Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

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  1. P W

    P WPred 58 minutami

    Giannis: dunks Skip: I’ve never seen anything like that 😮

  2. mrjeremiah140

    mrjeremiah140Pred 58 minutami

    Somebody needs to cut Skip’s mic off while Shannon is talking. All that gotdamn sniffling is irritating 😠 lol

  3. Drew

    DrewPred 58 minutami

    If the bucks use common sense they will win the series.

  4. Khaled N.

    Khaled N.Pred 58 minutami

    Skip needs to get a fkin tissue instead of making that disgusting noise every video. Sorry for the rant.

  5. TBrc C

    TBrc CPred 59 minutami

    Skip really blaming harden when kd made him rush back from injury to begin with but Lebron gets called a bad leader because he raises his voice at a teammate 🥱

  6. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayPred 59 minutami

    When Giannis doesn't shoot as many 3's, he's at his best.

  7. Matthew Edwards

    Matthew EdwardsPred 59 minutami

    Bucks in 7

  8. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayPred 59 minutami

    See what happens when Giannis isn't shooting 3s and actually playing inside

  9. fearmat

    fearmatPred uro

    Middleton needs to keep playing like baby Durant and not Durant's baby

  10. 714milky

    714milkyPred uro

    Anthony Davis....take notes. Don't shoot 3s & butter ur bread in the paint

  11. xx S H O C K HD

    xx S H O C K HDPred uro

    Everyone was Saying Shannon was stupid for saying the bucks were gonna win and look what happened😂😂

  12. Michelle Diaferio

    Michelle DiaferioPred uro

    If the Bucks win this series, I'll be happy. Anybody but the Nets.

  13. Jack Ford

    Jack FordPred uro

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  14. Adam Murray

    Adam MurrayPred uro

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  15. B Sanon

    B SanonPred uro

    I knew Bucks would force a game 7, especially with game 6 being in Milwaukee. I see the Nets winning the series, though.

  16. Obi Toppin

    Obi ToppinPred uro

    Bucks just need to keep durant from shooting and they win

  17. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayPred uro

    The bucks are by far the better all around team

  18. TBrc C

    TBrc CPred uro

    I can see it now 1.kyrie was injured doesn’t count 2.blame harden despite being injured 3. Blame griffin green and Harris when they never been that guy ever 4.blame Nash for “not making adjustments” 5. Still call kd the best because of game 5 and say this loss doesn’t effect his legacy Why is it The most coddled player in nba history “the best scorer in history” needs another mvp,fmvp,scoring champ, 4 allstars, 2 3pt champions, and a dpoy to win a championship?

  19. Bille

    BillePred uro

    I wouldn’t bet against KD, but that team is so injured. Hard pick.

  20. Noony

    NoonyPred uro

    Please Bucks save the NBA from the last superteam 🙏

  21. yamah Hon

    yamah HonPred uro


  22. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayPred uro

    I'm liking this Greek Freak more and more Hope they win game 7

  23. yamah Hon

    yamah HonPred uro


  24. deyfw daniel

    deyfw danielPred uro

    When bucks get khris middleton the ball it seem like they always win

  25. Travis G

    Travis GPred uro

    It took Milwaukee 6 games to realize what we been saying the whole time LETS GET TO THE DAMN RIM! They can’t stop them and have no rim protection. Giannis got whatever he wanted down low and Khris Middleton put em to bed in the 4th.

  26. Yvonne Shelton

    Yvonne SheltonPred uro

    Aghhh what can we say 😊🌟🌟🌟

  27. deyfw daniel

    deyfw danielPred uro

    Give khris middleton his credit that man play well last night damn near had 40pts 💯💯

  28. Shy Baby

    Shy BabyPred uro

    Khris Middleton went MUI

  29. Andrew A

    Andrew APred uro


  30. Spidey’s G

    Spidey’s GPred uro

    Bucks in 7

  31. Sathwik Reddy

    Sathwik ReddyPred uro

    Jenny is back🥳

  32. Lakers In 5

    Lakers In 5Pred uro

    Man I would've lost my rent money 'cause I had the Nets winning last night. Luckily no one was willing to take the bet. 😬

  33. Clubber T Lang

    Clubber T LangPred uro

    Who ever thought after Kyrie’s injury the Bucks would have the Big 2 in this series💯💯💯

  34. Warren B

    Warren BPred uro

    Bucks are going to steal game sev!

  35. Jalen Walker

    Jalen WalkerPred uro

    Jenny lookin ummm

  36. the lurk god

    the lurk godPred uro

    Suns in 4

  37. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayPred uro

    Giannis finally used his height, length and strength as he should stop settling for mid range

  38. Bill Pap.

    Bill Pap.Pred uro

    I'm like: "Giannis is about to shoot free throws so I have time to go to the bathroom"🤣🤣

  39. Jblaze phamtasmo

    Jblaze phamtasmoPred uro

    It's gone be world war 3 if KD lose and if Giannis lose while choking its gonna be wild slander lol. Game 7 gone be lit

  40. shemari warren

    shemari warrenPred uro

    Joe Harris is a no show mans missing wide open shots 5 points shooting 20% smh

  41. Shy Baby

    Shy BabyPred uro

    Giannis using his size showed a big difference 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  42. Jamari Jones

    Jamari JonesPred uro

    Imagine if the bucs win this series

  43. Muhammad-Khadar Ahmed

    Muhammad-Khadar AhmedPred uro

    Nets in 7

  44. Kraken Fanatic Indian

    Kraken Fanatic IndianPred uro

    Bucks - Damn it will be difficult to win Middleton - okay boys let me carry you all to game 7

  45. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayPred uro

    Key point of the game: Giannis didn't take one single 3

  46. Clubber T Lang

    Clubber T LangPred uro

    Waiting for Skip’s excuses like…🤔

  47. Senator Mitch Mcconnell

    Senator Mitch McconnellPred uro

    Nets-Suns Finals

  48. Yourrage Burner

    Yourrage BurnerPred uro

    When Khris Middleton plays well the bucks win

  49. BMG KK

    BMG KKPred uro


  50. Estefan Dinarte

    Estefan DinartePred uro

    Bucks in 7

  51. Jay Fire

    Jay FirePred uro

    not even gonna lie, shannon called it

  52. Shaquille O’Neal

    Shaquille O’NealPred uro

    Imagine calling Kevin Durant “the best player on the planet” two days ago and then blame Jeff green for the nets losing😂😂😂

  53. Pick & Pop

    Pick & PopPred uro

    Nets in 7

  54. J’Bron’s Gameplay channel

    J’Bron’s Gameplay channelPred uro


  55. JAY Pc

    JAY PcPred uro

    Nets in 7

  56. JAM229

    JAM229Pred uro

    Game 7, best words in sports.

  57. Shaquille O’Neal

    Shaquille O’NealPred uro

    According to Skip, Durant can be fatigued but Lebron can’t even be in year 18

  58. Hokage Obama

    Hokage ObamaPred uro

    This dude won a ROTY?? Over DONOVAN MITCHELL??!?!?

  59. 54hman

    54hmanPred uro

    Doc really ain’t that good

  60. Sagat Uppercut

    Sagat UppercutPred uro

    I like the Nets, but I want the Bucks to win just to see Skip frowning while he's delivering Mt. Dew to Shannon. 🏀

  61. Joshua Espinales

    Joshua EspinalesPred uro

    Some of y'all might disagree, but the way that professional basketball teams develop teams is irrational. You have, in PHIL, a team that paid Ben Simmons, a player that cannot shoot a FT to save his life, much less a 3pt or other meaningful shot, $180 million. Meanwhile, a player like Derrick Rose or Chris Paul, both players that repeatedly demonstrate that they can offer any team more value than the overhyped "stars" on some of these teams, have been bouncing around the league up for grabs and teams keep passing on them. SMH.

  62. John P

    John PPred uro

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  63. The Real Deal

    The Real DealPred uro

    Nets have no inside defense at all

  64. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDPred uro

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  65. Cool On Canvas

    Cool On CanvasPred uro

    Ben Simmons is a thief. Period. @Bensimmonsbustlife

  66. Braxton 30

    Braxton 30Pred uro

    Ben Simmons Sucks! Sorry but it's the truth for a "PG" shoots 38% from the free throw in playoffs :/ bruh you suck! Sorry but it's true Ben Simmons is no all-star and the truth is I wouldn't even want him on my bench!! He sucks sorry for the truth

  67. Alpha Phi Alpha

    Alpha Phi AlphaPred uro

    Lost that 3 case's lol

  68. AW T

    AW TPred uro

    Skip always wrong lmao

  69. Alvertis Muhammad

    Alvertis MuhammadPred uro

    These guys are to emotional smh so what he left.

  70. King1Nero

    King1NeroPred uro

    Ben Simmons is flat out overrated man. Either play forward and give up the play initiator role or learn how to shoot.

  71. Rodney Washington

    Rodney WashingtonPred uro

    MJ & Scottie jumped out there on Kukoc. Dream would jump out there on guards and small forwards. Giannas, let's go big fella. Don't be soft. Get MAD and EVEN.

  72. Spencer Jameson

    Spencer JamesonPred uro

    The whole team trash just face it.....

  73. thereal-jlin

    thereal-jlinPred uro

    Why do we still listen to the opinion of Chris Broussard...he has lied so much and has no credibility

  74. Mark Lazzazara

    Mark LazzazaraPred uro

    Truly cutting edge analysis

  75. Celestine Jordan

    Celestine JordanPred uro

    Kevin Durant. Better. Lebron

  76. John P

    John PPred uro

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