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Just How He WANTS IT...
  1. Davor Hrga

    Davor HrgaPred 13 urami

    Embiid is just trying to learn new things

  2. The Bronx Boglehead

    The Bronx BogleheadPred 13 urami

    Between Embiid shooting flouters, AD not wanting to play center, and Giannis shooting fadeaways, I get the sense big guys want to be more like kobe than shaq. They all grew up idolizing Kobe. It makes sense.

  3. Edward Velez

    Edward VelezPred 13 urami

    I guess everyone is implementing The Lebron Rules these days

  4. Etan Armloc

    Etan ArmlocPred 13 urami

    Yeah let him Guard KD and be on Foul trouble haha Bucks coaches aint that stupid. You just blow air on KD its a foul.✌️😂

  5. Rr Tee

    Rr TeePred 13 urami

    Embid and simmons is perfect formula for choke basketball.

  6. BB Blue

    BB BluePred 13 urami

    And ppl say hes getting better 🤦🏻‍♂️ hed always gonna be remembered as the worst shooter of all time , any bench warmer is a better shooter than Ben Simmons 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Joseph Adrian Loja

    Joseph Adrian LojaPred 13 urami

    Doc Rivers and Ben Simmons both OVERRATED.

  8. Jason Napper

    Jason NapperPred 13 urami

    I don't get why Ben shoots worse than giannis from the line he has a better form.

  9. Kaydon Cameron

    Kaydon CameronPred 13 urami

    Lou Williams man. Always that spark plug for teams.

  10. Giovanni Casseus

    Giovanni CasseusPred 14 urami

    Yo I was shocked when I saw the sixes lost when I saw them up 20+ I taught it was over.

  11. M.H. L.

    M.H. L.Pred 14 urami

    Dude is a piece of shit.

  12. Xof Metleh

    Xof MetlehPred 14 urami

    Nah dont mind the free throws he should be aggressive going to the basket damn. His 6'10 just dunk the ball. Attempt more shot, he will be traded next season for sure

  13. Lando Peezy

    Lando PeezyPred 14 urami

    Jesus Lebum is so sad trying to out do Kobe by doing what Kobe did but Lebum had to make sure it was on camera....

  14. Geoffrey Wendelen

    Geoffrey WendelenPred 14 urami

    How can you be this bad??! 😂

  15. Lando Peezy

    Lando PeezyPred 14 urami

    It's because Lebum is a quiter he just quit once they went down 20+ it wasn't his ankle that was simply an excuse.....

  16. Shiljamannn

    ShiljamannnPred 14 urami

    At this point , I think Phily should've kept Markele Fultz as their PG....

  17. Real G

    Real GPred 14 urami

    Who got the deflection? Who created that turnover?

  18. jsoop71

    jsoop71Pred 14 urami

    I dont fucking understand embid's game bruh.. he's so fucking soft.. what a waste of that height and frame..

  19. Lester Jhon Mora

    Lester Jhon MoraPred 15 urami

    Jeff green has always been a great help on a team that has a large chance to be in the championship

  20. MOE Concepts

    MOE ConceptsPred 15 urami

    This was what we wanted from KD when he came back in game 5 vs the Raptors but he won't just be out always hugging the ball till he snapped he achilles...

  21. Victor Dizon

    Victor DizonPred 15 urami

    I'm a ben simmons fan but man it hurts my eyes to watch him

  22. C-Row [Jehol]

    C-Row [Jehol]Pred 15 urami

    Tony Parker's free throw has a context behind the air ball

  23. Moon D.

    Moon D.Pred 15 urami

    Embiid could’ve at least passed the ball more often too instead of wasting shots. Other players are wide open.

  24. Moon D.

    Moon D.Pred 15 urami

    They should’ve just let Seth curry carry the team when they had the lead. Take out Simmons and Embiid at the 4th. Both sucked Azz. Most likely bench players could’ve done much better at free throws.

  25. Moon D.

    Moon D.Pred 15 urami

    That’s why Jimmy Butler left Philly. Embiid and Simmons chokes. What kinda point guard can’t at least make 50% free throws.

  26. Chirag Lohia

    Chirag LohiaPred 15 urami

    I believe that sixers has a unmatched blend of talent at every position and no one is a liability on defense or offense but what philly lacks is those small intangibles which is crucial if u want win it all...lacking attention to detail is another problem for them

  27. Hoony K.

    Hoony K.Pred 15 urami

    He should retire. He has the money, just go. Championship runs are done

  28. Almondey6s Viloria

    Almondey6s ViloriaPred 15 urami

    What kind of guard forward Player was that..... No shooting 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  29. Macman Bryant

    Macman BryantPred 15 urami

    Ben simmons should not even be in the league. I don't even know if he can able to dominate in china. He has been overrated from the start.

  30. Indian baller

    Indian ballerPred 15 urami

    Bruh the nets can literally play like this next game and win !

  31. Samit Paudel

    Samit PaudelPred 15 urami

    One game a star another a bust. NBA fans are crazy.

  32. Alfred P

    Alfred PPred 15 urami

    Lonzo already fixed his shot, so what's stopping Ben Simmons from fixing his shot also?

  33. Jose Rivas

    Jose RivasPred 15 urami

    I seen this before with lebron when he was with Cleveland he didn't want to guard KD and he send Jr Smith.

  34. UnderGraded HashTag

    UnderGraded HashTagPred 15 urami


  35. bondi

    bondiPred 16 urami

    Ice Trae is my favourite NBA player when he's doing what he's good at and not jacking up 100 threes per night.

  36. bondi

    bondiPred 16 urami

    This is unacceptable im a 5'4" uber driver, haven't picked up a basketball for the last 10 yrs, but I can shoot at least 40% from free throw!

  37. I Like Turtles

    I Like TurtlesPred 16 urami

    I think Ben is just built for the regular season. It might have been a couple of seasons ago, he single handedly lowered the +- of the whole team every time he was on the floor. The holes in his game are exploited by other teams. The seemingly apparent refusal to work on his jumper is mind blowing. The man could have been so much more in the league.

  38. avatarslayer77 gaming

    avatarslayer77 gamingPred 16 urami

    Nash is a god bro, same as Kobe, 2 players that dont give a damn

  39. Emjay Jay

    Emjay JayPred 16 urami

    When you're center aka Joel Embiid shoots better than you're point guard aka Ben Simmons you know something is already wrong with that picture

  40. Nino Salvaleon

    Nino SalvaleonPred 16 urami

    Lou Williams had that epic comeback also in LA VS GSW last, last year, I don't know the exact season... But in playoffs also

  41. None

    NonePred 16 urami

    Clarkson is doing the Filipino clutch clock technique that he learned from Gilas Pilipinas. It is a dangerous buy effective attack. It is clearly shown why Filipinos wanted to end the clock with clutch clock. All filipinos are mid range attavkers so it is already shown in his assault. 🤔

  42. fausto412

    fausto412Pred 16 urami

    Rooting for the Hawks.

  43. avatarslayer77 gaming

    avatarslayer77 gamingPred 16 urami

    Philadelphia is a disappointment tbh

  44. Status Quo Reject

    Status Quo RejectPred 16 urami

    As a Laker fan for 35 years can't stand lebum. So many LeBronda chumps out there think this guy is God when he is actually detrimentally affecting the Lakers. I'd be happy to trade LeChina James for any other superstar even if it means we don't want another title for a while. Every time LeBron gives up on defense or on a play is a play where the opposing team has one extra open man.

  45. lala elfa

    lala elfaPred 16 urami

    Doc rivers, tobias harris, and ben simmons need to go. Doc never made adjustments. Simmons's lack of shooting is being abused. Harris is very inconsistent and is not playing like a 2nd or 3rd option in offense.

  46. Dont Me

    Dont MePred 16 urami

    Brick Simmons

  47. aws21st

    aws21stPred 16 urami

    Giannis is not made in America, he better recognize you can't hide from the greatest NBA moments and players if you want to be GREAT!!

  48. jojet paredes

    jojet paredesPred 16 urami

    at least you do have a better percentage compared to Simmons....lol..

  49. Ted Logan

    Ted LoganPred 16 urami

    CP3: “There can be only One!!!...Banana Boat Captain”

  50. JR Andal

    JR AndalPred 16 urami

    i thought hackashaq has been banned in the NBA?

  51. N M

    N MPred 16 urami

    Every year they say Chris Paul is back and he will decline the next season but he never does stop sleeping on him

  52. Butch Apolinar

    Butch ApolinarPred 16 urami

    Fix your freethrow stop fighting for individual awards in social media..

  53. Genxtasy 99

    Genxtasy 99Pred 16 urami

    Lot of respect to the Nets for winning a game they should of lost

  54. Ache Prime

    Ache PrimePred 16 urami

    Doc Rivers: Where were you Lou when I need you last season.😭😭

  55. B E R N A R D

    B E R N A R DPred 16 urami

    He’s not slow he’s a cheat code

  56. Mark Anthony Lo

    Mark Anthony LoPred 16 urami

    Bruh face it Embiid needs to either (1) be used like Jokic/Draymond Green in terms of being a playmaker off the top, (2) be used like Giannis in terms of being a pick 'n' roll screener/roller, or (3) in Stephen A's words "get his behind down low" and just dominate from down under (pun intended). If all else fails, then trade him away from the Sixers 'cause no way he and Embiid works long term unless Embiid stands in the corner as Simmons drives and kicks all night long

  57. Diego Chavez

    Diego ChavezPred 16 urami

    Trae>curry easily

  58. Diego Chavez

    Diego ChavezPred 16 urami

    Simmons garbage

  59. Heat Check

    Heat CheckPred 16 urami

    *EXPOSED: The REAL Reason For The LAKERS ELIMINATION* slthrow.info/solution/vaOyqbuYiNmUqKY/video.html

  60. Kraut Mick

    Kraut MickPred 17 urami

    I'm a regular dude, was always pretty avg player lol, and I can sink 8 or 9 for 10 of my ft at any given time. Idk how this isnt a problem. When pros cant shoot even ft, a shot that is very important to make

  61. Kraut Mick

    Kraut MickPred 17 urami

    I'd steal the ball from curry. Hes dribbling at eye level lmao

  62. Movie Trailer PH

    Movie Trailer PHPred 17 urami

    Ben simmon be like: Handle: 90% Shooting: 1% 3Pts: 1% Freethrow: 1% Passing ability: 7% Ben simmon: Perfect 💪

  63. Cousin kaleo

    Cousin kaleoPred 17 urami

    It always confused me how these guys get paid 10s of millions dollars and can't make a free throw 🤯🤔. Champions are made in the off season .....

  64. Jaime Lannister

    Jaime LannisterPred 17 urami

    When youre being coached by doc rivers, you'll choke

  65. imarabbit94

    imarabbit94Pred 17 urami

    They know if giannis guards kd he just gonna foul

  66. Robin THERESINE

    Robin THERESINEPred 17 urami


  67. MArk -One

    MArk -OnePred 17 urami

    Embid got conditioning issues thats why he always got sloppy and lazy in the 2nd half

  68. Real Cesar Gonzalez

    Real Cesar GonzalezPred 17 urami

    I've always said Simmons was overrated

  69. MC Luvvyn

    MC LuvvynPred 17 urami

    Hawks in 6

  70. Bo Jack

    Bo JackPred 17 urami

    He should at least make his fts. That's a shame for him.

  71. KevinLoveHandle

    KevinLoveHandlePred 17 urami

    James harden was a decoy, it was a smart ass move, damn well knowing he wasn’t gonna score

  72. Jaycole Jones

    Jaycole JonesPred 17 urami

    You should teach Ben Simmons how to shoot! hehehe

  73. Jhunmark Medez

    Jhunmark MedezPred 17 urami

    That's the problem of Ben Simons he doesn't have the range.

  74. valvi Plays

    valvi PlaysPred 17 urami

    The fact that many people call Ben Simmons underrated 😂 oof

  75. Role Sison

    Role SisonPred 17 urami

    sixers should make Ben shoot 1000 free throws after there lost.

  76. Adonis Montesinos

    Adonis MontesinosPred 17 urami

    Lol Suns in 4

  77. Rich Rich

    Rich RichPred 17 urami

    Lebron sucks

  78. jbofinger1

    jbofinger1Pred 17 urami

    Every Sixers fan in Philadelphia has been pointing this out for the last 2 years.

  79. Christian Munoz

    Christian MunozPred 17 urami

    man everyone of your title is so misleading you should try working for the orange man

  80. Danish Pigeon

    Danish PigeonPred 17 urami

    Such an unbalanced team. They will never win anything.