Final Fantasy 7 Remake: PS4 Pro vs. PS5 Comparison

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's PlayStation 5 update revamps the graphics and performance of the game, so we put it side-by-side with the original PlayStation 4 Pro version


  1. hyaweh

    hyawehPred 2 dnevi

    I finally managed to get my hands on a PS5 and was wondering, if I inserted the PS4 version of the game into the PS5, will there be any difference or should I just get the PS5 version of the game? My brother in law has the PS4 version and was thinking of just using that.

  2. Romain B.

    Romain B.Pred 18 dnevi

    Should be illegal to make 30 FPS games in 2021 this looks AWFUL unless you have a TV with an insane processor and a lot of Motion Smoothing i litteraly can't play 30 fps games anymore unless it's really slow like Final Fantasy X or Pokémon i just can't. BTW 1620p/60 fps Final Fantasy VII looks godly ! 4K30 too but only with crazy high budget TV.

  3. CA Iz RippiN

    CA Iz RippiNPred 19 dnevi

    The game is amazing and looks amazing but it’s annoying how you see the textures load up at the beginning of cutscenes even on PS5. Thought that would be fixed.

  4. Polaris Walls

    Polaris WallsPred 26 dnevi

    Is it bad that I cannot notice much of a difference 😕

  5. Magitwit

    MagitwitPred 26 dnevi

    Wow there is honestly a noticeable difference. Dooe

  6. Killian ZOLLER

    Killian ZOLLERPred mesecem

    mmm, the starting time is not long as on a ps4, but this is not a major improvenment for ps5 we got there.

  7. Bizarro Reacts

    Bizarro ReactsPred mesecem

    The best story ever

  8. Blake abcdefg

    Blake abcdefgPred mesecem

    ff7 remake was so terrible....... you won't find me buying it.

  9. Jef M

    Jef MPred mesecem

    Is it me or Ps5 version has alot more crazy particles in the boss fight

  10. Morncreek

    MorncreekPred mesecem

    Overall... The PS4 video looks better to me. It is less washed out.

  11. Romain B.

    Romain B.Pred 18 dnevi

    It's only this video trust the fuck me i got it at home on a 65 inch oled TV the PS5 version is on another world of being better than the PS4 version.

  12. CynicalIdealist1111

    CynicalIdealist1111Pred mesecem

    Those super short load times are definitely going to improve the experience

  13. Sebastian Kuol Crimson

    Sebastian Kuol CrimsonPred 24 dnevi

    The PS5 Gameplay is edited.

  14. Craig Patrick

    Craig PatrickPred mesecem

    Graphics mode is beautiful but performance mode just runs so brilliantly I’ve been playing myself and it genuinely makes the game a 9.5/10 rather than a 9 on the PS4, the frame rate difference in this game is bigger than I expected

  15. Chris Taylor

    Chris TaylorPred mesecem

    Transferring my Platinum PS4 save and seeing all the trophies pop on the PS5 version was amazing, but not as amazing as combat in Performance Mode. Doubling the frame rate from 30 to 60 makes everything feel so fast and so fluid that it's almost like an entirely different game. And the load times! They were so abysmally slow on PS4 but nearly instant on PS5. It is so much better in every way.

  16. SinHurr

    SinHurrPred mesecem

    K I can't watch this anymore. I just makes me angry that I can't get my hands on a Ps5.

  17. Wizards & Warriors

    Wizards & WarriorsPred mesecem

    I just received the Advent Children 4K Bluray and I wanted to see if FFVIIR truly is a leap in visual fidelity compared to Advent and yes…FFVIIR in real-time is more advanced than SE’s top animated, prerendered tech of 2005. …pretty crazy.

  18. Nerisuka Riosu

    Nerisuka RiosuPred mesecem

    I cry with the comparison! I just buy PS5 bc FF7R. Look so awesome!! But I am poor to buy the console 😭😭😭😭

  19. Joe

    JoePred mesecem

    Yuffie is fun af to play tho. DLC worth the money IMO

  20. JS

    JSPred mesecem

    Someone needs to show me the npcs or a door.

  21. Kyle Andrew

    Kyle AndrewPred mesecem

    Anyone else notice these clowns stole the theme to pirates of the caribbean

  22. DP

    DPPred mesecem

    the performance mode looks bananas, woooww. PS5 is the truth!

  23. Rafe Wheadon

    Rafe WheadonPred mesecem

    ps4 pro looks better to me

  24. Eric Gornicki Vargas

    Eric Gornicki VargasPred mesecem

    Believe me guys, if you have a good 4K TV you'll notice massive improvements. The way the lighting looks like on the PS5 version is amazing and those smooth 60fps are well worth it another playthrough. The PS5 version didn't fix all the problems though: what was bad on PS4 now is way better, but still quite jarring to see compared to other aspects of the game there were great, like the character models and cutscenes, which are dead drop gorgeous on PS5. Here hoping for part 2 to be a bit more consistent on the presentation and looks more like the recent trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, where everything looks super polished.

  25. GHFire

    GHFirePred mesecem

    *(2020)* *SE:* Rent? *Players:* You'll get your rent when you fix this DAMN DOOR! *(2021)* *SE:* Rent? *Players:* Take my money!

  26. Salam 【Nobodyknows ID】

    Salam 【Nobodyknows ID】Pred mesecem

    I really prefer PS5 Performance Mode, graphic is not problem for me as long as it has high fps.

  27. David Roger

    David RogerPred mesecem

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake: PS4 Pro vs. PS5 Comparison Sooo.... what is the difference between performance and grafics Mode?


    INFERNO SPECTREPred mesecem

    This will be 4k 60 on Xbox

  29. The1Ghost

    The1GhostPred mesecem


  30. Ben Farr

    Ben FarrPred mesecem

    Who cares really this gen is a bust, people still cant buy the new consoles in the store, so the player base is going to be so small compared to previous generations. Will this gen even make money, how many decent games will actually be released

  31. Pierre Martin

    Pierre MartinPred mesecem

    Omg cloud looks so feminine

  32. ff8123

    ff8123Pred mesecem

    PS5 version looks lower contrast than pro

  33. FourEyedGeek

    FourEyedGeekPred mesecem

    Played the PS4 version, now I am replaying it in performance mode on PS5. The visual improvements aren't dramatic, but it does enhance the experience, the 60fps however is fantastic, it makes the game feel so much better to play.

  34. Krs

    KrsPred mesecem

    pc is better

  35. Burky

    BurkyPred mesecem

    We want a pc version anyways !

  36. GameShark427

    GameShark427Pred mesecem

    Really looks good the PS5 version, I liked the Performance mode the best.

  37. S Clair

    S ClairPred mesecem

    If only PS5s were purchasable

  38. Eric John

    Eric JohnPred mesecem

    I see no difference 🤷

  39. Carey Unknown

    Carey UnknownPred mesecem

    I wonder if there could be a setting where it's graphics mode during cut scenes and performance mode during gameplay

  40. Cooler4446

    Cooler4446Pred mesecem

    question do i need to get the intagrade to get the yufi DLC because i got the game for free for the ps+ deal

  41. Eric Gornicki Vargas

    Eric Gornicki VargasPred mesecem

    The PS+ version of the game doesn't allow you to upgrade to the PS5 one. The cheapest option is to buy the physical version of the PS4 game and buy the Yuffie DLC on the PS store after upgrading to the PS5 version. The DLC cost 20 bucks.

  42. Scott dang

    Scott dangPred mesecem

    The textures are the same with a little inproved lighting but the visuals are the same cast out faded faces.

  43. Scott dang

    Scott dangPred mesecem

    I really couldnt tell the differnce.

  44. Ethan Schmidt

    Ethan SchmidtPred mesecem

    Never played this on ps4. Finally scored a PS5 and let me say, FF7 inter grade is super pretty.

  45. Alvigger

    AlviggerPred mesecem

    Honestly, the game’s great. I’m not a big fan of FF though, so I consider this game as “an upgraded ps4 game” instead of calling it next gen.

  46. Mr. Banks

    Mr. BanksPred mesecem

    Beautiful 60fps

  47. Andre Laguna

    Andre LagunaPred mesecem

    excellent loading improvement, useless graphical quality boost. Gaming experience is absolutely unaffected by it. Square should concentrate its efforts to release part 2, otherwise this game's relevance will fade away over time.

  48. AiriePlay

    AiriePlayPred mesecem

    At this point, all i can see they've changed the filter. That's it

  49. Ajani Wells

    Ajani WellsPred mesecem

    Aeriths personality gets me every time Shes adorable

  50. Jack johnson

    Jack johnsonPred mesecem

    Yeah she would be best girl if Tifa didn't exist.

  51. colonel radec

    colonel radecPred mesecem

    i think alot of whats showed i prefer ps4. im playing ps5 version and the only major things im seeing is framerate and resolution. but it terms of aesthetic ps4 looks better in some places to me.

  52. Get To the choppa

    Get To the choppaPred mesecem

    soooooo its pretty safe to say a ps5 pro version will be coming out in the nexy year or so that does both graphics, and performance mode.....fml

  53. Eric Broderick

    Eric BroderickPred mesecem

    My TV has a fantastic upscaling engine, so if I play in PS5 performance mode, I really dont see any difference at all between performance and quality (and yes I am running at 4k HDR) other than literally half the FPS lol.

  54. 501 St

    501 StPred mesecem

    I still think it's better to play on 3090 or 6900xt, anyone agrees with me? lol

  55. Paul N.

    Paul N.Pred mesecem

    The Intergrade Yuffie DLC is downloading right now, and I’m so playing this on performance mode over 4K graphics mode. 60-120 FPS with the PS5/Series X has spoiled me so much that I literally refuse to even bother with 30 at this point. I don’t want to play in slow motion 😂. The PS4/Pro still packs a punch and will be here for a little while longer, but it’s literally a different world playing in 60fps.

  56. Terry Boyd

    Terry BoydPred mesecem

    something is wrong with ur ps4 pro lol that shit did not take that long to load up

  57. kokumosu

    kokumosuPred mesecem

    why is performance mode on PS5 so washed out??

  58. Robin Fagerström

    Robin FagerströmPred mesecem

    The 4k mode is horrible. After having played it in 60 fps, it's just not possible to go back to 30 fps. It's so damn sluggish that my eyes hurts when turning the camera.

  59. Charles M.

    Charles M.Pred mesecem

    Don't really notice a huge difference and why does the ps5 version look washed out?

  60. holy 97

    holy 97Pred mesecem

    The flowers dont look much better

  61. Siegahertz Carmin

    Siegahertz CarminPred mesecem

    You have to admit the PS4 base game looks incredible... Can't wait to see the part 2 on PS5

  62. Mike Catrone

    Mike CatronePred mesecem

    Playing it in person on the Ps5 it's a night and day difference. It's quite breathtaking really! And the new ending is wowww

  63. The Video Game Archive

    The Video Game ArchivePred mesecem

    The lighting on the PS5 is insane.

  64. Stoshua

    StoshuaPred mesecem

    Waited to play this on the ps5 glad I did, never played the game when it originally came out, or on the ps4 was going to until I heard about this version, playing this and rift apart has been great both amazing games

  65. Faint-Ado7

    Faint-Ado7Pred mesecem

    I’m glad I chose to wait to play this until this upgrade came out

  66. Walakeke

    WalakekePred mesecem

    I don't have an option to upgrade to ps5 version, somebody know how to get it? There's no upgrade option. Im from southeast asia btw

  67. Abdul B

    Abdul BPred mesecem

    I see no difference to be honest

  68. whendy aria

    whendy ariaPred mesecem

    Me watching in 480p : Hmmm...interesting

  69. nightwing20050089

    nightwing20050089Pred mesecem

    Performance mode is definitely the way to go. You get that 60fps smooth gameplay and still looks great.

  70. Sevsnk

    SevsnkPred mesecem

    Until you realise that youtube is compressing 4k visuals.

  71. HallyuOtaku

    HallyuOtakuPred mesecem

    what's the FPS of Graphics mode in PS5? and I'm assuming Performance mode is 60FPS?

  72. Bubba Vas

    Bubba VasPred mesecem

    Ps4 pro looks better Ps5 looks foggy

  73. M7med Saeed

    M7med SaeedPred mesecem

    I can't see any difference sadly like I can't spot any change other they brightness

  74. Italy Milan

    Italy MilanPred mesecem

    will ff15 gets a enhancement too?? hehe

  75. Bashaar Tarabay

    Bashaar TarabayPred mesecem

    Nothing like paying for the same shit twice! Thank you Sony!

  76. Eric Gornicki Vargas

    Eric Gornicki VargasPred mesecem

    The upgrade is free for those who bought the PS4 version.

  77. Dorian Terry

    Dorian TerryPred mesecem

    Terrible comparison video. I'll wait for digital foundry. Clearly it looks better but the side by sides are terrible.

  78. Berry Amv

    Berry AmvPred mesecem

    I have ps5 but I got it for free from ps+ so it costs 70 euro to get ps5 version :(

  79. Hastomo Hadi

    Hastomo HadiPred mesecem

    That loading time, 9 vs 48 seconds 😨😨😨. The ssd on ps5 is far superior to hdd on ps4 pro 😱😳.

  80. Mr ClapClap

    Mr ClapClapPred mesecem

    I didnt see any diffrence, so i have conpare this offline with my normal ps4 and ps5 on the same TV It is a LG C9 Both HDMI Ports have the same Configuration.. (PC-Mode, HGIG...) The only diffrence are the Loadingtimes...

  81. 目标200斤

    目标200斤Pred mesecem

    still no 4K/60P, shame

  82. DBX7Nine

    DBX7NinePred mesecem

    Does anyone know if your PS4 save crosses over to the PS5 version?

  83. DBX7Nine

    DBX7NinePred mesecem

    @Donald Wilson I appreciate the follow up answer! Thanks!

  84. Donald Wilson

    Donald WilsonPred mesecem

    Yes! You have to download your save from the PS4 game first then go to the PS5 game and upload it

  85. Chris Jr

    Chris JrPred mesecem

    This game runs like a dream compared to when I played it last year on PS4. Even in Perfomance mode, the game still looks great on my 4K 60 TV (I think it drops to 1600p?). Definitely a nice upgrade. It's just too bad only a small amount of people actually have a PS5.

  86. Corrd3ll

    Corrd3llPred mesecem

    @Chris Jr of course there’s millions of more people who have a ps4 lol it came out in 2016. The PS5 is only 7 months old, but a hella of a lot of people have one. We can agree to disagree. Imma go play R&C and FF7 intergrade✌️

  87. Chris Jr

    Chris JrPred mesecem

    @Corrd3ll And that's still false lol

  88. Chris Jr

    Chris JrPred mesecem

    @Corrd3ll Dude, I have one lol.

  89. Corrd3ll

    Corrd3llPred mesecem

    @Chris Jr just cause you don’t have one, doesn’t mean plenty of other people don’t

  90. Chris Jr

    Chris JrPred mesecem

    @Corrd3ll Dude, there's millions more people that have PS4s than PS5s lol. How'd you come up with that claim?

  91. Malazan

    MalazanPred mesecem

    The big deal for me here is the load times and the ps5 having locked 60fps while the pro looks worse and is 30fps.

  92. Malazan

    MalazanPred mesecem

    Does Xbox get this game eventually?

  93. Malazan

    MalazanPred mesecem

    @Артём Смагин ok it's been awhile it's only been on PlayStation though maybe in 2 to 3 years like uncharted and days gone..

  94. Артём Смагин

    Артём СмагинPred mesecem

    I think it will, since all other FF games got on PC

  95. Ethan Bradberry

    Ethan BradberryPred mesecem

    I love that Badger from Breaking Bad plays Wedge, love Matt Jones' voice.

  96. Christopher Peraskevas

    Christopher PeraskevasPred 5 urami

    Omg yes !! Thank you I was watching BB and trying to figure out where I heard his voice at haha

  97. Darrell Garrett

    Darrell GarrettPred mesecem

    Also Ned from NCIS earlier seasons!

  98. nino

    ninoPred mesecem

    I thought it was jimmy's voice from santa in gta v XD

  99. Mercy -

    Mercy -Pred mesecem

    I love ff7 but really not much of a difference

  100. Hifly13

    Hifly13Pred mesecem

    I’m waiting till i get a ps5 to play this

  101. Otaku_GameFan

    Otaku_GameFanPred mesecem

    I don't really care about the Graphics Mode, I just want my games to run in 60 Frames PerSeconds! The Remakers couldn't make it 60 on PS4 Pro at least? The Kingdom Hearts III creators did it. I'm so sick and tired of Developers focusing TOO MUCH on Graphics while sacrificing 60 FPS!

  102. Felipe R.G.

    Felipe R.G.Pred mesecem

    The heck with Graphics Mode. The game looks good enough already (except for some textures in the PS4 version), but playing it in 60fps feels amazing. IMO.

  103. T T

    T TPred mesecem

    All I want to know, is if they patched out those low res textures!!

  104. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenPred mesecem

    SHOW ME THE SLUMS, easily the worst looking area of the game

  105. Bhu Win

    Bhu WinPred mesecem

    Is that a pun?

  106. Attractive Champ player

    Attractive Champ playerPred mesecem

    What’s frustrating is I can’t even heat up my coffee before the game loads on the ps5 compared to my ps4 pro -_-

  107. Attractive Champ player

    Attractive Champ playerPred mesecem

    @Paul N. eyy scalped ps5 ganggg

  108. Paul N.

    Paul N.Pred mesecem

    @Attractive Champ player *Mic drop* moment 😂. I got my PS5 from a scalper after striking out for the 100th time and the extra $200 I payed for it so worth it. It loads ridiculously fast and I’m already in the game by the time I finish peeing lol.

  109. Attractive Champ player

    Attractive Champ playerPred mesecem

    @Captain Qwackalot no thx ill stick with my precious PS5 that you may not have

  110. HallyuOtaku

    HallyuOtakuPred mesecem

    give me your PS5 then, I don't drink coffee.

  111. Captain Qwackalot

    Captain QwackalotPred mesecem

    Go back to your PS4 then simple

  112. HIvanH91

    HIvanH91Pred mesecem

    6:26 is where I see a real difference - the church scene where it zooms in on Cloud's clothes - you can really see the extra texture on the ps5 graphics mode

  113. Javier Arocho

    Javier ArochoPred mesecem

    Added fog... That's it

  114. LordSpartacus

    LordSpartacusPred mesecem

    $70 for a DLC?? Hell no

  115. La Casa Del Videojuego

    La Casa Del VideojuegoPred mesecem

    Works way to compare performance mode to normal mode….

  116. Mouad El Moujaddidi

    Mouad El MoujaddidiPred mesecem

    7:26 - That scene 💀🙁

  117. AY AY RON

    AY AY RONPred mesecem

    RIP tips...

  118. daftgeartv

    daftgeartvPred mesecem

    When your back catalog catches up to you and you see the newer better shiny versions of games and you tell your friends that was your plan all along.

  119. Kirion

    KirionPred mesecem

    on my PS5 the loading are 1 second XD

  120. Noora نورة

    Noora نورةPred mesecem

    Not much difference in time and graphics just abit difference

  121. Potocto

    PotoctoPred mesecem

    the graphical changes are like, literally just lighting and door

  122. Potocto

    PotoctoPred mesecem

    @Ethan Bradberry Nah, ps5's are almost impossible to find, I didnt notice any differences so far but 60fps is huge on its own so It seems like its worth the upgrade. (Not to mention added content)

  123. Ethan Bradberry

    Ethan BradberryPred mesecem

    Have you played it? It looks significantly better, it's extremely beautiful and I'm hella impressed. Also, 60 fps makes such a huge difference.

  124. 名字真麻煩

    名字真麻煩Pred mesecem

    can't imagine playing ff7 with 60fps

  125. Derek Willis

    Derek WillisPred mesecem

    I honestly can't see much difference in the graphics mode vs the ps4 pro. Really the biggest difference is using 60 fps performance mode. The graphics mode isn't noticeably better. Switching between them the only difference I can see is the fps.

  126. kees garfin

    kees garfinPred mesecem

    I wonder when will the time come when the graphics mode and performance mode are just one and the same and not 2 separate modes....

  127. Drag0nx21

    Drag0nx21Pred mesecem

    Ps5 Pro in 3 years

  128. Neanderthal Tom Cave Beast Sociopathic Parasite -

    Neanderthal Tom Cave Beast Sociopathic Parasite -Pred mesecem

    I can't tell because my internet speeds are crap forcing me to watch in lower resolution, is there a noticeable difference between the two? The faster load times are nice though.

  129. itachi93674

    itachi93674Pred mesecem

    Pause at 6:26 you can see the extra detail on Clouds clothes on the ps5 version. Also look at the background the flowers are brighter