume

    Norm DePlumePred mesecem

    Luka's got a long way to go before he overtakes Nick Nurse's reaction meme. Also, hitting a dude in the junk is a bitch move and he deserved the ejection.

  15. Pula Bam

    Pula BamPred mesecem

    Bad Call...

  16. bledzone231

    bledzone231Pred mesecem

    Rip that jersey...

  17. Drew Carlson

    Drew CarlsonPred mesecem

    Luka needs to grow up and quit acting like a child. Guys with his lack of control don’t win chips.

  18. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guytPred mesecem

    Olympics? 0:10

  19. Gedion Samuel

    Gedion SamuelPred mesecem

    “Technical foul, on Luka Donchaitch... for excessive facial expressions. Get yo bi¥€ ass outta here! 2 shots for Harden” - (Djmeech voiceover)

  20. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guytPred mesecem


  21. Jaime A. Mendoza III

    Jaime A. Mendoza IIIPred mesecem

    Sick Memes, Bro 🤣🤣

  22. Wake No.

    Wake No.Pred mesecem

    NBA is just afraid of him, he is too good, it's OK Luka, continue destroying them!👑

  23. HanOvaFist1

    HanOvaFist1Pred mesecem

    TBH Luka's on court antics remind me of a beta middle school player

  24. Mister Furious

    Mister FuriousPred mesecem

    People still watch this bullshit?

  25. cooper ryan

    cooper ryanPred mesecem

    Nba is weak sauce

  26. john piercey

    john pierceyPred mesecem

    0:10 "Where the 'blow' takes place..." - no camera shot from the waist down... suspicious...

  27. p z

    p zPred mesecem

    luka euroleague 3 seasons 3 tech luka nba 1 season 14 tech nba weak as f

  28. elvishak

    elvishakPred mesecem

    Cmon people fuck the meme reaction, this league is becoming more and more softy in a too disguisting way. wtf all of those refs should get a punishment?

  29. Iwillslapyou “Iwillslapyousir69” sir

    Iwillslapyou “Iwillslapyousir69” sirPred mesecem

    stop bullying Luka...

  30. Hector Lago

    Hector LagoPred mesecem

    They're telling you always,whatever happen to you behave.behave?

  31. Rey Baltazar

    Rey BaltazarPred mesecem

    0:11 when you’re in the last circle ⭕️

  32. Wade H

    Wade HPred mesecem

    Luka is not as nice as the media portrait him to be

  33. Wake No.

    Wake No.Pred mesecem

    Nba is not as good as media portraits it to be.

  34. Will De La Rosa

    Will De La RosaPred mesecem


  35. Rick Anderson

    Rick AndersonPred mesecem

    Reporter: "So Luka...what do you think about a male weightlifter who is pretending to be a woman so they can compete against real women at weightlifting in the Tokyo Olympics? 0:10

  36. Kaito 1412

    Kaito 1412Pred mesecem

    Luka just swinged his arms backwards after sexton kinda bump into him a little hard. Flagrant 1

  37. Tobi P

    Tobi PPred mesecem

    that was be a joke in the early 90s

  38. Brucee Mathers III

    Brucee Mathers IIIPred mesecem

    Luka: 👁️👄👁️

  39. Fadi Hajj Hassan

    Fadi Hajj HassanPred mesecem

    Com'onnn !

  40. Wes Shepard

    Wes ShepardPred mesecem

    Let's go Trae way!


    CLUB BIZARREPred mesecem

    Luka can't be the best player if he's not on the court, getting Jected... come on man get your shit together

  42. Wake No.

    Wake No.Pred mesecem

    Bro tell me what wrong he did? He clearly just pulled his hand back and barely touched the other guy, hiw is that a tech?? Nba has become too soft, or they don't like luka.

  43. Hayden C

    Hayden CPred mesecem

    God damn he looked like he got high for the very first time when he reacted to the call from the refs I’m fucking dying 🤣🤣

  44. Stavros12 sspand12

    Stavros12 sspand12Pred mesecem

    The refs should take it easy. They are buttheads.

  45. thebigwarthog

    thebigwarthogPred mesecem

    The refs have been horrible this season, time to go back to ref school

  46. Arrell Ehn Israel

    Arrell Ehn IsraelPred mesecem

    The missing point is Collin made legit physical NBA contact with the forearm to the ribs. It wasn't malicious even though it took Luka by surprise. Luke responded with a punch to the cup. Now if a cup wasn't there... lets just say real men don't like that type of action. It wasn't a basketball play it was dirty.. and malicious.

  47. baharayana

    baharayanaPred mesecem

    he was ejected just because he is white and not black

  48. This world is ours

    This world is oursPred mesecem

    Luka you should leave the nba and back to Slovakia.

  49. Rush Muzik

    Rush MuzikPred mesecem

    Luka seemed shocked that buddy didnt collapse...😂😂😂

  50. Rodnei JESUS

    Rodnei JESUSPred mesecem

    Nao tesouro da mamae !

  51. Nathan Henderson

    Nathan HendersonPred mesecem

    The ref are going crazy with ejections before you know it all you're going to see in the bench players from each team

  52. Wake No.

    Wake No.Pred mesecem

    Exactly 💯!

  53. subedei

    subedeiPred mesecem

    This guy always whines about everything.

  54. David

    DavidPred mesecem

    0:09 when you forget about the rice

  55. C R

    C RPred mesecem

    If that happens in a pick up game, it's a fight. Obvious ejection.

  56. Jonathan Labiang

    Jonathan LabiangPred mesecem

    Refs are hella salty lmaooo Let them play gully!!!

  57. no me importa

    no me importaPred mesecem

    ejection whatttttt

  58. LoneWolf024

    LoneWolf024Pred mesecem

    I like Luka but he deserved this one lol

  59. Wake No.

    Wake No.Pred mesecem

    How? He just pull his hand back and barely touches the other guy! Nba has become too soft!

  60. Darragh Daly Is the goat

    Darragh Daly Is the goatPred mesecem

    Nice video name

  61. Blu Hendrixx

    Blu HendrixxPred mesecem

    Colin sexton o.d Annoying

  62. EZW MoonLiTe

    EZW MoonLiTePred mesecem

    Imagine getting fined 30k for this

  63. Samuel Silva

    Samuel SilvaPred mesecem

    0:11 when you hear mom's car pulling up and you still haven't washed the dishes

  64. account.

    account.Pred mesecem

    initially he looked like he was finna cry


    PURGE-SZNPred mesecem

    I like how nobody talks about the body check sexton did on luka they only talk about wat luka did 😂😂😂 yall so wishy washy

  66. Wake No.

    Wake No.Pred mesecem

    Exactly, and that's the reason luka turned, refs are bad.

  67. Andrew H.

    Andrew H.Pred mesecem

    They are wearing a mask but, touching their face and lips with fingers. Kind of redundant.

  68. Allan Arango

    Allan ArangoPred mesecem

    He needs to control his anger smh

  69. Andreas Künster

    Andreas KünsterPred mesecem

    And it was in that moment he knew he fucked up. 😂 And he knew.

  70. xLilPuddinTater

    xLilPuddinTaterPred mesecem

    he looks so goofy when he's mad lmfao

  71. abigguitar

    abigguitarPred mesecem

    So Collin's intentional bump is perfectly okay, but Luka's response to it is not? Such a double standard. If one is ejected, both should have been.

  72. New Burner

    New BurnerPred mesecem

    Ain't nothing wrong with the bump Collin was boxing out🤦🏾‍♂️I sear some of y'all ain't even played the game competitively if you think Collin fouled him🤦🏾‍♂️

  73. abigguitar

    abigguitarPred mesecem

    @QCanFixIt1 Bumping is legal as part of the sport when actively pursuing the ball. They weren't. Intentional bumping without cause, I'm almost certain, is not. Both actions were unsporting and both players should have been ejected. Why? Both players were momentarily distracted from the game by that unnecessary bump that Collin began. This means that if another player with the ball had needed to use one of them for a pass and dunk, the play would have failed by that distraction. The bump was both unsporting and caused a distraction not just for those two players, but for both teams and that specific play. Both coaches need to remind each of these players how unnecessary distractions can lose a game.

  74. QCanFixIt1

    QCanFixIt1Pred mesecem

    That intentional bump is legal and part of basketball. Luka a pu$$y for trying to hit a man in the nuts.

  75. juccel dedumo

    juccel dedumoPred mesecem

    The moment luka became a meme 0:09

  76. Sky Fishin'

    Sky Fishin'Pred mesecem

    The league is corrupt nevermind "soft", Myers Leonard out of the league for saying "Kyke", LeBron gets zero disicipline for telling people to kills cops?? NBA is hoping we forget it all, if the league helps LeBron that much outside the game imagine what they do for him during the game. FAH Q NBA

  77. Kaito 1412

    Kaito 1412Pred mesecem

    @Shawn Witwicky it's a black league that's why

  78. Shawn Witwicky

    Shawn WitwickyPred mesecem

    And was it last season when dude referred to him as "white boy" in a clearly derogatory way? The league isn't soft, it is operating exactly the way it's been tinkered with, molded and manipulated to operate in.

  79. Edwin Fam Brown

    Edwin Fam BrownPred mesecem

    This a BLM league indeed

  80. Rei & Naldo

    Rei & NaldoPred mesecem


  81. febbra2

    febbra2Pred mesecem

    The League has found a way to neutralize Dončić

  82. Cut Former

    Cut FormerPred mesecem

    Bro 😭 it’s fucking basketball. You box people out and get under and behind them in the post. You bump them with your shoulder. They do this in 3rd grade AAU without a foul. Luka should’ve just boxed him out harder like any normal bball player would do. Instead he just punched him in the nuts. It’s a good call

  83. E

    EPred mesecem

    Idk that's a flagrant 1

  84. Saulo G

    Saulo GPred mesecem

    luka is always getting ejected😂

  85. Wake No.

    Wake No.Pred mesecem

    For nothing.

  86. organism

    organismPred mesecem


  87. Michael Allison

    Michael AllisonPred mesecem

    Geez. There have been some childish and questionable decisions made on Lukas part this season. Someone put this kid in time out. Come on now Luka, you have been in the Association now for 3 seasons time to stop with the over sea's shenanigans. This ain't the recreation center. I gotta admit though he does seem like he has a lot of fun playing the game. I hope to witness a hall of fame career. Good luck.

  88. Wake No.

    Wake No.Pred mesecem

    He barely accidentally touches him. How is that a tech?

  89. LastDopebender

    LastDopebenderPred mesecem

    You hate to see it

  90. jc jp

    jc jpPred mesecem

    Leave him alone.

  91. Victor Victor

    Victor VictorPred mesecem

    It’s early foul right now in basketball sport ?

  92. Xuminator 04 (Xuminator)

    Xuminator 04 (Xuminator)Pred mesecem

    ey, Luka don't play in Real Madrid.... Don't be mad XD

  93. Hitsugaya Namikaze

    Hitsugaya NamikazePred mesecem

    These days NBA is so soft

  94. j k

    j kPred mesecem

    Flagrant maybe, but flagrant 2?!? I'm afraid that Luka can become a next Demarcus Cousins, who received a lots of bullsh*t calls back when he was playing in Sacramento.

  95. Politicus Rex

    Politicus RexPred mesecem

    Welcome to the modern NBA or as I like to call it, SH*TSTORM BASKETBALL

  96. Home Sol

    Home SolPred mesecem

    NBA is getting more and more ridiculous. The softest league in the world with the worst referees!!! A freaking shame and disgrace

  97. The Wing Tsun Way

    The Wing Tsun WayPred mesecem

    it seems they found a way to stop Lukas game.... literally

  98. Us We

    Us WePred mesecem

    This guy shits on everyone and he’s white! And that’s a problem

  99. Keith Torio

    Keith TorioPred mesecem


  100. Jayson Mendoza

    Jayson MendozaPred mesecem



    UMESHORYUKENPred mesecem

    Luka and Jokic the BALKAN KINGS getting the hate from the BLM refs. USA are a joke. hypocrite nation

  102. elchugilito

    elchugilitoPred mesecem

    Luka should be sayong “The ball don’t lie” next and he’ll be Sheed reborn

  103. The Most Random

    The Most RandomPred mesecem

    00:10 when you want to fart but poop comes out instead 😂

  104. A. AA.

    A. AA.Pred mesecem

    0:13 'MEME of the Year' candidate 😳 😳LukaDoncic😳

  105. Maximillian Arturo

    Maximillian ArturoPred mesecem

    Luka cries 2 much..shut up and just play, yes your talented and good player, give a rest, the more u complain the worse will get..I think that's what happen he was just sick of he just through out for absolutely nothing..the new nba..

  106. El Majmun

    El MajmunPred mesecem

    0:01 Dude, what is this 😵 and he bumped into him.

  107. Khalee Fabila

    Khalee FabilaPred mesecem

    He almost beat rasheed wallace record😆😅

  108. Aivander Genesila

    Aivander GenesilaPred mesecem

    Man the fame os getting into his head 🤣

  109. nojukinas1

    nojukinas1Pred mesecem

    0:10 When u take an edible and it hits harder then expected

  110. Andrea

    AndreaPred mesecem

    Refs booed by slovenians in the stands 😂

  111. Andrew Aviado

    Andrew AviadoPred mesecem

    New meme😕😩🙃😀😜🤪

  112. Cohen Kid Nation

    Cohen Kid NationPred mesecem

    what was luka thinking

  113. Bryl Dagalea

    Bryl DagaleaPred mesecem

    These batch of refs need to be whacked in the head one time.

  114. Texan Football Houston

    Texan Football HoustonPred mesecem


  115. Martavious Tisby

    Martavious TisbyPred mesecem


  116. Mustafa

    MustafaPred mesecem

    At least we got a good Luka meme out of it

  117. Agent black

    Agent blackPred mesecem

    Hitler's long lost grand grand son is luka😂

  118. Soloist Deve

    Soloist DevePred mesecem

    This comment section is 6 years old.

  119. do_

    do_Pred mesecem

    please somebody make a gif out of this 00:10