Elon Musk EXPOSED! (Shocking TRUTH About The RICHEST Man)

Elon Musk: Space Genius or Elitist Billionaire Jerk Face? In this video, we take a deep look into Elon Musk’s past and show definitively that he is not all he says he is. We’ll pry open the secret playbook that Elon and the other elites are using to push YOU out of Bitcoin so they can keep it all to themselves.

Grab a bag of popcorn, we’re going IN and telling you why Elon Musk is BAD. We’ll cover the history and the rise of Elon Musk. Find out all the details about the shady things Elon has been doing his entire life.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Assumptions
1:55 Screwed Tesla Founders
3:52 Screwed Fisker
5:07 Tesla's Impact on the Environment
6:44 SEC \u0026 Pumps
10:55 Errol Musk


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    This is hilarious, such a demonstration of cognitive bias, just read into a bunch of fud and bullshit. The idea that Elon is riding the coat tails of original founders of Tesla and didn't lead the biggest parts of what is valuable about their business today is laughable. If you do any amount of research about the company, bar one led by hatred for your lost gains, you would understand that. But you've clearly done this research with your mind already made up about the matter. The slave labour lithium idea is an actual joke. What about all the electrical devices you use Bitboy? Isn't every company that creates a battery powered device guilty of the same crime? I don't agree with Elon's stance on bitcoin but the idea that he's the thing only factor causing this pull back is also hilarious. Your points are so badly thought out that it feels like I'm watching a smear campaign, this is so mistaken it feels disingenuous. Stick to what you're good at

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    SETH SHOREPred 5 dnevi

    I'm surprised nobody picked up on the fact that Elon was & probably still is a cia field agent. Not many people know about this,but it's true. He is probably the head of the cia by now. Also, SpaceX was an offshoot of NASA to try and regain public attention for space travel. The general public started thinking everything was fake, so NASA needed someone at the Helm to create a new story line that the people could get behind. They paid to start SpaceX and put Elon in charge. The rest is history. Also, the funding for Tesla was actually from Ford. Same concept as what NASA was trying to do. Elon just sold the idea to Ford after he gained the knowledge of the NASA plan. Tesla is really a Ford car and concept. Elon is nothing more than a really good used car salesman and cia operative.

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