(Outdated) All legends of runeterra champion level up animations (as of 'Empires of the ascended')

This video is outdated, check out a newer version:

Link to the Legends of Runeterra youtube channel: slthrow.info/love/MZ5.html...


  1. Minye Kyawswar

    Minye KyawswarPred mesecem

    Renekton is the best

  2. Leenuj Salaum

    Leenuj SalaumPred mesecem

    This is the best card game ive ever seen

  3. Jimbo Shrimp

    Jimbo ShrimpPred mesecem

    Took me 6 minutes to realize these are in alphabetical order

  4. Nissou Dragneel

    Nissou DragneelPred mesecem

    Lol true

  5. Mitko Donchev

    Mitko DonchevPred 2 meseci

    It honestly makes me sad that they have new voice lines for old champs like Trynda, but they don't want to add them to Lol.

  6. Jimbo Shrimp

    Jimbo ShrimpPred mesecem

    They added such great QoL updates to wild rift but not league of legends it’s so sad

  7. Random Dude

    Random DudePred 2 meseci

    Fiora is... Quite balanced

  8. HowTheFuck AreTheyThatDumb

    HowTheFuck AreTheyThatDumbPred 2 meseci

    I hate Lulu She's too cute for such a heartless monster

  9. Matteo Bollettin

    Matteo BollettinPred 2 meseci

    I'm not a player of the game, but the fact that there are animations for specific cards is pretty cool

  10. El wiwi

    El wiwiPred 2 meseci

    Renekton for me him roaring and killing guys is just good

  11. Calloaxion

    CalloaxionPred 2 meseci

    It really is a top tier animation

  12. Ry0

    Ry0Pred 2 meseci

    This is just my opinion, so if y'all don't like it, I don't care. All the card animations are well done and the champions showing up looks cool, I saw in the comments that some of y'all are complaining about the new animations, saying it sucks, just consider the fact that the staff may have been given a limited time to do these illustrations, models, backgrounds, effects, and animation, and all these needs a budget and it may be limited. Even tho we all have our taste and preferences, lets just appreciate the effort these people from riot are doing to improve and immerse us into the world of runnetera, cause by all means the game is super enjoyable, even if some people don't like or appreciate their hard work for these games.

  13. Calloaxion

    CalloaxionPred 2 meseci

    Good point, I believe that there was plenty of time to create these, as they plan expansions almost a year in advance. I think the new animations, are just a result of increased quality, but also breaking tradition (tradition of the old animations). Thus, the new animations aren't inherently bad, if anything they are better. But people got used to the old ones, and have to get used to the new ones. At least that's what I think.

  14. La Ranita Loca

    La Ranita LocaPred 2 meseci

    Did they just rehused Aphelios animation from the Trailer?

  15. HowTheFuck AreTheyThatDumb

    HowTheFuck AreTheyThatDumbPred 2 meseci

    Gotta get lazy sometime ya know

  16. Dav

    DavPred 2 meseci


  17. Calloaxion

    CalloaxionPred 2 meseci

    I'm pretty sure they used the animation in his trailer just to showcase it.

  18. Koyo0です

    Koyo0ですPred 2 meseci

    Tbh new animation looks succ

  19. Salt Chad

    Salt ChadPred mesecem


  20. Introware L

    Introware LPred 2 meseci


  21. Jimbo Shrimp

    Jimbo ShrimpPred mesecem


  22. • XinooT •

    • XinooT •Pred 2 meseci

    Wow the newer animations suck, i prefer how the older ones did it. Instead of a cutscene of the champ, they make it quirky like Garen, Swain and Darius' animations.

  23. ธีรดนย์ รอตสวัสดิ์

    ธีรดนย์ รอตสวัสดิ์Pred mesecem

    THE Draven one. Super cool

  24. navykaze

    navykazePred 2 meseci

    Garen and darious ok.. cool enough, but Swain need more. Maybe adding his theme will make it badass

  25. Zaqu

    ZaquPred 2 meseci

    Looks like someone got match up against a developed Mono Shurima deck

  26. Karphus S.O.L

    Karphus S.O.LPred 2 meseci

    Aurelion and nasus for me🔥🔥

  27. Phan Huân

    Phan HuânPred 2 meseci


  28. pepsiman co

    pepsiman coPred 2 meseci

    Victor one is so good

  29. Aliyah

    AliyahPred 2 meseci

    my phone would have died my pc would have died everythign would have dies with these animations lmaoo

  30. Aliyah

    AliyahPred 2 meseci

    @Valentin sKalibur goood didnt need you around anyways :)

  31. Valentin sKalibur

    Valentin sKaliburPred 2 meseci

    I died seeing you write

  32. SumaTJessT

    SumaTJessTPred 2 meseci

    My toaster understands your pain

  33. Dũng Nguyễn

    Dũng NguyễnPred 2 meseci

    I doubt that they are all live animations, probably just half of it

  34. Dragon Loli

    Dragon LoliPred 2 meseci

    i prefered the old animations where they were connecting the champ to the animation but now they just let the champ show up and that's it

  35. Nissou Dragneel

    Nissou DragneelPred mesecem

    @ธีรดนย์ รอตสวัสดิ์ nah kata dagger a 10000000 time better

  36. ธีรดนย์ รอตสวัสดิ์

    ธีรดนย์ รอตสวัสดิ์Pred mesecem

    The Draven level up was Gold. Best one

  37. Nissou Dragneel

    Nissou DragneelPred mesecem

    True like kata and dar

  38. Gacha 2ok the Kids

    Gacha 2ok the KidsPred 2 meseci

    The animators were limited by the amount of rendering it took the previous cards, but with the pre-rendered cutscenes they are able to go all out. I do agree that both have its merits tho

  39. Mello

    MelloPred 2 meseci

    @Loaf of Bread specially teemo

  40. Dasher VIP

    Dasher VIPPred 2 meseci

    POV: someone used the sun disc

  41. Darlinn

    DarlinnPred 2 meseci

    you showed up in my recomended lol