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  1. Keti Kevlishvili

    Keti KevlishviliPred 4 urami


  2. Stener Gut

    Stener GutPred 4 urami

    yeah, like that is not gonna wake him up

  3. RhyanFF Ferreira

    RhyanFF FerreiraPred 5 urami


  4. Filip Vlastnik

    Filip VlastnikPred 5 urami

    It's that guy junky or what? 🤮 Have you seen how his mouth and tongue is moving

  5. Fausto Freitas

    Fausto FreitasPred 5 urami


  6. Lorraine Briggs

    Lorraine BriggsPred 5 urami

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  7. Uki Alyus

    Uki AlyusPred 2 urami

    Saya tak iu

  8. Uki Alyus

    Uki AlyusPred 2 urami


  9. Vd Swami

    Vd SwamiPred 2 urami


  10. Vishacar Noyalnad

    Vishacar NoyalnadPred 4 urami


  11. Life’s Good

    Life’s GoodPred 7 urami

    Whom thinks it’s real 😂 😆 😝

  12. Verson pinson

    Verson pinsonPred 8 urami


  13. Chaminda Subasinghe

    Chaminda SubasinghePred 8 urami

    Very bad and very artificial

  14. SAUL_YT

    SAUL_YTPred 9 urami

    Me siguen

  15. Janaki Naik

    Janaki NaikPred 10 urami


  16. Short clips 695

    Short clips 695Pred 11 urami Hotel me khana khane wale doston ko ye video share karo 😀

  17. Diego Amorim DK

    Diego Amorim DKPred 14 urami

    O cara tá dopado ou só tá fingindo mesmo?

  18. Kaylee The Robloxian

    Kaylee The RobloxianPred 14 urami

    Oh... I thought he was dead.... I WAS WISHING HE STAYED DEAD Also here u will need a cringe pill take mine cuz I've already watched this 2 times tryna figure out y they did this💊

  19. cristiane nascimento

    cristiane nascimentoPred 14 urami

    Kkkkkkk 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Good Thoughts

    Good ThoughtsPred 15 urami

    जो लोग मेरा कमेंट पढ़ रहे हैं भगवान उनके माता-पिता का उम्र बहुत लंबा करें।

  21. Lucas Rodrigues

    Lucas RodriguesPred 16 urami


  22. Benny Ruzive

    Benny RuzivePred 16 urami


  23. Gerronimo Do Santos Jesus

    Gerronimo Do Santos JesusPred 16 urami


  24. Gerronimo Do Santos Jesus

    Gerronimo Do Santos JesusPred 16 urami


  25. الجنرال اليمني

    الجنرال اليمنيPred 17 urami

    ـانـهه الجنان ي سادة < 🤣😂

  26. David Ware

    David WarePred 17 urami

    Are we not going talk about the fact that he has tape on his body

  27. العربي ابوالعربي

    العربي ابوالعربيPred 18 urami

    Your lieeee

  28. Drunken Doggo's Drawings

    Drunken Doggo's DrawingsPred 19 urami

    Im dissapointed that THIS is the most viewed yt short...

  29. Black6353light

    Black6353lightPred 19 urami


  30. Ana Valim

    Ana ValimPred 20 urami


  31. Vaqif Qasımov

    Vaqif QasımovPred 20 urami


  32. Odalys Rodriguez

    Odalys RodriguezPred 21 uro

    Most viewed short

  33. Equalitas

    EqualitasPred 21 uro

    Would have been funnier with a longer rope and woke him up before the end of the line, and explain his situation

  34. Un canal de YT😎

    Un canal de YT😎Pred 21 uro

    El short con más views de YT :0

  35. Maha Ali

    Maha AliPred 22 urami


  36. EastATLoo7

    EastATLoo7Pred 22 urami

    Lol is That French Montana

  37. Marcos Figueroa

    Marcos FigueroaPred 22 urami

    Tik Tok

  38. Beata Kocsisne Bocsi

    Beata Kocsisne BocsiPred dnevom


  39. Natalia Bressello

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  40. Ram Bo

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  41. Eva Lyonnet

    Eva LyonnetPred dnevom


  42. Eva Lyonnet

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  43. Farel 027

    Farel 027Pred dnevom

    Aff ming das loin mer the bon cell

  44. frankensteinnn

    frankensteinnnPred dnevom

    The woman was like :- OMG!!! My fur pillow is gone.. what will I caress and twirl my fingers on now after a hot sweaty romp??!!!

  45. Putrialya 4712

    Putrialya 4712Pred dnevom

    Janga ditiru ya gais😤

  46. mickael henry

    mickael henryPred dnevom


  47. Tony Li

    Tony LiPred dnevom

    Bruh U pocked him with the point of the glue

  48. Hamza

    HamzaPred dnevom


  49. Lynette Sialana

    Lynette SialanaPred dnevom


  50. Zarim !!!

    Zarim !!!Pred dnevom


  51. 임경일

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  52. ivana soledad aguirre

    ivana soledad aguirrePred dnevom


  53. hakim GamingYT

    hakim GamingYTPred dnevom

    How much glue tick of his hair

  54. 유병창

    유병창Pred dnevom


  55. Leo Badu

    Leo BaduPred dnevom

    It's True.. I was The rope

  56. Lisa Aghita

    Lisa AghitaPred dnevom

    THE GIRLS ARE RESSETE.UNO SLthrow: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

  57. alejandra rosa

    alejandra rosaPred dnevom


  58. evanmailu

    evanmailuPred dnevom


  59. Crypticmind242

    Crypticmind242Pred dnevom

    He took that pretty well, I don't think I would have.

  60. Monje tibetano

    Monje tibetanoPred dnevom

    Si ese fuese yo a la mínima estaba despierto

  61. Concepción Santiz

    Concepción SantizPred dnevom

    Jajajajajajaja jajaja 😂

  62. KouRo

    KouRoPred dnevom


  63. 8T4 Gaming Knight

    8T4 Gaming KnightPred dnevom

    And your telling me he didn't have a clue 😂

  64. Too Roo Roo

    Too Roo RooPred dnevom

    Must watch wax prank #shorts 🤗👍🏻 I published now very funny 😆

  65. Xiao

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    يااا احااااا 😂

  71. Arturo Castaneda

    Arturo CastanedaPred 2 dnevi

    A bro that was funny

  72. Zigga Gorennc

    Zigga GorenncPred 2 dnevi

    How the fuck did this get 215 MILION (with an M) views In a couple of months...

  73. Pinky

    PinkyPred 2 dnevi

    Haha baby I'm sorry hahah

  74. العنيده و كلامي ما عيده😏

    العنيده و كلامي ما عيده😏Pred 2 dnevi


  75. AG Army

    AG ArmyPred 2 dnevi

    Nice photo

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    Wow So many Views In this Video 215 Million

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    Real seen bro fank your friends

  79. Bruno Azevedo

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  82. Aleciane de Sousa Araujo

    Aleciane de Sousa AraujoPred 2 dnevi


  83. Ralle M.

    Ralle M.Pred 2 dnevi

    Scheiße gespielt.omg gibt's wirklich so viele Idioten die das liken?arme Welt

  84. Luzanira Lu

    Luzanira LuPred 2 dnevi

    1.8 0

  85. ANTHOR

    ANTHORPred 2 dnevi

    He doesn't feel anything, of course...

  86. HAMO7D IQ

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  87. Dimondov

    DimondovPred 2 dnevi

    Why are people even liking this?

  88. Maris Garcia

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  89. Ali iswadi

    Ali iswadiPred 2 dnevi

    Oscar worthy

  90. Dan Nov

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  91. Damien Rudd

    Damien RuddPred 3 dnevi

    That type of school glue is not that strong it could barely hold two pieces of cardboard together.

  92. 4M subscriber

    4M subscriberPred 3 dnevi

    Part 2 👇👇