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  1. Viva Las Vegas

    Viva Las VegasPred 2 urami

    Rivers choking pattern will follow him wherever he goes

  2. Lamar Bowman

    Lamar BowmanPred 2 urami

    Sixers didn't score in the last 4 minutes 😭

  3. Dee TV

    Dee TVPred 2 urami


  4. fakhouri Alaai

    fakhouri AlaaiPred 2 urami

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  5. vlad vladich

    vlad vladichPred 2 urami

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  6. Joan Allenchgfcch

    Joan AllenchgfcchPred 2 urami

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  7. Mike Lee

    Mike LeePred 2 urami

    ATLANTA better remember what the falcons did celebrating too early…lost!!! Barkley made the most sense. Shaq you need to understand what “obligation” means. The players run their mouths when they win, but when the lose the pout like whiny little *itches!!! Sorry, but that’s a fact. These are men, suck it up and face the fact that you blew it and you lost.

  8. Devonte The Dog

    Devonte The DogPred 2 urami


  9. Garrett Bell

    Garrett BellPred 2 urami

    felt like a 2k cutscene

  10. John Matrix

    John MatrixPred 2 urami

    Kenny's legs: )(

  11. John Matrix

    John MatrixPred 2 urami

    Everybody's shoulder is gonna be throwed out

  12. Evan Denson

    Evan DensonPred 2 urami

    2021 Atlanta Hawks = 2020 Miami Heat

  13. zaFE Toxic

    zaFE ToxicPred 2 urami

    With everything he has done since this came out, we need an updated version

  14. FairPlay Jay

    FairPlay JayPred 2 urami

    Cmon. Even Giannis will take, and make, some jumpshots. Ben is a glorified Center. And I am disappointed in Shaq. As mike said, it is real easy to do all that takking when your winning. Don't hide now.

  15. ALMY

    ALMYPred 2 urami

    He like that annoying kid that only shoots 3s

  16. Fredrick Carter

    Fredrick CarterPred 2 urami

    Them boys funny af. Kenny just got mollywhopped😂😂😂😂😂

  17. john john

    john johnPred 2 urami

    June 2021 im still watching "legend never fade

  18. Wesley Carmichael

    Wesley CarmichaelPred 2 urami

    Sixers need a guard that can shoot and take over games, Trade Ben.

  19. Jayla Gaskins

    Jayla GaskinsPred 2 urami


  20. Duane HP

    Duane HPPred 2 urami

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  21. James Kelly

    James KellyPred 2 urami

    Philadelphia wishes the had dr.j,🔥 doc rivers,go hawks.

  22. Smooth Sha 4YT

    Smooth Sha 4YTPred 2 urami

    Yea that was nasty

  23. Jude Fougere

    Jude FougerePred 2 urami

    Trae young and Lou Willams deserve that win

  24. James Kelly

    James KellyPred 2 urami

    Hope hawks win

  25. Renee D

    Renee DPred 2 urami

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  26. ブランドーディオ

    ブランドーディオPred 2 urami

    *when was the last time the mvp won the championship on the same season?*

  27. Ilir United

    Ilir UnitedPred 2 urami


  28. Nguyễn Tấn Hoàng

    Nguyễn Tấn HoàngPred 2 urami

    2021 See you again

  29. bilas roy

    bilas royPred 2 urami


  30. Larry McMorris

    Larry McMorrisPred 2 urami


  31. Mark Lo

    Mark LoPred 2 urami

    Lamelo looks like 2k character

  32. Crypto I Gaming I Sport

    Crypto I Gaming I SportPred 2 urami

    is this the dagger ?!!!!?!??!?!

  33. Outtellect Anomaly

    Outtellect AnomalyPred 2 urami

    Blame Iverson.

  34. Raj Sakaria

    Raj SakariaPred 2 urami

    Well deserved

  35. Dee Kay

    Dee KayPred 2 urami

    Ben simmons is a bigger shittier lonzo ball.... Sad

  36. zHezzi

    zHezziPred 2 urami

    2:05 He said screw it and dunked of his teammate lmaooo

  37. Jeff Blankenship

    Jeff BlankenshipPred 2 urami

    They should hauled that guy out of there in cuffs; how is that OK, at ANY level?

  38. Reverend Benzo

    Reverend BenzoPred 2 urami

    ob·li·ga·tion /ˌäbləˈɡāSH(ə)n/ noun: obligation; plural noun: obligations an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment.

  39. zHezzi

    zHezziPred 2 urami

    His finger gotta be all bruised up. I’ll dunk like 2 times and my fingers hurt lmaooo

  40. African Pastor

    African PastorPred 2 urami

    Bruuuuuh he ain't smiled once

  41. Jeff Blankenship

    Jeff BlankenshipPred 3 urami

    The fact that 'some guy' just comes out of the stands in the middle of the game, and no one notices or does anything, is absolutely crazy. No one is even concerned with him. Where is the arena security?

  42. MiketheYung God

    MiketheYung GodPred 3 urami

    I hear Charles is leaving the show because of the toxic woke environment.

  43. D G (Kud0s)

    D G (Kud0s)Pred 3 urami

    What a douche thing to do wearing sunglasses in an interview for a pretty big award lol.

  44. Bi-Polar Bear

    Bi-Polar BearPred 3 urami

    Ben Simmons is the problem. Dude straight trash. He be building whole communities with them bricks 😂

  45. Edmond Meltz

    Edmond MeltzPred 3 urami

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  46. xystumpy

    xystumpyPred 3 urami

    Shaq’s brain about the size of a peanut.

  47. Duane HP

    Duane HPPred 3 urami

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  48. Satyam barman arts

    Satyam barman artsPred 3 urami

    Woww wiz khalifa and Charlie Puth is superb 👌🧑

  49. Towell Seth

    Towell SethPred 3 urami

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  50. NoName

    NoNamePred 3 urami

    Suburban thug.

  51. Keith Harden

    Keith HardenPred 3 urami

    Who's Mann is this? Come get your Mann, man.

  52. KTheMVP !

    KTheMVP !Pred 3 urami

    Obviously was kiddin 😂 I know damn well this man can throw fast

  53. Dews Porfirio

    Dews PorfirioPred 3 urami

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  54. hassan a

    hassan aPred 3 urami

    4 Goats

  55. Alfred Ford

    Alfred FordPred 3 urami

    The Sixers are playing not to lose instead of playing to win!!!!

  56. plexx

    plexxPred 3 urami

    Lmao why he throw it so hard? Damn Shaq

  57. Gwapo Boi

    Gwapo BoiPred 3 urami

    whos here after Cristiano Ronaldo did the same thing with Coca Cola

  58. Ghosts 141

    Ghosts 141Pred 3 urami

    Faze jev is the only one I respect in faze

  59. Michael Robertson

    Michael RobertsonPred 3 urami

    they are a great team

  60. Mike H

    Mike HPred 3 urami

    If I had matchsticks for arms and legs like KD I would have multiple bodyguards

  61. KrispySkywalker

    KrispySkywalkerPred 3 urami

    Hi, Kobe being gone still doesn’t feel real. RIP Mamba my hero 😞

  62. bryce bigon

    bryce bigonPred 3 urami

    Dillon brooks look like he finna walk away from an explosion and not look back

  63. Derek Loucks

    Derek LoucksPred 3 urami

    Lou. Williams.

  64. Mike C

    Mike CPred 3 urami

    Why didn't they make Kenny walk over there? Shaq at risk of falling all over the studio floor for various reasons :D

  65. ax c.

    ax c.Pred 3 urami

    Terrance Mannann is so nasty that the covid that coco bear got was scared of that Mann 🗜️🃏🤡🎭🖤

  66. Evan Pope

    Evan PopePred 3 urami

    I can’t be the only one replay Kenny getting hit in the face 10xs

  67. Keone Pinckney

    Keone PinckneyPred 3 urami

    He should’ve took accountability for that turnover. Don’t blame the bench. Players stand up everyday, B.

  68. Earlyzozixyz Earlyzozixyz

    Earlyzozixyz EarlyzozixyzPred 3 urami

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  69. George Alvarado

    George AlvaradoPred 3 urami

    They did all this to lose :/

  70. Sterling Fresh

    Sterling FreshPred 3 urami

    They’re right, too much floppin.