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  1. Zak AMGHAR

    Zak AMGHARPred uro

    Kelly was a mess glad she is out and Braunwyn was shady!

  2. S.o.s. Crawford

    S.o.s. CrawfordPred uro

    John McCain voted against MLK day, against Affirmative Action, and every other bill the would uplift African Americans. So I have never had respect for him. Whoopi is the not spoke person for the culture and never will be because she stood with those who did not have our best intrest at heart. Now she has to live with "white girl privilege syndrom". oh well. I don't watch the show when Meghan is there.

  3. Ethans Husband

    Ethans HusbandPred uro

    It's good to see Braunwyn sober and in charge of HER life. Bravo 👏👏👏

  4. kawaii watashi

    kawaii watashiPred uro

    i hope ana represents what is truly republicans stands for

  5. Kimberly D

    Kimberly DPred uro

    Megan is FAAAAAAKE. She's a spoiled brat and has earned no respect because she gives no respect to anyone else. Also Megan does NOT represent half of the country. I'd like to believe that not all republican white women are that foolish and rude. Megan doesn't speak for anyone but herself.

  6. Jenni Hutchins

    Jenni HutchinsPred uro

    we love president DONALD TRUMP!

  7. Lets BeFair

    Lets BeFairPred uro

    So then what the hell did you have in common with him to begin with lol?? Seriously Cmon ? Lol NOTHING!!! IT WAS ALL FAME AND MONEY AND KNOWING IF I HAVE KIDS WITH HIM OR Whatever I'll be set on top of what I already have. I get I'd do the same if I was rich and famous.

  8. Jason Madruga

    Jason MadrugaPred uro

    Meghan holds her own again a room of intellectually dishonest lefty/commies again.

  9. Barbra Osoba

    Barbra OsobaPred uro

    She's drunk.......🤮🤮

  10. Emily An

    Emily AnPred uro

    I just wanna see Paul vs Tyson 😂so Mike can send him out of he's carrier

  11. The Salty Onion

    The Salty OnionPred uro

    Just another reason to prove why Ryan Reynolds is one of the best

  12. ꧁ ꧂

    ꧁ ꧂Pred uro

    After what Jennette said I really don’t feel I miss her in this, this revival feels just right as it is, specially with how they explained Sam’s absence “It’s Sam I hope they’re okay” 😂

  13. Pharotman 23

    Pharotman 23Pred uro

    If her pronouns are they shouldn’t they refer to themselves as we?? She better cancel herself.

  14. raphael tmnn

    raphael tmnnPred uro

    I have the theory that these spin offs are only here to have the franchise relevant until the main book series is finished and HBO can make the ultimate Remake with the 13 Seasons George R R Martin wished for

  15. woo we

    woo wePred uro

    SEVENTEEN,s new song Ready TO LOVE MV is out its really really great song and the mv is stunning enjoy watching ! here the link slthrow.info/solution/3aTZh7OYnbbSusw/video.html

  16. Judy Williams

    Judy WilliamsPred uro

    Are you kidding, he can't take care of the ones he's got.

  17. ID C

    ID CPred uro

    She is way more prettier now. Proves facials do help

  18. Efia Ahimah

    Efia AhimahPred uro

    I can't imagine her son starting school. How will his teacher's call him??

  19. Aubree Verkin

    Aubree VerkinPred uro

    Weres Christy

  20. Siiri Nieminen

    Siiri NieminenPred uro


  21. CommonSense Independent

    CommonSense IndependentPred uro

    I am confused why Whoopi apologized. Very confused!

  22. 35

    35Pred uro


  23. 35

    35Pred uro


  24. Rene Guerrero

    Rene GuerreroPred uro

    It felt like i just saw the hole movie! From beginning to what happens at the end.

  25. love joy

    love joyPred uro

    their voices <33

  26. Jimmy Fallon

    Jimmy FallonPred uro

    Imagine her taking a dump at your crib

  27. Alyss Kennedy

    Alyss KennedyPred uro

    Fan favorite? 🤔 I don’t like Heather. She’s pretentious and annoying.

  28. Gorg'an TheTinyDemond

    Gorg'an TheTinyDemondPred uro

    Whatever we are getting Heather back so who cares. 🤷‍♀️

  29. Take it easy

    Take it easyPred uro

    Guess what!! Bradley Cooper also isn't a chef

  30. love joy

    love joyPred uro


  31. Roxanne Febuary

    Roxanne FebuaryPred uro

    My 3 year old grandaughter heard the music and asked are you watching Friends? Lol

  32. Rose Renee

    Rose ReneePred uro

    I absolutely love how they addressed Jenette’s decision and that they said “she’s always family”. That’s so heartwarming! I’m honestly excited to see how this show evolves.

  33. Casey H

    Casey HPred uro

    Spanking makes it sound harmless, what kind of freak takes a belt to a kid in this day and age??

  34. Gacha Luve

    Gacha LuvePred uro

    honestly i think Ariana just lost her mind for a minute

  35. blv

    blvPred uro

    *chill yall* Those little words above are to-search on youtube

  36. The Cabana Cove

    The Cabana CovePred uro

    My wife wants to check to see if it real or fake



    Paul "Me hugs are dangerous be very afraid"

  38. ALLY S

    ALLY SPred uro

    I don’t always agree with everything the women on the view talk about, but I’m with Whoopi on this one. Meghan is an entitled, bratty wahmen with little to no respect for anyone or anything. John McCain was a good man and a good veteran, but he didn’t raise a good person in Meghan.

  39. Not Suitable

    Not SuitablePred uro

    Umm..Kourtney and Scott made the show interesting..wtf is Klown talking about? Maybe not everyone want to be the "IT" girl

  40. WD Harris

    WD HarrisPred uro

    They need to get rid of that whole franchise and start over with a new city. They all seem to be extra nuts out there.

  41. Neena K Thampy Art

    Neena K Thampy ArtPred uro

    A W K W A R D

  42. Teri Shumaker

    Teri ShumakerPred uro

    Awe! Willow and Paris are all grown up. They are so beautiful and smart!

  43. Mythics1

    Mythics1Pred uro

    Why does Paul look like he is such an amateur? Like he has only been boxing for a month.

  44. Alicia Brown

    Alicia BrownPred uro

    Kelly is insane with her post because most of what she said could be applied to herself.

  45. José David

    José DavidPred uro

    No es lo mismo sin Sam Pocket

  46. lapopdiva

    lapopdivaPred uro

    I love Jennifer Lopez, she's a good sport

  47. maryam

    maryamPred uro

    Arod never stood a chance. Jlo has always been in love with Ben even when she was married to Marc. So what makes him think she would come back to him. Lol. She was still in love with Ben when she was with this douche bag. Bye bye moron 🤣

  48. Pang Kue

    Pang KuePred uro

    I knew she was too "perfect". She has always came off as comdescending

  49. Ryan SLADEEE

    Ryan SLADEEEPred uro

    I’m glad they’re both off 🤷🏼‍♂️ Kelly started to get too full of herself. Braunwyn though clearly sensationalized everything and honestly some of it did seem brought on. It all seemed like storyline bait.

  50. Alicia Brown

    Alicia BrownPred uro

    Oh,lord SMH I glad she is sober though that good at least.

  51. Reinhold Neininger

    Reinhold NeiningerPred uro

    Whatever relation these people have will never work. Their ego is beyond relations.

  52. Worldwide fans

    Worldwide fansPred uro

    Joe killed it as sub zero

  53. december

    decemberPred uro

    kourtney looks pissed💀 and you can tell kylie can feel kourtneys tension

  54. Adorkable_ Being

    Adorkable_ BeingPred uro

    Christ just leave them alone

  55. Sier Behashti

    Sier BehashtiPred uro

    Meghan thinks he's representing 50% of the country? She's clearly not good at math. I'd say maybe 30% max

  56. M y s t i

    M y s t iPred uro

    Her family is so strong 💪🏽 God bless them


    YIYI AMORZPred uro

    Sometimes you have to live and learn and then return...🤗🤩⚘😍I love them together ❣ Her with arod was a huge mistake domis are known to be very unfaithful and shes way too good for him. that's right!!!💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  58. michael holtzman

    michael holtzmanPred uro

    I stopped watching the show because of the Princess!! I get so irritated with her childish rants.

  59. Extra Failure

    Extra FailurePred uro

    3 years now..

  60. Douglas Buck

    Douglas BuckPred uro

    Now Rosie plays as "Shamu" the killer wail .................

  61. Kamila M.

    Kamila M.Pred uro

    Arod ain't over her and it shows. You made your bed sir now lay in it.

  62. leviny

    levinyPred uro

    Why is she getting press? She is OFF the show. Not ON! Go away Braunwyn! We can’t stand you. 😂😂😂

  63. AC Barker

    AC BarkerPred uro

    Boo fkn hoo

  64. Rachel R

    Rachel RPred uro

    Awwww I'm glad our Tamar is doing better!

  65. Dan Hunt

    Dan HuntPred uro

    The guys don't age but the girls....😬😬😬

  66. serpico Phone

    serpico PhonePred uro

    Fake fake fake people!!

  67. Cindy Johnson

    Cindy JohnsonPred uro

    Glad she's fired.. sorry

  68. Mot Shasek

    Mot ShasekPred uro

    But we apologized for our ancestors behavior so does that mean we can move on?

  69. B VdB

    B VdBPred uro

    Search Tom McDonald - Snowflakes, it's a masterpiece.

  70. Jeri Ackerman

    Jeri AckermanPred uro

    Good for you Megan

  71. lee lee 69

    lee lee 69Pred uro

    I don't even watch The View anymore that Megan just turns me off

  72. Eliza Kativa

    Eliza KativaPred uro


  73. Melina KKraus

    Melina KKrausPred uro

    Whoopi was 100% right. Donald never apologized to the press. He always called them "The enemy". President Biden not only apologized, he treats the press with respect.

  74. Gilmour11

    Gilmour11Pred uro

    Dashing couple?? You can’t be serious. Kylie yeah. Stormi still on track. Full stop.

  75. Mary Brien

    Mary BrienPred uro

    kaw vun.fyi

  76. Raghav Sharma

    Raghav SharmaPred uro

    God save the Queen

  77. Lamis Jones

    Lamis JonesPred uro

    Chris and Scarlett are best friends he wouldn’t say that and actually be serious about it

  78. Deron Reed

    Deron ReedPred uro

    well part of her problem she needs to know where she really came from. beautiful gurl tho whomever her real parents are. she looks like a better version of a younger Madonna .