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  1. erik Ducat

    erik DucatPred 20 urami


  2. Kenjy Brandao Ribeiro

    Kenjy Brandao RibeiroPred 20 urami

    the real champiom of the year 2008 , miss you Felipe

  3. Erik Estrada

    Erik EstradaPred 20 urami


  4. qback mkay

    qback mkayPred 20 urami

    i don't feel it....I mean checo. i hope that he's grown and mature

  5. i.m. rUn

    i.m. rUnPred 20 urami

    Just awesome ❣️

  6. Erik Estrada

    Erik EstradaPred 20 urami

    hagan una p*ta película de esto!

  7. Miki Fire Blue

    Miki Fire BluePred 20 urami

    What a brutal fight

  8. jamdc2000

    jamdc2000Pred 21 uro

    5 second penalty for not rendering the video on Full Screen

  9. Synthesis

    SynthesisPred 21 uro

    How come all the racers have to have radio silence at the end of the race. New to f1

  10. Francisco Gutierrez

    Francisco GutierrezPred 21 uro

    Checo number 1

  11. Tapabrata Chakraborty

    Tapabrata ChakrabortyPred 21 uro

    Einstein: E=mc² FIA: *banned*.

  12. imallfordabulls

    imallfordabullsPred 21 uro

    Ban this ratio format

  13. reavenMAG

    reavenMAGPred 21 uro

    Really? Montoya get black flagged because of that?

  14. Synysterking

    SynysterkingPred 21 uro

    🇧🇷Senna do Brasil🇧🇷🏎

  15. Khadijah Sharif

    Khadijah SharifPred 21 uro

    Come on, Lewis Hamilton + Super soft tyres=Pole position


    IMJUS7ICEPred 21 uro

    Checo no nos decepciones este es tu momento, VIVA MÉXICO!

  17. PatricYEEET

    PatricYEEETPred 21 uro

    2:01 When only 10% is about grosjean

  18. Russ phillip

    Russ phillipPred 21 uro

    Lewis will drive for Mercedes in 2022 just to show no new rules can stop a true CHAMPION

  19. Die Legende

    Die LegendePred 21 uro

    That big fat *H O N D A* on the rear wing looks very mid 2000s, love it

  20. Jake B

    Jake BPred 21 uro

    We must thank red bull for keeping F1 interesting. They deserve another championship!


    JCA HALLEPred 21 uro

    Ahhh el checo bien ahi seee el tom cruise latinoamericano grande genio

  22. Lord Racer

    Lord RacerPred 21 uro

    this retirement at hungary costs him the title.

  23. LG gaming

    LG gamingPred 21 uro

    I think there's more to it than that meets the eye

  24. Bernd Fuhr

    Bernd FuhrPred 21 uro

    Senna 6 Monaco Siege

  25. Glyne Martin

    Glyne MartinPred 21 uro

    Look out Max! Checo's on the case!

  26. TheRedGuy8

    TheRedGuy8Pred 21 uro

    His luck was beyond appalling. Missed the title at the last possible moment, and then went on to have that accident in Hungary the following year. Definitely one of the most popular and mentally strong characters in recent history.

  27. Gabriel Romero

    Gabriel RomeroPred 21 uro

    he wasn’t driving the RB16B, cheeky move RedBull.

  28. MPL

    MPLPred 21 uro

    Yeah I have a 32" Full HD LED, let´s watchi this in Instagram definition!!!

  29. Patrick Mulligan

    Patrick MulliganPred 21 uro

    I hope he gives Max a run for his money, and that Red Bull doesn't force Checo to be an afterthought. Red Bull needs both drivers to be successful if they ever want to get close to winning a constructors.

  30. Bolsas Comerciales de Plastico SA de CV

    Bolsas Comerciales de Plastico SA de CVPred 21 uro

    Te lo mereces Sergio!! nos lo merecemos todos los que te apoyamos, creo que somos miles los que soñamos con este dia, exito y bendiciones!!

  31. Petrick Trovela

    Petrick TrovelaPred 21 uro

    Hype is real

  32. Gael Laggiard

    Gael LaggiardPred 21 uro


  33. alter schwede

    alter schwedePred 21 uro

    Go on Checo, you are great..

  34. TheRedGuy8

    TheRedGuy8Pred 21 uro

    If the Mexican GP happens this year then there's every chance that Perez could win it as Red Bull tend to be very strong there. If that happened then I can see crazy scenes that would better Silverstone and the Tifosi and Monza.

  35. Szymon Zwolak

    Szymon ZwolakPred 21 uro

    Who win?

  36. Luke Wood

    Luke WoodPred 21 uro

    Yuki didn't have high peaks last season, he went to the moon. Almost beat Illott and Schumacher. High hopes for him.

  37. Bullii

    BulliiPred 21 uro

    Antonio speaks like Renzi

  38. Tibbe Bertou

    Tibbe BertouPred 21 uro

    not on the redd bull ring tho

  39. ME

    MEPred 21 uro

    It crazy how much video games have improved. At first I thought this was a recreation. It’s getting hard to tell what is real and what isn’t

  40. Mihai Florin

    Mihai FlorinPred 21 uro

    That ending was awesome, mentioning Murray Walker's saying <<"if" is "formula 1" spelled backwards>>!

  41. Patrick Koller

    Patrick KollerPred 21 uro

    Why is it always raining in Silverstone?😂

  42. Random Person

    Random PersonPred 21 uro

    Shame neither won a championship and freak accidents ruined their legendary form

  43. Muhammed Basith Ali Imran

    Muhammed Basith Ali ImranPred 21 uro

    I am McLaren Fan But I do Have a soft corner for checo ❤️ Hope He does well ❤️

  44. Mirwais Zekrya

    Mirwais ZekryaPred 21 uro

    Vamos Checi !! Very excited about what Checo will do with RB

  45. madzioN2

    madzioN2Pred 21 uro

    Epicka walka!

  46. Emilio Salazar

    Emilio SalazarPred 21 uro

    Why is he not driving the 2021 car??? Hiding something?🤔🤔

  47. Dave Stevens

    Dave StevensPred 21 uro

    How are they going to wait 50+ laps to disqualify people? Isn’t that like if they threw a flag in the 4th quarter of a football game and said “back in the first quarter, you were offsides”? Why are drivers switching to the spare car if it’s illegal?

  48. Natani Wolf

    Natani WolfPred 21 uro

    You cant put normar tv aspect ratio? Why theres always such a dumb cutting out the edges?

  49. Piotr Stefański

    Piotr StefańskiPred 21 uro

    It's a Yoke

  50. Giannop YT

    Giannop YTPred 21 uro

    Lewis was on another level🔥🔥

  51. weissachpassion

    weissachpassionPred 21 uro

    So basically Renault saved the championship twice. First by giving the engine and second by defending Alonso 😅

  52. Red Special

    Red SpecialPred 21 uro

    That Honda logo though..🔥 legendary motorsports pedigree, a legendary name in racing They need to win this year before leaving f1

  53. F1 Fan44

    F1 Fan44Pred 21 uro

    F1 2020: "Warning: Corner Cutting", "illegal overtake"

  54. humberto games

    humberto gamesPred 21 uro


  55. Colin Pugh

    Colin PughPred 22 urami

    Where's Max Chilton?

  56. Andre Nathan

    Andre NathanPred 22 urami

    interesting they put the cause of alfa romeo's downfall to leclerc and di resta move to ferrari and haas instead of ferrari engine

  57. Lambda

    LambdaPred 22 urami

    What a horrid aspect ratio this video has. Why not widescreen?

  58. Altarux

    AltaruxPred 22 urami

    What was the music called when they were talking about lauda's 84 title win?

  59. Junx

    JunxPred 22 urami

    In 2021, BAN two races xD

  60. Banana Pie

    Banana PiePred 22 urami

    Why was Toto Wolf slamming still funny to me?

  61. TheMightyAntar

    TheMightyAntarPred 22 urami

    A very well-deserved position. Let's go Checo!

  62. Fernando Emmanuel Jurado Aljama

    Fernando Emmanuel Jurado AljamaPred 22 urami

    Grande Sergio!

  63. Haseljic A

    Haseljic APred 22 urami

    00:06 Wowww man, in one second I saw Albon by the Perez and thinking he aged quickly. Haha

  64. Mohamad Ryan fitrie

    Mohamad Ryan fitriePred 22 urami

    First try

  65. Esdras Minikoski

    Esdras MinikoskiPred 22 urami

    number 2 give me chills

  66. Yuri Lakhtionov

    Yuri LakhtionovPred 22 urami

    The CGI guy quality is to be improved 🧐

  67. Ulan Torobekov

    Ulan TorobekovPred 22 urami

    Glock 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  68. Rodney Higgins

    Rodney HigginsPred 22 urami

    So sad that it sound like a broken washing machine.

  69. Giuseppe Pennisi

    Giuseppe PennisiPred 22 urami

    Great driver and he’s finally in a great team too. Looking forward to seeing him winning some races this year.


    GARY MCTEERPred 22 urami

    He started off at the bottom, he wasn’t given race winning car from day one and turned into a spoilt brat

  71. Ahmad

    AhmadPred 22 urami

    True 2008 champion!

  72. Stellar Fusion -

    Stellar Fusion -Pred 22 urami

    Timo's got the last two in his hand

  73. Francesca Fancelli

    Francesca FancelliPred 22 urami


  74. Thomas Wood

    Thomas WoodPred 22 urami

    everybody gangsta until they say 'motorsport's highest level'