NBA - Most Funny Moments of 2021

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This video features players like: LeBron James, Stephen Curry, LaMelo Ball, Bradley Beal, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Dwight Howard, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant


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    I'm going to make a "redemption moments" soon, so let me know if you have any players you want featured ! 🔥

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    Victor oladipo

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    Paul is not a Three Pointer . . . He's a BS (BabySitter)

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    6:34 Anyone else hear that lol

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    why is kd always pushing kyrie? 😭

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    0:50 fakest laugh i ever heard 😭

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    6:55 lol i've never seen this before. 😂

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    Seriously, is there anyone who cares if the benchplayers or the coach wears a mask??? It's ridiculous...

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    Nice Atlanta Hawks 😆😅

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    7:59 he gets a foul and isaiah thomas got ejected that one game

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    anyone else notice the club penguin club music

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    Flight was happy when curry lifted his shirt

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    1:21 flightreacts would have replayed it like 100 times

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    1:30 cuando jugabas con los pibes y se te iba la pelota abajo del auto

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    dude half these highlights are not funny lol

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    Not a very funny season I guess...

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    Hahaha, Steph Curry been watching his Baron Davis tapes. Btw, I like the music choice for this light-hearted mix. Very relaxing after a long day.

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    What song is in this vid cuz I low key vibe to that HARD

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    0:43 so no one gonna acknowledge the fact that this lady said the n word on live tv (this is a joke)

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    2:44 Utah Jazz Highlights be like...

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    0:43 Donovan Mitchell Highlights be like...

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    Me: Goes to school My teachers: So you have chosen, stress.

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    5:58 look the whole squad is here: Hassan Whiteside on the left, Giannis and Portis in center and Steve Nash on the right 😂

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    anyone else see when there on the ground at 3:48 they got up in sync?

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    NBA stinky moments

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