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Luka Doncic and the Mavericks open their season vs. PHX - Wednesday, December 23rd on ESPN
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  1. Der Mic

    Der MicPred dnevom

    only the gods knows how many hours he investet to train his talents

  2. Kendrick Desiderio

    Kendrick DesiderioPred 4 dnevi

    Luka deserves to be a shoe endorser..just saying

  3. André VALENS

    André VALENSPred 5 dnevi

    Seria essse o Larry Bird dessa geraão?

  4. victor valencia

    victor valenciaPred 6 dnevi

    go read a paper dude.

  5. Rafael Anibal Minera De Leon

    Rafael Anibal Minera De LeonPred 7 dnevi

    Es como ver de nuevo a Larry Legend.

  6. 1987retroman

    1987retromanPred 11 dnevi

    So. Many. Travels.

  7. QuarkGluon Plasma

    QuarkGluon PlasmaPred 15 dnevi

    Well i don't know, Jokic or Doncic. Big question, Luka is more like a robot that can't miss but Joker is somehow more entertaining since he is close to absurdity.

  8. minimalisch minimalisxh

    minimalisch minimalisxhPred 17 dnevi

    Oblak, Roglič, Pogačar goats also..

  9. DJ DePaula

    DJ DePaulaPred 17 dnevi


  10. NN Begin

    NN BeginPred 17 dnevi


  11. MikeyWikey

    MikeyWikeyPred 20 dnevi

    How do players not laugh when they see shit like that?

  12. Blagoje UK

    Blagoje UKPred 21 dnevom

    Best thing that happened to NBA this decade

  13. Walrus Gumboot

    Walrus GumbootPred 21 dnevom

    Mark Cuban must have sold his soul to the devil, to find a player like Luca.

  14. Walrus Gumboot

    Walrus GumbootPred 4 dnevi

    He struck gold with Dirk and now with Luca.

  15. Bronco Balboa

    Bronco BalboaPred 4 dnevi

    i havent done research on it but why t f would the hawks skip luka? i mean no disrespect to trey young, dude is pretty awesome but come on, luka is just out of this world.

  16. Boy10Dio

    Boy10DioPred 21 dnevom

    nah i'm out. that first clip? filthy.

  17. Joaquin Misa Jr.

    Joaquin Misa Jr.Pred 21 dnevom

    Wilya LUKA dat

  18. Anthony Anthony

    Anthony AnthonyPred 22 dnevi

    This is so much more entertaining than just watching a bunch of big guys dunking. He’s like a hybrid, the way he plays is ahead of what everyone else is doing.

  19. UraStr

    UraStrPred 24 dnevi

    imagine if he could make 3+ steps like Lebron and Harden

  20. tosgem

    tosgemPred 25 dnevi

    Let's be honest, he's only this popular because he's white. The great white hope and all these racists drinking it up. He would get destroyed by MJ, Kobe, Lebron, Magic, the list goes on. Don't even start comparing him

  21. 1sternburg

    1sternburgPred 26 dnevi

    With the way that the game has changed over the last years and the star players of the last decade often being famed for a flashy style and athleticism, it‘s amazing to see a player with an insanely high basketball IQ and a very varied yet fundamental-based skillset completely turn the league upside down.

  22. h0pesfall

    h0pesfallPred 26 dnevi

    Please Luka, stay at the Mavs for always!

  23. Cahyo Amiseso

    Cahyo AmisesoPred 27 dnevi

    He's not the strongest or fastest, he bumped and get knocked behind but man what a striving player he is. Those out of the box thinking move. Damn.

  24. GRM NDY

    GRM NDYPred 29 dnevi

    9:20 Look at that GOAT Lebron, Almost wanted to cry when the enemy scores. Damn GOAT quality.

  25. drzitbag06

    drzitbag06Pred 29 dnevi

    1- americans think his name is pronounced DONCHICK. 2- nickname the guy MAGIC for the sake of the ryhme. facepalm.

  26. Korry Jones

    Korry JonesPred 29 dnevi

    I love how whenever Lebron plays shitty defense, his first response is to shake his head and look at somebody else 🤣🤣

  27. suizide maze

    suizide mazePred mesecem

    your there but you no where!!

  28. Tom Cornelius

    Tom CorneliusPred mesecem

    1:29 Travel. His pivot foot (right foot) lifts off the ground and comes back down before he jumps.

  29. Colby Contreras

    Colby ContrerasPred mesecem

    Can anybody tell me a player who plays right now that does this kinda stuff? I can't think of one, he's an amazing talent.

  30. Tom3K GrabarzzZ

    Tom3K GrabarzzZPred mesecem

    Beeing at 20 years of age not doing crazy dunks and beeing a crazy highlight machine is just something different one and only young GOAT LUKA MAGIC

  31. Dražen Obradović

    Dražen ObradovićPred mesecem

    Classic Luka

  32. IM Hungry

    IM HungryPred mesecem

    you might wanna add another to this video

  33. james bush

    james bushPred mesecem

    This guy is good. But Larry Bird, in his first year with Celtics, took them from 20 some wins to 60 some wins. Luca hasn't done that. But he is real good.

  34. Jetmir Lekiqi

    Jetmir LekiqiPred 4 dnevi

    @Bronco Balboa I agree, its annoying when people compare players from different eras. Especially since players become more skilled as time goes on. Players in the 90's were way better than the 60's and it will continue where players in the 2030's are gonna be better than the 90's. Imo, people should only compare players to their current era.

  35. Bronco Balboa

    Bronco BalboaPred 4 dnevi

    @Jetmir Lekiqi id also say the overall level of the league is much higher, no disrespect to larry legend, but its always tricky to compare different decades. the game evolves. larry, mj, magic, all those dudes would rock our world if they came into the league now because they would show the same determination to be the best and therefore adapt to the modern game. back then it was just different.

  36. Jetmir Lekiqi

    Jetmir LekiqiPred mesecem

    to be fair, Bird came in the league at 23 while Luka was 19. That's a huge advantage.

  37. Don Dee

    Don DeePred mesecem

    SONG IDEA FOR SUZANNE VEGA: Hello my name is LUKA, I live in the upper scores.

  38. Juan River Sanz

    Juan River SanzPred mesecem


  39. Pythgorean's Assistant

    Pythgorean's AssistantPred mesecem

    9:03 LeBron said "you gotta be kidding me..."

  40. Parthav Desai

    Parthav DesaiPred mesecem

    Luka just different man

  41. Dominic Natoli

    Dominic NatoliPred mesecem

    he's white and that good? its a glitch in the matrix

  42. Paul McFly

    Paul McFlyPred mesecem

    He ain't white where he's from he's Slovenian



    If Luca played during and along with penny hardaway and Shaq, id say it would be a 10 year dynasty. and they would beat Michael Jordan and Chicago. and the Lakers and lebron etc.

  44. Imad Sheefer

    Imad SheeferPred mesecem

    4:30 Consequences

  45. usssanjacinto1

    usssanjacinto1Pred mesecem

    No Euro has been this good in the NBA since Drazen Petrovic.

  46. Ronnie O

    Ronnie OPred 17 dnevi

    Petrovich was a great player indeed. Tough as nails...

  47. usssanjacinto1

    usssanjacinto1Pred mesecem

    He's going to be the Messi of the NBA

  48. Sasuke Avenger

    Sasuke AvengerPred mesecem

    Just wanna say to all of you people!!!!!!! If Yugoslavia still exist in that team you would have Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic........

  49. jimmi phaze

    jimmi phazePred mesecem

    i'm watching nba and luka.......

  50. jimmi phaze

    jimmi phazePred mesecem

    he is like bird,majic,kerry,james what a player.......

  51. Dule Dule

    Dule DulePred mesecem

    There is nothing comparable to the Balkan mentality - intuition and pure joy! You are what you is.

  52. D B

    D BPred mesecem

    He is just 2 years in, but already amazing. It's so fun to watch him play. LUKA is captivating. He has the talent to reach GOAT status. Keep wowing us! Fans never tire of great talent.

  53. Bong Palad

    Bong PaladPred mesecem

    To add entertainment to the game.... pls add additional meter or so from three point shot for ''FIVE POINT SHOT''.

  54. Don Ren

    Don RenPred mesecem

    1080p has left the chat

  55. Muhammad Rama

    Muhammad RamaPred mesecem

    This guy's bigbrain too much

  56. xs2dan

    xs2danPred mesecem

    The only thing that makes me sad about this video is that, when all is said and done, Dirk may not be the greatest Maverick anymore.

  57. marko pirc

    marko pircPred mesecem


  58. D B

    D BPred mesecem

    You know it, NBA: Luka is a legend in the making.

  59. Richard Evangelista Hernández

    Richard Evangelista HernándezPred mesecem

    Smoothest player in NBA

  60. trapezemusic

    trapezemusicPred mesecem

    Take a look at the reaction by Lebron James at the 9:03 mark.

  61. Marcos Johnson Noya

    Marcos Johnson NoyaPred mesecem

    imagine if jokic and doncic played together. Great playmaking!

  62. Raphael Rangel

    Raphael RangelPred mesecem

    Beautiful plays by a sensational player. Luka is awesome!

  63. Bacon Fusion

    Bacon FusionPred mesecem

    Okay.... I can see the Larry Bird resemblance with the passing/shooting.

  64. Dana kaleb

    Dana kalebPred mesecem

    Bravo Luka! Kar tako naprej!!! 🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮

  65. Adnan Dizdarevic

    Adnan DizdarevicPred mesecem

    Zinedine Zidane of Basketball

  66. Delores Roberts

    Delores RobertsPred mesecem

    The capable plantation semiannually like because employee natively yell beneath a expensive disgust. festive, guttural H habitual romanian

  67. ChixDogs

    ChixDogsPred mesecem

    Only weakness is free throw

  68. Ivan S Dizon

    Ivan S DizonPred mesecem

    MVP no need help an all star line up team.

  69. Hadrian Lim

    Hadrian LimPred mesecem

    Never forget that the suns and especially the god damn KINGS passed on luka. HUGE L

  70. Midas Snap

    Midas SnapPred mesecem

    As a mavs fan I thank them with every pass.

  71. foxtrone

    foxtronePred mesecem

    Luka is by far the best white player I've ever played in the NBA at his age. But, even if he continues like this, and even if he wins 5 rings, he will never become the GOAT because he is not colored. This is the mystery of reverse racism in the NBA...

  72. D B

    D BPred mesecem

    I agree. The NBA shouldn't be geared towards one race or the other, let alone when it comes to excellence. I believe in racial equality but it is being squashed by domination. Sadly the amazing talent of Luka will be eclipsed by reverse racism. It should be about merit---not color.

  73. Pen Black

    Pen BlackPred mesecem

    This is anime basketball, unbelievable!

  74. Ciera Heairld

    Ciera HeairldPred mesecem

    The fine book conjecturally rescue because sprout technically present despite a skinny panda. unsuitable, ashamed jump

  75. TheRover TV

    TheRover TVPred mesecem

    Luka makes the game look easy

  76. Topçusırtı İlköğretim Okulu

    Topçusırtı İlköğretim OkuluPred mesecem

    im not a hoop expert but that last eurostep seems illegal to me 7:17

  77. Vasiliki Tomas

    Vasiliki TomasPred mesecem

    vSuez Canal ship

  78. Frank Maitland

    Frank MaitlandPred mesecem

    Good lord if Cuban doesn't get the Joker from Denver to pair with him he should sell the team

  79. KatimaGaming

    KatimaGamingPred mesecem

    How does this kid do it? Bulky, slow, average handles, doesn't look like he can really elevate, sluggish shooting mechanics, yet he is one of the best in the NBA. Amazing

  80. KatimaGaming

    KatimaGamingPred mesecem

    @Kaddywompous no arguments here. just saying, he moves slow compared to say kawaii or kobe. but yeah he pure entertainment

  81. Kaddywompous

    KaddywompousPred mesecem

    @KatimaGaming As flashy as who?? Dude’s pure theater.

  82. KatimaGaming

    KatimaGamingPred mesecem

    @Kaddywompous After taking a hard good look, oh yeah you are right, he's got great "handles". hehehe. Perhaos just not as flashy.

  83. Kaddywompous

    KaddywompousPred mesecem

    There’s nothing average about his handle lol.

  84. vikipeda

    vikipedaPred mesecem

    Blondie James confirmed

  85. Crni Papagaj

    Crni PapagajPred mesecem

    Joker and Luka need to play together!

  86. Lukas Lovse

    Lukas LovsePred mesecem


  87. Jernej Demšar

    Jernej DemšarPred mesecem

    Powell always lands like a superhero from a 60s show. :D

  88. Kyrie Jelly

    Kyrie JellyPred mesecem

    lmao Gobert

  89. Cássio Soares

    Cássio SoaresPred mesecem

    This guy is to basketball what Ronaldinho used to be to soccer. Simply a magician.

  90. Dule Dule

    Dule DulePred mesecem

    !!!!!! If USA knew football everyone would know it!!!!!

  91. rj b

    rj bPred mesecem

    i personally enjoy doncic and harden the most in the association at present the team play of the nuggets is also pleasing

  92. quo oar

    quo oarPred mesecem

    He is on his way to becoming the GOAT.

  93. 이동근 DongKeun Lee

    이동근 DongKeun LeePred mesecem

    He is Crazy

  94. Lesson Learn

    Lesson LearnPred mesecem

    Join To Illuminatti to become star like Doncic

  95. Victor Rolin

    Victor RolinPred mesecem

    3:15 The Rajon Rondo fake pass

  96. Josh Gray

    Josh GrayPred mesecem

    So weird seeing so many people this close together lol

  97. Merc Mer

    Merc MerPred mesecem

    Luka 🏆

  98. brasco96 wired

    brasco96 wiredPred 2 meseci

    Could he be the next Larry Bird?


    SPORT THEATRE TVPred 2 meseci

    Did you know that Luka Doncic's father played in the same club as Vlade Divac in Serbia? The club is called Sloga Kraljevo. Greetings from Serbia. Nikola Jokic is MVP.

  100. Dilan Koh

    Dilan KohPred 2 meseci

    Filipinos would say his jump stop is a travel

  101. Guntur Wibowo

    Guntur WibowoPred 2 meseci

    *this guy have skills*

  102. J MC

    J MCPred 2 meseci

    Done like a true magician at 8:05

  103. RCS TekTube

    RCS TekTubePred 2 meseci

    He played so beautiful and graceful in basketball...

  104. Victor Burnett

    Victor BurnettPred 2 meseci

    People don't realize how his assists make him more dangerous offensively because it causes defenders to bite on his fakes a lot more.

  105. ninjabieber

    ninjabieberPred dnevom

    I think every basketball player who has a brain knows that ...

  106. Jim Beros

    Jim BerosPred 2 meseci


  107. GHP2001 GHP

    GHP2001 GHPPred 2 meseci

    The kid got talent

  108. Valdez Rolen

    Valdez RolenPred 2 meseci

    I like him a lot he s a great player, but I'm getting tired of his crying of every single call on him or when he thinks his untouchable!! Reminds me of The Queen sorry I mean The King Lebron, Seriously!!

  109. Prince.Quartez

    Prince.QuartezPred 2 meseci


  110. Freshgresh

    FreshgreshPred 2 meseci

    60% IQ, 40% skill

  111. naruto goku

    naruto gokuPred 2 meseci

    Luka = new Larry Bird

  112. Dāvs

    DāvsPred 2 meseci

    Traded him to the nuggets in 2k. Him and Jokic just finding the open guys everywhere

  113. Camille Jade Bognoson

    Camille Jade BognosonPred 2 meseci

    He's a magician in basketball. He got a lot of ball tricks where no one can defend him.

  114. dawud muhammad

    dawud muhammadPred 2 meseci

    Dude, Luka is pure evil, a straight up killer...

  115. Kelvin Tjahjadi

    Kelvin TjahjadiPred 2 meseci

    His Fundamentals at different lv