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Julius Dein
Julius Dein

Free spirited magician travelling the world! I am Julius Dein :)


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    TTJOKER4Pred 19 urami

    Okay so why are they swimming in mountain dew

  2. Emi Gashi

    Emi GashiPred 19 urami


  3. Kartik Thite

    Kartik ThitePred 19 urami

    Who else watched just because of hot girls?

  4. Jay and Amber

    Jay and AmberPred 19 urami

    Did he really do it

  5. Axis Galaxis

    Axis GalaxisPred 19 urami

    Lol d sniper got sniped at d end

  6. ايه صلاح

    ايه صلاحPred 19 urami


  7. William Beltran

    William BeltranPred 19 urami

    Más falso no puede ser

  8. KiwiTheGamingParrot

    KiwiTheGamingParrotPred 19 urami

    RIP the blender

  9. Instinct Gaming

    Instinct GamingPred 19 urami


  10. Kafeel nazar

    Kafeel nazarPred 19 urami

    They deserved it for not giving you a wide berth. I bet they regret it now. Can they swim?

  11. Islemus

    IslemusPred 19 urami

    Hhhh its cool

  12. Erick Navarro

    Erick NavarroPred 19 urami

    Alv la magia. La oficial wey! LAA OOFICIAAAL! 😍❤

  13. Fuck you

    Fuck youPred 19 urami

    Nasty water

  14. Hot bro vs clod sis

    Hot bro vs clod sisPred 19 urami


  15. Full gun

    Full gunPred 19 urami

    ไอยะ มวยไทย

  16. laugh to death with me

    laugh to death with mePred 19 urami

    Wow😑 that so realistic . I will do it to my wife when i had one and tell my friend to record her bathing 😑

  17. Saad Siddidui

    Saad SiddiduiPred 19 urami


  18. Alba luz Rizo arauz

    Alba luz Rizo arauzPred 19 urami

    Es que están locos o qué es eso no se hace y hablen en español porque no les entiendo nada y eso era verdad eso le doy un sí

  19. Mrs.patato head R

    Mrs.patato head RPred 19 urami

    Him:I’m Julius subscribe for more Me:bruh u barely in ur vids

  20. essam maberh

    essam maberhPred 19 urami

    ٣٠حصحغثو الله ٣٠

  21. Mario

    MarioPred 19 urami

    Don’t waste food 🙏🏼🙏🏾

  22. Enigmatic Silence

    Enigmatic SilencePred 19 urami


  23. A7B gaming

    A7B gamingPred 19 urami


  24. Daniela Silveira

    Daniela SilveiraPred 19 urami


  25. Nubia Vieira

    Nubia VieiraPred 19 urami


  26. Analy Martinez

    Analy MartinezPred 19 urami

    What is it about I do not understand it apart is a face than this video so I give it a dislike in addition to that this refeo and if this is a bad review

  27. nuela nwa

    nuela nwaPred 19 urami


  28. Glitter demon

    Glitter demonPred 19 urami

    Ask me if I do this every day I said I often

  29. SeaPhirre

    SeaPhirrePred 19 urami


  30. Darth Sinniious

    Darth SinniiousPred 19 urami

    I'm disappointed he didn't do the impossible jump.

  31. TraXumatized

    TraXumatizedPred 19 urami

    He’s crying because you dumped his coffee-

  32. de räffu

    de räffuPred 19 urami


  33. Duncan

    DuncanPred 19 urami

    That water is soooo green...

  34. I will yeet your DOG

    I will yeet your DOGPred 19 urami

    Imagine if he wears like gucci and all the expensive stuff the uncle would have killed them

  35. Irien Adelaar

    Irien AdelaarPred 19 urami


  36. Parvathy

    ParvathyPred 19 urami



    DAVID THOMPSONPred 19 urami

    Fohtoe of your hand/s this dude sound like Austin Powers.. 😂

  38. Vaqif Qasımov

    Vaqif QasımovPred 19 urami


  39. Phil Bell

    Phil BellPred 19 urami

    Erm, I can think of better things to be doing with those 2 gorgeous girls 😍

  40. Bio Krios

    Bio KriosPred 20 urami

    Оскорбление или проявление нетерпимости.


    MINBOY KHONGSAIPred 20 urami

    Can i get the number of those 2 girls

  42. なんかウザイねこ🐾

    なんかウザイねこ🐾Pred 20 urami


  43. Justin Jones

    Justin JonesPred 20 urami

    No one Me being a germaphob are they going to change the straws covid

  44. ZZZ zzz

    ZZZ zzzPred 20 urami

    Fat rich man wanted to get through the hole which was made by two beautiful young women.

  45. Habibulloh Ali

    Habibulloh AliPred 20 urami

    Oh man you just wasted that food.

  46. zcac

    zcacPred 20 urami

    Fallar de hambre🥺😭💔

  47. Kenan Kalamujic

    Kenan KalamujicPred 20 urami

    I knew it hahaha

  48. Doris Bakandi

    Doris BakandiPred 20 urami


  49. Анастасия Ягужинская

    Анастасия ЯгужинскаяPred 20 urami

    Для кого эта херня???

  50. HafizHafiz1880

    HafizHafiz1880Pred 20 urami


  51. SurgEXX

    SurgEXXPred 20 urami

    I hate how he says “oh yeah wow oh wow yeah wow let me see wow oh oh yeah wow”

  52. A AL

    A ALPred 20 urami

    I saw it coming from a mile away 😂

  53. Nilawitney Gryka

    Nilawitney GrykaPred 20 urami

    Oohh 🥺😭

  54. Odalys Rodriguez

    Odalys RodriguezPred 20 urami

    Most viewed short

  55. Wini Best Of 1974

    Wini Best Of 1974Pred 20 urami


  56. Adiana Requena

    Adiana RequenaPred 20 urami

    Aww so nice.

  57. Margie Mae Hernandez

    Margie Mae HernandezPred 20 urami

    I knew exactly what he was up to

  58. Yarshanath Sathgunaraja

    Yarshanath SathgunarajaPred 20 urami


  59. Farrah Yesbick

    Farrah YesbickPred 20 urami


  60. Andrea Carmelo Prato

    Andrea Carmelo PratoPred 20 urami

    Tutto già organizzato

  61. Anna Auer

    Anna AuerPred 20 urami

    This dont JUMP

  62. 貪汙開新車

    貪汙開新車Pred 20 urami


  63. Beni

    BeniPred 20 urami

    Rr sorda

  64. AunAunยันดี Channel

    AunAunยันดี ChannelPred 20 urami

    I love มวยไทย

  65. لطيفه فكري

    لطيفه فكريPred 20 urami

    That tattoo is beautiful

  66. ตั้มแสนดี

    ตั้มแสนดีPred 20 urami

    shorts มวยไทย amazing

  67. Mubarakh Danner

    Mubarakh DannerPred 20 urami


  68. LilyKins

    LilyKinsPred 20 urami

    I'm more focused on the camera man's laught



    Encerio se creen esto???🤦

  70. KEEBZ 75

    KEEBZ 75Pred 20 urami

    Trust me! Look at this body, you think it was a mistake

  71. tarra ibach

    tarra ibachPred 20 urami

    *THE SEXY GIRL ARE **SEXXO.UNO* SLthrow: This is fine Someone: Says "help" SLthrow: BE GONE History : deleted phone : yeeted Body :heated Holy water : needed #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

  72. gaxhaXxkash81 Lilm

    gaxhaXxkash81 LilmPred 20 urami

    Why is the water green- I am not jumping in that