Starship SN11 exploded during landing, debris fell from the sky!

00:00:00 - Q&A
02:12:35 - T - 1 minute Seconds
02:19:25 - Explosion (left screen)
02:20:00 - Realizing we may have just lost our cameras
Road closure starts at 7:00 a.m. local (12:00 UTC) and we'll be able to help figure out the status of launch readiness with our new high quality, low latency pad camera!
SpaceX Starship SN11 will be attempting another exciting medium altitude test flight (~10 km / 33,000 ft). It will lift off from Boca Chica, Texas under the power of three Raptor engines. At apogee, it will flip into a horizontal (belly flop) configuration for descent. Prior to landing, it will ignite three of its Raptor engines to initiate the landing flip before shutting one down. SN11 will attempt a propulsive landing on the landing pad, potentially becoming the first Starship prototype to successfully do so.
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  1. VenFilms

    VenFilmsPred 10 dnevi

    When you wanna build a good lego set but you suck at building be like :

  2. Anonym Reallife

    Anonym ReallifePred 19 dnevi

    At least your gear was crushed by a multi million dollar rocket... 😂😂

  3. Aaron Robert

    Aaron RobertPred 20 dnevi

    Something blew it up thats for sure!!

  4. TanzanianRoots

    TanzanianRootsPred 24 dnevi

    The word debris still annoys me. Why have the s? Why???

  5. fyrestorme123

    fyrestorme123Pred 24 dnevi

    Not sure of the validity of this test. I get stress testing and testing in adverse conditions, in general, but wouldn't they just choose not to fly, normally, in this type of weather if the ship was already commercially operating?

  6. Hunter Williams

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  7. Mathew Roush

    Mathew RoushPred 26 dnevi

    Tim, would you please ask Elon if it now makes sense to get the commercial crew capsule rated for return flights from the moon/Mars. Think lifeboat for lunar or Mars missions. Also, isn’t crew launch and return from Earth a potential cost/ certification bottle neck for the early stages of lunar and Mars missions? People launch on a commercial crew. Rendezvousing on orbit with starship. Travel as a pair to a preposition Ed gateway in orbit around moon or Mars. Starship goes to surface of Mars or moon. Commercial crew capsule stays in orbit with gateway in orbit. Starship travels with people to surface of Moon or Mars. Lands adjacent to prepositioned cargo/ habitat/ fuel factory starship. Launches back to gateway in orbit around moon or Mars. Comes back to earth with capsule lifeboat. At each leg of the journey, there is a backup redundant system. Isn’t that the safe way that NASA wants?how close is this reality?

  8. Alain Isabelle de Montréal

    Alain Isabelle de MontréalPred 26 dnevi

    Dont you think that the tiles are needed to protect the bottom of the thank.

  9. Erick

    ErickPred mesecem

    Someone tweet this to Elon Musk! Im sure he wouldn’t mind replacing your cameras since your giving him a ton of exposure!

  10. All Good

    All GoodPred mesecem

    Still along way to go...

  11. Starship Sn15

    Starship Sn15Pred mesecem

    Just like your first stream lol

  12. Ben I

    Ben IPred mesecem

    F SN11. Oh well on to 15 then!

  13. robert bertie

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    all gone quiet

  14. DS

    DSPred mesecem

    You probably want DPA mics because those are one of the mics NASA put on the Perseverance.

  15. Vincent Lenart

    Vincent LenartPred mesecem

    Hey Tim! I'm curious how things are going with your channel. It's been a while since we heard from you! How did your equipment turn out?

  16. mosillestshuffler

    mosillestshufflerPred mesecem

    Stats??? is it gonna do what's expected? Blessing: we have so much data and spec so much to pour thru an measure,and science nerd about !!! what ??? Any better comments, really ???

  17. mosillestshuffler

    mosillestshufflerPred mesecem

    I dont like how Audi cars look ...still safest car though...

  18. mosillestshuffler

    mosillestshufflerPred mesecem

    Is it me or is it a lil strange has we go thru everthing, design aesthetics is it ???

  19. Harrison Cleaver

    Harrison CleaverPred mesecem

    Starlink is now available in Australia. I just got the email from Space X 10 min ago.

  20. Ben Fisher

    Ben FisherPred mesecem

    So what was the end result for you guys? How did your equipment fare?

  21. Jack Whitlock

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  22. bruh dabs

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    im learning a lot over here.

  23. shuvashree pattanaik

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  24. James Smith

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  25. RM Space - KSP

    RM Space - KSPPred mesecem

    When the manufacturer denies "being hit by a starship" As a warranty

  26. Scott Tenn

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  27. Andy Duport

    Andy DuportPred mesecem

    Hopefully you have insurance to cover the loses if any. If you don’t this is a good lesson for you.

  28. Derelict974

    Derelict974Pred mesecem

    Hi Tim, are you currently working on a new video ? Streams & live coverages aside, I can't wait to watch the next one !!

  29. Mattsretiring

    MattsretiringPred mesecem

    Any update on the condition of your equipment?

  30. Joachim kessler

    Joachim kesslerPred mesecem

    why did you start the starship 11 in such a fog, no optical control bad. Remotely there are problems and logs incomplete.

  31. Presumptuous Pseudonym

    Presumptuous PseudonymPred mesecem

    They dont control it visually... its all GPS, Radar and automated. Fog means jack all to a Starship launch. There isnt some guy playing with a joystick while it flys.

  32. Se Milberger

    Se MilbergerPred mesecem

    Big Blooper - liquid oxygen and liquid methane can mix very easily, and remain a liquid - a very explosive mix rivaling effective military's plastic explosives. I think that we saw this in SN10 and now SN11 - a structural failure, mixing, and detonation shock wave. The worst curse is now: up your down-comer tube with a high detonation. Just don't say it, and do not ride on it.

  33. Se Milberger

    Se MilbergerPred mesecem

    LOX-H2 and LOX-RP2 are safer, because they do not mix easily, without a freeze-over or a boil-off.


    DEEREMEYER1Pred mesecem

    You gotta be a special kind of "optimistic" to put anything you don't want destroyed "under" that giant joke of a "spacecraft" during a "test" giving its history of "tests" as a "program". And by special kind of optimistic I mean completely idiotic.

  35. John Pombrio

    John PombrioPred mesecem

    SpaceX and Boston Dynamics both have a similar motto " Build, it, break it, fix it."

  36. Northerncalwolf

    NortherncalwolfPred mesecem

    was not "norminal" was "Ka-bloominal"

  37. P C

    P CPred mesecem

    Here's what I think could be an important question for Space X. They spend Millions of dollars on each SN Rocket and then it explodes during a test to make it reusable. They are spending over a Billion dollars without recouping a cent. Of course, they are getting close to reusability but have many milestones yet to achieve. All this while building their launch facility and production facility. I wonder if they would consider trying to make some money in a "Disposable launch vehicle"? Soon, they should be able to launch a payload with Starship. They could plan for it's demise. Then, after the payload is launched, they get paid, and then continue to test the vehicle to develop its reusable capabilities. At least they'd get some return out of the development process they are not getting now!

  38. P C

    P CPred mesecem

    @John Pombrio yeah bro, that's why we love Space X. The others are just lame tax payer money pits.

  39. John Pombrio

    John PombrioPred mesecem

    "Time. Ask me for anything but time." Rapid prototyping gets SpaceX to leap ahead of all other competitors. Just ask the EU Ariene and NASA SLS teams which rockets are at the cutting edge. They are SO far behind that SpaceX can throw millions (not billions, that's NASA, heh) at Starship and expect to make it pay off sooner than anyone expects.

  40. Mtume 505

    Mtume 505Pred mesecem

    Trash and burning money without sense. That is not our future. Do not waiste our time to focus on a positiv perspective. It is just waisting time. You do not really wanna think that somebody is going to Mars with these machines? I would never cross a street with that...

  41. Karin Snyder

    Karin SnyderPred mesecem

    Is it just me or did anyone else think that SpaceX kinda knew it would blow up so they went ahead and did it when it couldn't be recorded? I mean, not that they wanted it to but at least I believe that Elon knew he was going to scrap it. Surely he didn't believe that it was a 60% or better chance of sticking the landing like SN10 or he would have gladly shown the first stuck landing for all the world to see.

  42. Karin Snyder

    Karin SnyderPred mesecem

    Besides, filming from every angle is part of what SpaceX needed to add informative data. So I just don't get it why he didn't wait at least a couple of hours.

  43. RedFathom

    RedFathomPred mesecem

    it's almost as if their was a reverse flow into the methane tank, exploding the vehicle.

  44. Martin Dohnalik

    Martin DohnalikPred mesecem

    Be more optimistic.

  45. Stephen Wells

    Stephen WellsPred mesecem

    Looking at the data for the Starship test flights, it seems that every attempted landing from higher than a few hundred metres has failed. Hopefully, SpaceX will figure out what's going wrong before they try to send people up on that thing.

  46. Stallnig

    StallnigPred mesecem

    another one bites the dust.

  47. centrode

    centrodePred mesecem

    Since the current Starship design cannot survive any but the softest, most level landings, when will we see a serious landing gear. Uneven surfaces and/or severe crosswinds will be a constant nemesis.

  48. 100brucebrown

    100brucebrownPred mesecem

    Canadian lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved a non-binding motion accusing China of committing genocide against its Muslim minorities in the western region of Xinjiang, Elon seems to ignore these concerns in China.

  49. S. E. C-R

    S. E. C-RPred mesecem

    I wish we could have seen it exploding in the sky!!

  50. Lord Xanth

    Lord XanthPred mesecem

    Tim, you're sure you want to risk everything flying onboard this explosive can, equipped with an autonomous self-destruct mechanism that triggers on randomly?🤔

  51. Pol Valls

    Pol VallsPred mesecem

    Fking fog...

  52. phillip panners

    phillip pannersPred mesecem

    The greatest explosion never seen.😏

  53. Jay Daniels

    Jay DanielsPred mesecem

    Walter and RICHARD ARE PROUD OF YOU!!!

  54. Jay Daniels

    Jay DanielsPred mesecem

    Thank you TIM!!😎🌎

  55. Green Weenie

    Green WeeniePred mesecem

    Elon will buy u new gear

  56. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem

    it ended up being fine in the end!

  57. Jacob McKarthern

    Jacob McKarthernPred mesecem

    You complaining about your equipment being destroyed is extremely annoying, fyi. With a channel this size you clearly aren't hurting for cash, and if you are that concerned then you shouldn't be filming there. Just try to lay off the "me, me, me, me, me, me, me" attitude a bit.

  58. Jacob McKarthern

    Jacob McKarthernPred mesecem

    I think based on that response I can recant my complaint.

  59. Jacob McKarthern

    Jacob McKarthernPred mesecem

    @Everyday Astronaut Well, you read the comment and had a good response, so I have to respect that.

  60. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem

    even to youtubers this size, $20k is still A LOT. youtubers this size generally still get an average salary, and tax on self employed people (such as youtubers) is pretty high. also when you're in the middle of a rocket launch it can be pretty hard to keep your cool. if you were in his situation i think you would have a similar reaction.

  61. Everyday Astronaut

    Everyday AstronautPred mesecem

    I’m sorry. Hadn’t slept for more than 4 hours for 2 weeks to prepare the launch, only to not see it at all in the fog and then to think we had lost every camera we had while risking it clearly sucked. I’m sorry you aren’t empathizing with the situation, but I was beyond shot and that really sucked at the time 😕

  62. SpiritsOfTheDistilledKind

    SpiritsOfTheDistilledKindPred mesecem

    I don’t think all the engines relighted. Probably initiated a termination to avoid ground impact... Musk tweet indicates otherwise...

  63. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem

    in the end, it seems the most likely cause is that one of the tanks failed during engine reignition. we don't know yet but it's been confirmed it exploded in the air, and it seems less likely that the fts was activated.

  64. Wildland Explorer

    Wildland ExplorerPred mesecem

    Just need to open a Rekt Rocket Cam Museum to recoup the losses. Good at bizness.

  65. miinyoo

    miinyooPred mesecem

    Yeah, that right side engine doesn't look right. Seems like those raptors need some better QC. There have been an unfortunate number of failures thus far.

  66. John Pombrio

    John PombrioPred mesecem

    The enemy of good is perfectly operating rocket engines. Stress them in actual flight, see what breaks, and fix them. These engines ALL have passed several static fires so in-flight is the only way to actually, err, TEST them.

  67. zach byrd

    zach byrdPred mesecem

    Please don't spoil the outcome with the title moving forward. not all of us can watch this live but still want the unknown excitement and surprise. Think sports games and wanting to watch it without someone spoiling it for you. thanks! Keep up the great work!

  68. Eric

    EricPred mesecem

    Yea thats a HUGE setback and legal issues lunching during fog and it blowing up 1km up which is really bad.

  69. John Pombrio

    John PombrioPred mesecem

    Or just business as usual. Boca Chica is quite used to big booms coming from RUD of starships. In any other company, perhaps a big setback, but with SpaceX? Just another data check

  70. Shakeel Mohideen

    Shakeel MohideenPred mesecem

    Oh no.. again during landing

  71. Alexander Atom

    Alexander AtomPred mesecem

    can these starships fly to other stars ? lol

  72. Ethan Bennett

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  73. boatbyrd

    boatbyrdPred mesecem

    New product line for days like Tuesday, "Abnorminal" You Rock!

  74. CosmoNaut Onni

    CosmoNaut OnniPred mesecem

    Sad fail

  75. fred james

    fred jamesPred mesecem

    Spacex made a huge mistake launching SN11 in the fog. Its critical to bring supporters and the public along the journey, the public were given the middle finger this time. Additionally spacex lost valuable visual data. Lets hope we dont see a repeat of this stupid decision.

  76. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem

    true, but at the moment "public seeing rocket" is pretty low on the list. their main goals is to make a next generation rocket. as you said they probably won't do this next time cause i don't think they enjoyed not being able to see the anomaly in detail.

  77. Adam Řežábek

    Adam ŘežábekPred mesecem

    i don't think that public is that important

  78. Stuart W

    Stuart WPred mesecem

    Any updates on the equipment?

  79. Adam Řežábek

    Adam ŘežábekPred mesecem

    all cameras survived!

  80. Dumb_Taco_Man

    Dumb_Taco_ManPred mesecem

    SN8: YEAH SN9: MEH SN10: YEAH SN11: MEH I’m starting to see a pattern.

  81. Bobo

    BoboPred mesecem

    Tax right off

  82. Richard Linares

    Richard LinaresPred mesecem

    So strange that they would launch in such heavy fog. Airplanes wouldn't launch in fog like that.

  83. Jack Whitlock

    Jack WhitlockPred mesecem

    Starship uses Radar and GPS, SpaceX have landed multiple times in fog. I recommend watching their RadarSat mission

  84. Jackie Bird

    Jackie BirdPred mesecem

    I wish there was a way to never see your content in my feed

  85. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem


  86. KD0LRG

    KD0LRGPred mesecem

    Time to file an insurance claim, that's why SpaceX has to carry quarter of a billion of coverage per flight.

  87. wwolfdogs

    wwolfdogsPred mesecem

    What a mess this thing will make when it lands on the Red Planet.

  88. JOSUAH M.

    JOSUAH M.Pred mesecem


  89. Abe S.

    Abe S.Pred mesecem

    THere was a Delta rocket prototype that blew up like 3 times and was cancelled. Why is this thing allowed to blow up every week and keep trying?

  90. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem

    4 high altitude flights, all successes. blowing up doesn't mean it's a failure. it's just a setback.

  91. Adam Řežábek

    Adam ŘežábekPred mesecem

    i assume that Delta rocket protoype blew up 3 times in 2 years, while there, they do it much faster

  92. Gary Walker

    Gary WalkerPred mesecem

    Because it is not funded by NASA but is a privately funded effort.

  93. robinjoe1

    robinjoe1Pred mesecem

    Spherical header tanks are likely not to work for this maneuver. They need them to be shaped like a coke bottle tilted at a 45 so gravity feeds at all orientations seen in flight.

  94. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem

    @robinjoe1 AGAIN, i'm sure spacex and their engineers know their way round their own rocket better than you. if you're correct your concept would probably already be in the works. sn15 might even have a newly shaped header tanks already.

  95. robinjoe1

    robinjoe1Pred mesecem

    @Ethan Bennett Starship is a low cost, high volume gateway to LEO. It’s a complete game changer for the military and commercial applications. I’m posting because I’m tired of them blowing the darn things up. I’m suggesting a simple change so they can move on to the next issues.

  96. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem

    @robinjoe1 well why are you here if you don't care about going to mars?

  97. robinjoe1

    robinjoe1Pred mesecem

    @Ethan Bennett my passion is protecting the nation, not going to Mars. I’ve never lost a rocket, missile or brilliant munition I designed the recovery system for. Not that there wasn’t luck involved. I’ve made mistakes that did end in a loss, just a lesson.

  98. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem

    @robinjoe1 "rockets". what, some little sounding rocket? you have no qualifications. don't bother.

  99. Furlock Furli

    Furlock FurliPred mesecem

    One day all these lies will fall from the sky. And shortly after, all liars will be on the ground, begging.

  100. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem

    flat earther?

  101. Annoyify

    AnnoyifyPred mesecem

    she was a beauty

  102. Dave ffs

    Dave ffsPred mesecem

    Imagine taking those cams to the repair shop... Shop guy: So what happened? They're pretty smashed up Tim: Spaceship landed on it Shop guy: Uhhh a spaceship? Tim: Well a starship actually Shop guy: 0_0 If you say so sir

  103. NNA

    NNAPred mesecem

    Fuel Bladder...(?) Toyota Prius has rubber bladder in fuel tank so gas vapor emissions eliminated as tank empties. Perhaps a very tight weave of some flexible material that can survive cryogenic temps could be used to fabricate a bag inside the header tank that can ‘inflate’ with lox or fuel and ‘deflate’ when liquid sucked out. Weave or design of bag might somehow be ‘engineered’ to allow gasses to seep through but liquid retained. This might help eliminate any gas bubbles from entering fuel lines no matter what attitude or ‘g’ force vectors experienced by Starship. Stay Well....

  104. NNA

    NNAPred mesecem

    Mystery Structure....(?) Part of a ‘flip simulator’.... .... perhaps suspended from crane, Maybe air bladders inflated around hull to secure within the frame, yet allow easy swap out of various parts of Starship for similar testing. (May not be easy to do computer simulation, or maybe a test rig to confirm a computer simulation.) To test various header tank and lox and/or fuel plumbing designs? Just a guess... Stay Well...

  105. Killius FromRu

    Killius FromRuPred mesecem

    Рождённый взрываться - летать не будет ;)

  106. ABDUL HALIM Ahmad

    ABDUL HALIM AhmadPred mesecem

    Elon Musk may throw a few $$$$ to upgrade your work.. lets see.

  107. jim b

    jim bPred mesecem

    that sputtering sound? bubbles in the fuel?

  108. Yuk Ming Chen

    Yuk Ming ChenPred mesecem

    Wonder what is this 10 km SN11 launch test purpose.. if it is remote control landing test, then it should not taken place at foggy condition. If is advanced starship self piloted landing test, then does not what conditions. But the idea to land slim stick typestarship will lead to failure most the time.

  109. archaeologist86

    archaeologist86Pred mesecem

    Oh no insurance claim. Oof. Well maybe in the plus experimental rocket launch=good.

  110. archaeologist86

    archaeologist86Pred mesecem

    And if you’re not insured, well you’ve interviewed Elon and covered Space X a ton. Maybe he’ll make a generous donation as thanks for publicity.

  111. archaeologist86

    archaeologist86Pred mesecem

    Losing the cameras sucks, but it’s an experimental rocket launch so....hopefully you’re insured. If not....well tough lesson learned I guess, but something obviously that will be corrected for future launches. Unless of course Everyday Astronaut is just a gambling man. Should be interesting to see what the issue was. Obviously the rocket blowing up on its own rather than being automatically or manually terminated would be the worst case scenario. Although not as bad as blowing up on the pad on on ascent. Hopefully it suffered some sort of malfunction with guidance or navigation caused them to actively terminate.

  112. Antonio Carrasco Valero

    Antonio Carrasco ValeroPred mesecem

    I have the feeling that the full-flow engines do not take kindly a serious shortage of either Ox or Methane, i.e. due to the unpredictable sloshing in the tanks, never mind how much He pressure is applied. Just consider in the O2-rich a shortage of O2 with the same Methane supply: same heat much less cooling, same the reverse int he Methane-side part. SpaceX will probably need to add more hardware, and another engine to make up for the weight - or keep failing.

  113. 湾湾邦交国计数器

    湾湾邦交国计数器Pred mesecem

    😄 boom!four!

  114. ReadTheShrill

    ReadTheShrillPred mesecem

    Dang. I really hope this doesn't cause the FAA and other authorities to get squeamish and start restricting SpaceX's activities...

  115. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem

    hopefully not, they have had explosions before though and they haven't really cared.

  116. David Kennedy

    David KennedyPred mesecem

    nobody blows up rockets better than musk!

  117. Adam Řežábek

    Adam ŘežábekPred mesecem


  118. Spika Rooni

    Spika RooniPred mesecem

    Keep it up

  119. Thien Loi

    Thien LoiPred mesecem

    Hi guys, stop using Chinese parts.

  120. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem

    aaand what's this got to do with the video? _i smell spam_

  121. Aramis

    AramisPred mesecem

    Why you affirm so much times "there is no one on bord" . Wasn't this only the rocket? I'm.confused 🥴 I saw this in space x twitter and was all so fast and the perception of what happen was sao little that I though that was only the rocket 🤔 Que triste 😔 !

  122. Presumptuous Pseudonym

    Presumptuous PseudonymPred mesecem

    Because there are a ton of idiots who always come in and go.. Oh no what about the people on board!, along with the usually anti space and SpaceX trolls. So yeah they have to reiterate alot those sorts of things because people dumb.

  123. David Noble

    David NoblePred mesecem

    @2:27:47 "The cameras are relatively far away from the landing pad" So is most of SN11 ;)

  124. Simon Hulme KT

    Simon Hulme KTPred mesecem

    Well I see no point of that test

  125. Zharki at FalconAerospace

    Zharki at FalconAerospacePred mesecem


  126. Simon Hulme KT

    Simon Hulme KTPred mesecem

    Perhaps it was a test to see if Starship could land blind

  127. Jack Whitlock

    Jack WhitlockPred mesecem

    Starship uses Radar and GPS, fog wouldn’t effect it

  128. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettPred mesecem

    nope. nothing to do with that.

  129. Simon Hulme KT

    Simon Hulme KTPred mesecem

    Why on Earth did they launch with such bad weather !

  130. Adam Řežábek

    Adam ŘežábekPred mesecem

    @Presumptuous Pseudonym in most of the word yes. In Britain, it's normal

  131. Presumptuous Pseudonym

    Presumptuous PseudonymPred mesecem

    Fog is bad weather?..

  132. Adam Řežábek

    Adam ŘežábekPred mesecem

    why not? I propably didn't explode due to weather, but due smth else (FTS/overpressure)

  133. Karolus_AT

    Karolus_ATPred mesecem

    Probably your cameras became more valuable if they got hit by a pieces of history 😉 Just sell them on ebay and get more new cameras 😁

  134. Karl Struhs

    Karl StruhsPred mesecem

    big boom big bada boom...

  135. Georgina Bottomley

    Georgina BottomleyPred mesecem

    Any info on the cameras yet? Been thinking about them lots and hoping at least some could be salvaged.

  136. Georgina Bottomley

    Georgina BottomleyPred mesecem

    @Adam Řežábek Yeah I saw.. thanks. I posted the qu before the info came out 👍☺️

  137. Adam Řežábek

    Adam ŘežábekPred mesecem

    cameras are ok. One piece of SN landed few meters away. Check twitter

  138. George Jones

    George JonesPred mesecem

    Striding backwards, mightily!

  139. Gyula Péter

    Gyula PéterPred mesecem

    It will never work.

  140. Jack Whitlock

    Jack WhitlockPred mesecem

    Just like the Falcon 9 will never land, oh wait...

  141. BarTabz

    BarTabzPred mesecem

    @EverydayAstronaut Tim, I never noticed you have Heterochromia. Cool beans bro.