Secret Sauce...

Secret Sauce...


Sapnap has a cookout and his sauce is delicious...

These shorts are just fun little videos me and my friends record. sometimes they have a punchline, other times they don't. this isn't at all like our normal minecraft challenge / manhunt / dream team content, where we try and beat the enderdragon or anything. just dumb little shorts :)


  1. Grape Is Yis

    Grape Is YisPred 13 urami

    I laughed so hard I choked on the gum I was chewing and almost died

  2. OLI2213

    OLI2213Pred dnevom

    I feel like it isn't ketchup

  3. vashti jaquez

    vashti jaquezPred dnevom

    The Sauce is ketchup

  4. Em

    EmPred dnevom

    .....the secrets in the sauce

  5. AK GAMING 69

    AK GAMING 69Pred 3 dnevi

    That's weird

  6. 华尔兹狐狸(Charisse Lee Shin Ee)

    华尔兹狐狸(Charisse Lee Shin Ee)Pred 3 dnevi

    *When sapnap makes a secret sauce*

  7. Lively ㅤ

    Lively ㅤPred 5 dnevi

    The voice of sapnap's

  8. Laksh Gupta

    Laksh GuptaPred 5 dnevi


  9. ɢᴜɪɴᴇᴠᴇʀᴇ

    ɢᴜɪɴᴇᴠᴇʀᴇPred 5 dnevi

    Plot twist: It's blood...

  10. Emi_Çat

    Emi_ÇatPred 6 dnevi


  11. Vitor Biliato

    Vitor BiliatoPred 7 dnevi

    ketchup, KETCHUP, I thought it was yellow water coming out of us (pee), but ketchup is better

  12. victoria Alvarado

    victoria AlvaradoPred 7 dnevi

    0:35 I swear sap nap sounding like he could be a anime dub va there lmao

  13. Moxxie Mione

    Moxxie MionePred 7 dnevi

    I thought it was cu-

  14. Pred 8 dnevi

    Dream,george,bad, and sapnap are the only people who stands at their chair while eating.......

  15. Andrea and Em

    Andrea and EmPred 8 dnevi

    People: Minecraft youtubers are for kids The four muffinteers (yes I'm calling them that):

  16. Katie is a FLIPING NOOB :3

    Katie is a FLIPING NOOB :3Pred 9 dnevi

    The person who flies this is lucky 😫

  17. TheAdvertisement

    TheAdvertisementPred 9 dnevi

    I love how this is just Sapnap taking a joke too far.

  18. Stephanie Olson

    Stephanie OlsonPred 10 dnevi

    when you cook for your family:

  19. Sean Jacob Mendoza

    Sean Jacob MendozaPred 10 dnevi

    Me not thinking abt cu-

  20. Vasi Jojo

    Vasi JojoPred 12 dnevi

    Ketchup just ketchup dream..

  21. Lynx Gami

    Lynx GamiPred 12 dnevi

    ITs My SeCrEt SaUcE...... *Dream throws up* IT'S JUST KETCHUP! it's not a secret anymore

  22. X Pro Gamer

    X Pro GamerPred 13 dnevi

    is this is a idea from shin chan very very tasty movie?

  23. Gregelope

    GregelopePred 14 dnevi

    I- I imagined something different for his secret sauce other than ketchup

  24. Sev Dev-99

    Sev Dev-99Pred 15 dnevi

    "My friend! *what are your thinking today* "

  25. Miss Koii

    Miss KoiiPred 20 dnevi


  26. Dj Tams

    Dj TamsPred 20 dnevi


  27. WarriorArts

    WarriorArtsPred 21 dnevom

    This only made me think of that one time dream gagged from laughing too much

  28. ItsCraftyCat

    ItsCraftyCatPred 21 dnevom


  29. sussy baka

    sussy bakaPred 22 dnevi


  30. half eatin burger•~•

    half eatin burger•~•Pred 25 dnevi

    GUYS VOTE SAPNAP HE SUS oh is ketchup

  31. -

    -Pred 25 dnevi

    So this is what hey called SUSnap

  32. Dr43minqMel

    Dr43minqMelPred 25 dnevi


  33. Alixn Slxme

    Alixn SlxmePred 26 dnevi

    Plot twist: it wasn't actually ketchup it was blood

  34. Ethan John Lagera

    Ethan John LageraPred 26 dnevi

    Wattpad almost wrote itself

  35. Jujusgss Kritiev

    Jujusgss KritievPred 27 dnevi

    I am ready. Give me sus pls hehe. I LIKE SECTET SOS AHAHA 🤣🤣🤣🤭

  36. Little Sunshine

    Little SunshinePred 27 dnevi

    Plot twist: it wasn’t ketchup , it was the blood of his enemies

  37. Ariana Bowles

    Ariana BowlesPred 28 dnevi

    He got that anime voice today

  38. Stardagit

    StardagitPred 28 dnevi

    Its Secret Ketchup

  39. amaya

    amayaPred 28 dnevi


  40. Silent Gamer

    Silent GamerPred 29 dnevi


  41. Jessica Karol

    Jessica KarolPred 29 dnevi


  42. cursed kirb

    cursed kirbPred 29 dnevi

    suddenly gay

  43. Juan Hernandez

    Juan HernandezPred 29 dnevi

    The rough octopus genomically cycle because harbor conventionally harm without a lewd satin. wholesale, ablaze attempt

  44. Wetinswet

    WetinswetPred 29 dnevi

    Plot twist: its homemade ketchup

  45. MrCouchPotato

    MrCouchPotatoPred mesecem

    Actualy, its lamb sauce

  46. Eli Hazen

    Eli HazenPred mesecem

    "secret sauce" 😳😏

  47. banana tdm

    banana tdmPred mesecem

    I thought the secret was pee for some reason

  48. Gabriel Qatto

    Gabriel QattoPred mesecem

    Dream has done a “WHAT!” In almost every one of these shorts and I somehow laugh every time LOL.

  49. Julia XD

    Julia XDPred mesecem

    I thought he was a terrible cook? (He made bad food in Minecraft Gordon Ramsay)

  50. NotDan

    NotDanPred mesecem

    Get it I guess! 😎

  51. Sofia

    SofiaPred mesecem

    Oh sapnap..

  52. Amethysto

    AmethystoPred mesecem

    I Like When Sapnap Said " My SeCReT sUS"

  53. vex 16unknown (gray)

    vex 16unknown (gray)Pred mesecem

    plot twist: its the mr beast burger

  54. ShadowAlexYt

    ShadowAlexYtPred mesecem

    Sapnaps acting was so good that I got scared for a second. Kinda sus ngl 🥴

  55. Avocado321PotatoeMash

    Avocado321PotatoeMashPred mesecem

    whats with their nametags when they crouch in these videos? its so weird

  56. Usada Pekora

    Usada PekoraPred mesecem

    Everyone hearing secret sauce While me: secret sus


    IT WAS NEVER MENT TO BEPred mesecem

    *Be honest we were all thinking the same thing*

  58. Draco

    DracoPred mesecem


  59. I - WISHELLA - I

    I - WISHELLA - IPred mesecem

    My 9yo brother: *"Can I watch dream?"* Me:

  60. ConflowerAG

    ConflowerAGPred mesecem

    Hide red water

  61. Hell of Creations

    Hell of CreationsPred mesecem

    Lucky that you don't have to social distance in minecraft

  62. Kaiuza

    KaiuzaPred mesecem

    Sapnap could do really good at voice asmr lmao

  63. Yuan Yohan

    Yuan YohanPred mesecem

    I was thinking about something else

  64. humam fariyaad ayaan

    humam fariyaad ayaanPred mesecem

    I watched this before in got recommended to me

  65. kittenOtaco fluff

    kittenOtaco fluffPred mesecem

    Pov: the secret sauce is actually pig blood mix smashed in toomato

  66. Isaac Acevedo

    Isaac AcevedoPred mesecem

    The first half I thought it was um… c-

  67. ツZEFIX

    ツZEFIXPred mesecem


  68. Mini Cyan

    Mini CyanPred mesecem

    Aw, he put mayonnaise on them! Wait..... HEY THATS CU-

  69. Plastic Plover

    Plastic PloverPred mesecem

    really late: i’m here hi

  70. Lilygirl 2403

    Lilygirl 2403Pred mesecem

    “W...Why were you being so WEIRD then?!” the way Dream aggressively says that had me dying 💀💀

  71. Vuffy

    VuffyPred mesecem

    Plot twist: It wasn’t ketchup

  72. ᄋᄉᄋ

    ᄋᄉᄋPred mesecem

    Why am I so dirty...?

  73. ecuador421

    ecuador421Pred mesecem

    *My Dirty Mind clicked on this video with 2 different meanings for sauce*

  74. Flipity Floopity

    Flipity FloopityPred mesecem

    I wouldn't mind eating sapnap's secret Sauce 😏

  75. Raisa Grigoraș

    Raisa GrigorașPred mesecem

    The fact that before I saw the video I was thinking it was.. yk- white slime

  76. MiniNightmare

    MiniNightmarePred mesecem

    I like how most of dreams demographic probably doesn't even know what the "secret sauce" is supposed to mean

  77. MrRandom

    MrRandomPred 26 dnevi

    mhhhHhh now don't tell them, cause it wouldn't be a secret now would it? mhhhHHh

  78. Bumblebread

    BumblebreadPred mesecem

    That is honestly true- pretty sure my brothers don’t know what it means

  79. Antonio Dudos

    Antonio DudosPred mesecem

    Sapnap's voice was ✨HORNY✨

  80. Hot Potato

    Hot PotatoPred mesecem

    Plot twitst : the secret sauce is Vsauce

  81. Kayden Truong

    Kayden TruongPred mesecem


  82. SamNap

    SamNapPred mesecem

    Hehe SauceNap

  83. BiggestRook 101

    BiggestRook 101Pred mesecem

    The ketchup probably was mix with ANOTHER SAUCE

  84. weave snatched

    weave snatchedPred mesecem

    why was he grunting like that 😭 was he making more secret sauce lmao

  85. weave snatched

    weave snatchedPred mesecem

    @Bumblebread lmaooo

  86. Bumblebread

    BumblebreadPred mesecem


  87. Mushroom

    MushroomPred mesecem


  88. Garry Htay

    Garry HtayPred mesecem

    Sappnap saying secret sauce in a dark voice Me:Cu-

  89. °×Lockie×°

    °×Lockie×°Pred mesecem

    Omg sapnap you scared the heck out of them😂😂😂😂

  90. Pinky Knight

    Pinky KnightPred mesecem

    this is like the machinimas we had back then

  91. R CThunder

    R CThunderPred mesecem

    Plot Twist: The secret sauce is actually the Krabby Patty secret formula

  92. piggytop242

    piggytop242Pred mesecem

    hold up what!! 0-0

  93. Nuggets

    NuggetsPred mesecem

    Nugget found cousin

  94. Its Dan Kevin

    Its Dan KevinPred mesecem

    L for sapnap

  95. Memorite

    MemoritePred mesecem

    Reminds me of when me and some other people almost got to start a war because of Alfredo sauce in dream's discord...


    THE FANDUMMIESPred mesecem

    I've used that same secret sauce, passed down for generations

  97. Tuul Nyamdorj

    Tuul NyamdorjPred mesecem

    Sapnap: its really secret Dream: throws it out of his mouth Sapnap: Its just ketchup! Dream: SO I THREW AwAy SUCH A GReAT STEAK FOR REaSON?!?!?!?!

  98. Jenson Buller

    Jenson BullerPred mesecem


  99. Carina Virrey

    Carina VirreyPred mesecem

    I thought it was cu-

  100. Mr cheese

    Mr cheesePred mesecem

    Me after watching this video : i will eat everything with ketchup .

  101. Felowony 166

    Felowony 166Pred mesecem

    I thought it was sapnap's bodily fluid

  102. Mary Anne Paragoso

    Mary Anne ParagosoPred mesecem

    I think it's c-

  103. Радо Балев

    Радо БалевPred mesecem

    Its sapnap pee that is the sos

  104. Радо Балев

    Радо БалевPred mesecem


  105. TheInvisibleThing

    TheInvisibleThingPred mesecem

    I like how they used broken beds to make seats