Official SLthrow channel of the video podcast Views co-hosted by sexy 24 year-old millionaire David Dobrik and 47 year-old divorced dad Jason Nash.

  1. Tara G

    Tara GPred 14 urami

    i can’t wait until he has good guests on this so i can actually watch it.

  2. Umesh Yennam

    Umesh YennamPred 14 urami

    This boring 🥱

  3. Letters & Numbers

    Letters & NumbersPred 14 urami

    A suggestion: Stagger guest episodes with friend episodes. eg) One week - Just friends where you talk about stuff like you usually do. Next week - Guest episode. Also, the constant cutting of different filming times like you did with the audio podcast really doesn't work with this format; it's super choppy and inconsistent. It would have been nice to just have continued with Todd, Natalie & Jason for the remainder of the podcast.

  4. Kumar Shivam

    Kumar ShivamPred 14 urami

    Charlie performs the same dance step in every tik tok.CHANGE MY MIND...

  5. Dkplaza X

    Dkplaza XPred 14 urami

    I miss when it was just David, Jason,Ilya and the girls

  6. Agent 47

    Agent 47Pred 14 urami

    Dude you are on fire on internet. You better talk to your audience

  7. AF Anonymous 2.0

    AF Anonymous 2.0Pred 14 urami


  8. Kj

    KjPred 14 urami

    Bro David they do some of most basic dances over some songs u make it sound like they are creating some of the most creative videos out there at least they’re even self aware about it

  9. Sandara Romero

    Sandara RomeroPred 14 urami

    David’s brother is smarter than me

  10. Ben Jones

    Ben JonesPred 14 urami

    Where’s Ilya

  11. Carlo Hernandez

    Carlo HernandezPred 14 urami

    This channel is badass 🔥 I miss the Vlogs😪

  12. Bre Yukie

    Bre YukiePred 14 urami

    This is the most boring podcast I have ever fucking watched. Like a gun is to their head threatening to shoot them if they have the slightest hint of personality. FRENEMIES PODCAST FUCKKKKKS ON THIS

  13. javツ

    javツPred 14 urami

    rip seatgeek?

  14. Augustine Mcrae

    Augustine McraePred 14 urami

    The husky lawyer routinely march because oboe complimentarily turn at a violet bass. pleasant, trashy albatross

  15. John Bookas

    John BookasPred 14 urami

    I've Listened to every podcast and they've definitely kicked it up a notch. Huge fan and I look forward to new episodes every week.. BUT there transitions are horrible!!!! All of the sudden Charlie and dixie were gone with no ending. Then one second we were talking to Taylor and the next Natalie is there and then it abruptly ends. Not to mention Jason was is different clothes half way through like it was to much work for them to film 45 minutes straight. Ha. I guess it will get smother.. I guess I'll blame it all on therenproducer Ella..


    FIRE HUZYPred 14 urami

    A full time job


    WARLORDPred 14 urami

    I feel like David has a crush on Taylor

  18. Alex Oceguera

    Alex OcegueraPred 14 urami

    Anybody else but tik tokers

  19. Nomical 4V

    Nomical 4VPred 14 urami

    I can't watch this podcast episode because of the tiktokers so I'm sorry david

  20. StArKyPlays

    StArKyPlaysPred 14 urami

    Jason Nash is my favorite out of everyone in the vlog squad.

  21. Kurtandrie Andales

    Kurtandrie AndalesPred 14 urami

    I feel like tobby is going to be more smarter than everyone in the future i bet he did a fracking 175 iq play +7 for the clear tape

  22. Ojesh Poudyal

    Ojesh PoudyalPred 14 urami

    It’s so weird that the damilios cus like omg

  23. My other profile

    My other profilePred 14 urami

    Me and David are friends :)

  24. poisoned candy

    poisoned candyPred 14 urami

    It's so weird watching david talk about another company other seatgeek lol

  25. Troy Cartier

    Troy CartierPred 14 urami

    I like how he talks about hello fresh while a McDonald sticker on the back of his laptop😂

  26. Aaron

    AaronPred 14 urami

    did anyone else notice the charli sticker on davids laptop loll

  27. Pikxotics Aqua Pets

    Pikxotics Aqua PetsPred 14 urami

    I'm 28 and I personally think Jason is cool...

  28. Bun 2009

    Bun 2009Pred 14 urami


  29. Bun 2009

    Bun 2009Pred 14 urami

    Hey my birthday is on November 11 is 11/11/2020

  30. Sophia Delmedico

    Sophia DelmedicoPred 14 urami

    32:35 nty i just going not to brake my 1$ laptop every one elas idk care is this was A 100$ idc

  31. El Duderino

    El DuderinoPred 14 urami

    Id wear Todd like a mask and Natalie like a ring 🤷‍♂️

  32. Rish anoop

    Rish anoopPred 14 urami

    that feeling when ur name is on a video and u freak out then u realize he is not talking about you my name is rishi XD

  33. Glooed

    GlooedPred 14 urami

    Being on this podcast means your immune to covid 😎

  34. CaRdI O

    CaRdI OPred 14 urami

    Can’t believe charley is 16 broo.


    LIAM MACDONALDPred 14 urami

    Loved the new format of Podcast with all the ads Julian!! 😀😀

  36. Christian Luczejko

    Christian LuczejkoPred 14 urami

    "Who made your daughter cry" "I'll make your daughter cry if you don't pick me" Aight that was good. David and Jason are doing a great job of making these kids endearing whereas previously I found them wildly and irrationally annoying. Same as Jason did with those two dudes on his channel.

  37. Michelle P

    Michelle PPred 14 urami

    the only part I wanted to see was Todd, Natalie, David and Jason

  38. Noteworthy

    NoteworthyPred 14 urami

    I only came for david and jason.. those other two.. not so much

  39. Lily Mathias

    Lily MathiasPred 14 urami

    I’m only watching this one for David.

  40. Deccrofol

    DeccrofolPred 14 urami

    Why does David say they should get credit? They shouldn’t

  41. LeaguePlayzgg

    LeaguePlayzggPred 14 urami

    i think the fk not.

  42. Gabby Gumshoe

    Gabby GumshoePred 14 urami


  43. benseghir chahinez

    benseghir chahinezPred 14 urami

    Please don't tell me u're going to have another famous gest next podcast...cauz i miss the old jay and david duo

  44. xdnlqq a

    xdnlqq aPred 14 urami

    How is it missed on everyone that David is the host and Jason the co host? I get the resentment that the show has changed a little bit but that's what happens when you introduce celeb guests. They've said multiple times and referenced it every pod that they are going for a more traditional late night talk show vibe hence why David is at the desk and Jason on the sofa with the guest

  45. Jeron Gramatica

    Jeron GramaticaPred 14 urami

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  46. C R

    C RPred 14 urami

    This ep was terrible. So many cuts it feels so fake and posted bc you just had to post

  47. Abdulhamid Ismail

    Abdulhamid IsmailPred 14 urami

    Something is missing, idk what but something is not there


    STATiC STRiKEZPred 14 urami

    Jason’s gotta be more involved in these

  49. Jennifer Graham

    Jennifer GrahamPred 14 urami


  50. Zack Clark

    Zack ClarkPred 14 urami

    Really just fixed on the series of unfortunate events behind you David

  51. edgar

    edgarPred 14 urami

    Can we get your siblings on the podcast David?

  52. Nerd Tech Shop

    Nerd Tech ShopPred 14 urami

    This video isn’t made by seatgeek

  53. Alexander Muñiz

    Alexander MuñizPred 14 urami

    Invite Brent Rivera

  54. Brenden Brown

    Brenden BrownPred 14 urami

    15:30 bro i got grounded for 3 months for saying a bad word

  55. Zak Blake

    Zak BlakePred 14 urami

    they need to talk louder

  56. jhalia evans

    jhalia evansPred 14 urami

    POV: you’re in the comments to see if anyone is talking about Seth speaking up about David

  57. Sm W

    Sm WPred 14 urami

    Most of Jason’s dialogue is in the ads nowadays

  58. LvZvRø 699

    LvZvRø 699Pred 14 urami

    At 28:51 David reminded me of soma from food wars lol

  59. Chloe Fritz

    Chloe FritzPred 14 urami

    hearing charli say fuck made my entire day

  60. Arno Karijokromo

    Arno KarijokromoPred 14 urami

    Ship Davidson

  61. Wyatt

    WyattPred 14 urami

    to many commercials

  62. ImmortalDeath

    ImmortalDeathPred 14 urami

    45 minutes of David and Charli bragging and some ad breaks

  63. meghan oconnor

    meghan oconnorPred 14 urami

    David should be held responsible for what happened to Seth....Why is no one talking about this?

  64. Hush queens

    Hush queensPred 14 urami

    Aww there so cute and genuine

  65. EIon Musk

    EIon MuskPred 14 urami

    14:18 I have some slime to give charli since she loves slime so much 😍💦 Imagine a 3S0ME with Charli and Dixie 🥲😍 I’m 17

  66. Dylan Greentree

    Dylan GreentreePred 14 urami

    12:24 that’s the first time I’ve heard charli curse

  67. Valeria Quezada

    Valeria QuezadaPred 14 urami

    -Dunkin donnuts cup -Renegade😂

  68. Colton Buchholtz

    Colton BuchholtzPred 14 urami

    15 years from now you’re going to see David Dobrik shooting Jason Nash in his nursing home....

  69. ava nodes

    ava nodesPred 14 urami


  70. Shane Moon

    Shane MoonPred 14 urami

    Lol. I grew up eating octopus tentacles. It's actually good. It taste pretty much the same as squid (calamari).

  71. Harry Chandramohan

    Harry ChandramohanPred 14 urami

    It's funny to see David agree with everything madison says, good one you bro 👌

  72. TheJaypound

    TheJaypoundPred 14 urami

    I'm just confused though, how they are so huge, they don't have great humor or personalities and they're not good looking at all how the fuck did they pull this form of celebrity off lol . . . If white bread was a person . . .

  73. Aditya Shahi

    Aditya ShahiPred 14 urami

    This is the most personality I've seen in these girls

  74. Kirby

    KirbyPred 14 urami

    david for real did his lil bro like that

  75. CXTEN 831

    CXTEN 831Pred 14 urami

    Let me in

  76. Simply Sarah

    Simply SarahPred 14 urami

    Their ew..

  77. Yuri Munoz-Roblero

    Yuri Munoz-RobleroPred 14 urami

    u should do liza next

  78. CXTEN 831

    CXTEN 831Pred 14 urami

    Let me in

  79. Stephanie Saba

    Stephanie SabaPred 14 urami

    really fucking weird that david has this huge desk and jason is on the other side like a guest ... is this not his podcast too, guessing he doesn’t get paid 50/50 either

  80. Johnny

    JohnnyPred 14 urami

    Jason needs to be a bigger part of the podcast