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  1. Knneth Sanders

    Knneth SandersPred 6 urami

    Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Will Prevail Against the Chinese Communist Regime Video greeting from MP Michael Cooper of Alberta MP Michael Cooper said in his video, “We know of the serious human rights abuses that are being perpetrated against peaceful Falun Dafa practitioners every day by the Chinese communist regime, including arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings, torture, and mass forced organ harvesting. “I, as a Member of Parliament, have consistently spoken out against these gross human rights violations and have called on the Government of Canada to take appropriate measures including the imposition of Magnitsky sanctions on those responsible for these egregious human rights violations. There is a lot of work to do, and I can assure you I will continue to speak out in support of Falun Dafa practitioners who are being persecuted,” said MP Cooper.

  2. Basunka

    BasunkaPred 8 urami

    Steph run into Jamahl Mosley actually funny

  3. killakev

    killakevPred 14 urami

    Knicks fan here definitely a porzingis hater but I have to admit he's looking very fluid out there and playoff ready.

  4. Tae Pro

    Tae ProPred 19 urami

    It's crazy how I'm younger than Luka but still remember the 2011 playoffs but he's out here cooking NBA players lmao

  5. Kenneth Bryan Tamayosa

    Kenneth Bryan TamayosaPred 20 urami

    JB! Congrats on the win and now on to the Playoffs! Let's Finish Strong! Immaculate And Positive Vibes! Go Mavs!💪💪💪

  6. S P

    S PPred 20 urami

    Why those reporters ask so trivial dumm questions...why dont they ask him what does he think about taking that stupid timeout that luka did not agree with...what about will they tank against minesota to avoid clippers...there is load of questions that can make this much more interesting than just being nice and political to a person that earns millions and thinks nobody must touch his highness

  7. savemelofi

    savemelofiPred 22 urami

    Mavs vs Clippers rematch going to be a good one with a healthy KP.

  8. Rock girl

    Rock girlPred 22 urami

    The two dislikes are KD and Kyrie

  9. Steve Ivy

    Steve IvyPred 22 urami

    Why didn’t he wear the flashy one?

  10. Jrmjuve10

    Jrmjuve10Pred 23 urami

    Just hope he doesn't step on some legos at home and has to be out for another month.

  11. victor valencia

    victor valenciaPred dnevom

    i know what youre doing and i want it to stop ....mr. luka and his friends should leave our country

  12. victor valencia

    victor valenciaPred dnevom

    i know what youre trying to do ....leave our country ...

  13. ivan2006 monocay11

    ivan2006 monocay11Pred dnevom

    Im so happy for KP! Seeing his smile after everything he'd been thru this season. Go, KP!

  14. Jake C

    Jake CPred dnevom

    Why do they always look so sad in the thumbnails when we win? Lol

  15. Cyyckk

    CyyckkPred dnevom

    Glad to see the Achilles injury won’t ruin a career like Powell’s

  16. Lara García

    Lara GarcíaPred dnevom

    God I love him

  17. A.C.A

    A.C.APred dnevom

    Let's go Mavericks!!!


    KLEFUS MCDONALDPred dnevom

    Luka in English, Slovenian, and Spanish: Ya boy is tired, grateful for the 2 days off, much deserved. Let the man sleep!

  19. Ryan Hobson

    Ryan HobsonPred dnevom

    Carlisle looks a character Jim Carry should play

  20. BTC 1

    BTC 1Pred dnevom


  21. jB_Xx

    jB_XxPred dnevom

    I don't like this end-of-season luka, he has lost his medium and long distance shot, I am very concerned about his game

  22. Nahuel

    NahuelPred dnevom

    He's just so sour with the interviewers xD

  23. Kenneth Bryan Tamayosa

    Kenneth Bryan TamayosaPred dnevom


  24. TomazR

    TomazRPred dnevom

    Can I do some interview questions suggestion? - Would you change your number to 7 if that would be possible? Or you get attached to the 77? - What is the % of FT you hit on training? - Are you in touch with any player from the oppositions team that you never played with? - If you could only choose one, which specific part of the game would you like to improve until the next year? - Do you ever watch any of your past game and if yes, which one? - Do you ever read youtube or social media comments about you? Media, you can freely take it.

  25. DocRaunchy

    DocRaunchyPred dnevom

    Love his attitude. Expecting big things from him in the playoffs. The No Dunks guys asked about a player who will go off in the playoffs. JB was my pick. Go Jalen.

  26. sport10 sport10

    sport10 sport10Pred dnevom


  27. Jay Stone

    Jay StonePred dnevom

    Beast 💪

  28. Kenneth Bryan Tamayosa

    Kenneth Bryan TamayosaPred dnevom

    MAVSALLIN! Congratulations Luka With Oir Mavs And On To The Playoffs! Let's Finish Strong! Immaculate And Positive Vibes! Go Mavs!💪💪💪

  29. Bla Bla

    Bla BlaPred dnevom

    To Win it ALL The Mavs are gonna have to play BEYOND their capabilities !!! SWEEP EVERY SERIES !!!! 😎👍

  30. Zagradišek

    ZagradišekPred dnevom

    KP + Luka + THJ if he can put up numbers like he did in a past few games consistently, we are good

  31. YUH_SIR2099

    YUH_SIR2099Pred dnevom

    Dudes a tank. Heart dropped when he went down and out. Glad he’s ok. Love you JB!

  32. YUH_SIR2099

    YUH_SIR2099Pred dnevom

    Was able to go to the game tonight. My first game since 2014 and it was amazing to be back in the AAC. Energy was great all night. Can’t wait for the playoffs! Keep it up guys.

  33. isko lastiko inat

    isko lastiko inatPred dnevom

    if kp is healthy on firstg round...good luck to the opponent

  34. adingdingdiiing

    adingdingdiiingPred dnevom

    Like I said before, as much as a lot of Mavs fan hate on the fact that KP's is hurt a lot, the Mavs aren't making a deep playoff run without him. KP, not Luka, will make or break the Mavs in the playoffs.

  35. Alberto Dungca

    Alberto DungcaPred dnevom

    That landing though as always makes my breathing stops for a moment. 😁

  36. Andy Gossard

    Andy GossardPred dnevom

    I wish these Dallas media types would ask Luka Cowboys questions, his thoughts on Coach Landry

  37. Blake B

    Blake BPred dnevom

    Luka said “LISTEN!!” To that one guy😂

  38. Cpt Miro

    Cpt MiroPred dnevom

    So he casually speaks 3 different languages.

  39. Chenelar Kemberlu

    Chenelar KemberluPred dnevom

    luka can wear the curtains and still look damn fine...

  40. V C

    V CPred dnevom

    I love coach Rick

  41. Luka"You Know" Dončić

    Luka"You Know" DončićPred dnevom

    I have a good outfit you know

  42. Alejandro Lara

    Alejandro LaraPred dnevom

    Good job mavs. Now let's get ready for the next game and then get welled rest and trained, and get ready for the playoffs

  43. MaitreMoebius81

    MaitreMoebius81Pred dnevom

    Why you're hassling this guy with questions? He obviously doesn't care and has no knack for it. And if he's obliged to, why not coach him a bit.

  44. Michael Lambo

    Michael LamboPred dnevom

    What did the reporter ask in spanish?

  45. Eric Zavaleta

    Eric ZavaletaPred dnevom

    We need to extend his contract, love this guy

  46. BabaYaga

    BabaYagaPred dnevom


  47. AkAj Poo

    AkAj PooPred dnevom

    1:30 - haha luka must be hating that guy ...

  48. V C

    V CPred dnevom

    Luka deserves the MVP

  49. Fabian69

    Fabian69Pred dnevom

    Damn mavs won alot of games lately

  50. Martial Akre

    Martial AkrePred dnevom

    Go Mavs 💯✅ 🏀👏

  51. Jermie

    JermiePred dnevom


  52. mwyatt222

    mwyatt222Pred dnevom

    Mavericks had a bad off night and still won against a bunch of hungry spares. Nice win to clinch the 6th. Bring on the Clippers and rondo.

  53. V C

    V CPred dnevom

    KP is back!

  54. 黃曉冰

    黃曉冰Pred dnevom

    Brunson is MVP of this game.I hope he is well .

  55. Luka Wonderboy

    Luka WonderboyPred dnevom

    We are unbeatable when unicorn plays

  56. Sagar Varma

    Sagar VarmaPred dnevom

    Let's goooo KP!🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  57. Myke L

    Myke LPred dnevom

    We'll take this win. 1 more for 5th seed. #gomavs

  58. Preston Schnitker

    Preston SchnitkerPred dnevom

    Does anyone know how to get the jersey ad off of jerseys?

  59. Yurd Me

    Yurd MePred dnevom


  60. George Jungle

    George JunglePred dnevom

    I want to have romantic relations with the girl in the intro

  61. 选择一个Jingshxn

    选择一个JingshxnPred dnevom

    Great game from Kp and Brunson And J rich with the late game save 🗣👏🏽💙

  62. Cole 8ero

    Cole 8eroPred dnevom


  63. Blackstargames

    BlackstargamesPred dnevom

    Stay strong Luka your the best NBA player ever 😎😍

  64. Åñgëłōšø_of_ll !!!

    Åñgëłōšø_of_ll !!!Pred dnevom

    Let’s go in always first

  65. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytPred dnevom

    Luka doig Luka things. KD and Kirie watching

  66. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiPred dnevom

    Division Champs 2021

  67. Sssaga Benches

    Sssaga BenchesPred 2 dnevi

    Oops to 4 different players.

  68. Slobodan Vesovic

    Slobodan VesovicPred 2 dnevi

    Hardavay and KP needs to find the connection with Luka,because they are great players and if they made the bond,then Dallas can be Lethal weapon in play-off!!!!

  69. BKC

    BKCPred 2 dnevi

    His Spanish is basically native. Muy impresionante

  70. andrew yarno

    andrew yarnoPred 2 dnevi

    BABY 🐐

  71. clint jkjk

    clint jkjkPred 2 dnevi

    Alley opp! Luka to Zion.

  72. D B

    D BPred 2 dnevi

    My Slovenian "brother" bounced back...👏 LUKA MAGIC💛✨

  73. Miguel SA

    Miguel SAPred 2 dnevi


  74. Miguel SA

    Miguel SAPred 2 dnevi


  75. Chuck Hauser

    Chuck HauserPred 2 dnevi

    KP looking good, so great to see 🦄👍

  76. Charlie Inopiquez

    Charlie InopiquezPred 2 dnevi

    30 + points!! Mini sky hook in the offensive arsenal.. And weight .. Greatness is close. Play smart avoid injuries

  77. Charlie Inopiquez

    Charlie InopiquezPred 2 dnevi

    KP needs WEIGHT and MINI HOOK shot.. To avoid landing on opponents foot while shooting face off.. Gain weight mix the offensive moves..

  78. King Shango Sound

    King Shango SoundPred 2 dnevi

    Entire freakin roster played tonight

  79. Milosz .Wojtowicz

    Milosz .WojtowiczPred 3 dnevi

    As i keep saying, it's all in the beard!