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  1. Dustin Barlow

    Dustin BarlowPred 20 urami

    So its all true! Bob V runs things in Dallas! LOL Luka is outta there!

  2. William Gates III

    William Gates IIIPred 20 urami

    Luka getting coaches fired

  3. glarple

    glarplePred 20 urami

    Aka got fired lol

  4. domino2009ful

    domino2009fulPred 20 urami

    Blazers need to hire him ASAP

  5. Brian Huff

    Brian HuffPred 21 uro

    Sorry, don't know Sixers ball so much, but I thought Howard had been giving some quality minutes. Somebody that knows the team, why was he on the bench staring at this travesty?.. was it a health issue?.. or a coaching issue?.. just a sincere question...

  6. Savage South

    Savage SouthPred 21 uro

    This list is pure trash. Nothing legitimate about it. There is a reason I don’t know who this guy is

  7. Pro Sports Outlook

    Pro Sports OutlookPred 22 urami

    Congrats to Melo, either way him and Ant Edwards are solidified future All-NBA players

  8. Amit Das

    Amit DasPred 22 urami

    good win

  9. RickRoss TheBoss281

    RickRoss TheBoss281Pred 23 urami

    *5:45** Phil with great sportsmanship to Brooks controlling the noise 👍👍*

  10. Tommy Curtis

    Tommy CurtisPred 23 urami

    Floyd - he was fighting to survive. Clinching every chance he got and running away. Everyone else- Isn’t that what Floyd made a career on doing?

  11. Al Miller

    Al MillerPred 23 urami

    Wish we could have had Floyd fight Ali in his prime. 150 pounds of blood

  12. anthony do

    anthony doPred 23 urami

    A friend from my old high school flew out to see this. I can’t believe how bad he got played.

  13. kakissapoleiro

    kakissapoleiroPred dnevom

    so... this has highlights?

  14. Justyn Ashe

    Justyn AshePred dnevom

    Y’all not nfl network

  15. Nenungo Darius

    Nenungo DariusPred dnevom

    Main Werther'

  16. purjo y

    purjo yPred dnevom


  17. James Hill

    James HillPred dnevom

    0-2 😂😂😂😂

  18. Isabella Nieves

    Isabella NievesPred dnevom

    I love you Kobe Vanessa Nani Gigi bb and lil koko bean

  19. jd nettles

    jd nettlesPred dnevom

    So now he got the jab and says he should have got it sooner. Wake up you sheep. This was a propaganda move by the pga, msm, and the dirt bag that went along with it. This is exactly why I never watch any of this garbage. Wake TF up!!!!!!

  20. LJ

    LJPred dnevom

    Mayweather won all Logan Paul did was hug him like ._.

  21. thomas perry

    thomas perryPred dnevom

    Did you just see that dude looks like he's about to cry for fighting someone he idolized as a kid growing up 🤔

  22. Jake R

    Jake RPred dnevom

    This ain’t a C- now is it?

  23. Mike M

    Mike MPred dnevom

    Clemson is nowhere near bamas level in recruiting or prestige no matter what the media tries to push

  24. Keanne Wille

    Keanne WillePred dnevom

    Bruh Logan ain't even got a full resume ppl: let's add 20m social media followers to his resume Everyone else: Yeah cause that will definitely counts in a fight Sounds f*ckboy-ish

  25. riptorn

    riptornPred dnevom

    Is it me or is Logan Paul like 20 lbs bigger?

  26. BlackSuede

    BlackSuedePred dnevom

    Hack A Ben works better then Hack A Shaq did.

  27. Laura Márquez

    Laura MárquezPred dnevom

    Comments are normally ignored, but I wish that God save each of our families from all this pandemic that has us stalking..

  28. Ben Dana

    Ben DanaPred dnevom

    Pacquiao fights real boxer Mayweather fights youtuber

  29. Rex Flex

    Rex FlexPred dnevom

    Dam labum you own the nba or what

  30. Jason Kinnebrew

    Jason KinnebrewPred dnevom

    Really quality assessment by Reiter

  31. Charles Johnson

    Charles JohnsonPred dnevom


  32. Charles Johnson

    Charles JohnsonPred dnevom


  33. kev the realest

    kev the realestPred dnevom

    And people are saying this ring doesn't count. Smh theres injures left to right. Never seen before. But the bubble finals ring counts ??? Makes no sense. This season has to be the toughest one yet

  34. Friends Stream Sports

    Friends Stream SportsPred dnevom

    What a rally by the Hawks!

  35. JadenGC

    JadenGCPred dnevom

    The fact that this even exists is disappointing

  36. Rose Hauff

    Rose HauffPred dnevom

    Logan Paul swings like a toddler

  37. Duran E. Evans, Sr.

    Duran E. Evans, Sr.Pred dnevom

    Here's a thought🤔... Whelp, they can literally leave the Clippers 3 - 1 deficit from last year alone. Are they still trusting the process...🤨opinions?

  38. [based audio]

    [based audio]Pred dnevom

    Logan tried to overwhelm him my flailing around like a school girl.. smh.

  39. [based audio]

    [based audio]Pred dnevom

    "They don't look alike " ..k

  40. The Original Kilo X

    The Original Kilo XPred dnevom

    76ers are trash....25 pt head......started trading for some real players with heart!!!!!

  41. Arcade Gir

    Arcade GirPred dnevom

    Who won that fight man

  42. Shane W

    Shane WPred dnevom

    prisco is a hack.. certainly No Journalist

  43. Morella Továr

    Morella TovárPred dnevom


  44. Jamal Shelton

    Jamal SheltonPred dnevom

    They should of just slap boxed in the parking lot of the arena, people could place bets and lose less money.

  45. sactown steelers

    sactown steelersPred dnevom

    Believe me if i could make it stronger i would but making bells statement a big deal tells me the NFL is another wwe to me to Hell with Andy Reid and KC Chiefs. I dont care what they say about them and for people and the league to make it bigger must be sensitive females he said he wont play for Reid again. So what... Im a Steeler fan not a chief fan or a Reid fan Reid wasnt disrespected. Bell just wont play for him media blew this shit up. Damn you people have turned into a bunch of girls sensitive gossipers. Wow is Reid hurt his feelings damaged wow thats just like some people who read these comments about their team or players on their fav team people have to disrespect call you names behind a computer bcos they dont like your comment 80 percent you dont know these people but if you dont feel like they do they have dome bad comment towards you and you werent talking to them but your opinion if it doesnt match theirs they talk shit to you. I dont mind you not agreeing with me or not liking my opinion but first im not talking to you or about you so stop the name calling if u feel you wanna call people names bcos you dont like their comment well step up and call them names in their face not hiding behind some computer

  46. reborn new

    reborn newPred dnevom

    Floyd if he fought jake instead:

  47. DevvMag 52

    DevvMag 52Pred dnevom

    “Expert picks” ol Spicoli got outshone that day.

  48. T Davis

    T DavisPred dnevom

    Logan Paul go for Mike Tyson next🔥

  49. Zachery James

    Zachery JamesPred dnevom

    What’s that? No “roll tide” like they always like to say? Fair weather fans, the lot of em.

  50. ZeroX1290

    ZeroX1290Pred dnevom

    The majority of the hawks core is learning on the fly. Baptism by fire, I’m proud of my guys for showing resilience and growing up in front of my eyes. 🥲

  51. Zachery James

    Zachery JamesPred dnevom

    Cade York is a stud

  52. hen ko

    hen koPred dnevom

    I can see Kanye trying to set up a fight against someone.

  53. MarGang

    MarGangPred dnevom

    They doing boxing but not ufc 🤔

  54. Carl

    CarlPred dnevom

    these analysts are messed up, they spent like 5 minutes rephrasing their logan paul hate versus what they consider 'real' boxing. they insist he wont even be boxing again. like, are these guys secretly promoter geniuses hired by logan paul, or are they just that cringe?

  55. Beth Vega

    Beth VegaPred dnevom Brothers and Sisters, there are so many people leaving in fear, committing suicide and afraid of losing their jobs because of covid19 mask and vaccine requirements. "Modern Day Slavery" is now what this covid19 is about and WE THE PEOPLE must say, "Enough is Enough"...for the sake of the brighter future of our children.💞

  56. Thomas Owes

    Thomas OwesPred dnevom

    Simmons is the definition of a liability!

  57. Angeles Torres

    Angeles TorresPred dnevom

    Hilarious. Can't believe old money mayweather didn't knock him out. This can only mean one thing... 💩show part deuh.

  58. Pepito Tagor

    Pepito TagorPred dnevom

    I watch a circus, two clowns makes me laugh 😆😆😆

  59. Sharingan User

    Sharingan UserPred dnevom

    If for Logan's next fight even half the crowd shows up...I'll take this world as full of fools....

  60. Adan Sugal

    Adan SugalPred dnevom

    Doc rivers team collapse again

  61. Vincent Jackson

    Vincent JacksonPred dnevom

    The Atlanta Hawks in one word: tenacious

  62. Christopher Edwards

    Christopher EdwardsPred dnevom

    Go Hawks!!

  63. Don Rob

    Don RobPred dnevom

    SIMMONS doesn't put in the work in the off season 🙄

  64. Lech Podowski

    Lech PodowskiPred dnevom

    coach got to go

  65. jeff murray

    jeff murrayPred dnevom

    What ever happened to that Sixers "gentleman's sweep?"

  66. J M #2 Clippers Fan

    J M #2 Clippers FanPred dnevom

    Ya'll do know what TEAM means right?

  67. JLove Toys Review

    JLove Toys ReviewPred dnevom

    Just call him Goat 🏀‼️‼️

  68. Thomas Pedersen

    Thomas PedersenPred dnevom

    The saddest part of this video is the thousands of dislikes

  69. R J

    R JPred dnevom

    Can we consider the possibility it's Doc Rivers' coaching that failed the sixers?

  70. Garrick Respress

    Garrick RespressPred dnevom

    Doc Rivers being Doc Rivers. #TrueToAtlanta

  71. Garrick Respress

    Garrick RespressPred dnevom

    Why is there a narrative that Ben Simmons is the best defender in the NBA? The guy is getting completely roasted by Ice 🧊 Trae 🥶. He is so inferior in defending Trae Young down the stretch, Philadelphia has to regularly bring in Matisse Thybulle, who is an offe size liability.