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You Will Cry 😭 #shorts
  1. Adriel Peirce

    Adriel PeircePred 55 minutami

    I have that game it is so awesome

  2. Ez eddin Alhariri

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  3. Wenlucasq

    WenlucasqPred 55 minutami

    Do a parody of butter from bts

  4. Norma Rodriguez

    Norma RodriguezPred 55 minutami

    😱 OMG😭😭😭♥️

  5. Sagarika Diya

    Sagarika DiyaPred 55 minutami

    That's was funny and he needs sOmE MiiiiiiiiiiOlk

  6. Ian

    IanPred 55 minutami

    Yeah I seen the video

  7. Seif Eldin Mohamed

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  8. Zahenn Abedin

    Zahenn AbedinPred 56 minutami

    lanky box sucks now to be honest like all the plus came out in roblox when they where doing roblox vid they where popular but now there doing a little they just do bad think that we dont like mobile game ads

  9. Livia

    LiviaPred 56 minutami

    It looked like tthe rainbow melt and the unicorn dones not have no house then the unicorn killed her self then then princess jumped in and drowned her self and the mom as no son anymore so she did the same thing

  10. Horror Girl AUTTP

    Horror Girl AUTTPPred 56 minutami

    Adam in the thumbnail tho

  11. Ez eddin Alhariri

    Ez eddin AlhaririPred 56 minutami

    Justin Bieber Ed Sheeran Where give me hayo

  12. Danielle Phillips

    Danielle PhillipsPred 56 minutami

    No 👎 it's not fair

  13. Aimal Jani

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  14. Jack Urena

    Jack UrenaPred 56 minutami

    omg wow

  15. Izzly’s Vlogs

    Izzly’s VlogsPred 56 minutami

    Ladybug 🐞

  16. Iqbal Chowdhury

    Iqbal ChowdhuryPred 56 minutami

    I almost cried and thats call thru best friend

  17. Ez eddin Alhariri

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  18. lulu not found

    lulu not foundPred 57 minutami

    Spam some he needs some milk in the chat

  19. Jervis2808 Jervis2808

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    The pizzas🍕☕🍕☕ ready

  20. Cruz Guerrero

    Cruz GuerreroPred 57 minutami

    5 mising

  21. Kate Toby

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  22. Samsung Elbasan

    Samsung ElbasanPred 57 minutami

    OMG I can’t wait for my boxy and foxy plushy tomorrow

  23. Devin Ek

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    184. 409.310 views

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  27. PRG Tates Creek Village Maintenance

    PRG Tates Creek Village MaintenancePred 58 minutami

    It purple Justin favorite color is purple

  28. christine Castro

    christine CastroPred 58 minutami

    FaceTime with likeIbach to make him keep

  29. Dasan Pramuditha

    Dasan PramudithaPred 58 minutami

    Dude wtf

  30. Ov Cachero

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  31. XxpandaloverXx

    XxpandaloverXxPred 58 minutami

    There's something in the eyes oh my God 😬😱

  32. Techoblade’s Son

    Techoblade’s SonPred 58 minutami

    Juustie’s food reactions are always the same but we never see it comin’

  33. Alayzah's blogs❤️

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  34. Gaming Masen

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    SONJORO MOVIEPred 58 minutami

    Why THIS VIDEO trend in TANZANIA

  36. King boy Big man

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  37. Sachin Rane

    Sachin RanePred 58 minutami

    The forest where sticky is

  38. Dee Gomez

    Dee GomezPred 58 minutami

    The phone is still alive in the water

  39. _. M4h3y

    _. M4h3yPred 58 minutami

    Play my hero academia the strongest hero on the iPhone or on blue stacks

  40. Carina Chirino

    Carina ChirinoPred 59 minutami

    Lankybox s best video ever 🤧

  41. Lisa Tolli

    Lisa TolliPred 59 minutami

    I have foxy

  42. Bandana Lama

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  43. Jaela-Jade

    Jaela-JadePred 59 minutami

    My fav is the fake outlet the one where Justin picks Adam’s food and the phone and the red marker

  44. Sue Chen

    Sue ChenPred 59 minutami

    Adam needs English lessons with his mom

  45. Sachin Rane

    Sachin RanePred 59 minutami

    I know where sticky is

  46. henry Gutierrez Otiniano

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  47. Kay Jones

    Kay JonesPred 59 minutami

    Who does rock paper scissors when there eating and just has a bowl of chilli peppers🌶🌶

  48. Firefox Den

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  49. Dikshaa Bhonde

    Dikshaa BhondePred 59 minutami

    Why didn’t they use the car th he had in their song for the cars movie thing? Lol

  50. princess🍪🍪👍👍

    princess🍪🍪👍👍Pred 59 minutami

    I like it i don't have real gold but i'm going to make something to black to your name next video 📸📸📸🤣

  51. Raja Raheem

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  52. Nazeem Dimatulac

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  53. vict7810 vict7810

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  54. Malwinder Mahal

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    15in make your own SLthrow channel

  55. Edvin Larsson

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  56. assasin 4321

    assasin 4321Pred 59 minutami

    Hey u can use the cannon to just pinch the green button and then shoot👌

  57. Hernandez Brown

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  58. Raja Raheem

    Raja RaheemPred uro

    🌞 this is U guys happy :) o wish it was like me :)



    ur yt channel is horrible

  60. dansoy1978

    dansoy1978Pred uro

    Its fake becuase look the feet standing not properly

  61. Kymani Smith

    Kymani SmithPred uro

    Ok pot hollow on hem

  62. Hadeer Abd elkarim

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  63. Mason Kibler

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    This ain’t rap this is so cringe

  64. Scorpio Gyrl

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    Take Justin's donuts

  65. Hamza Diab

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  66. Annya Kelsie Chevannes Chevannes

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    Justie is the thicc king all the time !😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂

  67. Asta Ostrecove

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  68. Matyáš Závodský

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    justin pranked adam XD

  69. Maya und rahaf Abdullah

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    Yeah gotta get the chicken partayyyyyyyy

  70. Raja Raheem

    Raja RaheemPred uro

    This is just adorable...

  71. Elvin Melgar

    Elvin MelgarPred uro

    Adam is a baby 🍼 cuz he says waaaaaaaaa

  72. Jack Smith

    Jack SmithPred uro

    I hate it too 😥 😔

  73. Jervis2808 Jervis2808

    Jervis2808 Jervis2808Pred uro

    NO Phones in class Adam

  74. Raja Raheem

    Raja RaheemPred uro

    This reminds me of my aunt when she left me...

  75. Latifa Naitajjou

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  76. Veerpal Jassal

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    Color justins face




  78. Raja Raheem

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  79. opglider

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    Press the like button in the cup

  80. Jesus Ayala

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