Bella Poarch
  1. eilza

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  2. Faze_garbage

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    Bro what were those dance moves at the end 😂

  3. Matt&Nik gaming

    Matt&Nik gamingPred minuto

    che gnocca

  4. Dhannyell Oliver

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    🇧🇷just because idiots don't know much about this queen's life then these puppies throw hate😔

  5. Alain Gon388

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    Mía kalifa 😎🤑 2:38

  6. iitsyaboibwax

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    Imagine making a movie out of this similar to birds of prey

  7. dragon flay

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    Lov u

  8. Kelly Jewett

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    Bruh wtf imagine if this was how stuff worked in an alternative universe, just being able to build you're own soulmate you know?

  9. Owl-man 209

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    I hate how zhc looks

  10. SimplyDarko

    SimplyDarkoPred 3 minutami

    ur music sucks

  11. Eduard Andrei Marcu

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    I love your hair bella

  12. Samuel Henricky

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    Maano, tenho a sensasão que já ouvi essa musica antes de ter lançado muito estranho

  13. Camilo Suárez moreno

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    yo cuando vi a MIA KHALIFA 👁👄👁

  14. liza nitertub

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    Cara tenho a sensação q eu ja ouvi essa musica a muito tempo quem também acha isso deicha like no meu comentario pfv, talves essa musica tenha o efeito mandela

  15. Macie Mai Witting

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  16. Keelan

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    As N.W.A said “A bitch iz a bitch”

  17. IRunSauce

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    Ayyyyyy Yuhhhh

  18. Giovanni D'ambrosio

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    There is sub urban, there is a ship with bella and sub urban😆😆😆😂🤣🤣🤣

  19. Eduard Andrei Marcu

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  20. ScandiRokka

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    I think you and Grimes should do a collab

  21. Maria Petrova

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    Wow!!! ( я русская))

  22. Thomas Fioriti

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    PAKETHICPred 6 minutami

    Что там делает Рахим и Дина? А, кстати в конце кто крикнул пuзDец (What is Rahim and Dina doing there? And, by the way, at the end who shouted Puzdets)

  24. lestie memes

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    Dang I didnt know they made a new fnaf game

  25. Marie Burke

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  26. ghost402_ 1

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    Nothing the military can't handle just a robot invasion armed with pipes and axes good song

  27. SokfishyGG

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    this is fucking terrible

  28. Laura Gonzalez Garcia

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    Soy la única aquí que es de lagos de moreno

  29. Rouss Bravo

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    El comentario en español que buscabas cd

  30. LegitNomNoms

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    Mozart goes hard in this song🔥🔥🔥

  31. Hope Kae Carmn

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    Came here after watching H3, my goodness she has been through a lot and she deserves everything she has worked for now!!!

  32. Celeste Brizuela Cortes Amoboley

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    Me encanta el video y por sierto soy nueva😁😁😁🤗🤗🤗

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    Lové u so much❤️❤️❤️

  36. iTz_PixeL

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    Sad Mozart

  37. IanisGame09

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    0:11 mia Khalifa 🤨📸

  38. SourCreamSheep

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    This music video gives me throwbacks to the older Lady Gaga Music videos.

  39. RobloxWatermelon 🍉

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    I like the song.. The content is a bit sinister really but it's fabulous, you sing beautifully! I loved your voice! Hopefully you'll upload more songs! I love your voice. 🙃

  40. Huub van Veenhuijzen

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    Half a million comments! Good luck with finding mine teehee!

  41. Alien boi

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    Who saw ZHC at the beginning like if you did

  42. ItsMalcolm

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  43. Mr axolotl

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    Ok cool Zack or ZHC is in this

  44. Michael Tadrous

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    She makes music?

  45. Татьяна Подзолко

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    Bella, i love you

  46. Parker The Celebertie 0326

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    Damn I wish that I could meet you

  47. Maja Milanovic

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    MIA? DAT U?

  48. Zlatko Stevanović

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    Bella u hafe an a amazinig voice i follow u on tt ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. Anthony Love

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    Bella is a good singer

  50. Gisele Souza da Silva

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  53. Fayzulla Pulatov

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    This could be a movie tho

  54. Țя!x̲X̷D̷_o̷f̷f̷i̷c̷i̷a̷l̷

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    I like urbv videos.but you scary

  55. Melek Eliw

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  56. Blades and Flannels

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    I came to watch this after the H3 interview because I was so moved by it. You deserve all the succes!!!!


    MERSE BODNÁRPred 23 minutami

    Mozart is here

  58. Cozza C5

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    Vivaldi likes this music

  59. oha pororoxp

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    Está chica es la cosita más tierna del puto mundo

  60. zyad adil

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    salam âlekum, men Kerkük te yaşıram, bes istirem bilim neçe Türkmen war dı bu video da, hapwıza öpüşüm we salamım size 🥰😘✋ 🤘❤️☪️❤️🇦🇿❤️🇹🇷❤️🇹🇲❤️🇵🇰❤️🇺🇳❤️🇰🇬❤️🇰🇿❤️🇺🇿🤘

  61. Isabella Almanza Palacios.

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    Loved this song😍

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    my favorite song omg

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    اي عربي

  68. Blue Bartha

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    Hi ZHC!! Hi bella

  69. Your_local_florida_kid

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    My one mission on planet earth now is to just type build a bear workshop on this video


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  71. Aieam Shephered

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    Her song is still trending here in ph for one month in a row

  72. Rigved Mulkutkar

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    Was there ZHC in the video?

  73. Emanuela Sebastião

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    Qm veio pelo enfeito Mandela?

  74. İlqar Oruclu

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    When u see a populer tik toker jnow that he or she gona make a music

  75. Maruko

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    I mean she was irrelevant for me but lets forget everything bad she did in the past, this song has a good message and is actually pretty well made, she deserves all the likes

  76. Kait Bee

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    love the concept for this video and the song is so good. congrats bella!

  77. Riko Aida

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    Mozart poarch kkkk

  78. Jesse Brophy

    Jesse BrophyPred 33 minutami

    I was wrong to have painted you the same color as other time tok artists. It would seem that there are those that actually are extreemly talented. Please keep making music :). Ps. I'm 32 year old man that listens to heavy metal but I really like your song.

  79. Luis alfonso Quintero trillos

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    I loved your Video Bella,don 't stop listenig to it with my friend😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😶😶😶