Apex Legends - Legacy Launch Trailer

There’s nowhere to hide this season, Legends. Ready to find out if you’re predator or prey? Discover your true nature when Apex Legends - Legacy launches May 4!

Valkyrie, daughter of notorious Titan Pilot Viper joins the Games. Take advantage of her jetpack to own the sky and rain missiles down on your foes. Master the new high-precision Bocek Bow to skewer your opponents and drop into an Olympus mysteriously transformed. Plus grab the latest Battle Pass and prove yourself in Ranked.

And get ready to go beyond battle royale.

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin and Steam for PC.

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“Watch Me Now”
Performed by Tommee Profitt (feat. Beacon Light)


  1. Ranma Fullbuster

    Ranma FullbusterPred 5 urami

    VR battles doesn't sound bad 😎

  2. Per Jessen

    Per JessenPred 5 urami

    Apex can you fix player queue i cant not com in mi match pls apex

  3. Nahje Masukat

    Nahje MasukatPred 13 urami

    1:46 She wouldn't even be able to slit his throat like that unless physics left the building

  4. Collin Mack

    Collin MackPred 13 urami

    1:29 I fucken love these two

  5. Opacity

    OpacityPred 20 urami

    mirage tho

  6. Sarkis Khajadourian

    Sarkis KhajadourianPred 23 urami

    very good very well optimized game, works as intended specially the audio and the servers part, its just amazing

  7. Aidan Cahill

    Aidan CahillPred 18 urami

    Oh yeah the audio in this game is just phenomenal... 2 years and they haven't fully fixed it bruhhh

  8. J Weston Pancheri

    J Weston PancheriPred dnevom

    Can we just get more cinematic trailers from the Outlands in between seasons? Is that too much to ask?

  9. BlueFox Animations

    BlueFox AnimationsPred dnevom

    2:16 why is she screaming there is literally 0 fall damage.

  10. MaxZaz Gamerz

    MaxZaz GamerzPred 2 dnevi

    mmm toast

  11. TimeToSnitch

    TimeToSnitchPred 3 dnevi

    Alter das Spiel hätte mal echt besser werden können, wenn es nicht andauernd irgendwelche probleme geben würde.

  12. AlexKirk1234

    AlexKirk1234Pred 3 dnevi

    I'm literally just realized mirage can hid his guns using his cloak. That would be an interesting mechanic and I'd love to see it be used somehow, if not on him, on a new legend.

  13. Marioiscool 4780

    Marioiscool 4780Pred 3 dnevi

    Octane mains, rise up

  14. Calcum

    CalcumPred 3 dnevi

    Did horizon just snipe octane with a pk

  15. Michal Golonka

    Michal GolonkaPred 4 dnevi

    How dare you tell me that Valkyrie ISN'T a taunt to Titanfall players and the devs AREN'T acknowledging the existance of that franchise?

  16. Aidan Cahill

    Aidan CahillPred 10 urami

    @Michal Golonka Valk is Viper's daughter lol.

  17. Michal Golonka

    Michal GolonkaPred 12 urami

    @Aidan Cahill yeah, that's why I wrote that

  18. Aidan Cahill

    Aidan CahillPred 18 urami

    If this is what you're wondering, apex is made by the same devs and in the same universe/story

  19. Martin Vogel

    Martin VogelPred 4 dnevi

    This trailer is definitely on season 3 level. That Valk intro was just sick

  20. Spark Rock

    Spark RockPred 4 dnevi

    All these trailer buffs would be amazing to see...IN GAME!

  21. Noah Burnette

    Noah BurnettePred 4 dnevi


  22. Noah Burnette

    Noah BurnettePred 4 dnevi


  23. Rahul Pawar

    Rahul PawarPred 4 dnevi

    Wraith entry with cool and clam attitude and those eyes 🥰😍

  24. VisionDaLeader

    VisionDaLeaderPred 5 dnevi

    Valkyrie the show off

  25. TheAmericanEagle 1

    TheAmericanEagle 1Pred 5 dnevi

    Of course a wraith with a r99 and a wingman

  26. Raycapone The Art Designer

    Raycapone The Art DesignerPred 6 dnevi

    Is over watch better or Apex Legends?

  27. Aidan Cahill

    Aidan CahillPred 18 urami

    They're pretty different games but overwatch is a bit more stale at the moment (not that apex has tons of updates but overwatch has very little) Depends whether you prefer battle royale or 6v6 matches, but apex also has amazing movement

  28. Raycapone The Art Designer

    Raycapone The Art DesignerPred dnevom

    @Not An Asian okay

  29. Not An Asian

    Not An AsianPred 5 dnevi


  30. Imaad Rooknodien

    Imaad RooknodienPred 6 dnevi


  31. RoseArachnid

    RoseArachnidPred 7 dnevi

    Well THAT seemed like an unnecessary Wattson buff

  32. jesse alvarado

    jesse alvaradoPred 7 dnevi

    But I still kinda like it

  33. jesse alvarado

    jesse alvaradoPred 7 dnevi

    Bro I kinda hate apex now because if I just leave the match once I get an abandoned penalty

  34. Aidan Cahill

    Aidan CahillPred 3 urami

    @Rudolf Coochise yeah, arenas soft bans you for 10 minutes if you leave (not sure if it increases) because you have basically immediately lost the game for your team who might be trying to get a win streak badge. Leaving before the game has started is pretty toxic in BR but not as much of an issue. Learn to play more characters.

  35. Rudolf Coochise

    Rudolf CoochisePred 8 urami

    @Aidan Cahill i was talking about casual

  36. Aidan Cahill

    Aidan CahillPred 10 urami

    @Rudolf Coochise well, enjoy getting soft bans because this is the type of toxic player they were aimed at. Ik you're new at the game but get used to playing properly, or don't play arenas at all. Or try tanked to sea how skilled you are

  37. Rudolf Coochise

    Rudolf CoochisePred 13 urami

    @Aidan Cahill i dont care.I want to play this specific one cause i bought him recently.I want to know how to play him.

  38. Aidan Cahill

    Aidan CahillPred 18 urami

    @Rudolf Coochise if you leave the game because you didn't get the legend you want, you totally deserve that penalty. You should be able to play more than one legend, the more the better

  39. A normal Laptop

    A normal LaptopPred 7 dnevi

    Bring back kings canyon


    MCC_ CHOMPERSPred 7 dnevi


  41. Gxthbxyfriend

    GxthbxyfriendPred 8 dnevi

    C'est la vie ^^

  42. Alijah and the boys /OFTGAMER3431

    Alijah and the boys /OFTGAMER3431Pred 8 dnevi

    Legacy's got you in the vibe 9 by 9

  43. Alijah and the boys /OFTGAMER3431

    Alijah and the boys /OFTGAMER3431Pred 8 dnevi

    Love gets thiccer every trailer 1:43

  44. Illusionator ¿‽¿

    Illusionator ¿‽¿Pred 8 dnevi

    Season 9 trailer have Been dropping and caustic still dead

  45. Keyon Pelpola

    Keyon PelpolaPred 8 dnevi

    Think she my fav now

  46. Paulo Rennan Damasceno

    Paulo Rennan DamascenoPred 8 dnevi

    Eu ganho sempre só que de sorte e eu domino os céus 😎

  47. Paulo Rennan Damasceno

    Paulo Rennan DamascenoPred 8 dnevi

    Ninguem me vencerá! 😎

  48. Paulo Rennan Damasceno

    Paulo Rennan DamascenoPred 8 dnevi

    Sou fã desse joho sou prô e domino os céus 😎

  49. sky reaper 2077

    sky reaper 2077Pred 9 dnevi

    What does Ash mean by return the legends to where it started?

  50. Sweet

    SweetPred 9 dnevi

    Fix the servers, every masters game error screen because losers that gotta ddos and you guys do nothing about it or it's the trash servers, this game is unenjoyable and I'm about to quit playing it until those 2 things get fixed it's sad how much money people put into this game and I'm sure everyone is wondering what you guys are doing with it because you aren't fixing the game that's for sure. Add ddos protection

  51. Jaiden Gray

    Jaiden GrayPred 9 dnevi

    2:04 no one is gonna talk about that being crypto finisher???

  52. 王首義

    王首義Pred 9 dnevi

    2:15 yeet

  53. Shadow_48

    Shadow_48Pred 10 dnevi

    I'm a better gamer and better than a ninja

  54. Jesús Trejo

    Jesús TrejoPred 11 dnevi

    Everything but their faces looks great The faces are off

  55. StarSilverInfinity

    StarSilverInfinityPred 11 dnevi

    Phara but better?

  56. Adam Alfaro

    Adam AlfaroPred 11 dnevi


  57. J.j

    J.jPred 12 dnevi

    I love how pathfinder mirage and wraith are always a squad

  58. Not An Asian

    Not An AsianPred 5 dnevi

    Not in the season 3 trailer

  59. Dellor’s Sandwich

    Dellor’s SandwichPred 12 dnevi

    Caustic just can’t catch a break

  60. Mawco

    MawcoPred 12 dnevi

    1:03 As a Wattson main (also Crypto), who has been killed by many Octanes in the past and now have a weird love-hate relationship with Octane mains. I like this a lot 😂

  61. Axell Sanchez

    Axell SanchezPred 13 dnevi

    For the next season Apex should be out some Anime music like Attack on titan that it says -See you big girl it will be fun

  62. AmongTheFools

    AmongTheFoolsPred 13 dnevi

    Calling it now; Ash as a playable character in season 10.

  63. Jose Ramirez

    Jose RamirezPred 13 dnevi

    As a octane main I don't like to die

  64. Paula ainscough

    Paula ainscoughPred 13 dnevi

    Loba needs more hype

  65. Roket Salonu

    Roket SalonuPred 14 dnevi

    Noooooo Octane died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 no...

  66. Pathfinder

    PathfinderPred 14 dnevi

    Me when i see my scene: Pathfinder saves the day🙂👍

  67. Koki KOINUMA

    Koki KOINUMAPred 14 dnevi

    I agree with that

  68. marvin hamilton

    marvin hamiltonPred 14 dnevi

    Legacy of the Apex predators? Im gonna go on a limb and assume the simulacrum in the hood is ash. And Valkyrie is the daughter of Viper. Cool.

  69. Victoria Gaitan

    Victoria GaitanPred 13 dnevi

    It is like that

  70. iceheem

    iceheemPred 14 dnevi

    My favorite scene is at 0:48

  71. Itay School

    Itay SchoolPred 15 dnevi

    0:34 hi kai'sa


    SOUFINATORPred 15 dnevi

    1:26 flashback of when Wraith sent Costic on her portal in one of the og trailers

  73. Elgin Harris-Standing Cloud

    Elgin Harris-Standing CloudPred 16 dnevi

    Mirage, Wraith and Path are like the BFF squad. Poor wraith has to deal with their silliness

  74. scotechs

    scotechsPred 16 dnevi

    Cool wraith looks like a yonki

  75. Tom Capon

    Tom CaponPred 16 dnevi

    As an octane main I get my hopes up every time a launch trailer comes out, just wanting octane to not die. But once again he didn’t last much over a minute :(

  76. Arka Chatterjee

    Arka ChatterjeePred 16 dnevi

    Valkyrie flying & shooting with bocek now in trailer In game- wings up.... Mayday mayday I am down.

  77. 新宿のわんわん

    新宿のわんわんPred 16 dnevi

    2:07 ホライゾンの顔草

  78. Stu Mac

    Stu MacPred 16 dnevi

    Is there a 6 v 6 yet??

  79. Not An Asian

    Not An AsianPred 5 dnevi

    Only 3 v 3 for now

  80. GM5 GAMER

    GM5 GAMERPred 16 dnevi


  81. ExoticZayTK

    ExoticZayTKPred 16 dnevi

    Octane always being a demon

  82. Rahayu M Iya

    Rahayu M IyaPred 16 dnevi

    For the rate is 999999/10

  83. brooy

    brooyPred 16 dnevi


  84. AgateDegree 4985

    AgateDegree 4985Pred 16 dnevi

    Every like is a little bit of motivation for Octane to Outrun the corrent

  85. Ani3TyOnNen

    Ani3TyOnNenPred 17 dnevi

    Loba getting all the smoke this season it seems.

  86. NobleB

    NobleBPred 17 dnevi

    yall noticed that right

  87. Guy Person

    Guy PersonPred 19 dnevi

    Your journey ends here, gibby. This game belongs to me. No where to run, nowhere to hide

  88. Naru

    NaruPred 19 dnevi

    Wraith gotta take a nap😂

  89. Super Blaster

    Super BlasterPred 19 dnevi

    Dude this gives me Into the spider verse vibes

  90. bOg3ymAn gAm3r

    bOg3ymAn gAm3rPred 19 dnevi

    u can have a ground ME and Valyries : we own the skys

  91. Masterwe 2

    Masterwe 2Pred 19 dnevi

    Is anyone going to talk about the fact that VALKYRIE WAS FLYING AND AIMING WITH THE BOCEK AT THE SAME TIME

  92. GM5 GAMER

    GM5 GAMERPred 16 dnevi


  93. stumpy White

    stumpy WhitePred 20 dnevi

    Wait didn't we smush Ash in titan fall

  94. Aidan Cahill

    Aidan CahillPred 18 urami

    @Crowman yeah I know the comics but I still find it funny considering if you play the titanfall 2 campaign and finish Ash you rip her out of her titan and completely squish her

  95. Crowman

    CrowmanPred 16 dnevi

    The legends fixed her is season 6

  96. The new X 2007

    The new X 2007Pred 20 dnevi

    I can’t believe is Ash from Titanfall 2 came back?How did she survived?

  97. Not An Asian

    Not An AsianPred 16 dnevi

    The legends rebuilt her

  98. Normalpeople_scareme

    Normalpeople_scaremePred 20 dnevi

    I think the one that destroyed fuses welcome party might be the season 10 legend

  99. Aidan Cahill

    Aidan CahillPred 18 urami

    She's, uh, dead

  100. Crowman

    CrowmanPred 16 dnevi

    Simularcum like revenant

  101. ApexBrawler

    ApexBrawlerPred 20 dnevi

    Me: seeing Bangalore using a full auto G7 Scout Also me: Wait, that's illegal!

  102. GM5 GAMER

    GM5 GAMERPred 16 dnevi


  103. Another Sheev Palpatine

    Another Sheev PalpatinePred 20 dnevi

    Valkyries either die first trying to 1v3 a team or die saving yours

  104. Cripple

    CripplePred 21 dnevom

    I love how they kept the wingman wraith main throughout all the trailers, respawn really knows their player base

  105. Davide Dolce

    Davide DolcePred 21 dnevom

    1:01 you acting sus 😳

  106. Myroxx

    MyroxxPred 21 dnevom

    Valkyrie is my new waifu:3

  107. nugget boi

    nugget boiPred 22 dnevi

    I just realized wraith said remember me to caustic because he almost killed her in the 1st trailer

  108. JoshOX

    JoshOXPred 22 dnevi

    lol too slow amigos

  109. Eyad Draz

    Eyad DrazPred 22 dnevi

    2:33 that part though XD


    PLAY TO WINSPred 22 dnevi

    New season 10 trailer be like valkryie meet cooper

  111. B.B.

    B.B.Pred 22 dnevi

    Animation gets better, attention to game worse

  112. Josh 4

    Josh 4Pred 22 dnevi

    I tbought she couldnt shoot while flying

  113. Tropic

    TropicPred 22 dnevi

    0:47 to 1:12 is probs my favorite part

  114. Jaden Maxwell

    Jaden MaxwellPred 22 dnevi

    I like octane and his stem

  115. ام طارق

    ام طارقPred 22 dnevi


  116. FlatExpression

    FlatExpressionPred 23 dnevi

    They keep hinting more and more Titanfall stuff, like Ash

  117. AngeLOL_ 56Z

    AngeLOL_ 56ZPred 23 dnevi


  118. Jay Lin

    Jay LinPred 23 dnevi

    I just started playing near the end of s8. Can anybody tell me who the arena robot lady is?

  119. Aidan Cahill

    Aidan CahillPred 18 urami

    Get titanfall 2, you won't regret it. She's one of the characters you go against in titanfall, but her story has been expanded a lot since then

  120. Nicholas Drysdale

    Nicholas DrysdalePred 23 dnevi

    She is from titanfall 2 her name is ash look her up with apex on youtube the story

  121. tyrone jr

    tyrone jrPred 24 dnevi

    This art style is terrible

  122. Boo boo Knotts

    Boo boo KnottsPred 24 dnevi

    We speed if you know what I talking about you og gang

  123. {Shädōw • Skyê}

    {Shädōw • Skyê}Pred 24 dnevi

    New content that means i will install it again!

  124. {Shädōw • Skyê}

    {Shädōw • Skyê}Pred 24 dnevi

    If they didn't add in season 10 Ash from titanfall i am gonna be mad because why Loba revives her when she didn't come fight too or!!!!! She is the one who created Apex Legends!

  125. Not An Asian

    Not An AsianPred 16 dnevi

    She didn’t create the Apex Games?