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  1. kwaku osei

    kwaku oseiPred uro

    whats the background music called ?

  2. Jan Reilan Zarate

    Jan Reilan ZaratePred uro

    Congrats LA Lakers! Nice one. I hope we win against New Orleans to seat the 6th and Final spot in the Playoffs and hope that Portland will lose against Denver to avoid being 7th and go to Play-in. 💜💛

  3. Loic Berton Izere

    Loic Berton IzerePred 2 urami

    Randle Is Tough 🔥🏀💯

  4. ben hur luy benjo

    ben hur luy benjoPred 2 urami

    Its good to be back levert

  5. HiJi Biji

    HiJi BijiPred 3 urami

    Love from Bangladesh

  6. RW Coffie

    RW CoffiePred 3 urami


  7. King Higgins

    King HigginsPred 4 urami

    The King lebron James The Prince Anthony Davis And the vice Roy Dennis shooter Back in business

  8. Nijo Dido

    Nijo DidoPred 5 urami

    30 durant 30 kyrie 25 harden 20 griffen = 105

  9. Eric Buenviaje

    Eric BuenviajePred 5 urami

    Lets get the trophy

  10. Eric Buenviaje

    Eric BuenviajePred 5 urami

  11. Zawad Khan

    Zawad KhanPred 6 urami

    ye bruh nets winning this yr

  12. carlon 19

    carlon 19Pred 7 urami

    Lets gooo

  13. Kruti Can

    Kruti CanPred 8 urami

    Randle for sure MIP

  14. Oli Holden

    Oli HoldenPred 8 urami

    Let’s go nets!

  15. Makaveli Shakur

    Makaveli ShakurPred 8 urami

    He's just better than you M.J as an all round basketball player know you could figure it out

  16. officalgilbert

    officalgilbertPred 8 urami

    Bron has the best balls

  17. 김지성

    김지성Pred 8 urami

    let's go lakers!!!💛💜

  18. akeme rofako

    akeme rofakoPred 8 urami

    Giannis thinks they can still be Nr 1 seed. Lol. Now that the playoffs is coming, you can see that giannis can't dunk anymore. He is already getting exposed. This dude will disappear in the playoffs. Mark my word. There won't be no 40 pts 30 rebounds... Can't wait.

  19. EugeneBuvard

    EugeneBuvardPred 8 urami

    It wasn't the most interesting match but I enjoyed seeing other faces, pitty mike James didn't get more minutes

  20. AngelkissDj

    AngelkissDjPred 9 urami

    Hope the bucks will keep this trend comes playoff times

  21. Danny Palmer

    Danny PalmerPred 9 urami

    The King iz Back lbj23

  22. Tiago 2775

    Tiago 2775Pred 10 urami

    There was no need to go to OT we can't fall asleep like that in the playoffs but what is important is that we got the W Randle clearly MIP and all-Nba second team to say the very least Now let's try to beat the Celtics and finish in the 4th seed Let's go knicks all my support from Portugal

  23. emanuele Galasso

    emanuele GalassoPred 10 urami

    These are tatum's highlights. Why you don't show layman's dunk

  24. Ted Kenny

    Ted KennyPred 10 urami

    Where’s akeme rofako

  25. pang nick

    pang nickPred 10 urami

    The NBA game is 48min but your highlight is just 1:43min nice

  26. Stefan Jekic

    Stefan JekicPred 10 urami

    76rs will regret the 1st seed when they see Russ in the first round.

  27. deiva 08

    deiva 08Pred 10 urami

    They had lamelo highlights when he went 4-15 🤭

  28. b m

    b mPred 10 urami

    Tim Hardway ruined game alot and Luca , Melly, josh R , today. Tim couldn't shoot well. His luck is gone. Come on.

  29. Rosalinda Urbano

    Rosalinda UrbanoPred 11 urami

    Go back in my life they have to be run again godluck

  30. Bit Coin

    Bit CoinPred 11 urami

    I hope they get the 1st seed🙏

  31. Andreson Ladaga

    Andreson LadagaPred 11 urami

    Portland always gets the bad calls at the endgame.

  32. Martin Brankov

    Martin BrankovPred 11 urami

    👏 Miami lost now Knicks need to defeat the Celtics to secure 4th spot and avoid the bucks in the 1st round!

  33. 김선희

    김선희Pred 11 urami


  34. G

    GPred 11 urami

    Watching this game, the three stars didn’t even try yet the team dropped 100 - that’s scary

  35. ugh ugh

    ugh ughPred 11 urami

    lmao vucevic really had to get whooped by the nets 6 times

  36. michael

    michaelPred 12 urami

    Lets go suns🧡💜🌞💪

  37. Asımcan Çalışkan

    Asımcan ÇalışkanPred 12 urami

    Giannis is a monster dudes

  38. Asımcan Çalışkan

    Asımcan ÇalışkanPred 12 urami

    I think it is kendall efect man suns looking so strong but they wont be champion clips and nets better than suns

  39. Asımcan Çalışkan

    Asımcan ÇalışkanPred 12 urami

    Tatum is underrated

  40. Asımcan Çalışkan

    Asımcan ÇalışkanPred 12 urami

    Nets looking so good man i guess nets and clips in finals but nets winning

  41. Asımcan Çalışkan

    Asımcan ÇalışkanPred 13 urami

    Nice to see lebron king is back man

  42. Festus Aniemeka

    Festus AniemekaPred 13 urami

    Maimi want bucks

  43. ZaldyDraf BryanJr

    ZaldyDraf BryanJrPred 13 urami

    Suns 👏

  44. ZaldyDraf BryanJr

    ZaldyDraf BryanJrPred 13 urami

    Brooklyn Nets The Super Team💪

  45. Asımcan Çalışkan

    Asımcan ÇalışkanPred 13 urami

    Randle is amazing man

  46. maisko Cabusas

    maisko CabusasPred 13 urami

    positioning for the play offs

  47. Pistache Coco

    Pistache CocoPred 13 urami

    Lebrooooon is back !!!



    Check 0:44 😂😂💀💀



    James Harden passes the ball even if he’s in the paint 😂😂💀💀. Bro scared of shooting 😂

  50. John Zafiropoulos

    John ZafiropoulosPred 13 urami


  51. Bree O’Connell

    Bree O’ConnellPred 14 urami

    Lakers win a championship again plz👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏

  52. Ba mamba adams

    Ba mamba adamsPred 14 urami

    Back to back James

  53. Don Erick Angeles

    Don Erick AngelesPred 14 urami

    Nice one for having another win

  54. John Zafiropoulos

    John ZafiropoulosPred 14 urami

    We have one hell of strong Eastern division this this year, folks . Great win for the Bucks. Massive Credit to the Heat for climbing up the ladder this season. I think whichever team wins the East will win the chip.

  55. Leslie Canete

    Leslie CanetePred 14 urami

    Yes nice 1 lebron

  56. Moogle Kuppo

    Moogle KuppoPred 14 urami

    Wow now try to win with butler in the lineup

  57. Jerry Jallo

    Jerry JalloPred 14 urami

    This is not likely, but I just want either Giannis or LeBron to win the championship.

  58. Good Ade ToVar

    Good Ade ToVarPred 15 urami

    I thought it was Draymond😅

  59. Iskandar M

    Iskandar MPred 15 urami

    Kd,Jd an Ki 🔥🔥🔥

  60. Ron-j Ignacio

    Ron-j IgnacioPred 15 urami

    Hats netrout uotuy out nerostrop out out out netrout tousutout out itst utit out tosut tout out out netrout itu oats netrout uotuy oats fer out

  61. mradhayuda1

    mradhayuda1Pred 15 urami


  62. Joel Etom

    Joel EtomPred 15 urami

    Choke Minnesota

  63. The Xalkos

    The XalkosPred 16 urami

    if lakers stay healthy good luck beating them in a bo7

  64. F Luo

    F LuoPred 16 urami

    36 FT.... with the intention from the league to punish the defense, the Lakers sure made the right decision to attack the rim and get the call

  65. Bon Ryan Ligeralde

    Bon Ryan LigeraldePred 17 urami

    Hope bucks win again heat today so we can be 5th seed and lets win over celtics to insure 5th seed... hawks vs knicks first round

  66. Juan Dela Cruize

    Juan Dela CruizePred 17 urami

    Commentator: im a laker fan

  67. Roxan Responso

    Roxan ResponsoPred 17 urami

    Lakers is back🤣🤣🤣🤣

  68. Darragh Madden

    Darragh MaddenPred 18 urami

    But leBRONNNNN 1:33

  69. Pengupas Kacang

    Pengupas KacangPred 18 urami

    Lakers won't be a champion this year..

  70. Andrew Kovalski

    Andrew KovalskiPred 18 urami

    it'd be funny if KD and Harden go against Russ in the 1st round

  71. Shakib Chowdhury

    Shakib ChowdhuryPred 18 urami

    4 of 17? The fuck is wrong with KD

  72. A A

    A APred 18 urami

    Clips gonna smack the suns

  73. A A

    A APred 18 urami

    Hope wolves do good next season

  74. karlbikeride

    karlbikeridePred 18 urami

    Finally lakers at full force

  75. N

    NPred 18 urami

    The king is back for another ring!!!

  76. A A

    A APred 18 urami

    Nets and clips in finals

  77. A A

    A APred 18 urami

    Indian missed 7 of their startes and lakers only won by 7

  78. A A

    A APred 18 urami

    Good game by New York. Will be an interesting series if they face brklyn

  79. Reuben A

    Reuben APred 18 urami

    Come on suns!!!

  80. Massimo Gualerzi

    Massimo GualerziPred 18 urami

    io la butto li . se ci dessero o D.A. lo riesce a fare arrivare il 32 dei T.W. forse possiamo arrivare alle finali