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  1. Wayfarer Yasin

    Wayfarer YasinPred 18 urami

    Used to see Sampras in those days .

  2. Nitin Kataria

    Nitin KatariaPred 18 urami

    Steffi: Naaye Englander.....

  3. Super Dyuber

    Super DyuberPred 19 urami

    How could he get nr1 with all that ue. Worst nr1of all.

  4. Max- Packages

    Max- PackagesPred 19 urami

    Sampras was great, but Federer still master class

  5. Huntantonio

    HuntantonioPred 19 urami

    This is impossible for anyone to live up to. They are just too good

  6. Faraz A

    Faraz APred 19 urami

    Who all saw the Monfils piece at least twice ?

  7. Riki

    RikiPred 19 urami

    Her opponent was so sad she wasn’t asked.

  8. deb kanti

    deb kantiPred 20 urami

    Is she playing tennis or skating?

  9. frawding

    frawdingPred 20 urami

    I don't understand what the other guy was doing.

  10. Liam Twist

    Liam TwistPred 20 urami

    What would of happened if they surpassed 99games each, the scoreboard only goes up too 99 ? :P

  11. marios4all

    marios4allPred 22 urami

    I miss DelPo

  12. world wide storytelling

    world wide storytellingPred 22 urami


  13. world wide storytelling

    world wide storytellingPred 22 urami


  14. John Beadle

    John BeadlePred 22 urami

    Imagine how much quicker if he didn’t bounce the ball 10+ times every serve!

  15. Tim Carter

    Tim CarterPred 22 urami

    The steroid queen WRETCHED Williams

  16. Broceliande Forest

    Broceliande ForestPred 22 urami

    Looks boring.

  17. gautier h

    gautier hPred 22 urami

    He didn’t win the game though, only 4 points

  18. Nick van Dorp

    Nick van DorpPred 23 urami

    He now bounces for 46 seconds lol

  19. Manoj Mitra

    Manoj MitraPred 23 urami

    He reminds me of Silver Fang from One Punch Man


    SEWUESE UGANDEPred 23 urami

    I love their bond

  21. Hermano de Jesús

    Hermano de JesúsPred 23 urami

    Williams was born a man. Maria is the greatest female tennis player ever.

  22. Rajat Garg

    Rajat GargPred 23 urami

    3.19 another Joe Root?

  23. Rodney Anthony

    Rodney AnthonyPred dnevom

    If Steffi had retired from singles at the same age as Martina Navratilova or Chris Evert, Serena would not be in the picture as often. I think Serena plays one dimensional tennis and has a very overbearing personality, but has calmed down a bit after the Osaka debacle at the US Open, and the crowd was just as bad as her. That was only highlights I saw, but I miss Arantxa, Manuela, Navratilova, Steffi, Gabriela, Conchita etc

  24. Cosmo Lin

    Cosmo LinPred dnevom



    DATA FESTPred dnevom

    Novak won gold slam I am from future

  26. 워렌에스텔라

    워렌에스텔라Pred dnevom

    nice combi

  27. Joice Christina

    Joice ChristinaPred dnevom

    O Amor É Cego!

  28. Abdus Sabur

    Abdus SaburPred dnevom

    The chunky session willy race because shrimp possibly confess like a military appliance. optimal, hollow shame

  29. Luu Duong Hy

    Luu Duong HyPred dnevom

    Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Hawk-Wawarinka

  30. Swayom Kanti Ghosh

    Swayom Kanti GhoshPred dnevom

    I salute to that man,who watched this whole video without any break

  31. Max- Packages

    Max- PackagesPred dnevom

    Thankyou so much 🙏Guy's for sharing an superb green Match ever in my memories.❤ So my fav:19:56 Woods 👂

  32. Robo Cop

    Robo CopPred dnevom

    Edberg beat lendl. Lendl beat becker in 2013. Coaches that is.

  33. Anonymous alien

    Anonymous alienPred dnevom

    Lmao He lost today

  34. Robo Cop

    Robo CopPred dnevom

    I will say this to all Federer fans. Sampras is the greatest grass court player. He never lost a final.

  35. SK Magic

    SK MagicPred dnevom

    13:40 wow

  36. immsjed Ims

    immsjed ImsPred dnevom

    Who win this game

  37. Roz Sa

    Roz SaPred dnevom

    Only now I notice that Murray literally looked like an advertising board. Under armour shorts, top, not one but two sweat bands and the hat ffs.

  38. Sanyam Malhan

    Sanyam MalhanPred dnevom

    David Beckham reminds me of Harvey Specter

  39. MatGaming SK

    MatGaming SKPred dnevom

    14:54 the most emotional thing I’ve ever seen so far

  40. Arno BIAVA

    Arno BIAVAPred dnevom

    Ubaldo is a phew ptdrr ...

  41. Arno BIAVA

    Arno BIAVAPred dnevom

    How he doesn't care about the mouth of every journalist for their questions connes

  42. Αλέξανδρος Σκανδαλης

    Αλέξανδρος ΣκανδαληςPred dnevom

    Eight years later and it's still sick!

  43. Padma Vedula

    Padma VedulaPred dnevom

    at 25:02 , what was that serve?? Is it allowed?

  44. patrick cornu

    patrick cornuPred dnevom

    Oh souvenir d'enfance,mais tennis de Pépère...

  45. Александр Кузьмичев

    Александр КузьмичевPred dnevom

    Another record for this match: the largest number of audience smiles

  46. Martin Hardcastle

    Martin HardcastlePred dnevom

    Hopefully, she's had her teeth sorted out by now!

  47. Tong Baite

    Tong BaitePred dnevom

    The finals was the first tennis match i ever watched on TV in my life. Was about 9-10 years old then but the name stuck with me. Understanding the whole story behind through this video made it a whole lot more memorable. Thanks Wimbledon ✌🏼

  48. Chris H

    Chris HPred dnevom

    "I've even caught a tennis ball, now where the f*** is my knighthood."

  49. gregory

    gregoryPred dnevom

    thats why nadal is going bald. im just joking

  50. ToonsOf Fun

    ToonsOf FunPred dnevom

    And it’s for the match point. That’s crazy.

  51. Ces Yal

    Ces YalPred dnevom

    Pliskova 0% athletic abiltiy vs screamabitch. There are no winners, only real tennis fans lost. Fortunately Barty won and balance was restored

  52. Roz Sa

    Roz SaPred dnevom

    Everything about Sampras oozed class. The man won every final he played in. Serve, forehand, backhand, serve and volley and ahhh those basketball-inspired smashes. I have so much respect for Djokovic and Nadal and what they've achieved, but at his best, Sampras was a monster with the most gentle persona. He carried himself so gracefully.

  53. What

    WhatPred dnevom


  54. Kpop Iz Fun

    Kpop Iz FunPred dnevom

    Its my first time to see Djokovic full match, trully impresive

  55. kousseye155

    kousseye155Pred dnevom

    The opponents may be right to question the call. But like, come on. Just be good sports, concede the point, acknowledge it was cool, and move on. No need to get worked up

  56. Gustavo 7227

    Gustavo 7227Pred dnevom

    Spoiler : As usual Uncle Greedy will choke and surrender to his Serbian Master.

  57. RandoM VideoS

    RandoM VideoSPred dnevom

    'Killing two bird's with one stone'

  58. Bryan Ernest

    Bryan ErnestPred dnevom

    One of the best returns ..but no replay 😔

  59. leonard Alphonso

    leonard AlphonsoPred dnevom

    Needed to see this in slow motion.

  60. vikesh k

    vikesh kPred dnevom

    Who won the final?

  61. Irena Deacon Henriquez

    Irena Deacon HenriquezPred dnevom

    Felix is amazing. Beating kyrgios and this young man is so kind and humble. Works hard so he is definitely gonna be the top 10 very soon.🙂

  62. Irena Deacon Henriquez

    Irena Deacon HenriquezPred dnevom

    I guess noone will say he is faking it...it's always Djokovic to blame...lol

  63. Worldwide Liberty

    Worldwide LibertyPred dnevom

    Prerequisite for the 'best game ever' is that it be the one with the fewest unforced errors.

  64. Harkirat Singh

    Harkirat SinghPred dnevom

    What a players both are legends of lawn tennis

  65. Sam Bevan

    Sam BevanPred dnevom

    How was that serve at 6-6 in the 4th TB not considered second best return in history?!?! That’s an ace against 100% of humans!

  66. xxxxxNathxxxxx

    xxxxxNathxxxxxPred dnevom

    ahh is there anything he can't do

  67. Aleena Jobi

    Aleena JobiPred dnevom

    The reflexes of the other guy who stepped out of the way before the ball hit is even more impressive

  68. Phaneendra Rao

    Phaneendra RaoPred dnevom

    Ohh how talented our lovely boy. Coochikoo. Baby Beckham. Let's all pour down love and make this all about the English White Man. 😊

  69. Hacantya Pradipta

    Hacantya PradiptaPred dnevom

    Borg-McEnroe, Edberg-Becker, Sampras-Agassi, Federer-Nadal. What makes a rivalry so intriguing is the contrast style of playing. There's a reason why Nadal-Djokovic rivalry isn't being heralded as highly as those other historical rivalries. They play the same defensive baseline game, often filled with 30+ rallies but don't really match the substance nor the aesthetics of Federer-Nadal

  70. Arani Ghosh

    Arani GhoshPred dnevom

    This is Peak Rafa. Playing the best tennis of his life on his least favorite surface.

  71. DR

    DRPred dnevom

    When will this guy retire and give other young people a chance ...gosh ..

  72. Stephen Pearce

    Stephen PearcePred dnevom

    One of the great tennis rivalries...One of the great Wimbledon finals.

  73. AlParsa

    AlParsaPred dnevom

    Dari tiktok kesini

  74. Duggu T

    Duggu TPred dnevom

    Tower of Tandil is the softest giant ever that had played this game.

  75. Atomic S.H.

    Atomic S.H.Pred dnevom

    22:14 it's Djokovic serving with NADAL'S grunt!!!!!

  76. Charlie Lan

    Charlie LanPred dnevom

    There are competitive players, there are players who are just there to get some cardio in, and then theres Draper.

  77. tomloft2000

    tomloft2000Pred dnevom

    young Boris looked like he belonged in a Woody Allen movie.