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  1. 415 Rocket

    415 RocketPred uro

    The mavs need to trade for Victor O. And P.J because the lack in those positions, they lack 3 & D players, and they need another player like Victor who can create his offense when Luka is off the floor . If they're going to have Luka run point, they need more star power to take the attention off him and try to keep KAP even though his health is questionable. We still need Kap because he can stretch the floor and allow Luka or Victor to go 1v1 against defenders. We also need to be able to disguise Luka in our defense because he's a liability but with him at point and bigger bodies on the floor. It'll be hard for offense to spot him out without calling a specific play. Pg - Luka SG - Victor SF - Josh PF - P.J C - KAP Bench - Jalen B. Kieber D.F.S Or bench is solid, it really don't matter just these 3 can rotate better with the starters.

  2. kyle Aplin

    kyle AplinPred 2 urami

    Their offense is 30 points better with on the court but the defense is 20 points worse. We need him on both ends. I love kp and hope he plays to his best

  3. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiuePred 4 urami

    Its funny, Luka trying not to be selfish is actualy hurting the team. Sometimes he needs to be selfish like on the end of this game.

  4. Tim Lavado

    Tim LavadoPred 7 urami

    MFFLs still believe in you KP!!!

  5. Janis Berzinskis

    Janis BerzinskisPred 12 urami

    Some resemblance to drose story

  6. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas DoyiPred 12 urami

    This idol is a Hybrid of Small Forward and Point Guard.. 👌🍺👌🍺👌

  7. Luka Muren

    Luka MurenPred 12 urami

    Teenage beardy rofl

  8. DJ A.K GOLD

    DJ A.K GOLDPred 13 urami

    .. Mavs fan's are amazing , in supporting him . not like the Knicks

  9. heußler a.k.a

    heußler a.k.aPred 13 urami

    Ben Simmons clamped you

  10. Submarine Films

    Submarine FilmsPred 14 urami

    Reminds me so much of Ralph Sampson 7'4'' center with superstar potential but his knee and back problems ended his carreer early

  11. Ruslans Gelbis

    Ruslans GelbisPred 14 urami

    Porzingis has missed 32 of 106 games over two regular seasons with the Mavericks. Actually not bad.

  12. Koushil Verma

    Koushil VermaPred 14 urami


  13. Eshwar s

    Eshwar sPred 16 urami

    I hope they don't trade him without giving him another chance.. Man's been through a lot

  14. tankshot 325

    tankshot 325Pred 16 urami

    Prove them wrong and dominate KP! We trust in you

  15. Isabelle Mendoza

    Isabelle MendozaPred 16 urami


  16. Bob Bob

    Bob BobPred 17 urami

    Get Luka help

  17. Miks K

    Miks KPred 17 urami

    If i be a kp i will ask for trade

  18. Danos Feros

    Danos FerosPred 18 urami

    I think taking Boban out was a good idea. Yes, it looked better with Maxi at C, but Boban should've come back in with the bench, to neutralize Howard. Haven't we learned how to play him yet? Boban is the only one that can mute Howard. Also, I wanted to see a double high with Boban and Maxi. Luka or Brunson would've thrived there, imo. Carlisle was out coached, but it's only one game and Mavs were under manned without KP. Next up Nets. #GoMavs

  19. Eric Zavaleta

    Eric ZavaletaPred 19 urami

    I'm rooting for you KP

  20. sam tran

    sam tranPred 19 urami

    The injuries keep just him from becoming a big star. Like him since he was playing for NY.

  21. Raul Alvarez

    Raul AlvarezPred 19 urami

    I love you KP, I really do. Been a fan of yours since they boo’d you on your draft night. But it’s been frustrating watching you in street clothes. I would hate to trade you but I need you playing!

  22. Yuan Lemuel Montejo

    Yuan Lemuel MontejoPred 19 urami

    i think they should mostly talk both luka and him.they have to practice everday both of them alone to get the wonderful chemistry.

  23. Carlo Francisco M. Sacramento

    Carlo Francisco M. SacramentoPred 19 urami

    Get back strong KP!!! The team needs you...

  24. Ana RC

    Ana RCPred 19 urami

    Glad to hear you're getting better KP 🦄🦄🦄 can't wait to see you back and healthy 💪💪

  25. Ryan Yu

    Ryan YuPred 19 urami

    Godbless KP , Hope no injuries will come, LET'S GO MAVS 💪

  26. sannio komi

    sannio komiPred 20 urami

    This idol is a Hybrid of Small Forward and Point Guard.. 👌🍺👌🍺👌

  27. Edgars Liepa

    Edgars LiepaPred 20 urami

    pienakushi laiki, kad ne gribu neredzet ne dzirdet KP,,WT....BLJE SKUMJI

  28. Jon petter

    Jon petterPred 20 urami

    It will be tough for Dallas to earn Playoff berth this year. The covid19 suspension really hurt them. The west is more difficult this year than last year with teams like Spurs GSW that looks much more stronger than last year. Mavs have pretty tough schedule ahead......

  29. 1anzetko

    1anzetkoPred 20 urami

    I, I, I, and, and, and, but, hm, and, um, I, um, and, and, and

  30. DFEC Sports

    DFEC SportsPred 20 urami

    Mavs should not trade KP away. I really believe that he is the robin for doncic batman!

  31. That girl KK Gaming

    That girl KK GamingPred 21 uro

    The 4th person was my mom lol

  32. MFFL_77

    MFFL_77Pred 21 uro

    All we need from him is to be slightly better on defense, and we need to add a rebounding center

  33. H Dot

    H DotPred 21 uro

    DFS cant shoot anymore. Damn. Only thj and brunsons are helping luka right now

  34. Vic C

    Vic CPred 21 uro

    KP is going to get healthy just watch. Dallas would be crazy to trade him. We will riot if that happens. #INKPWETRUST

  35. Mustafa

    MustafaPred 21 uro

    KP is such a classy guy. He really doesn't deserve all the hate. It's not like he wants to get injured. If any of you played high level sports, these injuries are like a gut punches. Hope for the best for KP.

  36. Ziemeļu Vilks

    Ziemeļu VilksPred 22 urami

    "0" confidence, verry sad

  37. Ni Ño

    Ni ÑoPred 22 urami

    KP will be back

  38. Mona Ali

    Mona AliPred 22 urami


  39. Redhotchilly 5

    Redhotchilly 5Pred 22 urami

    Poor KP man, he’s had to deal with injuries his whole life and he’s one of the most hated players in the league for no reason. Trust in KP

  40. clau esquivel

    clau esquivelPred 23 urami

    Love u KP, I hope that u can stay healthy and play in the level that we know u can play

  41. Adam

    AdamPred 23 urami

    I think he’s not happy in Dallas... also because of his stepbacks.

  42. tolstoyed

    tolstoyedPred 23 urami

    it definitely sounds like there's some truth to those rumors. can't say i'm mad about it. last season i was super high on kp, but the way things have been going this season, the mavs have to do something about it

  43. Imants Grabovskis

    Imants GrabovskisPred 23 urami

    I like KP and his position on the things that happen arround him, but i must admit, that at this moment he has to play harder as ever before to make the people, who doubt his game, find a a way on beliewing in him again.

  44. websalsero

    websalseroPred 23 urami

    Wow, I didn’t think someone would actually ask a question about the trade rumors. I think he handled it well. I hope he bounces back. He mentioned two times defense. He knows exactly where the problem is.

  45. Ethan Hughes

    Ethan HughesPred 23 urami

    KP is a scrub, weakest center in the league, trade this guy. Luka is not going to win with a 7'3 shooting guard.

  46. Виктор Вик

    Виктор ВикPred 23 urami

    Harden ×Irving vs Luka× KP 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Eshaan Chandi

    Eshaan ChandiPred 23 urami

    he unfollowed the mass on Instagram 😳

  48. Dhaka Dhaka

    Dhaka DhakaPred 23 urami

    The sooner the Mavs realize this dude is NOT reliable, whether on the court OR health wise, the better. Luka deserves a solid Center. One that rebounds, hustles, defends and is durable. Not an 7’3 shooting guard made of glass.

  49. DPadio

    DPadioPred 23 urami

    Trust in KP!

  50. tasos moulios

    tasos mouliosPred dnevom

    I am happy they asked about the rumours, i am sad by the way he replied. He feels the team lets him down, while nothing is confirmed and also teams are always open to evaluate trade value. Not to actually make a trade.

  51. Blair Robert

    Blair RobertPred dnevom

    This was all a ruse. They've secretly had him on a mini pre season conditioning program. We see the return of the real KP against the Nets the morn. Or something like that.

  52. Chuck Hauser

    Chuck HauserPred dnevom

    KP with a straight forward & honest answer, wouldn’t expect anything less from this guy who has always been nothing but class. Much Respect KP ✊ Let’s go KP! Time to block out all the haters & their dull & ignorant comments that mean nothing (ABSOLUTE ZERO) We ❤️ ya in Dallas. Can’t want to see bubble Porzingis back 🦄 . Let’s Go Mavs 4 ever 🏀👍

  53. Ashton Smith

    Ashton SmithPred dnevom

    In other news... I feel like KP should grow a beard. It'll add +5 toughness to his game.

  54. Matt Stone

    Matt StonePred dnevom

    Gotta stay Healthy KP otherwise your hurting the Mavs chances to compete in the West/playoffs. He has to become a better defender and if he can’t he deserves to be traded.

  55. mikk12111

    mikk12111Pred dnevom

    Go KP i think again you get to much shit from fans.....prove them wrong again


    ANN MARGARET GELIPred dnevom

    You might as well play..you're 7'3 and useless and getting payed 150Mil

  57. lucky maks

    lucky maksPred dnevom

    Look who showed up👀👀

  58. IreQ Savage, VOCALDINOSAUR

    IreQ Savage, VOCALDINOSAURPred dnevom

    Better be out there tomorrow

  59. Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Grand Admiral ThrawnPred dnevom

    God I love this dude's attitude

  60. M M

    M MPred dnevom


  61. Swish

    SwishPred dnevom

    Kp's First game is Tommrow NO WAYYYYYYY!

  62. Swish

    SwishPred dnevom

    KP!!!!! YESSIR!!!!!

  63. tolstoyed

    tolstoyedPred dnevom

    i think the mavs, as bad as they turned out to be this season, are a tough matchup for the nets

  64. Ethan M

    Ethan MPred dnevom


  65. Ethan M

    Ethan MPred dnevom

    wow mavs really posting pratice interviews

  66. Black Conclave

    Black ConclavePred dnevom

    Why this man still have a job is beyond me...fire him already

  67. tolstoyed

    tolstoyedPred dnevom

    not that bad of a loss considering how bad this team looks this season

  68. Miks K

    Miks KPred dnevom

    please go rick, i hate you!

  69. ray mercado

    ray mercadoPred dnevom

    Hands pointed Up pointing to the God Above in the Heavens Luka 🙏 🙌 when making big shot

  70. ray mercado

    ray mercadoPred dnevom


  71. ray mercado

    ray mercadoPred dnevom


  72. Pravin Madavi

    Pravin MadaviPred dnevom

    Ben Simmons complete shut down Overrated Doncic 😂😂

  73. RAREZT

    RAREZTPred dnevom

    tryna get my guy luka to rate ben simmons lol

  74. Darko Demark

    Darko DemarkPred dnevom

    These m4sks are stupid!

  75. Pravin Madavi

    Pravin MadaviPred dnevom

    Lamelo ball and Zion future face of NBA

  76. M M

    M MPred dnevom

    Funny he said KP not playing doesn't really add the much difficulty for him. Take a hint Cuban.

  77. TBCobalt

    TBCobaltPred dnevom

    Mavs for life

  78. Martina Junquera Montoro

    Martina Junquera MontoroPred dnevom

    Adoro vuestro equipo de baloncesto

  79. Jozef Luka Smrtnik

    Jozef Luka SmrtnikPred dnevom

    Get back De Andre Jordan!!!🔥

  80. Mo Z

    Mo ZPred dnevom

    The Mavs really has an uncanny talent for trading for the worst big men in the league...However as much as this roster sucks and although I still believe they need to upgrade the pieces around Luka, this is also poor coaching, this team has far more potential on defense and we've seen a glimpse of it specially in the first quarter last game game against celtics. They need to improve their defense in the paint and they can do a way better job in help positioning