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  1. Douglas Hagan

    Douglas HaganPred 6 urami

    So it's right it was a global warfare two of the best scientists in the world proved it was not natural it was gain a function this is weaponized this is a biological weapon I was right so you know what you people are liars sticking liars in your covered it up and even I'm smart enough to understand what you've done it was never should have been developed at all why would you commit commit such an act of evil

  2. Achilleas Zygouras

    Achilleas ZygourasPred 6 urami

    Buy an island, where raves can happen without regulation. But.. anyone who wants to party has to sign a waiver acknowledging they forfeit right to gainful employment, health-care, visiting anyone not already on the island. Separates those who are serious from others. I'd be curious to see the results.

  3. Ibrahim Saddozai

    Ibrahim SaddozaiPred 6 urami

    Instead of May 8, July 11 should be called Victory in Europe

  4. Stuart Broad

    Stuart BroadPred 6 urami


  5. Taman

    TamanPred 6 urami

    it's a bit late but happy Newroz my friends thanks for celebrating instead of us🤣🤣

  6. iT's RaZin

    iT's RaZinPred 6 urami

    So sadfor turkey ALLAH PAK REHAM KariN

  7. Duane Angeles

    Duane AngelesPred 6 urami

    This whole video is one big intel for China. Y’all talk about Taiwan’s military size to defense tactics etc. I can guarantee you China saw this and said “Thx for the intel”.

  8. Teodora

    TeodoraPred 6 urami

    USA, masters of Germany (and conquerers of Germany) still need to be asked for directives, 75 years later?!?!? Stand up, get a spine!

  9. Rezar2144

    Rezar2144Pred 6 urami

    Pray for Turkey. I hope u guys are fine. Support u guys from Vietnam🇻🇳🤝🇹🇷 Stay safe and stay strong.

  10. Anti Zionists

    Anti ZionistsPred 6 urami

    We share the grief of our Turkish brothers😪so Allah bless turkey salaam from Somali🇸🇴🇹🇷

  11. Lhee Zhee

    Lhee ZheePred 6 urami

    im so thankful to our President here in Philippines...our cases here is rising but manageable.

  12. KoalaNotBear

    KoalaNotBearPred 6 urami

    Last week, the Thai King donated 2.8 Billion Baht (about 84,651,336 USD) for the hospitals across the country to buy more equipment for battling COVID-19. He also donated hundreds of mobile rtPCR laboratories for testing people in hard-to-reach communities in the country. This is one of many things that actually happened but never got the attentions from the media.

  13. Diug Smith

    Diug SmithPred 6 urami

    A travesty against beliefs cultures heredity history Please Dear LORD Shame on Them Amen 🙏.

  14. Hae Vëen

    Hae VëenPred 6 urami

    As a Person, Japan Did the Right thing but people here in the Comment Section are Freaking Racist like Seriously Derision is the way to teach him up?

  15. Jeff S

    Jeff SPred 6 urami

    All this accomplishes is making the Philippines a bigger target for China.

  16. Pat Stones

    Pat StonesPred 6 urami

    Weird story. Seems to be a lot of healthy well fed people in Ethiopia. No need to run away

  17. Arsal Shykh

    Arsal ShykhPred 6 urami

    May Allah Safe everyone , Pakistan pray for you

  18. david Small

    david SmallPred 6 urami

    I would not trust the new south African army ????

  19. yağmur yağacak

    yağmur yağacakPred 6 urami

    Ermenisi israillisi kürdü gelmişler çok mutlu oldum yazıyorlar . Ulan Hayvanlarada mı vicdanınız yok

  20. Maverick Khan

    Maverick KhanPred 6 urami

    Enemies is behind this fire. 🇵🇰🇹🇷

  21. Yaren & Yağmur BJK

    Yaren & Yağmur BJKPred 6 urami

    I feel sorry for my own country in a really bad situation in Turkey, and all those who started these fires, they gave grace to nature and animals. Thank you so much to those who are with my country 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  22. david Small

    david SmallPred 6 urami

    They wanted their freedom !! They got what they wanted !!

  23. Mariner

    MarinerPred 6 urami

    What is this? There is little value in hearing the 'opinion' of some self righteous, over weight woman.

  24. Buse Coşkun

    Buse CoşkunPred 6 urami

    dear friends, i am from Turkey and i researched this topic. this is not about climate change. we have "63" burned places and in the beginning of this situation, 4 or 5 of them burned at the same time. this is definitely a attack. it is not possible to start fire in so many places at the same time. also people of similar type and behavior were observed where the fires started. they were burning the forest. so forest fires in turkey are not related to climate change. But it's nice to be interested in climate change as well. you're right, there could have been forest fires because of climate change. But these fires broke out because of the terrorist attack, not about climate change. please also pay attention to your own countries, try to prevent climate change and bad people (like terrorists). may Allah protect us.

  25. Chaabi Taha Taki Eddine

    Chaabi Taha Taki EddinePred 6 urami

    My respect for Hungary 📈📈📈

  26. C O

    C OPred 6 urami

    DW has good funding, at least pay this man some English lessons if you let him conduct the news.

  27. Billy Chel

    Billy ChelPred 6 urami

    It’s not important to US

  28. The GuNNeR

    The GuNNeRPred 6 urami

    We love you Turkey 🇹🇷

  29. Who Is?

    Who Is?Pred 6 urami

    this looks not like current video footage...

  30. twofeet nz

    twofeet nzPred 6 urami

    KARMA for your drone planes in one resent war they to have souls

  31. aslı

    aslıPred 6 urami

    I live in Turkey in the European side. There is no fire in this side of Turkey but 98 different fires started in different places in 4 days. Thanks so much to the people that sends their best wishes. ❤️

  32. Erik Atyan

    Erik AtyanPred 6 urami

    I am from Armenia 🇦🇲. I am happy 😃 for that. Its very nice fire. God punishes Turkey. You are responsible for your sins. Let Turkey be destroyed։

  33. Shaikh Fairy

    Shaikh FairyPred 6 urami

    May Allah protect turkey🇹🇷🤲...... We r praying for uu turkey

  34. hüseyin tuncel

    hüseyin tuncelPred 6 urami

    ne istediniz güzelim ormandan .o hayvanları öldürmekten .masum insanları evsiz yurtsuz bırakmaktan.bu hangi vicdana sıgar.bunu yapanlarda vicdan yok mu 😢😢

  35. twofeet nz

    twofeet nzPred 6 urami

    afghan people running to the west instead of fighting for there land no spines

  36. universal mankind

    universal mankindPred 6 urami

    Yes we African are economy sleeves but bit coin make as free soon very soon

  37. buse başaran

    buse başaranPred 6 urami


  38. Aqib Numberdar

    Aqib NumberdarPred 6 urami


  39. how luk

    how lukPred 6 urami

    In the USA, the police would have emptied its magazine, consider himself lucky.

  40. Taffazul. R.S

    Taffazul. R.SPred 6 urami

    Allah hu akbar...Allaha hum saab ko bhakash de.. Allaha we are sinners we have disappointed you and you are great forgive us we ask for your mercy... Ameen

  41. { *Bruh* }

    { *Bruh* }Pred 6 urami

    The fires arent maded because of sun its because of terrorists 3 terrorist seen in fethiye muğla

  42. Hussein Mohammed

    Hussein MohammedPred 6 urami

    One day , if Greece becomes unstable country no one will help them across the world. Karma goes round and round

  43. Alex Alexy

    Alex AlexyPred 6 urami

    just give them weapons to defend themselves

  44. ikm64

    ikm64Pred 6 urami

    Everything in life has a 'cost'...none more so than ignorance. Yep, that one is a real killer...

  45. HowToWasteYourDay

    HowToWasteYourDayPred 6 urami

    duterte: "Those who destroy my country, ... i will kill you" Meanwhile: China destroyed mile long coral reefs in West Philippines Sea and even dump human poop in Philippine Water .. China's dog AKA Ph President : "we have to thank China, we have a huge debt to them"

  46. Hibo Khaliiph

    Hibo KhaliiphPred 6 urami

    Iam from somalia, 🇸🇴 our brothers our prayers are with you stay safe🇹🇷🥺 🙏

  47. Pho King Nuts

    Pho King NutsPred 6 urami

    New narrator please.

  48. Carpe cervisiam

    Carpe cervisiamPred 6 urami

    Biden should have selected A.O.C. as ambassador, she would have played 4 dimensional chess with Putin, he wouldn't see that coming

  49. Speeka

    SpeekaPred 6 urami

    My god this is so heart breaking.

  50. G. S.

    G. S.Pred 6 urami

    you now face JAIL TIME for posting CRITICS on this farce

  51. emancoy

    emancoyPred 6 urami

    I got Astrazeneca vaccine, and my antibodies IgG titer is at par with thoss who recovered from COVID-19. My colleagues got the china made Sinovac and their antibodies IgG titer is half of mine

  52. Dr. Freakmaker

    Dr. FreakmakerPred 6 urami


  53. Xavier Vargovcik

    Xavier VargovcikPred 6 urami

    I am turkish the Kurdish army dropped bombs

  54. Superior S

    Superior SPred 6 urami

    Tàliban zindabad 👊

  55. Everyday Dose

    Everyday DosePred 7 urami

    Obama is angered by this decision 💀

  56. Katya Lee

    Katya LeePred 7 urami

    Stay strong guys, 🇹🇭

  57. WOOSY 77

    WOOSY 77Pred 7 urami

    MY from turkish🇹🇷🇹🇷 thanks you❤❤


    STUART JONHSONPred 7 urami

    India getting a permanent seat at the UN is giving the West another vote! A puppet will vote how its master wills!

  59. Zoid71 Pickle2007

    Zoid71 Pickle2007Pred 7 urami

    800,000 people in 100 days. Take a minute to process that. Covid 19 didn't kill that many In 100 days. Sweet jesus.

  60. Marc Johnson

    Marc JohnsonPred 7 urami

    Afghan... do not depend/wait for United States Gov.. repeat do not depend/wait for United States Gov... Iran China Russia GET OUT NOW!!!.... or stay behind to enjoy conversion to 110% Taliban!!

  61. Steve Maweu Jr.

    Steve Maweu Jr.Pred 7 urami

    Jesus Christ loves you, so much that He died for you on the cross, to pay the penalty of your sins so that you wouldn't have to. We all have sinned and are deserving of God's wrath, but by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross there is full pardon for whoever believes. Put your full trust and believe in Him for salvation today, because in Him there's eternal life and freedom. Who the Son sets free is free indeed 🙏🏻 Kindly consider accepting Him into your heart as your LORD and Saviour, it's the best decision you'll ever make 😊 (Romans 10:9-10 and Ephesians 2:8-9)

  62. Weiß Schwarz

    Weiß SchwarzPred 7 urami

    China is coming , they are going to save everyone .

  63. XOXO

    XOXOPred 7 urami


  64. XOXO

    XOXOPred 7 urami

    Ya rab make it rain. Pray for Turkey please.

  65. Trace Walters

    Trace WaltersPred 7 urami

    I guess the controversy is him turning up for the Olympics and then being told he didn't qualify. Another might his arrest in Uganda on his arrival home. The facts surrounding the case naturally would result in his deportation. I guess his disappointment lead him to make the wrong choices.

  66. Zainab Ayesha

    Zainab AyeshaPred 7 urami

    InshaAllah ..Allah will help you.our prayers and blessings are with you

  67. Steve's Shed

    Steve's ShedPred 7 urami

    It's already too late, The Feedback loop has gone parabolic and next year's weather will be even worse ! If you aren't ready right now to accept this fact, you'll be shocked so badly that death will be quick

  68. Butrus Damaskus

    Butrus DamaskusPred 7 urami

    Antibodies are only a part of the picture. The things that drive the virus' replication (such as the sugar or alcohol in the diet) is the other part...

  69. Arnie Rambo

    Arnie RamboPred 7 urami

    Eeeeeee...haaaawwww....now Filipino women are back to business ...and American soldiers...Manila boom boom ..

  70. C

    CPred 7 urami

    RENATO SHOULD just shut the ef up, ever since the dawn of time, EVERY PRESIDENT he makes rallying a living.

  71. Li She

    Li ShePred 7 urami

    being neutral is a smart strategy in order to get the best deal from the superpower of the day

  72. Gunrunner Joe

    Gunrunner JoePred 7 urami

    India alone x10 is already the “official” global death toll… all countrys have the same, us study says in the us its x6…. Funny they cant count the deaths but they can tell us how many death that were unvaccinated….

  73. Sachin Philip

    Sachin PhilipPred 7 urami

    Awesome to see people with limited resources still competing at the very top. We can only wonder what equal opportunities would result in

  74. Qiu Qiu Channel

    Qiu Qiu ChannelPred 7 urami

    Well USA do need to know who next to tap their phones... And this time they will more careful😗😗😗

  75. Nilendra Perera

    Nilendra PereraPred 7 urami

    Any future Olympics host now has justification to Ban him from the games. Had he just gone home after the mix up all would have been good and no further barrier to further competition