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Honest Trailers | Luca
  1. Tom McLean

    Tom McLeanPred 23 urami

    Commercial should just be a video of a Big Pile of Steaming, Stinking Dung! That would be truth!

  2. Last But First

    Last But FirstPred 23 urami

    I love the show, but this is also hilarious 🤣

  3. The Paradigm

    The ParadigmPred 23 urami

    Man, he went all-out on the LeBron James roasts! 😂 Then again, LeBron was practically ASKING for them…

  4. Daniel Glz

    Daniel GlzPred 23 urami

    Missed oportunity to put Michael B Jordan on the *Starring* section

  5. James Dunne

    James DunnePred 23 urami

    Watchmen is an anomaly in that it's an incredibly faithful adaptation of the comic while also completely missing the point of the comic.

  6. Janty Hero

    Janty HeroPred 23 urami

    I just watched the movie yesterday because of your Honest Trailers and the movie is crap

  7. Philippines Unfiltered

    Philippines UnfilteredPred 23 urami


  8. Jonathan Banks

    Jonathan BanksPred 23 urami

    Weren't you in a Mint Mobile ad?

  9. ayMONSTER 777

    ayMONSTER 777Pred 23 urami

    6:29 Now that's just sad 😭😪

  10. tim edmond

    tim edmondPred 23 urami

    or Peter Framptom. love you but.

  11. ILoveKimPossibleAlot

    ILoveKimPossibleAlotPred 23 urami

    We Tried: The Movie

  12. paco ramon

    paco ramonPred 23 urami

    Lebron the chinese expert saving the Loony Toons and his relationship with his song.

  13. tim edmond

    tim edmondPred 23 urami

    oh dear the new who will be Cumberbatch

  14. Nikko Manlapaz

    Nikko ManlapazPred 23 urami

    Was that Joker in the background?

  15. Brice Krispees

    Brice KrispeesPred dnevom

    i haven't even heard of this

  16. J J

    J JPred dnevom

    His bless Jordan

  17. J J

    J JPred dnevom

    Horrible movie specially the black guys can’t act .

  18. Colby Hart

    Colby HartPred dnevom

    A quite place part 2 next pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

  19. Kevin Worley

    Kevin WorleyPred dnevom

    Better shoot Rowling for saying only woman can be woman 🤷‍♂️

  20. Scarlett Wells

    Scarlett WellsPred dnevom

    This was a fantastic trailer but *were still mad you turned off the comments on ghostbusters 2016*

  21. Edo-Motion

    Edo-MotionPred dnevom

    We can all agree that this prowler came from a horror idea

  22. Pucker Button

    Pucker ButtonPred dnevom

    kind of mad we didnt get the obligatory NBA jam Air Dog cameo

  23. Edo-Motion

    Edo-MotionPred dnevom

    I like how no one mentions he is a black kid

  24. Edo-Motion

    Edo-MotionPred dnevom

    The Australian guy is just like lazarbeam swears each second

  25. Wayne Asher

    Wayne AsherPred dnevom


  26. Christopher Elwood

    Christopher ElwoodPred dnevom

    "A rose by any other name would get to speak" Brutal LOL

  27. Olivia Louche

    Olivia LouchePred dnevom


  28. Amit Avital

    Amit AvitalPred dnevom

    0:43 they talked Hebrew

  29. Fernando Aviña Alonso

    Fernando Aviña AlonsoPred dnevom

    Space jam is a commercial.

  30. Khaira Baksh

    Khaira BakshPred dnevom

    "What are you gonna do watch DC?" Superman: "Nooooo!" I felt that

  31. Retro Christmas

    Retro ChristmasPred dnevom

    At the end LeBron should have left the town squad for the other team lol.

  32. EagleStealth403

    EagleStealth403Pred dnevom

    What is a real SLAM?! An Honest Movie Trailer for Night at the Roxbury is what!

  33. Shiranami

    ShiranamiPred dnevom

    Do a honest trailer for attack on titan please

  34. Dan Sheffield

    Dan SheffieldPred dnevom

    Failcor. Lolll

  35. JonyPlayz

    JonyPlayzPred dnevom

    This is a pretty nice movie

  36. Samuel Williams-Ojomu

    Samuel Williams-OjomuPred dnevom

    1:51 - 2:11 Every Shonen character ever: Yep we experienced that alright

  37. gridokun

    gridokunPred dnevom

    Big Chungus

  38. Nicky Jul

    Nicky JulPred dnevom

    Wait until you realize that Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is also a remake of a much older story

  39. Mak Universe

    Mak UniversePred dnevom

    Can't understand why SCREEN JUNKIES haven't made a honest trailer on PEAKY BLINDERS. 🤷🏻

  40. JGui

    JGuiPred dnevom

    Not even worth pirating...

  41. Dan Xander

    Dan XanderPred dnevom

    Please say "I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you."

  42. Noah Varghese

    Noah VarghesePred dnevom

    song at 4:31 ?

  43. Chris Kelly

    Chris KellyPred dnevom

    it’s one of the worst films i’ve seen in 2021. We paused it thinking it was nearly finished and there was more than 45min left. If you’re the type of person who thinks West Side Story is gritty or better than Romeo & Juliet, you’ll love this garbage.



    Do the new he man show

  45. KaRtOoN

    KaRtOoNPred dnevom

    @ 4:55 is that the gang from a clockwork orange 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Vijay Dhankar

    Vijay DhankarPred dnevom

    You won't believe how many times I have questioned that girl's decision... Like really WHAT???

  47. David Halahmy

    David HalahmyPred dnevom

    I feel sorry for for the loony toon characters, they deserve better. lol Horrible movie in so many ways.

  48. Jeremy Casellini

    Jeremy CaselliniPred dnevom

    No, really, do Outlander. It almost writes its own Honest Trailer. Starring "ken", "bonnie", "Sassenach", "braw", "lass", and something muttered in Gaelic.

  49. TheCrimsonLupus

    TheCrimsonLupusPred dnevom

    "The dad from Family Matters" ...that is Sgt Al Powell! He's a hero... show some respect!!

  50. Lin Xu

    Lin XuPred dnevom

    MJ was more charismatic then Lebron and more enjoyable.

  51. Gerald Baria

    Gerald BariaPred dnevom

    3:40 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. ankit kadam

    ankit kadamPred dnevom


  53. Mouktika Mangipudi

    Mouktika MangipudiPred dnevom

    Could you please also do an honest trailer on Justice League the animated series????

  54. Jb Léonidas

    Jb LéonidasPred dnevom

    "Assistant to the regional owner" oh yes, thank you, does this mean we'll ever get an Honest Trailers for the UK Office? Pretty please 🙏

  55. Erkko

    ErkkoPred dnevom

    If it wasnt prandet by 101 Dalmatia s and was original, i could see this work

  56. Jose Emmanuel Martinez

    Jose Emmanuel MartinezPred dnevom

    Space James that's not even set in space

  57. Ocean Man

    Ocean ManPred dnevom

    Lifeless soundtracks? Shut up

  58. dvonn lynch

    dvonn lynchPred dnevom

    “MJ WOULD NEVER” 😭😭😭

  59. Michael Dimas

    Michael DimasPred dnevom

    How have I mot seen this one till now?

  60. DJ

    DJPred dnevom

    Cleveland Steamer. Most accurate starring name ever.

  61. Job Lozada

    Job LozadaPred dnevom

    Lola Bunny, a rabbit I'd like to ffffff.... flatter. Same..

  62. crzyinzan3

    crzyinzan3Pred dnevom

    Who’s ribbed for your pleasure…oh yea lol

  63. ChrisCo

    ChrisCoPred dnevom

    Hook was a great movie! I'm going to rewatch that today, thanks for the reminder.

  64. DayDay Boogie

    DayDay BoogiePred dnevom

    I just wish he kept his voice exactly like this in most Honest Trailers, or like the voice he did for The Dark Knight I would been so done for 😆😭

  65. ChrisCo

    ChrisCoPred dnevom

    Well done! 🤣

  66. Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood

    Tauriel Daughter of MirkwoodPred dnevom

    Please do Hannibal the TV show with Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen.

  67. Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood

    Tauriel Daughter of MirkwoodPred dnevom

    Please do Hannibal with Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy

  68. J Fowler

    J FowlerPred dnevom

    Lebron really never left to join a better team. He made the teams.

  69. Nicky Jul

    Nicky JulPred dnevom

    Can you do an honest trailer for American Mary? That movie is old, but.... something else

  70. EmeraldArcher

    EmeraldArcherPred dnevom

    did anyone try and click the skip ad button by default when it showed up during this?

  71. Movie and Book Review

    Movie and Book ReviewPred dnevom

    Please say " my speech therapist says that I can never have a normal voice"

  72. Neznam

    NeznamPred dnevom

    Do The Tomorrow War honest trailer. The movie is really mediocre

  73. ProjektRekt

    ProjektRektPred dnevom

    The JK Rowling bit was unnecessary. Pathetic addition.

  74. Vincent Noot

    Vincent NootPred dnevom

    You just can't expect these athletes to be good at acting.

  75. Okara: The Dragonic Saiyan

    Okara: The Dragonic SaiyanPred dnevom

    For the tug of war if you put both teams with weapons then the result would definitely be different

  76. Vex2not

    Vex2notPred dnevom

    Midlife crisis the movie

  77. Pistin Cup

    Pistin CupPred dnevom

    2:41 This song is so stupid and such a dumb copy right friendly song that is so good that I will like a full version Please?

  78. Pistin Cup

    Pistin CupPred dnevom

    1:39 Top ten best Shrek jokes of all time

  79. MrMegaGamerMan

    MrMegaGamerManPred dnevom

    LeBron is a GREAT ACTOR! Look how good he is at "not" travelling!!