Minecraft, But You Shapeshift Every Minute...

Minecraft, But You Shapeshift Every Minute... (Challenge)

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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, you SHAPESHIFT into a RANDOM MOB every minute! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This one was ridiculously intense.


  1. Wisp

    WispPred 2 meseci

    Originally done by McBirken! I didn't realise it had been done, so check out his video too! - slthrow.info

  2. Kimberly Schafer

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  3. Tu Vo

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  4. Lorea Villota Goitia

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  5. Paper Airplanes

    Paper AirplanesPred 7 dnevi

    is this a mod cause if it is comment the name of the mod

  6. -AestheticRosa-

    -AestheticRosa-Pred 8 dnevi

    Also there is one by PrestonPlayz Too

  7. Gabriel Lezerav

    Gabriel LezeravPred 21 minuto


  8. Wolfie Starz

    Wolfie StarzPred 37 minutami

    Wait ur on land hwo you gonna drown-

  9. Emma Farman

    Emma FarmanPred 57 minutami

    Lol Death by spit 1:45

  10. Folke3x

    Folke3xPred uro


  11. Maridith Doucette

    Maridith DoucettePred 2 urami

    I have seen a zoglin

  12. James King

    James KingPred 4 urami

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  13. Guitar-Gaming With Friends

    Guitar-Gaming With FriendsPred 5 urami

    What If you turned into the ender dragon

  14. Viktoria Kress

    Viktoria KressPred 5 urami

    A soglin is the pig from the nether in the overwrold

  15. Max Sivo

    Max SivoPred 5 urami

    The placid clave anecdotally skip because aquarius conjecturally muddle mid a spicy sail. fragile, greedy ornament

  16. Mono

    MonoPred 6 urami


  17. Tâm Phan

    Tâm PhanPred 6 urami

    0:04 why you do not update the sword to the netherite sword 🗡?

  18. Gabriella Luisa Segovia

    Gabriella Luisa SegoviaPred 7 urami


  19. bacqajo raqufrup

    bacqajo raqufrupPred 8 urami

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  20. Laya Abirami VB

    Laya Abirami VBPred 10 urami

    Have a lot of nerterie and wareing's dimidon

  21. MsYabsy

    MsYabsyPred 15 urami

    Wisp:'we should have enough wood Me:'I thin you have more then enough...

  22. Brandoncraft gaming

    Brandoncraft gamingPred 17 urami

    GG wisp maybe you can be in dream team

  23. Ivan Mata

    Ivan MataPred 19 urami

    Birthen the ender dragon 😂 🐲

  24. Luis Meza

    Luis MezaPred 21 uro


  25. Nicole Arciniega (My3Boys)

    Nicole Arciniega (My3Boys)Pred 22 urami

    dolphins breath air so he shouldn't be drowning he should just have major slowness on land

  26. T

    TPred dnevom

    Jo ar bäst

  27. Inez Gspie

    Inez GspiePred dnevom

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  28. Slowmofroggie

    SlowmofroggiePred dnevom

    Why did he drown as a guardian? They can’t drown

  29. Teresa Playz-ify

    Teresa Playz-ifyPred dnevom

    12:42 speed running with wood

  30. Tejus Jain

    Tejus JainPred dnevom

    11:49 what the heck was that wisp was more cuter than panda that was so cute voice lol

  31. LEGO 4 LIFE

    LEGO 4 LIFEPred dnevom

    game: dolphin damage noise wisp: ahhhhh

  32. Yundt Myong

    Yundt MyongPred dnevom

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  33. Ilda Pinto

    Ilda PintoPred dnevom

    What no subs I’m subscribed

  34. 7 7

    7 7Pred dnevom


  35. shraddha ghag

    shraddha ghagPred dnevom

    wisp: aw juju oaoa banga me:... r u ok?

  36. Cosmosrunner

    CosmosrunnerPred dnevom

    Fun fact: The Ender Dragon is immune to all fire damage!

  37. Cooking Parker

    Cooking ParkerPred dnevom

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  38. Ben Sharkman

    Ben SharkmanPred dnevom

    The ultimate battle a turtle vs Ender dragon The battle of all times Is the turtle gonna win for the ender dragon?

  39. Preesha OMG

    Preesha OMGPred dnevom

    Wow its cool

  40. Kaisha Barnes

    Kaisha BarnesPred 2 dnevi

    Oh can you do this is the new update plz xx

  41. hero brine

    hero brinePred 2 dnevi

    Play Minecraft pe in kill Ender dragon is not eazy

  42. Emerald_safwan_ playz

    Emerald_safwan_ playzPred 2 dnevi


  43. Toby Proffit

    Toby ProffitPred 2 dnevi

    Imagine turning into the ender dragon while fighting the ender dragon...

  44. Gionino Junior

    Gionino JuniorPred 2 dnevi

    they're creative af

  45. ky guyk

    ky guykPred 2 dnevi

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  46. monkeyadventures

    monkeyadventuresPred 2 dnevi

    do this but every entity changes (not blocks tho)

  47. Shan philip Barrientios

    Shan philip BarrientiosPred 2 dnevi

    Wisp please buy me a minecraft

  48. Imuikyu

    ImuikyuPred 2 dnevi

    Imagine jumping on the bed as a kid and an armor stand comes in and robs your family lolllll that’s what happens to this kid in the village

  49. Claire Corbett

    Claire CorbettPred 2 dnevi

    Very time... wisp- awww this is such a weird challenge...

  50. Jesse Garcia

    Jesse GarciaPred 2 dnevi


  51. LOW YING XI Moe

    LOW YING XI MoePred 2 dnevi

    Is armor stand a mob?



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  53. Terry Guerrero

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    He mined a hold with a stone pick

  54. Procyon Lotor

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    18.7 percent. Wow, thats better than 0.3 percent. That makes me want to unsubscribe and change my like to a dislike if you think 18.7 is small.

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  58. MangOCat

    MangOCatPred 2 dnevi

    elder gurduins and gurduins dont drown you fool( plus love the vid mostly the panda form)

  59. Hello world

    Hello worldPred 3 dnevi


  60. Aanya Kiran

    Aanya KiranPred 3 dnevi

    you did it!! you beat minecraft!! :D

  61. matthew ferris

    matthew ferrisPred 3 dnevi

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  62. Joele&GalaxyFrzfier

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  63. Joele&GalaxyFrzfier

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  66. Oscar Visitacion

    Oscar VisitacionPred 3 dnevi

    Being a ender dragon not great idea

  67. Oscar Visitacion

    Oscar VisitacionPred 3 dnevi

    I'm not sure that's a great idea you know

  68. Sorhun Tuvshin

    Sorhun TuvshinPred 3 dnevi

    If your turn into a fish in nether and drowning all you need is cauldron and water and first put the cauldron then put the water in the cauldron then get in ........

  69. Rafeena Vigin

    Rafeena ViginPred 3 dnevi


  70. Lola Cox

    Lola CoxPred 3 dnevi

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  71. Gokul ramkishan Kichu

    Gokul ramkishan KichuPred 3 dnevi

    please put the mod link too

  72. ItzGACPIZ

    ItzGACPIZPred 3 dnevi

    11:49 hahahahah :DDDDDD

  73. Georgie’s fun house with Sam

    Georgie’s fun house with SamPred 3 dnevi


  74. karafsgaming

    karafsgamingPred 3 dnevi

    fun fact: dolphins cant breath in water, they breath oustide but have the ability to stay up to 15 mins in the water

  75. Montahadado85 Dado

    Montahadado85 DadoPred 3 dnevi

    Look like day 1 and day 1000

  76. Эзра Гринь

    Эзра ГриньPred 3 dnevi

    But dolphin aren't a fish....

  77. Ebrahim Awo

    Ebrahim AwoPred 3 dnevi


  78. Dr0xly

    Dr0xlyPred 3 dnevi

    what mod is this

  79. the boys

    the boysPred 3 dnevi


  80. the boys

    the boysPred 3 dnevi

    Can you shapeshift into the dragon

  81. Aden Beer

    Aden BeerPred 3 dnevi

    That montarge 🔥

  82. Anna Kang

    Anna KangPred 3 dnevi

    Dolphins drown in water, not air.


    UJJAL ROYPred 4 dnevi


  84. snɔɹɐW

    snɔɹɐWPred 4 dnevi

    Mabye you can shapeshift to ender dragon


    KAVYA BHAGWANIPred 4 dnevi

    Man i could not even stop laughing when you became a panda 11:48 to 11:52😂😂😂😂😂😂

  86. Giorgos Karamolegos

    Giorgos KaramolegosPred 4 dnevi

    You have very good videos

  87. Xxx Boxed you

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  88. nudurupati koushal

    nudurupati koushalPred 4 dnevi

    11:47 wtf! lol

  89. Michael M

    Michael MPred 4 dnevi




    Imagine shape shifting into the ENDER DRAGON!

  91. Candace Viertel

    Candace ViertelPred 4 dnevi

    this is so funny XD

  92. Ayazplayz

    AyazplayzPred 4 dnevi

    Hold up wha u mean u have the same amount

  93. Din Don

    Din DonPred 5 dnevi

    U are unlucky

  94. Oliver Does stuff

    Oliver Does stuffPred 5 dnevi

    Withers actually have 300 hearts

  95. Vxmpyzzz _yt

    Vxmpyzzz _ytPred 5 dnevi

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  96. Natty1234

    Natty1234Pred 5 dnevi

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  97. Bone Napper Deadly

    Bone Napper DeadlyPred 5 dnevi

    Dolphins breathe air

  98. Isabelle Grenier

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    Thats so cool

  99. Cuddly Is great

    Cuddly Is greatPred 5 dnevi

    9:19 lol

  100. YT GamerGodz

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    I cracked up at 11:47

  101. Western Madi

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    This video is absolutely amazing haha, let me- subscribe real quick