Intel and Nvidia copied AMD - PCI-E Resizable BAR

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AMD’s Smart Access Memory has been a thorn in Intel and Nvidia’s side since the release of the Radeon RX 6000 series - But now, laptops like MSI’s GE76 Raider have brought them to parity. So how is it?
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  1. Habib_The _Panda

    Habib_The _PandaPred 3 urami

    Intel has been using resizable bar on servers for like a decade maybe more with Nvidia.... I swear sometimes you guys just don’t even know.

  2. Michael D.

    Michael D.Pred 15 dnevi

    the whole video is a fucking waste of time

  3. JAY

    JAYPred 15 dnevi

    1080p gaming pffff

  4. RajJ Gaming

    RajJ GamingPred 16 dnevi

    All the CPUs and GPUs which are supported can get it right off the bat so idk why you're saying the laptop is gonna be the first , i literally got resizable bar day 1

  5. Ariel b

    Ariel bPred 16 dnevi

    i think this guys is a bot 0:58

  6. Lord Winter

    Lord WinterPred 16 dnevi

    Good video and great explanation on how the Bar works. I'll say this, though... with devices like the NUC pushing the size of motherboards down to dimensions like 4"x4", I really don't see where companies have a choice in the matter when it comes to developing features like this. Desktops will always stand apart from the rest, but mobile processing has been enjoying its day for a while now. Nvidia HAS to keep up.

  7. Haunter

    HaunterPred 16 dnevi

    A month has passed and Resizable Bar is already working better

  8. Shaurya Rohatgi

    Shaurya RohatgiPred 17 dnevi

    do this again! now there is an official release

  9. Yee Li

    Yee LiPred 18 dnevi

    I want to know, why the RTX2060 has Resizable BAR extended Capability, but only support 16MB BAR size (by using TeleScan PE into my PC) - Resizable BAR Capability Register is 00000100h - Resizable BAR Control Register is 0460h



    Didn’t MSIs ceo kill himself

  11. Kelvin Luk

    Kelvin LukPred 20 dnevi

    Will there be any follow up videos afterward, really wanna know how it performances when 'the ladies and gents in the lab have done enough work to make it mature'

  12. iwoskater

    iwoskaterPred mesecem

    So is this maxP then? or mobile?

  13. Lt. NoTaco

    Lt. NoTacoPred mesecem

    Linus IS JETT RENO

  14. Voidheart

    VoidheartPred mesecem

    Love the Duck Hunt spoof

  15. EnderKing

    EnderKingPred mesecem

    Well, what the heck am I meant to do? I have an AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU...

  16. RBC Studios

    RBC StudiosPred mesecem

    1:03 nice

  17. Andrew Livingston

    Andrew LivingstonPred mesecem

    We are all truly embiggened by the noble spirit in this perfectly cromulent video.

  18. HEXX

    HEXXPred mesecem

    so i had your notifications on and now they are off (hint: GPU's For Gamers Movement) . i never turned them off and now when i go to turn them on it dosnt let me, it says the content is made for kids or something. it auto turns it off everytime i click turn on. please someone help so i can be informed of this video!!!!!!!!!! ITS IMPORTANT!!! please get to top so linus can see my problem if you cant help!!!!!!

  19. Johnathan Doe

    Johnathan DoePred mesecem

    The pink beanie steals the show! The portable gaming device ain't bad either. : )

  20. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouPred mesecem

    The Canadian Slim Shady had a laptop in his back pocket.

  21. Daniel Quast

    Daniel QuastPred mesecem

    A Laptop with a RTX 3080 that has a 1080p Screen... overkill much?

  22. camo branch

    camo branchPred mesecem

    Day 35 of asking you to make a backyard pc

  23. camo branch

    camo branchPred mesecem

    @asioe kiou ?

  24. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouPred mesecem


  25. Sidra Family

    Sidra FamilyPred mesecem





  27. Jason Lavalleur

    Jason LavalleurPred mesecem

    Team "Bluegreen"? Team "Greenblue"? Team "Teal"?

  28. Auradricus

    AuradricusPred mesecem

    I wonder why every single system scores 20 in Specviewperf-NX unless it has a Quadro o Radeon Pro.

  29. Kyle Davis

    Kyle DavisPred mesecem

    Amd copied nvidia for everything gpu related. Nvidia made the geforce 256

  30. Mike Florea

    Mike FloreaPred mesecem

    Wait, you're telling me I should go back to the gruesome AMD GPUs if I wanna stick to Ryzen? (for it to access the whole VRAM) Jesus... I really really really want a better AMD CPU + nVidia GPU functionality. And what monster of a human uses AMD GPUs voluntarily? You're telling me that AMD GPUs and CPUs work better together but I still see the curse of ATI maintaining its cancerous presence. ( #threadstuckindevicedriver )

  31. Emerson Mora

    Emerson MoraPred mesecem

    That's literally a SMITE gamer laptop

  32. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyPred mesecem

    Can’t get any of these laptops, consoles, gpus, cpus... waiting for “next gen” 😆😅

  33. Ardusk

    ArduskPred mesecem

    Jesus Eminem, you don't _need_ to carry the laptop in your back pocket.

  34. Norman Knight

    Norman KnightPred mesecem

    Why do you dress like a gnome? Are you homeless? What is with the beanies? So many questions...schill.

  35. Alex Znas

    Alex ZnasPred mesecem

    why do you wear a pink hat ? ^^

  36. John L Galt

    John L GaltPred mesecem

    Why not?

  37. Lorenzo Canals

    Lorenzo CanalsPred mesecem

    this powersupply will last 10 months or 2 years with luck. then good luck finding a replacement for under 200 bucks. seriously when will laptop PSUs finally get active cooling. they consume amounts of power comparable to desktops and still pretend to be small, portable (they weigh a f***ton) and be efficent enough to be cooled passively. 280W is propably barely enough under load. i kinda wish for an external 24 pin connector-like solution to use it with a normal psu when at home. this could increase life span of (gaming) laptops a lot.

  38. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyPred mesecem

    AMD lost intel and nvidia

  39. Fun Game Player

    Fun Game PlayerPred mesecem

    I wish I could pull laptops out of my behind like Linus.

  40. TheNegronomicon

    TheNegronomiconPred mesecem

    1:02 Nice

  41. Kind Panda

    Kind PandaPred mesecem

    Flying duck!!! Lol!!n

  42. Lynn Eberhardt

    Lynn EberhardtPred mesecem


  43. HousingDinosaur

    HousingDinosaurPred mesecem

    Stop changing your names!!!! I couldn't find this video

  44. Mark Malewski

    Mark MalewskiPred mesecem

    Is it really an Intel 10th Generation processor and NOT an 11th generation?

  45. Diligenc3

    Diligenc3Pred mesecem

    5:03 You're just learning about this NOW!!!!. HUB covered this extensively in their SAM coverage ages ago.

  46. Nicholas Chen

    Nicholas ChenPred mesecem

    That laptop sounds pretty good but it's just couldn't convince me to get another one. Last week, the graphics card in laptop just broke and I couldn't fix it because there's no parts for it and my only choice right now is just get a new one entirely. So, I was like fk it, time to build a compact PC, at least I could get the parts if anything breaks.

  47. dum boy

    dum boyPred mesecem

    What would be really cool would be to be able to use free video memory as a pagefile/swap.

  48. Nadav Goldenberg

    Nadav GoldenbergPred mesecem

    7:05 AMDBRAND cooperation confirmed

  49. M Lingard

    M LingardPred mesecem

    I tend to be cpu bottlenecked often playing certain games. Hopefully these techs solve this in the future?

  50. RDCST

    RDCSTPred mesecem

    Maybe it's some thermal throttling thing, you should perform the test inside a fridge and put a "Intel Inside" logo in the fridge door.

  51. SlickStretch

    SlickStretchPred mesecem

    I wonder if humans will ever advance far enough that video like just seem like giggerish.

  52. Latha Latha Vijayakumar

    Latha Latha VijayakumarPred mesecem

    AMD lost intel and nvidia

  53. Don. Timeless

    Don. TimelessPred mesecem

    Intel will never understand its lesson & they think people still stupid! Apple woke everyone by their M chip that giving incredible processing & graphics with low consumption at reasonable price!

  54. Jaren Ramirez

    Jaren RamirezPred mesecem

    wait this video was made before the LTT counterfeit merch video?

  55. theYOUNGoutlaw

    theYOUNGoutlawPred mesecem


  56. Behind TheWall

    Behind TheWallPred mesecem

    if it's made by MSI why is this laptop branded IIISI? god i hate modern brand logos

  57. organikarts

    organikartsPred mesecem

    Resize-bar is shit, not good yet! I lost 20 fps using it on Bright Memory Benchmark RTX.

  58. Rudro Uger

    Rudro UgerPred mesecem

    Intel and Nvidia VS AMD 👎 👎 👍 LIKE THIS...................😃

  59. szewei1985

    szewei1985Pred mesecem

    Haha nice

  60. Dan Phillips

    Dan PhillipsPred mesecem

    Is resizeable bar used on consoles?

  61. DRC Paintball

    DRC PaintballPred mesecem

    Linus finally embraced the inner lesbian

  62. Miratosis

    MiratosisPred mesecem

    I want to buy a laptop that is fast and can support high graphic qualities, or a monster that’s cheap. Got any ideas?

  63. Lee Tran

    Lee TranPred mesecem

    better gaming laptops... cheaper $$$

  64. SBMike

    SBMikePred mesecem

    Oh god I got scared when he said underwear. I'm scarred, I had to see that photo of him involuntarily.

  65. S

    SPred mesecem

    Imagine buying a gaming laptop in 2021

  66. Julian Barron

    Julian BarronPred mesecem

    Was that a Tim and Eric reference?

  67. Robert Dean

    Robert DeanPred mesecem

    That Tiamat is missing about 4 heads.

  68. Александр Брюндтзвельт

    Александр БрюндтзвельтPred mesecem

    CPU cooling by the holy spirit and tiny heat pipes, but mostly by the holy spirit. Shitiest hardware design - MSI.

  69. Keith Christensen

    Keith ChristensenPred mesecem

    So how long is this video card shortage expected to last? Haven’t there been mining booms in the past? Can we guess based on history? It’s easier to get PS5s and Xbox’s now, and it’s been 4 months. So 4 more months? A year?

  70. KlaudiusL

    KlaudiusLPred mesecem

    Ooohh gosh .. here we are again: two almost equal same technology to divide the market, generate incompatibilities, push software makers to one side or another, rivers of inks telling you which one is better and why you must to buy, all the tech glibberish explaining why you must spend $ 1.000 more to get +1.5% performance. Looks like will be a good time a LTT.

  71. Butters

    ButtersPred mesecem

    I mean... if you can’t beat em, join em.

  72. ᴏɴɪᴏn ɢᴀᴍᴇs

    ᴏɴɪᴏn ɢᴀᴍᴇsPred mesecem

    Xad im using all 3 XD so thats fine as long as i have something to use

  73. Diksha Negi

    Diksha NegiPred mesecem

    Linus is loving his pink beanie

  74. Shinz

    ShinzPred mesecem

    amd is just intel and nvidia combined

  75. Neil Kenneth

    Neil KennethPred mesecem

    1:03 lmao

  76. happysmash27

    happysmash27Pred mesecem

    I use an older server motherboard from around 2009. If this used to be a server thing, could it be possible for me to use this on my old server hardware?

  77. Koko

    KokoPred mesecem

    Linus Tech Tips can you be my teacher?🙏🙏🙏 I'm planning on building my own PC in the future❤️ Please reply

  78. Hypercar Crush

    Hypercar CrushPred mesecem

    Anyone else get How to Train Your Dragon vibes on this laptop?

  79. whirly whirly

    whirly whirlyPred mesecem

    I just don’t get how people except such power hunger in this monstrosity of a laptop

  80. TraetuusPlays

    TraetuusPlaysPred mesecem

    We all know the superior one here. Intel, and NVIDIA did enough to get ahead, and slacked off. AMD, been fighting adversity from the start, and proved it wrong every step of the way. Point blank. AMD is the lead.

  81. Original Saiyan

    Original SaiyanPred mesecem

    still rocking the rx 580 8gb

  82. ajit pawar

    ajit pawarPred mesecem

    Make AMD pc gameing ok bye

  83. Najib M

    Najib MPred mesecem

    stop twinkling fingers when see quotes

  84. Squall4Rinoa

    Squall4RinoaPred mesecem

    None of these games tested even have ReBar enabled in the nvidia game profiles the fuck is the point of this video? Assassin's Creed Valhalla Battlefield V Borderlands 3 Forza Horizon 4 Gears 5 Metro Exodus Red Dead Redemption 2 Watch Dogs: Legion This is the 8 games that have the 3 Profile fields set to enable the feature support for a given title. Here you go linus, have at.

  85. Paul Davidson

    Paul DavidsonPred mesecem

    You killed Bird!

  86. Zeyu Zhang

    Zeyu ZhangPred mesecem


  87. someonesomewhere

    someonesomewherePred mesecem

    Well the tech needed for the resizable bar is already in the Intel CPUs since the 4th Gen Intel core i- CPUs. So dont know if AMD was more copy Intel 😉

  88. Harry Mu

    Harry MuPred mesecem

    this reminds me of that one old computer where cpu and gpu shared the same ram and that the ram outclocked both of them by a factor of two so the cpu and gpu can take turns on the ram every other clock.

  89. Maximus

    MaximusPred mesecem

    TLDR, AMD is better.

  90. Alan Shore

    Alan ShorePred mesecem

    Soooooooooo Resizable Bar is a marketing gimmick that both companies now provide.

  91. Mochammad Santaka

    Mochammad SantakaPred mesecem

    Does a wide bar make games load faster?

  92. ermin erminem

    ermin erminemPred mesecem

    And amd cheat us with fx procesors 8 cores,ups 4,and 6 cores ups 3.So what???

  93. JadigertheReal

    JadigertheRealPred mesecem

    A 3080 with re bar? There is today no support for a 3090, 3080, 3070 that comes end off march! The only supported card is the 3060 today. AMD feature nope a standard DX12 feature. Copy amd when it was allready in work becouse dx12 ultimate? Threre want to enable it with pci-e 4.0. Where is one word for re bar dosen t run on ryzen 3000 AMD says. It dosen t run on X470 AMD says. Intel and Nv want too enable it under PCI-E 4.0, now a wonder is going on and ryzen 3000 has it and x470. AMD cleary lied too us and no word? There simply dosen t want it on X470 and 3000 cpus. But there tell us only on PCI-E 4.0 and the 3000 CPU dosen t support it. Where is this news? Better test nv gpus with no support?

  94. Herman Munchther

    Herman MunchtherPred mesecem

    I had an MSI gaming laptop. It was very disappointing. Came with lots of bloatware and was very slow even though it shouldn't have been because the hardware specs on paper were impressive. I wouldn't buy another one

  95. Stefan L

    Stefan LPred mesecem

    Sorry. But you really need to do some research before you make videos showing your ignorance. Large Bar support is NOT anything new and is not something that AMD "invented" and NVidia or Intel "copied". Intel has had this for quite some time on their Xeon systems. They utilized it with their Xeon Phi coprocessor PCIe cards. Nvidia has also utilized this with their Tesla product line. The reasons it's never been utilized much, expect in HPC, has more to do with legacy x86 compatibility than anything else.


    DHYNAM1XXPred mesecem



    PSYCHOMIK0Pred mesecem

    Get rid of the pink hat. Pink is for girls.

  98. Hamza Alshazly

    Hamza AlshazlyPred mesecem


  99. Carter Black

    Carter BlackPred mesecem


  100. bluephreakr

    bluephreakrPred mesecem

    Team Red vs. Team Cyan. Very interesting, when Intel before were doing duos with Red for Team Purple.

  101. Adam Murray

    Adam MurrayPred mesecem

    The lowly pencil differently observe because population hemodynamically head versus a dangerous afterthought. last, guttural H habitual cub

  102. DJShadesUK

    DJShadesUKPred mesecem

    Ahh, Dragon Centre... have MSI fixed it yet so that it doesn't keep the discrete GPU chugging along, which in turn keeps the GPU fan constantly spinning, despite *not* needing any 3D acceleration itself? Why a simple settings app, which doesn't need to be running all the time since it has absolutely no impact on how the machine functions if its not running, needs to engage the discrete GPU is a question only a terrible programmer can answer. Having stopped Dragon Centre from running on boot my machine now operates practically fanless unless I'm using something that specifically requires/benefits from 3D acceleration... instead of running *all the time* for *no reason whatsoever*.

  103. Jeremy Dolot

    Jeremy DolotPred mesecem

    Whenever I see msi's logo, I hear a guy yelling MORTAL KOMBAT!!!

  104. Splixter512

    Splixter512Pred mesecem

    bought a gs73vr four years ago and I would never buy another MSI laptop or MSI product even

  105. Jim Alaska

    Jim AlaskaPred mesecem

    gay thumbnail is gay