The Green Knight | Official Trailer HD | A24


From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight - In Theaters July 30.

RELEASE DATE: In Theaters July 30
DIRECTOR: David Lowery
CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton

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  1. rnsm88

    rnsm88Pred 54 minutami

    Finally someone realized that the best part of Arthurian legend is the "legend" part. Hopefully we will never have to endure another "historical" arthur.

  2. Matthew Yalamas

    Matthew YalamasPred 55 minutami

    This is the worst movie I've ever seen. Maybe I made the mistake of not being on drugs to just watch the visuals.

  3. M

    MPred uro


  4. bingo bango

    bingo bangoPred uro

    this trailer fucks

  5. Chick-A-Dee

    Chick-A-DeePred uro

    Well this movie was an unexpected disappointment. The storytelling was the real letdown.😔

  6. The Contemporary Hellenic Neo Pagan

    The Contemporary Hellenic Neo PaganPred 3 urami

    *Not* impressed! 🙄

  7. Gabe Nuxoll

    Gabe NuxollPred 4 urami

    This movie was a big letdown

  8. Ryan Miller

    Ryan MillerPred 4 urami

    I thought this was Monty python…

  9. Pol McShane

    Pol McShanePred 4 urami

    Too bad it’s only in theaters. Won’t see it for a while.

  10. Heidi Koch

    Heidi KochPred 4 urami

    This looks so weird for Arthurian lore. Not sure if I like this.

  11. Plasticback

    PlasticbackPred 4 urami

    I saw this today and it was so bad. Dont watch this if you're expecting a movie with action its mostly visuals and dialog that drags on too long

  12. Vagabond Films

    Vagabond FilmsPred 2 urami

    I don’t think anyone went in expecting an action movie. If they did, well, big mistake on their part assuming A24 would make one

  13. rosalyn redwood

    rosalyn redwoodPred 5 urami

    This looks amazing and Dev is GLORIOUS 🔥


    RECKLESS NINJAPred 7 urami

    This movie was good! Dont listen to the butthurt racist in the comments.


    RECKLESS NINJAPred 7 urami

    Lol sooooo many butthurt white nerds on here upset cause the main lead isnt white hahah how does it feel guys? Right your comments below 😎

  16. Magistar

    MagistarPred uro

    Then you should be ok with all race washing right?


    RECKLESS NINJAPred 7 urami

    Watch this movie on acid.

  18. StinkyCheese

    StinkyCheesePred 7 urami

    This movie is a boring piece of garbage worse movie I've ever seen in my life. No story at all.

  19. yes

    yesPred 8 urami

    Such a weird ass fuckin movie holy shit

  20. Abraham Manzo

    Abraham ManzoPred 8 urami

    The trailer was much better than the movie itself in my opinion. The art was good but the story sucked.

  21. tusnij

    tusnijPred 8 urami

    horrible movie

  22. Dracodawn stars

    Dracodawn starsPred 9 urami

    Omg! This looks EPIC! The visionary style is breathtaking!

  23. Atticus

    AtticusPred 9 urami

    I am freaking IN.

  24. Michael Ramos

    Michael RamosPred 10 urami

    Just saw this movie the green night. There was NO action at all. This is a DRAMA with a philosophical message. I loved The “sword of the valiant” with Sean Connery. This went in a whole new direction, which I call Boring… In my opinion , this is something you would watch on Netflix after you’ve ran out of things to watch. Dev did a great job acting as usual. The visual effects were great, but it’s 2021 guys, so I expected it to be. Other than that, this should’ve been on a streaming service, not in the Theaters. I wasn’t a fan on this directors take on Pete’s Dragon, and I am not at all a fan of his take on the sword of the valiant. There was so much room to do more and it just fell short every time. Sadly to say the best part was when it ended. I don’t think anyone will be watching this twice beside those who are still trying to figure out what the movie was about. Good luck guys…

  25. Michael Ramos

    Michael RamosPred uro

    @Unsungzero612 Have you even seen this film? I'm a movie buff my friend. I've seen them all. This is not a slow pace movie. It literally goes no where the whole movie. You spend the whole two hours hoping it does and it never does. It's a remake of a pretty good watch for back in the day. With the technology we have to date, it could've brought new life to it. Instead, it went into a whole new direction called boring... Have you ever seen the movie Sword of the Valiant? If so, you know better than this. I didnt pay my money and give two hours of my life(neither if which I can get back) to see good visual effects. I wanted a decent movie, and got good actors in a boring film. The director really has mommy issues in my opinion.

  26. Unsungzero612

    Unsungzero612Pred 8 urami

    Having a slower pace and having lots of room for interpretation is an A24 trademark (from what I've seen). At least you'll know what to expect in the future with A24.

  27. Trent VanSchoyck

    Trent VanSchoyckPred 10 urami

    DONT WATCH IT biggest time and money waster

  28. SimbasGuard

    SimbasGuardPred 10 urami

    This looks good.

  29. Alex Yuvia

    Alex YuviaPred 10 urami

    Just watched this movie and it was the most boring movie I’ve ever seen. People were literally falling asleep and snoring in the theater. The trailer was more entertaining than the movie. Disappointed.

  30. David Lorango

    David LorangoPred 11 urami

    Woke and terrible. DO NOT WATCH

  31. Ayesha Malik

    Ayesha MalikPred 11 urami

    DEV PATEL 😭😭😭 say less

  32. steve warda

    steve wardaPred 11 urami

    This movie sucked soooooo bad please please do not waste ur money! It was horrible! Everyone walked out of the theaters scratching their head saying wtf!

  33. Eric Wirfs

    Eric WirfsPred 11 urami

    Film was great, just don't go in expecting it to be full of action, or be spoon-fed what you're supposed to think. It's a visually stunning movie with a very ambiguous message that leaves you thinking long after you leave the theater. Also, no spoilers, but it adds, and alters certain things from the original poem to make it a more interesting film that leaves you on your toes even if you're familiar with the source material.

  34. Jarell Levingston

    Jarell LevingstonPred 11 urami

    The Knight sounds like the father from The Witch. Go watch the trailer and you’ll immediately notice.

  35. Vagabond Films

    Vagabond FilmsPred 11 urami

    That’s because it is him

  36. Faith Tucker

    Faith TuckerPred 12 urami

    I am quite happy (and not too terribly surprised) to see Dev Patel in the main role. I daresay he fits this sort of staggering narrative like a glove. Something about the performance--I think largely from his eyes--tells the audience of this trailer how quickly his determination fires up and drains away in the instant that he realizes the trap he walked into. Very accurate, I'd say, to the spirit of the character Gawain. And the way that fey and otherworldly folk are portrayed with a sense of distance and ghoulishness are quite thrilling.

  37. el chappo

    el chappoPred 12 urami

    The main character is indian smh

  38. Magistar

    MagistarPred uro

    @RECKLESS NINJA Its a misrepresentation of white culture.

  39. Magistar

    MagistarPred uro

    @Eric Wirfs He isnt British. Hes indian. I wouldnt suddenly be seen as Japanese because i was born in japan. Britons are white. Your a racist if u dont think that.


    RECKLESS NINJAPred 7 urami

    Whats wrong with that?

  41. Eric Wirfs

    Eric WirfsPred 11 urami

    Dev Patel is british, not Indian. Shouldn't matter anyway, it's a fantasy story, not a historical adaptation.

  42. Coco Bays

    Coco BaysPred 12 urami

    Ok..I’m in

  43. Cait

    CaitPred 12 urami

    Probably the worst movie I’ve ever seen

  44. kimberley nelson

    kimberley nelsonPred 12 urami

    what groot ended up doing after guardians three was delayed for so long

  45. AJ

    AJPred 12 urami

    The actor from slum dog millionaire, Chappie, man idc this man is a great actor, can’t wait to watch this tomorrow , and hit my stiiizy in the theater lmaoo

  46. morphin1

    morphin1Pred 12 urami


  47. Project Diskarte

    Project DiskartePred 12 urami

    along as A24 Makes it I'll watch it

  48. Adam

    AdamPred 13 urami

    Incredibly boring movie. Very disappointing. Art film with no excitement

  49. Vagabond Films

    Vagabond FilmsPred 13 urami

    I didn’t know art films were known for their excitement

  50. Dave G

    Dave GPred 13 urami

    This trailer looks pretty cool, unfortunately I went and saw this in the theater today and can say this was a horrible, horrible movie. Long drawn out, minimal to no action. It can be broken down to groot dressed like a knight showing up on Christmas to say "lets play a game" you cut my head off now and ill cut your head off in a year. Plus a random hand job from some lady whos husband wants to get freaky with the main character. Just terrible. Visually it looked decent and the actors weren't bad but the plot is trash. Alot of wasted potential.

  51. Gonzalo Arvietti

    Gonzalo ArviettiPred 14 urami

    This would ve perfect without the hindue actor

  52. ChocoTheDog

    ChocoTheDogPred 14 urami

    Amazing trailer. But I got bamboozled. The movie wasn’t what I hoped for.

  53. A B

    A BPred 14 urami

    Jesus. Completely miscast. Indians in place of Aryans? At least stick to the historical records during the time this took place. Indians wouldn't be English Knights or Morgan Le Fay. Tired of this type of propaganda. Makes movies so boring.

  54. Magistar

    MagistarPred uro

    @John Scuderi Thats a strawman, no one argued that was ok. You just hate white people.

  55. John Scuderi

    John ScuderiPred 9 urami

    Like white people haven't played ethnic characters in film countless times since the dawn of cinema? Maybe its time we flip the coin. Get over it.

  56. Cory Sherman

    Cory ShermanPred 14 urami

    Movie was straight trash, dont waste yall time and money to see it. It was so terrible that I fell asleep on it and my wife said people were walking out on it

  57. Giovanny Troncoso

    Giovanny TroncosoPred 14 urami

    This movie was such a waste of time and money. Anyone who watches this trailer, just know you've seen every remotely entertaining snippet in the film.

  58. Calvin W. Allison

    Calvin W. AllisonPred 15 urami

    - This movie looks ridiculous.

  59. eddieawesomeness

    eddieawesomenessPred 15 urami

    This is one of the best fucking trailers ever! A classic Overcoming the Monster/Voyage and Return story. Looks mindblowing!

  60. Aethere Breather

    Aethere BreatherPred 15 urami

    I don't know if I should hold my breath or not... feel like I haven't gotten a good Arthurian film since *Excalibur*... and *Monty Python and the Holy Grail.* I can certainly hope though.

  61. Bohdi Dalton

    Bohdi DaltonPred 15 urami

    Well give away the whole goddamn thing why dontcha

  62. Shaun Mai

    Shaun MaiPred 15 urami

    This movie was horrible. Felt like a big book crammed into 2.5 hours, only half the movie didn’t even make sense. Also so much time wasted in each scene. Literally watching the guy walk from one side to another. Half of the movie I was waiting for the action. Then the rest I was waiting for a twist to redeem the movie. When the credits rolled my theater literally laughed. Horrible movie

  63. Shaun Mai

    Shaun MaiPred 12 urami

    @Vagabond Films not specifically action but just more excitement. The film tempo is super slow. Also a lot of wasted time IMO. You’d think for a Novel adaptation they would be more picky with their time.

  64. Vagabond Films

    Vagabond FilmsPred 13 urami

    So you went in expecting an action film from A24. That was your first mistake.

  65. Neo Rochlen

    Neo RochlenPred 15 urami

    The film wasn't special at all. I don't recommend it.

  66. L_Squared

    L_SquaredPred 16 urami

    I absolutely love everything about this

  67. Wisco9er

    Wisco9erPred 16 urami

    Friends... brothers and sisters... I am here to tell you that they took the best looking shots from the movie to make this trailer. There are no other shots that are better, so be wary. I think I would have been mesmerized if I didn't already see all the scenes from the trailer.

  68. Wisco9er

    Wisco9erPred 11 urami

    @Poomz that is true. What I meant were the best ones were used for this trailer. It also has shots from every point of the movie, which is a little dissatisfying. A bit too revealing, for lack of a better word.

  69. Poomz

    PoomzPred 11 urami

    This isn't true at all. Plenty of amazing shots not used in the trailer.

  70. Big Papi

    Big PapiPred 12 urami

    Thank you, honorable scout.

  71. Frank DiMarco

    Frank DiMarcoPred 16 urami

    Worst film of the year. However, if your melatonin isn't working, this movie would make a great substitute. Yawn 😴

  72. Anjali lydia

    Anjali lydiaPred 17 urami

    Waste of money

  73. sunn209

    sunn209Pred 18 urami

    Looks like a commercial for perfume. Not much of a story.

  74. Anthony Garcia

    Anthony GarciaPred 19 urami

    Seems very visually pleasing but something tells me the story is gonna be disappointing Smh decisions decisions!!!!!

  75. Young Wolf

    Young WolfPred 19 urami

    This shit looks fire asf

  76. Boss Cuchilain

    Boss CuchilainPred 21 uro

    Why is the British knight a Mexican? Brits are white. Get over it.

  77. Magistar

    MagistarPred uro

    @John Scuderi nice repost.

  78. Magistar

    MagistarPred uro

    @HAO Its an Arthurian tale. Arthur was white. Brits are white.

  79. John Scuderi

    John ScuderiPred 9 urami

    Like white people haven't played ethnic characters in film countless times since the dawn of cinema? Maybe its time we flip the coin. Get over it.

  80. HAO

    HAOPred 19 urami

    but it's not base on brits, just influenced by it

  81. Kronaphasia

    KronaphasiaPred 21 uro doesn't look woke. Nothing worse than putting a token ethnic character in where they don't appear in the historical time setting or story cannon even if it is a fictional story.

  82. Mark Cicero

    Mark CiceroPred 21 uro

    I'm not watching this while doing mushrooms ever again. Nope! No way!!

  83. Richard Perlos

    Richard PerlosPred 22 urami

    Army of Darkness vibes. Can´t wait to see this!

  84. Richard Perlos

    Richard PerlosPred 16 urami

    @Wisco9er Probably. Army of darkness is a masterpiece. But i',m sure this is going to be amazing too.

  85. Wisco9er

    Wisco9erPred 16 urami

    Army of Darkness is so much better though. Can't even compete. I hope you enjoy!

  86. Joshua Pingley

    Joshua PingleyPred 23 urami

    NOBODY is doing it like A24...

  87. HooplaCakeMace

    HooplaCakeMacePred 23 urami

    Makes me think of Drakengard, particularly with those giants. Sign me up!

  88. The Walking Meme

    The Walking MemePred 23 urami

    Saw it last night. This trailer once again for a A24 movie, this trailer is very misleading and the marketing too!

  89. Wisco9er

    Wisco9erPred 16 urami

    Yep, the music makes it sound like it is going to be very powerful and dramatic haha.

  90. Stoic Anxiety

    Stoic AnxietyPred 23 urami

    So they spent all this time and tremendous amount of money and amazing talent and lots of development only to cast the knight that looks like he very much dose not come from medieval England. It just sucks me right out of the escapism I've read the book and the Jrr token translation. Why do you need to inject ur crap constantly, it's very simple to follow a book.

  91. Blakan

    BlakanPred dnevom

    Ok yes some crazy shit like it

  92. Islam B

    Islam BPred dnevom

    Its July 30 where is this movie?! Take my money!

  93. Liz C

    Liz CPred dnevom

    I read this story several times a year from ages like 10-16.

  94. John Spence

    John SpencePred dnevom

    If its not entertaining, then it doesn't matter (to me) how good it must be entertaining. If I want a masterpiece, I will go to the Gallery. Dune (I hope) will be as entertaining as it looks.

  95. Xung Ngo

    Xung NgoPred dnevom

    the fact they said this is low budget got me super excited because we know that means the focus is on the story and journey

  96. Xung Ngo

    Xung NgoPred 15 urami

    @Creamy Mocha you saw the movie?

  97. Creamy Mocha

    Creamy MochaPred 17 urami

    Unfortuntately the focus didn't end up being on the story. I wish it had been

  98. A S

    A SPred dnevom

    dev patel is so hooooot

  99. Kamil Szczepaniak

    Kamil SzczepaniakPred dnevom

    is it hard to follow the dialogues without subtitles? non-native here, planning to see it in theaters.

  100. Daniel Raychev

    Daniel RaychevPred dnevom

    Brown lead, cheap cgi, looks like another woke fail

  101. Magistar

    MagistarPred uro

    and it was lmao.


    RECKLESS NINJAPred 7 urami

    Lol go cry about it.

  103. John Scuderi

    John ScuderiPred 9 urami

    Like white people haven't played ethnic characters in film countless times since the dawn of cinema? Maybe its time we flip the coin. Get over it.

  104. Tyler James

    Tyler JamesPred dnevom

    A24: let’s make a movie about one of the most noble medieval knights ever. Director: Lets make him Indian A24: Not a bad idea,and if anyone criticize it or try to review bomb the movie,they just sexist and racist asshole Director: brilliant

  105. Caradoc g

    Caradoc gPred dnevom

    So excited: the original Gawain and the Green Knight is one of the coolest medieval poems ever, and this looks like it will do it justice and take some creative license with the Arthurian spirit

  106. Tyler James

    Tyler JamesPred dnevom

    What’s next King Arthur is played by Michael B Jordan lol 😂

  107. Steve DeWitt

    Steve DeWittPred dnevom

    Someone better let Ethan Hunt know that Solomon Lane is on the loose (and also did some time traveling)


    SILKY MILKYPred dnevom

    Whoa. Looks very interesting. 🌛👍🏼

  109. Lawrence Clemens

    Lawrence ClemensPred dnevom

    This trailer COMPLETELY misrepresents the film. It is Slow, insanely dark in the interiors, and the dialog is Mumbled so badly and so much you will miss 70% of it. The movie can truly be summed up as Monty Python & The Holy Grail meets The 7th Seal meets The Revenant. A total art-house slog. The imagery of this trailer have been Brightened and the dialog has been artificially made clearer. It is Not that way in the movie.

  110. Wisco9er

    Wisco9erPred 16 urami

    Friends, since you saw the movie, can you recall the scenes that start from 1:48 to 1:50? Because I don't remember seeing them

  111. Creamy Mocha

    Creamy MochaPred 17 urami

    100% agree @Lawrence Clemens. The trailer completely misrepresets the film. It is a slow-moving, bore of a movie. From the first lines of dialogue it is difficult to understand what's being said. The frames, though beautiful, look empty (it's obvious the budget was low because of that fact). The arcane plot is tied together by title cards that don't really help with exposition. I'll stop there. Thoroughly disappointed.

  112. Isa Hamilton

    Isa HamiltonPred 19 urami

    Sounds like you’re just complaining on the internet bud.

  113. April.Taurus

    April.TaurusPred dnevom

    I couldn’t see or hear much in this trailer. Will wait for home release so I can turn on the cc.

  114. mike brown

    mike brownPred dnevom

    Wow! i had no idea there were Indian Knights back in those days. Interesting movie.

  115. MORBID

    MORBIDPred dnevom


  116. Sneaky Turtle

    Sneaky TurtlePred dnevom

    The trailer is great. The movie is terrible.

  117. Anup TV

    Anup TVPred dnevom

    has anyone seen this

  118. KG Rome

    KG RomePred dnevom

    Another movie with no plot

  119. Wojak

    WojakPred dnevom


  120. Creamy Mocha

    Creamy MochaPred 17 urami

    This is not a troll comment...Wojak is 100% correct. This movie should have been released in the fall during Oscar-bait season. Which would have informed some of us that this was not the blockbuster we were looking for. I was hoping for intelligent, enjoyable, accessible fantasy, roughly along the lines of Peter Jackson's LOTR trilogy masterpiece...or even Game of Thrones. The trailer oversold this movie as far as pacing and a coherent plot goes.

  121. Astartes Willum

    Astartes WillumPred dnevom

    Couldn't get an actual Brit for the main character?

  122. Magistar

    MagistarPred uro

    @RECKLESS NINJA racist.


    RECKLESS NINJAPred 7 urami

    Movies are always white washed now you hicks know how it feels lol better get used to it 😎 dawn of a new era.

  124. John Scuderi

    John ScuderiPred 9 urami

    @Kautsar MW Like white people haven't played ethnic characters in film countless times since the dawn of cinema? There have been white people playing characters out of their race more times than I can count. Maybe its time we flip the coin. Get over it.

  125. Kautsar MW

    Kautsar MWPred 11 urami

    @Kian Rangassamy and of course you have a problem with that right??? Gandhi is not white and should not be portrayed as white similar to this case

  126. Kautsar MW

    Kautsar MWPred 11 urami

    @Bigby Wolf he's playing a black man but not a black figure lol c'mon you don't see black panther casted by a white guy. Arthurian legends are most comprises with caucasians and before yáll going wild at me, I'm not even white

  127. Max Glassburg

    Max GlassburgPred dnevom

    The “this movie is pretentious” comments are hilarious. You guys realize this is based on a 14th century poem. It’s made to be in conversation with what have now been hundreds of years of analysis and interpretation of this piece. If that pursuit sounds pretentious to you, then why did you go see a 2-hour movie based on medieval poetry? Holy moly…

  128. Matthew Speak

    Matthew SpeakPred 8 urami

    @Alex Bernal nope. I refuse.

  129. Alex Bernal

    Alex BernalPred 9 urami

    @Matthew Speak you do realize a large talking point against that four hour superhero film is that it’s pretentious right? let people enjoy shit lol

  130. cldxp

    cldxpPred 17 urami

    Maybe it is pretentious and in this case, not a bad thing at all

  131. Max Glassburg

    Max GlassburgPred 18 urami

    @Matthew Speak I miss the days of deep focus too.

  132. Matthew Speak

    Matthew SpeakPred 20 urami

    Exactly. Meanwhile, they go nuts for a four hour super hero movie full of overblown melodrama, over used depth of field, and meaningless filler.

  133. Ben Francisco

    Ben FranciscoPred dnevom

    this is giving me vikings / kingdom come deliverance / sleepy hollow vibes

  134. CSBT Production

    CSBT ProductionPred dnevom

    Gestern gesehen, ein absolutes Meisterwerk, etwas ganz besonderes.


    LOSERSAURUSPred dnevom

    Just got back from the theater this movie is so refreshing and amazing A24 does it once again.

  136. Daniel W

    Daniel WPred 21 uro

    @LOSERSAURUS I asked a guy who posted a comment saying he hated the green knight if he liked midsommar, he said no and even said he would never step foot in an art gallery for 2 hours, when looking at art is one of my personal fav things to do in my free time. And it's like ya wtf did u expect if you don't like art you aren't going to appreciate this movie at all


    LOSERSAURUSPred 21 uro

    @Daniel W Huh? I am confused lol I loved Midsommar I have 2 copies of it Blu ray and Special Collectors Edition 😎 I love A24 I have almost all but a few of their movies on Disc.

  138. Daniel W

    Daniel WPred 21 uro

    @LOSERSAURUS this is a direct quote from a guy urging people not to see the movie after I asked him if he liked midsommar or art museum "

  139. Daniel W

    Daniel WPred 21 uro

    @Wojak I asked a guy who posted he hated the movie if he likes art shows and he says no he hates going to a 2 hour art show and in my mind I am immediately like no wonder, a24 is not made for you then. A24 movies are made for people who can go to art galleries sit back and just interpret what they are seeing.

  140. Daniel W

    Daniel WPred 21 uro

    @Wojak I just looked at the witch and it got 59% on rotten tomatoes from audience members ya I'm not gonna listen to what people say, a24 movies are opposite of the marvel experience where you are just spoon-feed snarky lines on every character (every character has become iron man, just witty sarcastic) there is very little character variation, I think me and you would like this movie and others just would not

  141. M F

    M FPred dnevom

    Just saw it!! LOVED IT. In true A24 fashion the ending is not what you expect (I had not read the poem) but goddamn is it a beautiful and bizare ride there.

  142. Isa Hamilton

    Isa HamiltonPred 19 urami

    Seeing it tonight, can’t wait! I have no idea what I’m walking into so this will be a great time.

  143. Wojak

    WojakPred dnevom

    Loved it. This film is not for everybody. You may love it or hate it.

  144. Guillermo Alejandro Gonzalez

    Guillermo Alejandro GonzalezPred 17 urami

    Yeah I saw it too, similar to Death Stranding in the sense that either you love that game or hate it, much like Green Knight, of which I love both.

  145. Wojak

    WojakPred dnevom

    @Joel Ricardo in my local threatre in North Carolina

  146. Joel Ricardo

    Joel RicardoPred dnevom

    where did u watch it?

  147. goldenleopard97

    goldenleopard97Pred dnevom

    Hmm, a remake from the 80s film with Sean Connery.

  148. Terris Teiman

    Terris TeimanPred dnevom

    Literal hot dog water, avoid at all costs

  149. Daniel W

    Daniel WPred dnevom

    Did you like or dislike midsommar

  150. MrGuardianofhades

    MrGuardianofhadesPred dnevom

    *I am sorry for the caps, and just know I am a huge A24 fan. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE, IT IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME WITH ABSOLUTELY NO REDEMPTION..AT ALL.

  151. ThatFilmBuff

    ThatFilmBuffPred dnevom

    Just got back from the theater after seeing it. You’ll either love it or hate it. As for me, I loved the living hell out if it. A very slow burn, but masterfully crafted in every way and presents many questions that will be debated for years to come

  152. ulfingvar1

    ulfingvar1Pred 23 urami

    Expect the same reaction.

  153. Not-A-Virus

    Not-A-VirusPred dnevom

    You really have to see this in theaters the score, the cinematography and the color palette throughout this movie is absolutely incredible. The story/plot was kinda weak but still enjoyable the acting from everybody was really good. A24 movies are not for everyone don't go into this movie expecting sword fights, battles or a lot of gore/blood because you will be disappointed. 8.5/10

  154. Not-A-Virus

    Not-A-VirusPred dnevom

    @Brice Harris I would have been pretty mad if they didn't show what would happen if he didn't finish the challenge or just abruptly end the film before we got any answers. The ending was pretty good imo

  155. Brice Harris

    Brice HarrisPred dnevom

    I'd say 6/10 the ending upset me