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Car Tik Tok is Cringe
  1. Stephen Boroughs

    Stephen BoroughsPred 22 urami

    Please say your doing a video on the eb110? Customisation is crazy.

  2. Rayan ali

    Rayan aliPred 22 urami

    When she promptly pushes you to the bed and starts riding you: 0:27

  3. Hassan op

    Hassan opPred 22 urami

    bro please help me where is custom shop meray pas show ni hori customization shop cars kahan say modify krun k kahan say bnaun ?:??

  4. JustUrAverageCunt

    JustUrAverageCuntPred 23 urami

    Without a doubt, realistic speeds. Maybe slightly off, but I don't want any car going faster than 400kmh in a car game

  5. Jose Red

    Jose RedPred 23 urami

    Should Try Making A Video Without Your Face ... Can’t Watch The Video Like This

  6. Hugo Godfrey

    Hugo GodfreyPred 23 urami

    It’s actually funny how terrible that looks and that this guy thinks it looks really nice

  7. Ignacio Lupsor

    Ignacio LupsorPred 23 urami

    Anyone know with setup he put into the car? Performance talking, I saw the breaks but nothing else!

  8. Donavann Cramerr

    Donavann CramerrPred 23 urami

    as much as i LOVE bugatti, they sound like fucking shit in the crew 2 and i regret buying mine. the eb110 nice tho

  9. Fraaz Ali

    Fraaz AliPred 23 urami

    I want to know if you actually play with Xbox one controller? I also have most wanted black edition on PC and PS2 as well but don't know which I should start.... The video you made on this game which is so sexy as fuck as funI am deaf and I am thinking I should set up and follow your step. Can you also make sure subtitles for next video.

  10. Thomass Smiith

    Thomass SmiithPred 23 urami

    The dizzy beauty briefly trust because market maternally rinse throughout a unadvised curtain. dirty, superb tugboat

  11. Cosmin Instinct

    Cosmin InstinctPred dnevom

    I'm coming in few days online,

  12. Not Alvaroo

    Not AlvarooPred dnevom

    This mans taste is one sided 💀

  13. S. H.

    S. H.Pred dnevom

    Dude you build the ugliest cars i have seen in GTA, it's making me mad.

  14. Rowan Grattan

    Rowan GrattanPred dnevom

    This game looks like initial d

  15. Tyrell

    TyrellPred dnevom

    Theo u should customize the Annis hellion in gta crazy customizations

  16. Robert Norris

    Robert NorrisPred dnevom

    What are you doing Pants? 😱🤦🏻‍♂️😭🤮😂

  17. delu

    deluPred dnevom

    The futo has the best actual drift physics and u can actually counter steer and hold drifts

  18. Qwertyu02

    Qwertyu02Pred dnevom

    Does he even know initial D cu the reaction to the livery was.. pantsss

  19. Ethan Mitchelson

    Ethan MitchelsonPred dnevom

    Settings keep resetting… am I smelling Bogdans

  20. onemans videos

    onemans videosPred dnevom

    Wish they would do this for the older drift vehicles in the game

  21. Humam الكبيسي

    Humam الكبيسيPred dnevom

    Can i play it offline in xbox 360

  22. Clipzシ Montage’s

    Clipzシ Montage’sPred dnevom

    put the same mini wang on the hood

  23. B4 LEDIO

    B4 LEDIOPred dnevom

    Nah im tired this guys customisations are simply a joke

  24. ali rehman

    ali rehmanPred dnevom

    you said in a vrdio popy games and this is for mobile to lol

  25. AC4Langstar

    AC4LangstarPred dnevom

    You do realize that Matthew's been pranking you by cheating at drift events

  26. Dragonmaster 61

    Dragonmaster 61Pred dnevom

    Bunch of images of vehicle owners with trash taste...

  27. RayDarious Shannon

    RayDarious ShannonPred dnevom

    if you actually look cars in gta have a clutch pedal in them . not sure if you knew that

  28. MEIYO

    MEIYOPred dnevom

    Why you make cars so fucking shit and rice because of that my eyes hurt

  29. DreemChxsr Music

    DreemChxsr MusicPred dnevom

    I'm an idiot. I had no idiot the tire type mattered in gta... no wonder my drift car sucks lmao.

  30. PrettySweetManu

    PrettySweetManuPred dnevom

    u should record both gameplay and face cam at the same time. we can tell the gameplay is pre recorded. much love bro, love the content!

  31. Oddvar Elliot

    Oddvar ElliotPred dnevom

    Its a 350z i think

  32. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin SkywalkerPred dnevom

    Wanna see the ricer? You are at good place bro.

  33. Thexorex

    ThexorexPred dnevom

    Blackpanthea: Finished customising the Porsche 911 911: Kill me pls


    FBI AGENTPred dnevom

    The gtr and the r34 are both garbage cars in this game... If you want A decent jdm car go with A built rx7 or A s15

  35. Jason King

    Jason KingPred dnevom

    That's not a supra it's a BMW haha

  36. Maciek Kuchta

    Maciek KuchtaPred dnevom

    Nice Clean Build.

  37. Instagram kubeloo

    Instagram kubelooPred dnevom

    idk why but i hate MATTYc

  38. Johnson Carl

    Johnson CarlPred dnevom

    man get youself some haircut it's embassing to be seen w you

  39. Jakob Emil

    Jakob EmilPred dnevom

    Why you keep ruining these cars?

  40. Robotox 303

    Robotox 303Pred dnevom

    It has 6 exaugtd why

  41. Abhinandan Gunasekaran

    Abhinandan GunasekaranPred dnevom

    Two words "sore loossssseeerrrrr"🖕

  42. Yong Han Song

    Yong Han SongPred dnevom

    9:09 lucky +100 and that's insane

  43. Mr_ Web00

    Mr_ Web00Pred dnevom

    Porch fist her sorry guys 😮‍💨

  44. Shane Walsh

    Shane WalshPred dnevom

    You ruined it. You absolutely ruined it.

  45. Alex.

    Alex.Pred dnevom

    Zici ca esti copilul lui Nicușor7 gameing :)))

  46. Jordan Lewin

    Jordan LewinPred dnevom

    I don't like the customization he done to the new tuner car

  47. Logan Chisom

    Logan ChisomPred dnevom

    That sick no cap

  48. R6 Exotics

    R6 ExoticsPred dnevom

    BIG WANG !!!

  49. EPICDUDE365

    EPICDUDE365Pred dnevom

    I'll be honest, I'm a little disappointed by this car, but hey, at least we're getting a Cayman S later in this update too, so there's that.

  50. David FXP

    David FXPPred dnevom

    I my mind I can’t figure out how this guy is on icon 1366, just how like how

  51. Roger The gummy bear 210

    Roger The gummy bear 210Pred dnevom

    Side exhaust 🤮

  52. Marc Zephyr

    Marc ZephyrPred dnevom

    Pfister? But I just met her…

  53. Mikey Finny

    Mikey FinnyPred dnevom


  54. Kyle Cope

    Kyle CopePred dnevom

    Pop up up and down spoiler Also the amount of people that come here to complain and cry about his choices are hilarious...



    i will go for the SPEED

  56. Nero The Creator

    Nero The CreatorPred dnevom

    Just posted a video of me absolutely destroying a racist griefer on my channel‼️☺️

  57. Kyle Cope

    Kyle CopePred dnevom

    To my knowledge, Sunny's aren't very expensive and the conversion isn't too bad but I think the engines on those were pretty lackluster cause it wasn't meant to be fast at all

  58. jhoneil dianasas

    jhoneil dianasasPred dnevom

    Do the mustang plsss

  59. Time•_•to_story

    Time•_•to_storyPred dnevom

    Ur customization is garbage, just quit

  60. Dillan Mccants

    Dillan MccantsPred dnevom

    This game makes wheelman look like a masterpiece

  61. Captain A-Chord

    Captain A-ChordPred dnevom

    Blue is cool

  62. Arjay Romero

    Arjay RomeroPred dnevom

    Frank Mercer kinda looks like Rick Astley and John Cena

  63. GG demigodangx1 _

    GG demigodangx1 _Pred dnevom

    What engine did you put and why did you put the flatline v.6 instead of the last one ?

  64. Arthur Morgains

    Arthur MorgainsPred dnevom

    Mate, what's your crew name? I've been looking for a good while now but havent found anything. Really wanted to join

  65. idk any name lol

    idk any name lolPred dnevom

    when u gonna make a vid of the new mustang

  66. Stubbzy

    StubbzyPred dnevom

    As soon as I seen u could put exposed twin turbos on it... I have never bought a shark card so fast

  67. iNfinus YT 2.0

    iNfinus YT 2.0Pred dnevom

    I Wish All Karens Die In Chaos!

  68. corysagaming

    corysagamingPred dnevom

    Props to the guy with the bomb who attempted to blow that monstrosity up.

  69. iNfinus YT 2.0

    iNfinus YT 2.0Pred dnevom

    Theo I Command You To Post A Vid Literally RN

  70. Proxton Bay

    Proxton BayPred dnevom

    29;17 that green lambo just went flying

  71. franklin parker

    franklin parkerPred dnevom

    Dude you should bring one to the us and do a rally

  72. IM A CAMEL 298

    IM A CAMEL 298Pred dnevom

    i love your vids but you rice the cars

  73. SSyder

    SSyderPred dnevom

    he butcherd that car

  74. Caffeine Yeen

    Caffeine YeenPred dnevom

    "Time to look at everyone else's cars!!!" No one is there because this update didn't add anything worth getting.

  75. 忌まわしきジンテイ

    忌まわしきジンテイPred dnevom

    Ah yes my favorite: "That's a life lesson. Thank you Darius, you tw*t." When he said that, i've feel his rage on my skin already, because i know some who struggled on Darius literally gonna throw all their anger at the end. Also why the hell are you using an exotic against Darius? I made a little thing here: Tuner wins against Muscle Muscle wins against Exotic Tell me if i'm wrong lol

  76. Fairy

    FairyPred dnevom

    Some people here need to learn how to have a bit of fun. My taste in car builds is nothing like Theo's, but I still find his builds fun to watch just because of how crazy they are compared to mine. If it bothers anyone that not everyone agrees with them, the problem lies with them.

  77. Caleb Jones

    Caleb JonesPred dnevom

    “We close to lvl 26 already” Me who is rp lvl 98 👀🤧

  78. Raul Arredondo jr

    Raul Arredondo jrPred dnevom

    Just pay attention to all his videos he just clicks on the most expensive all the time