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  1. Levi Wykes

    Levi WykesPred 16 urami

    They really need to establish a strong passing game.

  2. Mark Stephan

    Mark StephanPred 16 urami

    Thumbs down, how can you get excited about beating a Division II school? I'll get excited when he beats a quality FCS or FBS school. Who's next? A high school team?

  3. Havuever73

    Havuever73Pred 16 urami

    Typical Dion!!! Always impressive, much❤️

  4. louann moynihan

    louann moynihanPred 17 urami


  5. Blurrz-_-

    Blurrz-_-Pred 17 urami

    amazing movie

  6. milt

    miltPred 17 urami

    And got robbed too!!!

  7. haha falseflag

    haha falseflagPred 18 urami

    i thought football didn't start until august?

  8. TPhoenix_455

    TPhoenix_455Pred 18 urami

    Hopefully the future of the Falcons

  9. Adan Sanchez

    Adan SanchezPred 18 urami

    I wonder were in America there are all "Hispanic"/"Latino" Universities?

  10. Alex Gabriel

    Alex GabrielPred 18 urami

    Why TF no one has a mask on

  11. Dank Daddy

    Dank DaddyPred 19 urami

    #76 a true lineman with a quarterbacks dream... I saw that throw he put some flare on it.

  12. Evan Hester

    Evan HesterPred 19 urami

    Mac has a much higher floor and a decent ceiling

  13. D Thomas

    D ThomasPred 19 urami

    I seen middle school play faster football..sheesh

  14. Bobby Hampton

    Bobby HamptonPred 20 urami

    Did Anyone Congratulate the Defense SWAC DEFENSIVE PLAYER of The Year KEONTE"BALLHAWK"HAMPTON

  15. Ben Barson

    Ben BarsonPred 20 urami

    Redshirt senior. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. PGM_kocainecowboy

    PGM_kocainecowboyPred 20 urami

    They play college football in February 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔🤔

  17. Christopher Davis

    Christopher DavisPred 20 urami

    Was really looking forward to watching the defense. But good win!

  18. Eric S

    Eric SPred 20 urami

    War eagle 🦅! Cam Newton and nick fairley were the Best offensive and defensive players in the country in 2010!

  19. ope g

    ope gPred 20 urami

    I like the announcer who described the holding call hes good

  20. Jahi

    JahiPred 21 uro

    If I react to this are y’all gonna copy right me man? This video would be great

  21. Eric S

    Eric SPred 21 uro

    Iron bowl is better with bigger national title ramifications...

  22. Robert Lucyk Sr

    Robert Lucyk SrPred 21 uro

    Get rid of the bling and it will not get stolen.

  23. Robert Lucyk Sr

    Robert Lucyk SrPred 21 uro

    And I am so glad Deion got his stuff back !! Nothin like winning your first game and getting your stuff stolen.

  24. MassGainingGuy

    MassGainingGuyPred 21 uro

    Southern Heritage Classic 2021 Jackson State vs Tennessee State

  25. MassGainingGuy

    MassGainingGuyPred 21 uro

    JSU is about to run up the scoreboard on some opponents!

  26. Jomari Mendoza

    Jomari MendozaPred 21 uro

    He’ll be coaching USC soon

  27. Bobby Jones

    Bobby JonesPred 21 uro

    Crappy league.

  28. Maximinus Thrax

    Maximinus ThraxPred 21 uro

    how have they started playing already?

  29. Kenzo Ebong

    Kenzo EbongPred 21 uro

    Can you imagine the pressure that the cornerbacks on Jackson state are under.

  30. Lujan Gaming

    Lujan GamingPred 21 uro

    Oh yeah 😌👍

  31. Bruce Watson

    Bruce WatsonPred 21 uro

    Ok? They got used as much as Teo's girlfriend.

  32. Connie Weems

    Connie WeemsPred 22 urami

    obviously you are lying cause all reports out of carolina they love fields over any qb in this draft so what are you talking about?

  33. Omar Hakeem

    Omar HakeemPred 22 urami

    I want Jackson State baseball cap & & jacket because of Deion Sanders. The most beautiful & intelligent girl I’ve ever seen came from Jackson Mississippi.

  34. Dave Macdonald

    Dave MacdonaldPred 22 urami

    WOW what a truly GREAT man.🇬🇧🇺🇸

  35. Akeem Jackman

    Akeem JackmanPred 22 urami

    They didn’t even play anybody...talking about playing a team that has a 3rd of scholarship players J-State has. Let’s see what they do on 6March against Grambling

  36. Ben Fulton

    Ben FultonPred 22 urami

    Why aren't Dion's Kids playing?

  37. Patrick Carlisle

    Patrick CarlislePred 22 urami


  38. Irish Football #1

    Irish Football #1Pred 22 urami

    Well , at least we don't have to get curb stomped in this video game now , like we do in real life every season , lol ! 🍀 Sometimes you have to look on the bright side. 🙄 GO IRISH !!!!!! 💯🍀🍀🍀

  39. bilij pdan

    bilij pdanPred 23 urami

    I don't think people realize how huge it was for Aikman to be there.

  40. Thomas Tsai

    Thomas TsaiPred 23 urami

    Great win for Ohio state

  41. Thomas Tsai

    Thomas TsaiPred 23 urami

    Cool win for Alabama

  42. Simba

    SimbaPred 23 urami

    I would be hesitant about drafting mac jones. His off the field problems show lack of good judgment. Too big of a risk in the 1st round. He has the potential to be a serious cancer in the locker room. Too much of an off the field thug. Not trust worthy and can't be counted on as a leader. Smile is not genuine. NFL teams beware. Worst locker room prospect ever at QB. Ten times worst than Ryan Leaf. Shouldn't be drafted at all.

  43. jmgonzalez 19

    jmgonzalez 19Pred dnevom

    Pete Carroll was a coach at USC😳

  44. Tom Wolfe

    Tom WolfePred dnevom

    Did the first string stay in all game?

  45. N. J. Desa

    N. J. DesaPred dnevom

    It was probably best for Clemson that they lost this game...Alabama would have punished them for stealing their property two years ago anyway! Consider yourself lucky Clemson!!!! Don’t mess with Bama again!

  46. michael oduro

    michael oduroPred dnevom

    Gotta love DEON$$$

  47. CutThroatah

    CutThroatahPred dnevom

    Prime got them boys ballin

  48. Nick Garren

    Nick GarrenPred dnevom

    The guy the Bears need to draft at #20



    Well said coach & Great Job you ya’ll are doing keep up the good work. Just you as a person we need you here in Mississippi. Thank you Mr.Sanders

  50. Caleb David Drake

    Caleb David DrakePred dnevom

    That block at 3:34 😮

  51. Empty Giddy

    Empty GiddyPred dnevom

    sad he got robbed

  52. Scott Baillie

    Scott BailliePred dnevom

    Congrats to Prime, but I've seen better semi-pro teams than Edward Waters, they look terrible and out of shape.

  53. D Nice

    D NicePred dnevom

    Deion Sanders need to help some of them out with a little bit of swag moves and a couple handshakes when they on the field celebrating after making a play Lol cuz they like jumping around & dancing after a TD or a good play they made. Good luck to all of them and hopefully they will have a good season & Coach Sanders starts his career in the league as Coach n does a great job at it.... Much respect to him n good luck on everything 👏🏾,,,,, try sneak him in one of the games for a play or 2 see how good is still LMAO. See if he still got it 😆😆🤣🤫🤭😉😆

  54. Robert Westling

    Robert WestlingPred dnevom

    Too bad the clown Troy showed up. I love Deion but Troy is a no class loser. Go JSU.

  55. James Robinson

    James RobinsonPred dnevom

    Deion Sanders I just got the report on Tiger Woods he survived the crash everything was good do you have to use the jaws of life to pry him out safely he did have some bumps and bruises but the other victim survive nobody died when they called the unit he was not Dead on Arrival so that's a good thing incident report I found that golf is a sport maybe she play one day it's represent tigerhood cuz you already know we from the hood already down to earth real nigggas

  56. Michael Davis

    Michael DavisPred dnevom

    SA know Sanders lying again, want the pub

  57. C Whiting

    C WhitingPred dnevom

    Im confused why there is college football in February????

  58. Pap Master

    Pap MasterPred dnevom

    Neon Deion is Goat CB.

  59. clfoster3310

    clfoster3310Pred dnevom

    Wish Deion nothing but luck. Hope he has a very successful coaching run. I would love to see the rise of the HBCUs again.

  60. Richard James

    Richard JamesPred dnevom

    Thought that was tyrone biggums

  61. Icey P

    Icey PPred dnevom

    I think the Panthers held him out of the senior bowl on purpose...I think they take him at 8

  62. Alberto Pavan

    Alberto PavanPred dnevom

    they put a dude that can't defeat coastal carolina over a heisman and cfp finalist

  63. Emperor Jay Bama Fan

    Emperor Jay Bama FanPred dnevom

    This why SJWs are the worse people on the earth

  64. Herbster41

    Herbster41Pred dnevom

    Wandale was not the entire offense, he was a good player though, and Mike Reilley was not the guy. I know Keyshawn likes him, but he was not the guy. I know times are tough, and might get tougher, after all it will be hard to recruit players to Lincoln when nobody is allowed in the stadium on game day (and that ain't going away). So Lincoln will be a ghost town for the foreseeable future. The man can only do so much with the sh***y cards he's been dealt.

  65. Re Action

    Re ActionPred dnevom

    The most Alabama QBs were busts

  66. R'shawn Santiago

    R'shawn SantiagoPred dnevom

    @5:33 How tf he thinks that it was intercepted 😂

  67. yeezmanual bot time

    yeezmanual bot timePred dnevom

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  68. Nicholas John

    Nicholas JohnPred dnevom

    He got the torg fired, this, God kirk just sucks

  69. soniyu ziuy

    soniyu ziuyPred dnevom

    this really was amazing for other reasons than football Im proud today of all these men and women behind this team.

  70. Lucid Shotsss

    Lucid ShotsssPred dnevom

    That quarter back is on fire

  71. Joseph Beatty

    Joseph BeattyPred dnevom

    How are they playing so soon?

  72. Emilio Garcia

    Emilio GarciaPred dnevom

    That wasn’t Aikman that was Jay Z.

  73. Jordan Harris

    Jordan HarrisPred dnevom

    For everyone commenting here that call where there was one second on the clock was completely BS

  74. booshaw24

    booshaw24Pred dnevom

    Is the pandemic over?

  75. KevinSun242

    KevinSun242Pred dnevom

    Fake news media. Precisely why smart athletes like Marshawn Lynch won’t even give them the time of day; regardless of what you say or do they’ll find a way to twist and misinterpret your words for you.

  76. Antbeast23

    Antbeast23Pred dnevom

    They can only put 10 teams on there guys lol

  77. Swag Mcgee

    Swag McgeePred dnevom

    Took long enough

  78. Jordan January

    Jordan JanuaryPred dnevom

    My dad and my brothers old mumator Jackson State. Represent Dion. wish I was old enough to see my dad and wish I could've saw my brother PLAY. This ones for you dad Calvin brother Javerro

  79. Htown Boy

    Htown BoyPred dnevom

    Why is their football going on?

  80. Nick Rides

    Nick RidesPred dnevom

    This feels like a high school of luck peon Deion...