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  1. Indy Singh

    Indy SinghPred uro

    Does anyone know how to upgrade plastic card to metal

  2. MrNaimee

    MrNaimeePred uro


  3. Luan Potgieter

    Luan PotgieterPred uro

    Best platform by far. Customer service is the worst. Took my cousin and sister 3 weeks to get approved!!

  4. TakeOvaYourTrap Nek X Level

    TakeOvaYourTrap Nek X LevelPred 2 urami


  5. Helicia Maree

    Helicia MareePred 2 urami

    Cape Town, South Africa. Big crypto community! 🤘🏽🇿🇦

  6. Lonagan

    LonaganPred 2 urami

    Ben is missing out by passing over AMP. This is a solid gem.

  7. Fuzzy Crypto

    Fuzzy CryptoPred 2 urami



    ZIGNIMUSPred 2 urami

    Bro, I've been shilling cryptocom on your Twitter for weeks lol


    IRON SHEEKPred 2 urami

    They also don’t let you sing up if you live in certain states smh

  10. JJ Magnificent

    JJ MagnificentPred 2 urami

    Get Ben C. & Tyler thanks ✌🏽

  11. berni oakes

    berni oakesPred 2 urami

    So BTC Taproot upgrade November improves performance and security ... go BTC

  12. Евгений Потапов

    Евгений ПотаповPred 2 urami

    You best!

  13. Tim Griffin

    Tim GriffinPred 2 urami

    good call

  14. Aleo Sino

    Aleo SinoPred 2 urami

    Elrond Network best project !!!!$ EGLD

  15. Frost Films

    Frost FilmsPred 3 urami

    Loved 🥰 ARCANEBEAR on the stream! Welcome him back anytime.

  16. Andreadis GR

    Andreadis GRPred 3 urami

    1$ at least this year have the green card my self.

  17. Michael R

    Michael RPred 3 urami

    You shouldn't be arguing to make things more monopolistic @39mins

  18. ImSkittzle

    ImSkittzlePred 3 urami

    After 3 mins of being told to buy a course, im all set lol

  19. Opressa Era

    Opressa EraPred 3 urami

    Smash yourself useless! Bs show.

  20. Armand Gibbs

    Armand GibbsPred 3 urami

    The next Crypto Punks in making is BAGS DegensFarm If you know you know

  21. Jeremy Gagne

    Jeremy GagnePred 3 urami


  22. RangerDan

    RangerDanPred 3 urami

    Referring to TANZANIA... "this is in Africa... not Australia"...... wtf

  23. Bernardo Valero

    Bernardo ValeroPred 3 urami

    Can you try and get Jared Tate as a guest on the show? He is the founder of Digibyte

  24. Mcbryan Mcbryan

    Mcbryan McbryanPred 3 urami

    Nice 👍🏻....u guys are awesome and Ben is rock star 🌟 status...u made me 😃 brightens my day!!!

  25. Tony Ruggia

    Tony RuggiaPred 3 urami

    This is easily the best app to buy your crypto. I am shocked that the price of CRO is still this low. I see a $5.00 CRO in the next several years, EASILY!!!!

  26. Kieren Seymour

    Kieren SeymourPred 3 urami

    ON THA WATEER! my dogggg, stay healthy g

  27. Amar Kurma

    Amar KurmaPred 3 urami

    Its time to buy crypto 🥳🥳

  28. Travis McBride

    Travis McBridePred 3 urami


  29. 0x Contractor

    0x ContractorPred 3 urami

    This was a great video brother. Thanks!

  30. Daniel Duke

    Daniel DukePred 4 urami

    Samuel Tolly

  31. NastyPaul

    NastyPaulPred 4 urami

    Please rename these segments, "Around The Blockchain" in the title.

  32. DudeX01

    DudeX01Pred 4 urami

    Wow, that is some condemnation. You know the take down was supposed to be anonymous.

  33. Be Happy

    Be HappyPred 4 urami

    Focus on what's Important Health, Family, and Community.

  34. Adrian Leal

    Adrian LealPred 4 urami

    Best show in all the inter webs

  35. George Sibley

    George SibleyPred 4 urami

    Can you talk about spark

  36. Crypto Cred

    Crypto CredPred 4 urami

    (B:I:T:C:O:I:N): (A:N:D) (E:T:H:E:R:E:U:M ) (I:N:V:E:S:T:M:E:N:T):(T:H:A:N:K:S) (F:O:R) (C:O:M:M:E:N:T:I:N:G): (C:O:N:T:A:C:T)(W:H:A:T:S:A:P:P) (N:U:M:B:E:R) +1 (249)518-9238••₹$¥€££££€€

  37. Scott Heitman, marine survey

    Scott Heitman, marine surveyPred 4 urami

    $500 to the good. I'm doing my part

  38. Fur Coins

    Fur CoinsPred 4 urami

    every family has a legend that breaks all odd, kloviactools made me a legend

  39. Jay Sar

    Jay SarPred 4 urami

    This guy comes off as a Trumpist

  40. Larry Jay

    Larry JayPred 4 urami

    Interesting to watch. But this is a bit of an "Echo chamber"!!! Dig a bit deeper into inflation and you quickly discover its a lot more complicated then you realise

  41. Abhi Verma

    Abhi VermaPred 4 urami

    Love the content. Just some feedback, i love how you're finally showing crypto prices on the bottom of the screen and some ads as well but for people viewing it on mobile, it's importance to see it clearly

  42. Wandering Jerry

    Wandering JerryPred 5 urami

    Hey guys, thanks so much for having Arcane Bear on! Everyone check out his channel, he totally changed my trading life!

  43. mast3rbug

    mast3rbugPred 5 urami

    Ordered 3 month ago, just received two weeks ago. I didn't used it, but I will when I will start to take profit.

  44. docochs

    docochsPred 5 urami

    I have a account, but how do you benefit by a 1% money back, if you have to pay a fee to buy CRO to pay for an item? It seems like a wash. Can you buy CRO without a fee?

  45. Wiz

    WizPred 5 urami

    Get Chris or Davinci on

  46. LukeO

    LukeOPred 5 urami

    Did I just watch a 5 minute advertisement?

  47. Mattin Noblia

    Mattin NobliaPred 5 urami

    Love the Chanel Arcanebear

  48. Alex Echaverry

    Alex EchaverryPred 5 urami

    Best TA krown cave !! On the money

  49. G G

    G GPred 5 urami

    I have the ruby card and use crypto earn. Love the ease and organization opf the app. So far this is my favorite exchange. The only downside is that US users cannot trade opn the web app yet.

  50. MishaleMyBell

    MishaleMyBellPred 5 urami

    Is there a way to get around the 50k monthly withdrawal limit?

  51. brendan zelnosky

    brendan zelnoskyPred 5 urami

    Please get bill from token metrics on this show!!

  52. America First

    America FirstPred 5 urami

    Paul Tudor stated in 2018 to have 1 or 2 % of Bitcoin in your portfolio don’t think he was that bearish on it . There is wide adoption of crypto in return there will be a lot of upside to come

  53. Monumental TV

    Monumental TVPred 5 urami

    lost 10k one day but its part of the game is what it is.

  54. sticknbox

    sticknboxPred 5 urami

    Use my cro card every day

  55. TwoLips by Maria

    TwoLips by MariaPred 5 urami

    Love it. Use it. All right on my phone. Please add solana!

  56. Monumental TV

    Monumental TVPred 5 urami

    Bitboy does not 100x leverage

  57. Ralph billett

    Ralph billettPred 5 urami

    Using this card do you keep your keys for your coins ?

  58. Peter

    PeterPred 5 urami

    Trump: "Bitcoin is a scam" !! Butt Boy Crypto: [ sound of crickets ] Trump: "I think the US dollar should top currency in world" Butt Boy Cryto: "the reason everything is bad in the world is Elizabeth warren" !!! Pocahontas !!! Warren : [ crickets ] Butt Boy Crypto: All this FUD from Warren and Biden !!!! Warren and Biden : [ crickets ] Butt Boy Crypto: It's Biden, he's the one who is driving all the FUD !! Biden [ crickets ]

  59. julio val

    julio valPred 5 urami

    You haven't lost or made a penny until you sell it

  60. Maarten Zonneveld

    Maarten ZonneveldPred 5 urami

    #SYA upcoming gem 🚀💎💰

  61. Micah Chaney

    Micah ChaneyPred 5 urami

    Great episode!!!!

  62. flamingtrocar

    flamingtrocarPred 5 urami

    Tyler S or Coinskid for your TA

  63. Live U First

    Live U FirstPred 5 urami

    Yeah. Great idea but you have to "buy" the card! Blue and Ruby card each cost $400 each. I assume it is a one time charge. But if you don't use it regularly they will cancel it. READ THE TERM & CONDITIONS CAREFULLY

  64. Chris Lu

    Chris LuPred 6 urami

    Check out skullface token next stream maybe?

  65. Presley Turner

    Presley TurnerPred 6 urami

    @blockchainboy is wise beyond his years!

  66. M M

    M MPred 6 urami

    "might want to take some profits if BTC hits 100k" hahahahaha. Classic. No shit. great suggestion

  67. Karl

    KarlPred 6 urami

    This was a great episode you guys!

  68. William Gustin

    William GustinPred 6 urami

    I appreciate the conversation (GenX guy here) - I am fully onboard with the 'crypto generation' and "traditional finance is dead"...I'm on your side. All I would throw into the mix as a 40-something y/o guy is to encourage the Gen Z/Mil to watch where those traditional finance people are going. Central Bank influences, FedCoin, etc. Please diversify. Crypto rocks, but spread your plan out as a portfolio into other new asset options (green carbon credits, nuclear, property, commodities, tax reduction ideas, etc.) Go macro and watch you financial backs! Best wishes to you all! Thanks guys!

  69. Patrick Workman

    Patrick WorkmanPred 6 urami

    Blockchainboy and Samwell Tarly the same person?🤔

  70. Michael Arabi

    Michael ArabiPred 6 urami

    Well said

  71. Sam Bird

    Sam BirdPred 6 urami

    I jusr buy in accumulation periods and hodl, I don't buy during bull runs and I don't trade, that's the safest way.

  72. Hamid Sezgin

    Hamid SezginPred 6 urami

    Also affordable for the average person .

  73. Ben Church

    Ben ChurchPred 6 urami

    I use the card everyday and I love it. When prices are high I top up the card. I also love the staking rewards. I hope the cro token increases in price because I got my bag of cro at over 20 cents.

  74. DinçerEray

    DinçerErayPred 6 urami

    I don’t think any other hacking website can compare to Xbitclone🪐net

  75. Sadettin Çayır

    Sadettin ÇayırPred 6 urami

    It’s far more reliable and they deliver more fast than any other one I have seen

  76. Darxai

    DarxaiPred 6 urami

    Is this another sponsored shit video?

  77. Matthew Beary

    Matthew BearyPred 6 urami

    With everyone having problem with their banks, I'd love to hear about the recommended workarounds! What have you done to protect your money and spend it the way you want?

  78. Rachel Gooden

    Rachel GoodenPred 6 urami

    As you said, you don’t lose till you sell.