How I Survived 24 Hours on 2b2t AUSTRALIA

Today I survive in Minecraft for 24 hours on 2b2t Australia in order to investigate some glitches that have occured on the server that have never been seen on the REAL oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.
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FFXII - Downtown
FFX - Shoopuf Theme, Burning Sands, Miihen Highroad
SMRPG - Docaty Railway

Additional Renders: Virl
Kangaroo Model: u/NitroHydroRay

Never thought I'd see the day where we would have to survive 24 hours on 2b2t Australia just to uncover the unsolved mystery of these glitches! I would appreciate if you would consider hitting that like and subscribe button!
The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft can be a crazy and chaotic place! How crazy can Minecraft get?


  1. Eli Dehmlow

    Eli DehmlowPred 17 urami

    am i going insane or is the 2b2ts world seed

  2. Leisa Mari Bekkers

    Leisa Mari BekkersPred dnevom

    as an australian i can confirm this is just a normal day in australia

  3. John Matthew Muyano

    John Matthew MuyanoPred 2 dnevi

    Of course Australia has to be involved 🤣 it's already a wasteland in the you know what I'll stop🤣

  4. David Ganimations

    David GanimationsPred 2 dnevi

    How did you find so easily, it took me 20 to find 5

  5. Georgina Bird

    Georgina BirdPred 3 dnevi

    I live in Australia

  6. tangent smile

    tangent smilePred 3 dnevi

    Fit: i havent seen anything like this before even in the original 2b2t Fit one month later WHY IS THERE A MASSIVE HOLE IN 2B2T🤔

  7. Wolfless 3709

    Wolfless 3709Pred 3 dnevi

    Maybe the dragons are /summoned

  8. dooe

    dooePred 4 dnevi

    i only subscribed because i wanted to be a legend

  9. Son Ofa ItchXc

    Son Ofa ItchXcPred 4 dnevi

    My theory is that they killed the original dragon got the egg for a dupe. But respawned the dragon while the previous was still in its dying animation. Leaving 2 dragons 1 a "zombie" the other the actual dragon. The zombie dragon is still a full working dragon but cant be killed.

  10. Ultralord Fun

    Ultralord FunPred 4 dnevi


  11. Alex Bain

    Alex BainPred 4 dnevi

    this is how you fix 2b2t australia name it dinnerbone


    NOAHBENJPred 5 dnevi

    Mate, the elytra can be use without fireworks IF you have a good Elytra + or similar.

  13. Hoang Nguyen

    Hoang NguyenPred 5 dnevi

    Bruh why is man referring to his “contact” as if he’s a high schooler talking about his dealer

  14. Ptrox

    PtroxPred 5 dnevi

    Alternate title: Fir tried to be an Australian for 11:40… (he wasn’t actually that bad)

  15. Sirxaon

    SirxaonPred 5 dnevi

    Itristen is messing with the server now and has been for a lil bit

  16. Samuel Allen

    Samuel AllenPred 5 dnevi

    My home

  17. Roblox Ethan

    Roblox EthanPred 6 dnevi


  18. Edgar Montana

    Edgar MontanaPred 9 dnevi

    I thought the server is upside down

  19. Lupe Light

    Lupe LightPred 10 dnevi

    My Opinion Is That The Player Vision In That Server Should Be Upside Down.

  20. Orlando MinecrafYT

    Orlando MinecrafYTPred 10 dnevi

    Well there is snakes and spiders and other things I remember like 4-5 yrs ago me and my family like our household and grandma were at the gardens in Sydney I was mucking around trying to catch lizards near a lake near bushes on top of rocks and a red bellyed black snake was under it it chased me and my dad and I walked away slowly and then ran but my dad stomped screamed and ran yeah the complete opposite of what your meant to do and there is always huntsmen spiders and red backs in my room



    After i saw the S3X books thing i [LAW AND ORDER] bum bum

  22. binaryalgorithm

    binaryalgorithmPred 10 dnevi

    If it were the regular server he would have annihilated a new player at spawn lol

  23. TheAdvertisement

    TheAdvertisementPred 11 dnevi

    Can we get some appreciation for that generous Anonymous Australian?

  24. TheAdvertisement

    TheAdvertisementPred 11 dnevi

    2:21 Lol I'm guessing some withers were named with a few bad links?

  25. mrestos2

    mrestos2Pred 11 dnevi

    brazil 2b2t B) wait no NO NO

  26. Louis Huxtable

    Louis HuxtablePred 12 dnevi

    im from AUS and im not sure if ive been insulted or complimented

  27. machatsui

    machatsuiPred 13 dnevi

    "bizarre cousin, 2b2t australia"

  28. VyperEgg123

    VyperEgg123Pred 13 dnevi

    10:45 im from Australia and this is 100% true

  29. ΤheLastSaber

    ΤheLastSaberPred 13 dnevi

    Ramdom wither head ‘\(:/)/‘ 9:05

  30. Sean N.

    Sean N.Pred 13 dnevi

    How the hell did you survive without your ground harness

  31. plagueparchments

    plagueparchmentsPred 14 dnevi

    3:32 "anyone found fit?" "no"

  32. Jess Leng

    Jess LengPred 14 dnevi

    We play on these servers cos time difference btw

  33. Jess Leng

    Jess LengPred 14 dnevi

    you know, even I have been within 1 metre of a kangaroo it was at westerfolds park in templestowe if you know it. luckily it wasnt angry... not haapy tho. i have even seen 2 dead kangaroos on the rooad! just an ordinary day.

  34. Jess Leng

    Jess LengPred 14 dnevi

    That melbourne comment at the start was kinda rude... I live in melbourne and its WONDERFUL! well not now since we now reside in locktoria but it used to be okay? not to be mean tho :) love ur vids!

  35. Mathew Smeulders

    Mathew SmeuldersPred 14 dnevi

    the fact he pronounced Melbourne properly made me happy

  36. Mr. WoodLog

    Mr. WoodLogPred 14 dnevi

    if you ever gonna visit 5b5t just let me know, I have a stash for you


    MAVERICK GAMINGPred 14 dnevi

    10:35 yes

  38. Chris Waddle

    Chris WaddlePred 14 dnevi

    2:01 I live in Melbourne, can confirm, this is exactly what it looks like.

  39. Mehrsa zhb

    Mehrsa zhbPred 15 dnevi

    Fit: surviving 2b2t australia for 24 hour Video: *not even close to 30 minutes *

  40. Jwwr

    JwwrPred 14 dnevi

    His pt on 2b2t au is 1 hour lol

  41. Bunny

    BunnyPred 15 dnevi

    People or savage on these servers

  42. Zey

    ZeyPred 16 dnevi

    3:27 "anyone find fit?" LOL

  43. Cool Gamer by Hunter

    Cool Gamer by HunterPred 16 dnevi

    You using hacks is evidence you are weak. You might not be fit for Australia.

  44. Cool Gamer by Hunter

    Cool Gamer by HunterPred 16 dnevi

    It is hard to live out here always got our backs.

  45. Cool Gamer by Hunter

    Cool Gamer by HunterPred 16 dnevi

    Was it fun with the Emus we have to deal with eating our crops?

  46. MassEffectGuy101

    MassEffectGuy101Pred 16 dnevi

    Fit I just have been noticing how many tracks you use from Final Fantasy and I love it. They work so well for your vids and give great nostalgia.

  47. The Herobrine

    The HerobrinePred 17 dnevi

    The ender dragons must have went through an end gateway portal. After that has happened, once a player loads the chunk where that exact end gateway portal is, the ender dragon will start flying back to the central island. This was most likely abused.

  48. pikaz4rd minecraft

    pikaz4rd minecraftPred 17 dnevi

    nobody: 1:05 : *W I T H E R D A N C E*

  49. Nitro Playz

    Nitro PlayzPred 17 dnevi

    6:37 Fit: Woah! Me:OH HELLO THERE

  50. PacifistOnly

    PacifistOnlyPred 18 dnevi

    Wait military birds are real ? Lez go

  51. Lonely Doggo

    Lonely DoggoPred 18 dnevi

    Ayy I've played on there!

  52. Stanton Clark

    Stanton ClarkPred 18 dnevi

    2:00 finally! An American pronounced Melbourne correctly

  53. Javier Estavillo

    Javier EstavilloPred 19 dnevi

    Australians, is this an accurate depiction of australia

  54. Javier Estavillo

    Javier EstavilloPred 19 dnevi

    Rip fits horse

  55. streamer by the way hi

    streamer by the way hiPred 19 dnevi

    Why you make of Aussies

  56. Drew Clarke

    Drew ClarkePred 19 dnevi

    Who else has been waiting for this

  57. Jaxon Smurthwaite

    Jaxon SmurthwaitePred 19 dnevi

    i afend

  58. Afrociaal

    AfrociaalPred 19 dnevi

    bust out ya timtam's get a tooheys and just enyuj

  59. DarkSeidOfDeath

    DarkSeidOfDeathPred 19 dnevi

    i think someone overbacked server and placed on random places bedrock ngl this is cursed

  60. Grant Quayle

    Grant QuaylePred 20 dnevi

    What is the IP for the server

  61. Cicero the Neko knight🦑

    Cicero the Neko knight🦑Pred 20 dnevi

    Good day mates

  62. Wise Old Glitch

    Wise Old GlitchPred 20 dnevi

    10:30 yup i live in australia

  63. Zoey

    ZoeyPred 20 dnevi

    Fun Fact: did you know? That Australia has raining spiders?

  64. Raven Pickels

    Raven PickelsPred 21 dnevom

    The parsimonious act electronically dam because spear unusually reign as a voiceless fibre. general gentle, delirious drawbridge

  65. dat1guy

    dat1guyPred 21 dnevom

    You are so close just -0.1 subscribers left till you get to 2mil

  66. Karen Howlett

    Karen HowlettPred 21 dnevom

    im an australian and this video triggerd me

  67. Mrloekie RBLX

    Mrloekie RBLXPred 21 dnevom

    Universal sign of peace: [Shift] [Shift] [Shift]

  68. ᅠᅠ

    ᅠᅠPred 14 dnevi

    Computer: Do you want to activate sticky keys?

  69. Fefek1

    Fefek1Pred 21 dnevom

    FitMC whenever he starts on 2b2t withiut any gear/etc: "Oh look, This person is giving me free everything, how lucky" XD

  70. Bloxiuser

    BloxiuserPred 21 dnevom

    4:29 horse gets yeeted

  71. Steve Moody

    Steve MoodyPred 21 dnevom

    Do flordia next

  72. Eraizon Studios

    Eraizon StudiosPred 22 dnevi

    Out of nowhere monkey on elytra gived random dude items instead killing him

  73. Jeolita De Lara

    Jeolita De LaraPred 22 dnevi

    Congratulation on hitting 2m subs :D

  74. Eren Veli Birinci

    Eren Veli BirinciPred 22 dnevi

    the oldest dinnerbone serven in australia

  75. Joistic ?

    Joistic ?Pred 22 dnevi

    But good content

  76. Joistic ?

    Joistic ?Pred 22 dnevi

    I’m kinda offended

  77. Jimmy's Dong

    Jimmy's DongPred 22 dnevi

    Can confirm that is an average day in Australia

  78. True Supreme Calamitas

    True Supreme CalamitasPred 22 dnevi

    Fake! The world isn't upsidedown so it's not Australia

  79. Demonkeman✔

    Demonkeman✔Pred 22 dnevi

    Youre Welcome

  80. disfuncion. exe

    disfuncion. exePred 22 dnevi

    8:13 fit is a Honda driver confirmed??? v tech kicked in

  81. The Glitch 93

    The Glitch 93Pred 23 dnevi

    The australian 2b2t is my favorite server from now on, cool people everywhere, they arent as aggressive as on 2b2t, if youre lucky you can Gang up with ppl and build GIANT stuff, or slay people...

  82. Mike

    MikePred 23 dnevi

    You live in florida and dont know how to pronounce Melbourne? We have one here!

  83. MattReaper

    MattReaperPred 23 dnevi

    Learning with FitMC

  84. Azam Zahid

    Azam ZahidPred 23 dnevi

    soo that means its at 1.17

  85. 1Jay 2Ceez

    1Jay 2CeezPred 23 dnevi

    Nah mate sorry, I draw the line Melbourne is sick

  86. gaming m0nst0sity

    gaming m0nst0sityPred 24 dnevi

    But I live in Australia

  87. Kilometres

    KilometresPred 24 dnevi

    Man why you gotta bring up the emu war that shit hurt 😔

  88. alfie

    alfiePred 25 dnevi

    i think i found a error the flag they use is of the UK not australia

  89. EnderD1234 Piony minister

    EnderD1234 Piony ministerPred 25 dnevi


  90. Bloggers VG

    Bloggers VGPred 25 dnevi

    We Australians don't talk about the emu war just in case it sparks a second

  91. Kerazi

    KeraziPred 25 dnevi

    1:05 that wither was getting it too

  92. Dragon King

    Dragon KingPred 25 dnevi

    yep it's a normal day for us Australians

  93. Atom Soldier (Raw Content)

    Atom Soldier (Raw Content)Pred 26 dnevi

    You just insulted our whole race but it’s ture

  94. Ty Ho

    Ty HoPred 27 dnevi

    Anyone know the name of the background music that starts at 5:15?

  95. YaboyHugo

    YaboyHugoPred 27 dnevi


  96. YoiMan

    YoiManPred 27 dnevi

    Survive in a cracked 2b2t server

  97. Big 'ol Booty Cheeks

    Big 'ol Booty CheeksPred 27 dnevi

    "VTEC just kicked in, y0!" Bruh, I haven't heard someone say that in YEARS! Fits throwing the early 2000s car slang around in here, bravo!

  98. the king of jesters

    the king of jestersPred 27 dnevi

    Thanks for not insulting my country like most youtubers

  99. the king of jesters

    the king of jestersPred 27 dnevi

    Thanks for visiting the version of 2b2t for my country

  100. UnreadElite ok

    UnreadElite okPred 28 dnevi

    Hit 2m

  101. soviet.north.gaming. 1955

    soviet.north.gaming. 1955Pred 28 dnevi

    I feel so guilty disliking this video while being subscribed to fit

  102. JebusCrisps

    JebusCrispsPred 28 dnevi

    I cant imagine how toxic australian 2b2t is