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  1. oxs sandoval

    oxs sandovalPred 18 urami

    Aburrida, necesitamos entrenamiento y arte

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  4. Nicole Michel

    Nicole MichelPred 18 urami

    her accent is so 💖💝💞💓💘💗

  5. Samiri Ferreira Forte

    Samiri Ferreira FortePred 18 urami

    Se eu disse que tô apaixonada por ela? if I say I'm in love with her !

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    bu sulikPred 18 urami

    tiktok filter

  8. Sasha Abner

    Sasha AbnerPred 18 urami

    she’s such an angel

  9. Joncee Moulder

    Joncee MoulderPred 18 urami

    obviously gorgeous throughout but preferred her hair up

  10. VL

    VLPred 18 urami

    Eiza Gonzáles eres tú?

  11. Devin Georgia

    Devin GeorgiaPred 18 urami

    I just love her so much ✨

  12. jimophie

    jimophiePred 18 urami

    Yallll we need Jennie Kim doing something like this pleaseeeeeeeee

  13. vina nillas

    vina nillasPred 18 urami

    I loved her and her place 😍😘

  14. Ritu Thapa

    Ritu ThapaPred 18 urami

    So smooth calm 🌼🌼🌼

  15. Wendy Fortune

    Wendy FortunePred 19 urami

    Love me some Alyssa 😂😋😜😘😍

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    Larisse Almeida sPred 19 urami

    La Rosália ❤️

  18. Ystelle Marveigh Agbayani

    Ystelle Marveigh AgbayaniPred 19 urami

    i watch this at least twice a day. it's my comfort video

  19. Usman Khan

    Usman KhanPred 19 urami

    Beautiful 🖤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Maylenys Silvestres

    Maylenys SilvestresPred 19 urami

    Selena is such a gem 🥺🥺💖💖. I love how kind, calm and gentle she is just like the queen she is 👸🏻💖.

  21. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous PersonPred 19 urami

    Why does she always pronounce her last name as "rAHdrigo" instead of "rOdrigo"?

  22. Scott Knubley

    Scott KnubleyPred 19 urami

    I love this guy!!!! So funny.

  23. Xuyitza Rodriguez

    Xuyitza RodriguezPred 19 urami

    jaja Me encanto la Rosalía

  24. Joan

    JoanPred 19 urami

    Someone should fix the collar on Meryl's shirt that's folded under on one side.

  25. FaeryB0mb

    FaeryB0mbPred 19 urami

    god she's a whole mood

  26. Aleyna k

    Aleyna kPred 19 urami

    i love selena so much

  27. Ingrid Charity

    Ingrid CharityPred 19 urami

    Poses look a little stiff

  28. Gabriela Yo

    Gabriela YoPred 19 urami

    I love you..so much !!!😍

  29. hasna jama

    hasna jamaPred 19 urami

    i need to sleep its like 2am

  30. Handerson Sylvester

    Handerson SylvesterPred 19 urami

    She's gorgeous and sexylicious

  31. Caroline Dahan

    Caroline DahanPred 19 urami

    Ill give you my freckles lol

  32. Youknownothingjonsnow

    YouknownothingjonsnowPred 19 urami

    Finally. Kaia now Adut, fingers crossed for Anok Yai next.

  33. Maga Dema

    Maga DemaPred 19 urami

    Bro u telling me mj has full white children he was black

  34. Green Rose

    Green RosePred 19 urami

    Yesss we needed one of these with Gigi. ❤❤

  35. Sunny Sharde

    Sunny ShardePred 19 urami

    The Filipino dark lip thing is all around my lips as if it's lip liner 🙈 Not all seem to have it though bc my sisters don't have it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  36. Júlia

    JúliaPred 19 urami

    Kim’s looks ❤️❤️

  37. Anh Thu

    Anh ThuPred 19 urami

    You seem sweet but somehow I don’t find you beautiful, too much of materials.

  38. Miles Hanson

    Miles HansonPred 19 urami

    Family business instrumental in the background 🤩

  39. DJT DJT

    DJT DJTPred 19 urami

    Vogue ratings are plummeting catastrophically.. they don’t really have any power anymore

  40. eileenminaj

    eileenminajPred 19 urami

    she is quite possibly the most empty shell of a person i have ever seen

  41. Forever Peace

    Forever PeacePred 19 urami

    She is so Beautiful......

  42. Funny Danny

    Funny DannyPred 19 urami

    She's so humble. I Love it 💝

  43. KIARA

    KIARAPred 20 urami


  44. itz_yuh_gurl_tamara

    itz_yuh_gurl_tamaraPred 20 urami

    I got soo emotional when she said "im so grateful to afford these things"💜 ily sm @Bella Poarch

  45. Matías Czvvz

    Matías CzvvzPred 20 urami

    ''When the words of a sister comes back in whisper, she prove she was not"

  46. K Nunez

    K NunezPred 20 urami

    Wao una Domincia preciosa and She has a beautiful voice.

  47. PD

    PDPred 20 urami

    I looooove how she talks about the Philippines a lot and being in the military. Yes gurl! Werk!

  48. Belen G

    Belen GPred 20 urami

    Las uñas tan largas me dan algo de ansiedad pero la amo

  49. Yuliam Sáenz

    Yuliam SáenzPred 20 urami

    so pretty 💐💞

  50. Rocio Llorente

    Rocio LlorentePred 20 urami

    Los subtítulos y la Rosalía hablan distintos idiomas

  51. Darcy Ritt

    Darcy RittPred 20 urami

    Absolutely beautiful! However, is that lump in her neck okay? Just want to point it out bc I love her so much and want her to be healthy lol

  52. Afonso Carvalho

    Afonso CarvalhoPred 20 urami

    Bonita mas nao gosto de Espanhois

  53. chrys dinero

    chrys dineroPred 20 urami

    i love her sooo much ♥️♥️

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  57. Jigna Vadher

    Jigna VadherPred 20 urami

    i’m literally ignoring her because my eyes are stuck on her cute doggo child right behind her in the mirror! I’m look at him he is so cute!

  58. 💥VALUE IN LIFE 💥

    💥VALUE IN LIFE 💥Pred 20 urami

    Wow !! It's just amazing to watch !! It's good to follow!!

  59. Morgan X

    Morgan XPred 20 urami

    The natural effortless beauty, not caring attitude, the accent, deep voice etc. Ye really went for 'the opposite of whoever i just left'... thats my type too! 🤣

  60. Isreal Karrie

    Isreal KarriePred 20 urami

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  61. 💥VALUE IN LIFE 💥

    💥VALUE IN LIFE 💥Pred 20 urami

    Oh my goodness!! It's just awesome to watch it !! She is so honest n adorable!!

  62. Isaballa Serrano

    Isaballa SerranoPred 20 urami

    I loooooove it! 👌🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻🔥

  63. 💥VALUE IN LIFE 💥

    💥VALUE IN LIFE 💥Pred 20 urami

    Wow!! I can't believe!! It's just awesome!!

  64. Yuliam Sáenz

    Yuliam SáenzPred 20 urami

    so pretty 💐💞

  65. roopa b

    roopa bPred 20 urami

    For me she looks like truck driver,ohh sorry they look better than her.

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  67. 💥VALUE IN LIFE 💥

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    Wow ! its just awesome to watch it. How many agree with her? She looks fabulous!!

  68. Yuliam Sáenz

    Yuliam SáenzPred 20 urami


  69. cat worshipper

    cat worshipperPred 20 urami

    bella is so beautiful omg

  70. KIARA

    KIARAPred 20 urami

    I love her 💛

  71. isabella

    isabellaPred 20 urami

    Jesus loves y’all ✝️💕

  72. Can ♬

    Can ♬Pred 20 urami

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    Sophia AmalyPred 20 urami

    Thank you for being you and being real. Watching this video was like watching a friend. Love you!

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    The best video by vogue ♥️