Everything is Game. #NBA2K21 is now available

Pantheon: Team USA Packs
  1. carlos p

    carlos pPred uro

    Cmon break Quick 2k21 and show us 2k22 :)

  2. Tyler Holloway

    Tyler HollowayPred 3 urami

    0:25 Kobe Bryant💔😢🥀

  3. Nine'Aye Turk

    Nine'Aye TurkPred 5 urami

    Kareem had too read “NBA 2k22” to make sure he said it right 😂😂😂🥇🐐

  4. Keihl Gaming

    Keihl GamingPred 8 urami

    any updates about nba2k21 android?

  5. Phantxxm

    PhantxxmPred 9 urami

    good ol days

  6. Taliban Tey

    Taliban TeyPred 13 urami

    will they be added to my league nba2k21👀👀👀👀???? someone answer

  7. Jann Vincent Regalado

    Jann Vincent RegaladoPred 15 urami

    This is the real PS5 graphics/lighting

  8. biggoated_O

    biggoated_OPred 17 urami

    Are they gonna add the rookies in the 2k21 rosters? That would be dope

  9. bballcreator

    bballcreatorPred 18 urami

    99s everywhere

  10. carlos p

    carlos pPred 23 urami

    I dnt think all of this rookies have 99 ovr... that isnt real 2K.

  11. Jacquenta Todd

    Jacquenta ToddPred dnevom

    2k please add the rookies in 2k22

  12. Omer Aydogdu

    Omer AydogduPred dnevom

    Dude that’s bdubs omg

  13. Ahmet Suat Yazıcı

    Ahmet Suat YazıcıPred dnevom

    You should put alperen sengun he's very talented

  14. StickUpBerto

    StickUpBertoPred dnevom

    Put Cloverdale on2k

  15. Tim Cleezy ✔️

    Tim Cleezy ✔️Pred dnevom




    Dude, how were the mechanics better in 14 than 21 next gen? Look at the way the jersey look! We've definitely "upgraded" backwards

  17. Joey N.

    Joey N.Pred dnevom

    Miss this game

  18. Joey N.

    Joey N.Pred dnevom

    Still watching this


    BLACKAA BLACKAAPred dnevom

    I'm just here for Kareem

  20. Martidinho

    MartidinhoPred dnevom

    put the dubbing in brazilian portuguese please

  21. Martidinho

    MartidinhoPred dnevom

    put the dubbing in brazilian portuguese please

  22. Martidinho

    MartidinhoPred dnevom

    put the dubbing in brazilian portuguese please

  23. Martidinho

    MartidinhoPred dnevom

    put the dubbing in brazilian portuguese please

  24. nicola ciccarelli

    nicola ciccarelliPred dnevom

    This is great !!!

  25. Bobbie Hudgins

    Bobbie HudginsPred dnevom

    Dope !!

  26. あいうえお

    あいうえおPred dnevom


  27. Simone James

    Simone JamesPred dnevom

    Make a bucks locker code for goat cards please


    DARIEL JOSE ARIASPred dnevom

    I wish it actually had these effects

  29. TomHagenTp TeamPest

    TomHagenTp TeamPestPred dnevom

    Got edwards, dosunmu and johnson so far 100k mt well spent lol

  30. SedativeChicken

    SedativeChickenPred dnevom

    Y’all should have put Terrence Clarke in these packs in memory of him and a young life taken too soon

  31. K Y R E N  4 4

    K Y R E N 4 4Pred dnevom

    Dark matter Jalen Johnson wasn’t even in packs the first like four hours

  32. Ogugua Anunoby

    Ogugua AnunobyPred dnevom

    useless opals

  33. Mert

    MertPred dnevom

    No Sengün No Party

  34. A1

    A1Pred dnevom

    That is not a Jalen Green scan 😂

  35. Jann Vincent Regalado

    Jann Vincent RegaladoPred dnevom

    Only available on PS5 PS4 users: 😢😢😢

  36. Do you know The way

    Do you know The wayPred dnevom

    Cade. Cade. Cade

  37. Fatih Arikan

    Fatih ArikanPred dnevom

    Where is Alperen SENGUN dudeee

  38. Clapz MF 2k

    Clapz MF 2kPred dnevom

    And Corey Kispert big SG who can shoot

  39. Some  Dude

    Some DudePred dnevom

    There r a lot of Jalen's in this draft class

  40. Clapz MF 2k

    Clapz MF 2kPred dnevom

    I’m gonna try too either cade Cunningham, Jalen Suggs, or Mithcell

  41. si 03

    si 03Pred dnevom

    Where is garuba the goat

  42. Dawit Kebede

    Dawit KebedePred dnevom

    troydan is going to get these packs for zion

  43. Krass Krass

    Krass KrassPred dnevom

    Where is Ja Morant?! 2K!!!😡

  44. Patrick

    PatrickPred dnevom


  45. Sam Fisher

    Sam FisherPred dnevom


  46. R G

    R GPred dnevom

    Go 2k22 news

  47. lo lo

    lo loPred dnevom

    jalen green roy

  48. Bickley Jonas

    Bickley JonasPred dnevom

    Anyone else having their my player looks resetting and glitching out the loading screens?

  49. Sad Sandwich

    Sad SandwichPred dnevom

    Nba2k22 Android please

  50. Derrick Junior Allison

    Derrick Junior AllisonPred dnevom

    Yall bearly showed Jalen green 😂 I can tell yall finna ride cade so bad😂

  51. BandUpBari

    BandUpBariPred dnevom


  52. Chauncey Caras

    Chauncey CarasPred dnevom


  53. Certifiedmak

    CertifiedmakPred dnevom

    dont be scared show us the nba2k22 trailer

  54. Fernando Cabrera Perez

    Fernando Cabrera PerezPred dnevom

    Dosnmu and mann over bouknight and or scottie

  55. Ted Wang

    Ted WangPred dnevom

    nice this seems cool

  56. TGL Imperial

    TGL ImperialPred dnevom

    Where is Usman Garuba?

  57. Callum Price

    Callum PricePred dnevom

    I need that invincible Zion

  58. maxedamia

    maxedamiaPred dnevom


  59. Icey Demp

    Icey DempPred dnevom

    Y'all did so bad on jalens scan 😂🚀

  60. Tanya Northcraft

    Tanya NorthcraftPred dnevom

    Invincible lamelo? Sheeeeeesh

  61. 2K Man

    2K ManPred dnevom


  62. ExoticFL

    ExoticFLPred dnevom

    We want more 2k22 news

  63. Steezy Malonee

    Steezy MaloneePred dnevom


  64. SoaR concept

    SoaR conceptPred dnevom

    Can’t wait for jalen Suggs

  65. BlueLightningLuke

    BlueLightningLukePred dnevom

    Likes = the best 2k will be nba2k22

  66. Jeremiah Yarbrough

    Jeremiah YarbroughPred dnevom

    1st like 😝🔥

  67. Rustic Mellon

    Rustic MellonPred dnevom

    I want 2k22

  68. IAce :[

    IAce :[Pred dnevom


  69. Marixxx

    MarixxxPred dnevom


  70. T G

    T GPred dnevom

    Let not forget every player that makes it on the nba 2k cover gets a transfer i won't be surprised to se Luka change teams this upcoming year 👀

  71. Perzaye Goodman

    Perzaye GoodmanPred 2 dnevi

    Gameplay wise

  72. Perzaye Goodman

    Perzaye GoodmanPred 2 dnevi

    This was one of the worst 2k’s ever

  73. Juan Goodie

    Juan GoodiePred 2 dnevi


  74. Gavriel Musheyev

    Gavriel MusheyevPred 2 dnevi

    They should have every team come in and record their jump shot, because the ones they’re given are awful.

  75. Sylum

    SylumPred 2 dnevi

    Looks like 2k14 on pc

  76. SKRTLS

    SKRTLSPred 2 dnevi

    Add NBA 2k22 on Android please

  77. Security Guard 2

    Security Guard 2Pred 2 dnevi

    If I ever meet a NBA player ima say “Woah you’re really tall you should play in the NBA!”